AAA #883 (05/09)

taped 04/10, aired 05/15. Watch as I refuse to stop typing even when I ought to below:

La Diabolica, Cinthia Moreno, Billy Boy vs Aerostar, Mari Apache, Fabi Apache – maybe it’s was swayed by knowing this was her final night, but it seemed like La Diabolica was better than usual. Still don’t think CMLL brings her back. This was a good women’s tag match with two men involved, and I still don’t think anyone’s quite sure if they were meant to be in the match or not.

Scoria vs Alan Stone – would’ve been better on AAA {Pro}, where Alan, Chris, Argenis, and the La Chiva who keeps showing up on spot shows are having ***-**** matches in a feud with Dark Family. Someone needs to put that up on YouTube.

Extreme Tiger vs Crazy Boy – pretty sure they think it would’ve been a better match under DTU rules. For all the moves these guys (and I think I mean “guys like these two” and not just these specific two) learn off YouTube, maybe they can watch a couple video where someone gets the heat for a while, and then someone makes a comeback. They seem to be ffwding the last couple of minutes of near falls, and then stretching it out to 9 minutes. It doesn’t work, it never works. OTOH, Tiger’s 450 splash is a nice replacement to the barricade guillotine legdrop as the move he really can’t do but won’t stop trying.

Teddy Hart, Jack Evans, Electroshock © vs Ultimo Gladiador, Laredo Kid ©, Super Fly – I brush by this point at the end, but why are we having a cruiserweight tournament? Why not just give a(nother) title to Electroshock, since this match demonstrates the eventually champion will just be a lesser wrestler not on the level an average heavyweight just protected by the weight limit.

It’s really strange to realize this, given what AAA has been in the past – look, Hijo del Santo’s back! – but the promotion of Rey Misterio and Psicosis and the Gringos Locos and other welter/middleweight wrestlers will not have another headliner as long as the current regime remains such. Only the heavyweights can be top guys, maybe a light heavyweight will sneak thru if they’ve enough or they’re low on options, but anyone less looks to be treated as a lesser wrestler who has be very lucky to be heavyweight type guys (no different than Rey in WWE now, actually), and probably can expect much more of this, where a guy who gets treated as a generic goon when tagging with heavyweights could beat up 3 guys at once (even with his teammates fighting!)

I don’t want to act like AAA was some sort of all junior all the time promotion, because it hasn’t been (Dinamitas in the main event of the first show! and for plenty after), but this is a natural and unfortunate progression of how things have gone. they made a heavyweight title, they made it the most important title for the top matches, they made it the only big title, and so all the top matches are just going to be heavyweights. Doesn’t mean there can’t be great fun in the middle, but (and this might actually be my point here) if you’re hoping this Jack Evans turns is leading AAA to go all the way with him, it probably matters little about how good he is in the ring or how over he is with the crowd, but how much more newly acquired muscle weight he can pack on his body to look the part.

Cuervo, Ozz, Silver King © vs Elegido, Marco Corleone, La Parka Jr. © – random captain rules being enforced! The only thing I could figure is they wanted Elegido to actually get a pinfall here since he’s going to be in a big role eventually, and then decided they might as well go all the way to the last elimination (and toss the Dark Familly a bone.) Of course, that would mean long term planning, and if you were doing that, wouldn’t you have had the dissension in the last match led to Super Fly ending up pinning Electro to resolve that story before you started his rudo turn? Dunno.

Nicho & Joe Lider vs Mesias & Dr. Wagner Jr. – exactly what I thought it was. This, of course, is another thing borrowed from 00s WWE – tag team champions who can’t actually beat anyone who means anything in tag team matches. Does Tirantes think Wagner is a rudo? Is Wagner a rudo, since he’s actually invading the company and disrespecting our hero Mesias? What must you ingest to think Mesias would get cheered over Wagner?

Santo in AAA for TripleMania only, CMLL to announce anti-TripleMania today?, Mini Damian, GDL

AAA tapes today Aguascalientes. By the end of the night, we should have an AAA Cruiserweight Champion and probably have more officially announced participants in the TripleMania cage match. Perhaps some other matches for TripleMania too. AAA hypes Silver King vs Dr. Wagner in the main tag match.

