05/18 AAA TV Lineup (Leon)

AAA TV (MON) 05/18 Domo de la Feria de Leon
1) Billy Boy, Decnnis, El Brazo vs Argenis, Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata
2) Laredo Kid vs Alan Stone [AAA Cruiser, SF]
3) Jack Evans vs Extreme Tiger [AAA Cruiser, SF]
4) Alex Koslov vs Nicho el Millionario [AAA Cruiser, SF]
5) Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz vs Dr. Wagner Jr., La Parka Jr., Super Fly
6) Latin Lover, Marco Corleone, Mesias vs Chessman, Electro Shock, Kenzo Suzuki

2009 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#889)
Mexico: 05/24
US: 06/13

You know, Thursday are usually slow days. Not today. I think I’m thrown off by the hustle and bustle of having actual lucha libre shows to discuss.

This is attempt three at the Latin Lover/Marco Corleone teaming. First time, Latin missed the show. Last time, the swine flu canceled the show. I do’t know what’s going to happen here.

Mostly, it looks like a poor show to be a rudo. Even if there’s a fluke at the Black Family win the semimain, there’s zero chance they’d actually beat that group of tecnicos (even with Super Fly involved.) Main event is not really a lot better.

I’d heavily favor all the guys on the left side of the cruiserweight tournament matches.

I don’t know how Billy’s going to manage being in a match no involving an Apache.

No Konnan and Vampiro in action, hooray. Konnan is still supposed to be there, booo.

CMLL DF to start running shows on Friday (lineups)

YAY! I love CMLL being back in all their crazy ways, including updating the Arena Mexico events page and neglecting to actually include Friday’s lineups. Luckily, the hi5 page has it:

CMLL (FRI) 05/08 Arena Mexico
1) Astro Boy & Trueno vs Puma King & Tiger Kid
2) Flash, Pegasso, Rey Cometa vs Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skandalo
3) Maximo, Mictlan, Sagrado vs Black Warrior, Dragon Rojo Jr., Sangre Azteca
4) Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, Shocker vs Dos Caras Jr., Ray Mendoza Jr., Texano Jr.
5) Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas vs Blue Panther, La Mascara, Mistico

You know, I don’t like the chances of the Black Plague in the first show back from the swine flu. Doesn’t seem like it’d be their night. (Or Virus in GDL, sadly.)

CMLL TV should now be expected to have the top 3 now, of course.

CMLL (SUN) 05/10 Arena Mexico
1) MolotovSensei vs CamorraInquisidor
2) Dark AngelMarcelaSahori vs AmapolaHirokaMima Shimoda
3) Bam BamMascarita DoradaShockercito vs Pequeño Damian 666Pequeño ViolenciaPequeño Warrior
4) Hijo del FantasmaMetroValiente vs AvernoHeavy MetalTexano Jr.
5) Hector GarzaLa SombraVolador Jr. vs AtlantisRey BucaneroUltimo Guerrero

Dark Angel (still here!), Marcela, Amapola, Hiroka, both Doradas, Bam Bam, Warrior, Damian, Volador, Sombra, and Atlantis are all working Friday in Guadalajara and then coming back for this show; that’s about half the lineup, 12. Coincidentally (or not), 12 guys go the other way, from working DF on Friday to GDL Sunday.

Top 3 will air on one or the other MVS shows next weekend. I’m okay with either segunda airing, actually. (You may differ.)

Tickets are all 40 pesos for both shows just Sunday. I think everyone’s going to have a hard time drawing at first, because I think people are more unsure if the flu scare is really over than they are anxious to get out (and I’m sure we’ll be seeing flu masks in crowd shots for months to come), so doing these as cheap shows makes sense.

SuperLuchas has the Tuesday lineup as well, and mentions the buildings will not be allowed to be more 50% full for the moment.

