05/01: not much

Getting a bit thin at this point. Doesn’t help that Ovaciones hasn’t put it’s edition online, but it’s not like there’s a lot to talk about still, or will be in the next few days. It’s a little bit amusing that SuperLuchas has to point out that they’ll still be coming out this week – this is sure a week where having a worldwide focus helps a Mexican magazine fill pages. I presume Luchas 2000, Guerreros del Ring and Box Y Lucha will as well, but they must have a lot of writing to do.

The bits of news to watch for, as an indication of how things are going:
– the first half of the week is wiped out for sure, but if May 6th is the last day of this quarantine as has been said, lineups should start to turn up for Thursday’s IWRG show and Friday’s Arena Mexico. And they’ll probably be out in the next few days.
– on the other hand, if they’re going to wipe out next weekend as well, we would expect to hear about the Perros/Record and ACG shows being postponed sometime soon.

Box Y Luchas has a new video up

Lagunera area shows remain canceled this weekend.

The Gladiatores also has a three part interview with Babe Richard and a profile of a local mask maker.

DJ Spectro reports interviews with Gemelos Fantasticos and La Diabolica, plus Guapito talks his new group.

Segunda Caida looks at their 25th most enjoyable wrestler of 2009, Oficial 911.