Speaking of that show, El Hijo del Santo told Reforma that he’s only signed for the appearance at TripleMania right now.

Ovaciones says CMLL will hold a press conference today to announce their plans for the June 12th show, suggesting either Shocker/Dos Jr. or Epehsto/Rey Buc matches. This is usually the Jucio Final show and I still think the big cage match is the most likely possibility, with Ephesto and Rey doing the singles title match on the lead up. Remember when the CMLL LH title was over? A long time ago.

It probably won’t be a Mini Damian 666/Shockercito main, not just for the very obvious reasons: says that match will probably be on June 2nd. Fuego en el Ring caught up with Mini Damian 666 way back before the flu, but just posted the interview now. Luckily, he was still feuding with Shockercito at that point, so we can get his reasoning now: he was Fire’s second when Shockercito took that rudo’s hair, so he’s going for revenge. Plus, Shockercito is one of the rate mini tecnicos who hasn’t been orphaned by it’s larger version, so Damian wants to make sure Shockercito suffers just as much as the rest. Speaking of orphaned minis, Mini Damian 666 says he talked to not-mini Damian 666, who’s still totally okay with him continuing to use the name and is very happy with his wrestling. Damian says everything went great in Japan, and hopes to get to the US next. Damian’s future goals are winning back the minis title, winning the lightweight title, and maybe taking out Saturno just to defeat the son of a maestro.

CMLL (TUE) 05/19 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
7) Hector Garza, Mictlan, Shocker b Averno, Dos Caras Jr., Mephisto

All about Shocker/Dos. Toluca (Diablo Rojo) soccer player Edgar Duenas was on hand to cheer on Dos. I wonder if perhaps the man glimpsed on Ras de Lona is not a new wrestler, but a(nother?) Diablo Rojo player, since they’ve been pushing that connection.

The Gladiatores says it was Gemelo II who lost to Gemelo I last Sunday.

AAA CANTU (MON) 05/18 Arena Cuatro Caminos de Nuevo Laredo [RFC]
3) Aerostar, Crazy Boy, Ultimo Gladiador b Rio Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana II
4) Charly Manson, El Elegido, Hombre Sin Miedo b Black Abyss, Silver King, Soberdosis
5) May Flowers L Black Mamba, Polvo de Esterllas, Jesse, Yuriko, Pasion Kristal [cage, hair]

Black Mamba took Polvo’s May’s hair.

indy (TUE) 05/19 Arean Coliseo Monterrey [RFC]
1) Tribal b 30-30
2) Pedro Navajas b Pee Wee
3) Dralion & Streeth Boy b Black Mamba & Kaientai
4) Mongol Chino Jr., Silver Star, Tigre Universitario b Angel Blanco Jr., Rey Sagitario, Soberdosis
5) Black Diamond, Caifan Rockero I, Golden Boy b Angel Dorado Jr., Hombre Sin Miedo, Mascara Purpura

Sounda like a good show. Caifan fouled Hombre Sin Miedo for the win.

Psycho Circus: 305 wins.

Negro Casas is still hoping for that singles match with Blue Panther, but doesn’t want do to do hair vs hair because Panther’s hair is (literally) not big enough.

Latin Lover hopes to film a movie this year.

SuperLuchas has a recap of the Sunday GALLI show in Addision.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update from Tuesday and Wednesday, and Robert on CMLL TV 01/26/2008, CadenaTres 01/26/08, 02/01/08.

AAA (TUE) 05/26 Cancha German Evers
1) Astro & Mario Mora vs Loco Gonzalez & Shyru Dragon
2) Joe Lider vs Nicho el Millionario, Cuervo, Black Abyss, Extreme Tiger, Gato Eveready, Relampago, Kempo Dragon [torneo Abismo Negro]
3) Chessman, Konnan, Silver King vs La Parka Jr., Marco Corleone, Silver King

Main event is for control of the building. If Konnan’s side wins, he gets to take over here. They’ve been running Konnan vs the local promoter here for the last great while.