CMLL (TUE) 05/12 Arena Mexico
1) Astro Boy & Metalico vs Apocalipsis & Zayco
2) Estrella Magica, Lady Apache, Lluvia vs Hiroka, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sujei
3) Shockercito, Tzuki, Ultimo Dragoncito vs Pequeno Damian 666, Pequeno Universo 2000, Pierrothito
4) Maximo, Metro, Valiente vs Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca
5) Blue Panther, Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas

Estrella Magica’s debut. Tzuki wrestles!

GDL restarting, DF not restarting yet, Nitro

LINEUPS! If only they weren’t just for GDL. The Friday show appears unchanged, so starting with Sunday:

CMLL (SUN) 05/10 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Rayo Tapatio I & Rayo Tapatio II vs Puma King & Tiger Kid
2) Angel Azteca Jr., Angel de Oro, Angel de Plata vs Artillero, Polvora, Super Comando
3) Flash, Pegasso, Rey Cometa vs Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skandalo
4) Black Warrior, Misterioso II, Shigeo Okumura vs La Mascara, Mictlan, Sagrado
5) Blue Panther, Mistico, Shocker vs Dos Caras Jr., Ephesto, Mephisto

CMLL’s only done full DF card in GDL for special shows. Unless the Perros are running another show on Sunday, I think this is more about getting their DF guys an extra booking and seems to indicate Sunday’s Arena Coliseo show is not happening. They wouldn’t be sending the undercard guy to GDL if they could just book them nearby.

CMLL (TUE) 05/12 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Thunder Boy vs Milenio
2) Idolo vs Virgo
3) Casanova vs Rey Trueno
4) Angel de Oro & Angel de Plata vs Arkangel de la Muerte & Skandalo
5) La Mascara & Mascara Dorada vs Black Warrior & Virus
6) Mictlan, Sagrado, Shocker vs Atlantis, Dos Caras Jr., Rey Bucanero

This is more like usual.

A lot of articles mention Friday’s GDL card as resumption of (CMLL) lucha libre, but ESTO‘s adds CMLL is planning a press conference tomorrow morning to explain what their plans are for running shows in DF. I don’t think they’d run a show with a two day turnaround, so perhaps the Tuesday show on the 12th is the restart date. (This would screw MVS, who’d have no footage for a third week for the Guerreros del Ring shows.)

Did I miss any followup to the “Arena Mexico and Arena Coliseo DF will be inspected for damage, post-earthquake” story? I’m guessing there’s was none or little and so there was no followup, and I guess we’d find out different tomorrow.

Arena Solidaridad will not run this weekend, but will start shows on 05/17.

Ovaciones talks to Nitro, who’s still months away from coming back from his knee injury.

They’re running again today in Laguna, with the usual Thursday night show at AOL.

Charlotte Observer has photos from the Cindo de May Lucha Va Voom show in LA.

Mini Charly Manson will be out 3 to 6 months due to a knee injury. This is going to seriously hurt the momentum of the AAA minis division.

Cinemania previews the AAA movie, though there’s not a lot new here.

SuperLuchas posts a Televisa PSA featuring Amapola. SuperLuchas is now selling some Rey Bucanero gear.

Cesar rates Hijo de Lizmark and his lack of confidence.

LuchaWorld has Robert on 52MX 03/22 and 03/29/08, ACM 08/19/07 & 09/04/07 and KrisZ’s news update.

indy (SAT) 05/23 Coliseo Centenario de Torreon [El Siglo de Torreon
1) Bella Rubi & Sexy Piscis vs Dulce Paola & Sexy Libra
2) Cosmico & La Parkita vs Halloween & Mr. Aguilita
3) Flor Metalica & Josseline vs Lady Warrior & Mujer Demente
4) Olimpico vs Damian 666, Intocable, Super Crazy, X-Fly, Mr. Aguila [mask, hair, cage]
5) Dr. Wagner Jr. vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Cibernetico

This should look familiar; it was scheduled for 05/01.