AAA #877 (03/28)

AAA #877, 03/28/09: I enjoyed the different way of getting into the usual promo. It’s almost as if they realized doing the same bit over and over was kinda lame, but obviously it hasn’t lasted. Still, everyone’s so tightly anchored to their level on this show, I’m happy when even Elegido seems like he’s going to break out for a night.

The rest of the show wasn’t as amusing, but the first two matches were good. I think the Morenos/Billy/Apache matches would be stronger with a couple minutes being taken away from the rudo dominated period but it was still fine.

videos: first, second, third, fourth main.

04/30: rescheduling, Deportes Martinez, IWRG

Flu updates:
– Rescheduled: The Wagner/Torreon show will occur sometime near the end of May. There’s also plans here for a special series of shows whenever the flu lifts.
– Rescheduled: May 8th AAA show in Colima will now be June 5th. This would seem to mean AAA’s message yesterday that only shows up to the 6th are being affected is wrong.
– No one’s quite sure if today’s kids day show in Zacatecas is affected, but everyone assumes so.

Ovaciones has El Hijo del Santo heading to China for ten days. He also talks about the Deportes Martinez story here.

Also in Ovaciones, IWRG has apparently used this time off to think of dumb ideas: they announced plans for a light heavyweight title. That’s be the sixth different weight division title, plus the Rey del Ring has been defended like a title. They run 3 shows a week, max, and they really need to 10th championship? Perhaps the better move would to take back possession of some they’ve let drift away, and there is also a mention in the article of asking Negro Casas to defend his IWRG Middleweight Title or hand it back to the promotion – it’s been dormant since the IWRG/CMLL falling out. Mistico and Canek also have titles that have long gone dormant.

Blue Demon Jr. has followed Santo to the press to complain about Deportes Martinez. According to Demon, Martinez is saying he owns the right to Demon’s mask, which Demon argues with.

El Manana talks to Laredo Kid about his childhood. Which was about 15 minutes ago.

Kcidis draws Dark Saint and shows you how.

DTU posts a video report from Televisa Monterrey.

There’s a new blog following the Traumas. A fine idea.

LuchaWord has KrisZ’s news flash, and Robert on CMLL GDL 12/30/07 and 01/06/08 and FSE 02/15/08 and 52MX 02/16/08.

CMLL LATV #138 (03/28)

CMLL LATV #138, March 28:
– Saturno is so young and thin – he seemed taller than Bam Bam, so he probably won’t be a mini when he fills out – that he really stuck out versus tank mini rudos like Pierroth and Violencia. Still strange that they didn’t do a background here, since it’s not like him being Boomerang and Gran Cochisse’s son wasn’t going to end up obvious to all.There wasn’t much here of interest beyond him; minis were fine, but they’ve done more.
– I’ve been conflicted on the Mistico/Negro matches since I’ve watched it. For sure, it’s a breath of fresh air not to put up with the short short long bit they’ve been doing – the second fall in particular was worked like a fall, not an impediment to part where they really wanted to work. Plus, Negro’s more enjoyable in a big match as a rudo than a tecnico right now (though it’s a trade off with him doing less in trios.) I just felt I need something more out of Mistico and didn’t really the moonsault sidewalk slam – it’s part of Mistico’s 2009 plan of doing more dangerous stunts to prove how much people should love him, but it’s really was him burning of someone else’s finisher for a near fall in his own match, and a move Negro didn’t seem to have any idea to take. Even more, this feud has been all about each guy biting each other’s finish, which gets remembered for the earlier falls but not for the finish. I thought the match was good, but a little bit less than I’d need to say Yes as a must see 2009 match.

Regardless, pretty nice bonus to get to see it, when I’d thought it wouldn’t turn up for a while longer. And neat editing to give us more of the match by cutting out the slow crawls back into the ring post-dive.

videos: minis title match
download: megaupload

EDIT: download link corrected.

Lucha Times for 05/01-02

box. So this is easy. Or pointless. Both.

AAA-US: Ah, the delay actually helps out (for a month). There’s weeks of TV left here, including a Silver King/La Parka Jr. match and two matches in the Cruiserweight Tournament, plus a main event of Chessman/Scoria/Zorro vs Charly/Mesias/Vamp. This is the Monterrey taping, where AAA management found out sometime during the day (during the show?) that Abismo Negro passed away, but did not tell the talent until the conclusion of the show.

FOX – and for that matter, 52MX, CMLL-MEX, C3 and probably even Ras de Lona: all the shows appear to still be on the schedule, none of the tapings for the CMLL shows happened, so what they show is a mystery. Easiest thing to do is to pick a random rerun, so that’s the bet here. FOX/LATV, 52MX and C3 will not have new footage next week for sure, though the main show will be back on if shows resume next Friday.


AAA-MEX: One taping left in the can here, with the four way for the title shot at TripleMania. Also, Jack vs Tiger, Clowns back on TV, Metrosexuals and Aregnis and minis on TV.

What I need to know: how many people more people need to go before Jesse or the remaining Consgrados get back on TV?

