05/03: Box Y Lucha, links

You know, when things start going again, CMLL really ought to push Virus big time. (Too soon)

According to a message board post, Sur Mexico will began airing AAA lucha libre. It doesn’t appear to be on their schedule right now, assuming I’m even looking at the right scheduled. The channel is part of DirecTV’s Spanish language stations. It’s interesting that AAA would be airing someplace not somehow connected to Televisa, assuming this isn’t a local promotion using that just uses AAA workers. SurMexico focuses on regional programming, so I think that might be an explanation.

Record catches up with Marco Corleone, who working a match on a entertainment TV show with Mesias, Nicho and Kenzo. Marco says he’s thought about traveling back to the US right now – less because of the flu, but more to take advantage of some off days to see his son. However, he’s been busying with out commitments with AAA even while not wrestling.

Box Y Lucha has a lot of articles, catching up it’s last two editions:
Dos Caras Sr. is okay with his son turning rudo if that’s what the people want. Hector Garza says Dos needs work as a rudo, but maybe he can pick up things from Terrible and Texano. Hector also hopes to return to TNA to clear his name about the immigration issue. I didn’t think it worked like that, but okay.
Damian 666 says the Perros are growing, and figures Cibernetico might end up with the Vipers as part of the next big feud.
– Villano III talks about Sangre Chicana and Villano II
Mistico talks about putting his hands in cement
– The “Konnan complains about the lack of old school wrestling” is only 75% delusional as I’d thought/hoped, because he admits to not always being a good wrestler. But then he alludes to a occasion where he was, which doesn’t sound accurate at all. Also the whole words not matching up wtih actions thing, that’s there too.
– interview with the EAW promoter, who tells us what a big deal he and his promotion is, but does not promote a show. FAIL.
– the Llaves y Oiquetes de Ojos column has the clearest explanation of the “Konnan snuck in back into Mexico under a different name!” claim that’s been mentioned lately. The story here is Konnan came to Mexico originally as “Carlos Espada Moises”, was disported for striking a woman, and was able to get aroun dthat by returning as “Charles Ruddy Ashenoff Moises”. That’s the story, anyway, and the author of the piece explains his personal issues with Konnan.
– There are also interviews with Valiente, Diabolica, Nygma, and Angel, all of which I believe were posted earlier.

Cesar has a one two part essay on less being more when it comes to moves. He cites HBK vs Undertaker as a good example of getting more from less moves. I’d like to cite Mesias/Chessman as getting so little from a tons of moves. I so agree with every point Cesar makes here, especially in part 2.

Ovaciones has a bio of Satanico, obviously meant to have run in tandem with the ceremony to honor him at the Lucha Libre Expo. They’ve got the wrong month for the rescheduling, accidentally.

SuperLuchas 314 has a big interview with Rey Misterio Jr. They also post an interview with Octagoncito and Rey Misterio.

Wrestling Observer has their AAA recap.

LuchaWorld has Robert on 08/29/93 CMLL, 02/17/08 FSE and 02/23 52MX, FSE 02/24 and 52MX 03/01 and FSE 03/19, 52MX 03/15 and FSE 03/16