AAA #877 (03/21)

AAA #877, 03/21/09:
this Air Force/Poder de Norte match wasn’t going to be as good even if Angel didn’t pass out during it, but it really did put everyone out of sorts. They rushed Angel to the back so fast, there must’ve been tons of concern about the severity. Glad he’s okay, wish he’d stop after passing out the first time next time.
Hermandad vs Air Force, not so good, though they did a better job of not indulging every impulse than Hart Foundation vs Mexican Powers (was this the match that was suggested to use to flesh out the luchawiki move gallery? because they did every move ever, and then did a finish that had little to do with any of them, and then Hijo de Tirantes screwed that up.)
La Parka vs Silver King was a waste of time.
– They kept Charly out of the main event as much as possible, but they could’ve helped him more by giving him some better wrestlers one the rudo side. This was a week that they needed the Dark Family, which they figured out later.
– There was also a Abyss/Abismo match

04/29: Cancellations, Santo vs Deportes Martinez

Today’s list
– Canceled: Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, until the anniversary show on May 8th. Apolo Dantes uses the opportunity to hype up that show! (Cesar compares this show to the Perros.) This is only the 3rd suspension of shows in that building – once the arena was shut down for a while because of a riot at a boxing show, and the other time was in the aftermath of the Guadalajara sewer explosions of 1992.
– Canceled: Tijuana lucha libre, until May 6th
– Canceled: Lagunera Lucha Libre; only confirmed for the next couple days, including the Wagner show Friday. They’re not yet prohibiting the Sunday shows, but they’re telling people not to go to them.
– Canceled:
Psicosis and Histeria’s DF show, scheduled for today.

Other news:

RFC notes reaching 9 years of writing about lucha libre. Congrats.

AAA wants it clear that it’s only canceling spot shows thru May 6. The May 18th date is their next TV taping, but other shows from the 7th to 18th are still on at the moment.

(Reforma via SuperLucha) Hijo del Santo is threatening a lawsuit against Deportes Martinez for selling Santo gear without permission (or paying Santo.) Most masks and other merchandise sold in Mexico appears to be unauthorized, but it’s a situation that’s been the norm for decades. It’s not a surprise Santo is fighting this, because he’s been so protective of his image and brand, but the twist here is Santo is inviting in CMLL, AAA and independent wrestlers to join in the lawsuit. If Santo was successful here, it’d could be a big change in the status quo, changing the way both stores like Deportes Martinez and the mask vendors outside of buildings do business. So much so that I kind of wonder why Deportes Martinez didn’t try to get this quietly settled (Santo asked for too much? That seems like Santo’s move.)

Ovaciones also has a interview with Toscano about his rehab (he’s about six weeks out), and a generic profile of Dr. Wagner Jr. (old enough that it doesn’t mention anything about AAA.)

Jornada talks to Chritian Cymet and Orlando Jimenez, the writers of the Viva La Lucha magazine series, which was supposed to start Monday but who knows this week. Here, it’s said each edition will come out every second week, so this is going to be a long run. Cymet apparently has a crazy huge Santo collection.

Informador interviews Satanico, who says he saw Dr. No about 30 times before he used the name. He also tells the story about sneaking into to debut without his trainer’s permission, being awful, and being forced to train two more years. Satanico is proud of facing El Dandny in five hair matches in Arena Mexico, and that record is not getting broken any time soon.

SuperLucha says Dark Phoenix is one name under consideration for Dark Angel in TNA, and confirms that she’ll continue in CMLL. HOORAY!

The San Fran Decider writes about Lucha Va Voom’s show there. It must be fantastic to be Tom Kenny right now; you’re Spongebob, and occasionally you get to be a wacky lucha announcer.

Cesar rates Hector Garza.

Lucha y Box En Aztecas catches up with Mini Dracula.

SegundaCaida has their 26-100 most enjoyable wrestlers of 2008. They’ll be breaking down 25 to 1 day be day.

OJ watches the 04/23 version of Terrible Cerebros vs Navarros.

Wrestling Observer has their AAA recap.

Anyone notice that CMLL’s news page links to SuperLuchas’ tag page. That’s something that’d happen if they just cut and paste from SL.

CMLL LATV #137 (03/21)

CMLL LATV #137, March 21: kinda a worthless episode
– Couldn’t Sahori just have worked ruda for one match? The reluctant partner story overshadows most matches it’s done, yet this got all sorts of time to keep hitting the same point. Waste of time.
– Main eventers obviously were expecting Marco to be there and to do a Marco-centric match, and decided just to fool around with him. Angel Azteca didn’t get to do much, but there wasn’t a lot done here.

videos: women main
download: megaupload

04/28: GDL, No Limit, canceled shows

CMLL (SUN) 04/26 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [MT]
5) Dragon Rojo Jr., Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero b La Sombra, Mascara Dorada, Mistico

Rudos won the first, tecnicos took the second, Sombra and Mistico did dives, and Dragon powerbombed Sombra for the clean pin. After the match, they set up Sombra defending his NWA welterweight title against Dragon Rojo Jr. next week.

New Japan’s Yurijo & Naito (team No Limit) are currently scheduled to work CMLL. These are apparently the two Ovaciones mentioned yesterday, because they were actually listed by name on this past week’s Ras de Lona. SuperLuchas says they’re headed in May 11, which is safely after the swine flu shutdown at the moment, but this is a fluid situation. No Limit’s currently hanging around TNA, with a NJPW storyline of trying to win back the IWGP Junior Tag Team titles from the Motor City Machine Guns, and a TNA storyline of being stereotypical anti-American foreigners. If they do make it to CMLL, No Limit vs Volador & Sombra for CMLL’s tag match is the obvious big match.

Unfortuantly, it appears CMLL guys won’t be headed to Japan. Strong Style Spirit mentions Mistico, Misterioso II, and Okumura have been restricted from traveling to Japan due to the swine flu, so they’re off the shows next week. They’ll surely reschedule this down the line, but it’s a tough break.

Going around the country:
– Canceled: all lucha in Nuevo Laredo, up to and including the shows next Monday
– Canceled: all lucha in Puebla, up to and including the shows next Monday
– Canceled: all lucha in Durango, as part of a prohibition of all public gatherings for the duration.
– Canceled: lucha in Mazatlan, thru May 7th.
– Canceled: all lucha in Tamaulipas, thru May 6th
– Canacled: Tuesday’s show in Arena Coliseo Monterrey, though Sunday’s AAA show is still on at the moment.
– AAA says 90% of it’s shows have been canceled, 60 shows, but doesn’t specifically mention anything but the TV tapings. I presume a lot of those shows hadn’t/wouldn’t make it to their event listings, because there’s not sixty shows there even if you go back to the start of the week.
– CMLL’s also canceled it’s shows in SLP and Cuernavaca this week. IWRG and AULL are also off.
– Still On: Torreon, where the Wagner show on Friday is still on, though the promoters are waiting to hear otherwise. Not sure about the nearby Thursday AOL show.
– Still On: a lucha show on Saturday in Guanajuato, for student graduation, where they’re also watching the situation

I’m horrible with Mexican (and Canadian) geography, but I do know some of those places are not near Mexico City. Everyone’s being super cautious, understandably so. It surprised me that Guadalajara is not added to this list. ESPN Deportes’s lucha blog has an entry on the flu. I think I’m going to make a post of canceled lineups later on.

In addition to all of that, yesterday’s 5.7 earthquake was felt in both CMLL’s arenas, and Ovaciones says they’ll need to be inspected to make sure there’s no damage.

Luchando Libre points out TripleMania tickets are already on TicketMaster. Prices appear to be from 1200 to 10 pesos ($85 to $7, although they list some VIP tickets for under a dollar but I have no idea where the seats are.)

Cesar’s blog mentions a bar fight with Chessman, Cibernetico, and Fabian el Gitano, including Cibernetico trying to bribe the police after the match. I knew this blog was going to be fantastic. There’s also one two posts pointing out the ridiculousness of the independents (“authentic wrestling” = metric ton of bs, fraud and shenanigans), and a post noting Dr. Wagner would still prefer to be in CMLL.

AAA wants you to know they have no idea what they’re doing with the Cruiserweight tournament. Now you know.

Kcidis has Cibernetico vs Perro.

If you need something to cheer you up, watch this week’s Ras de Lona. Most of the show is various wrestlers goofing around at a circus, Circo Hermanos Vazquez, which is the closest to the old wacky vignettes in a long time. See Sombra on the trapeze, Dragon Rojo on a runaway horse, Stuka on a very tiny tricycle and Felino and Tiger Kidd actually in a tiger cage.

DJ Spectro looks at Audaz and Flama Azul.

Guerreros del Ring #188 has Pierroth on the cover, with friends and rivals talking about him. Luchas 2000 #468 seems to be promoting the return of their annual legends show, though no date is mentioned on the cover.

LuchaWorld has Robert on GDL 12/16 & 12/23/07, MVS shows from 02/09 & 02/10 CMLL and AULL 01/12/08, plus KrisZ‘s news update.

CMLL (FRI) 05/08 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Angel de Oro & Angel de Plata vs Dr. X & Hooligan
2) Bam Bam, Mascarita Dorada, Saturno vs Pequeno Black Warrior, Pequeño Damian 666, Pierrothito
3) Dark Angel, Lady Apache, Marcela vs Amapola, Hiroka, Princesa Blanca
4) Mascara Dorada vs Virus [CMLL SL]
5) La Sombra & Volador Jr. vs Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero [CMLL TAG]

Amazing how CMLL’s Arena Coliseo Guadalajara anniversary shows just keep happening to occur on the same day of big indy shows.

LLL’s idea of taping this is good, but I think the hope right now is CMLL would be running Arena Mexico by the 8th. (Dorada vs Virus = TAPE IT ANYWAY.) Dark Angel’s CMLL status is ongoing matter of debate; Cesar says she’ll be working as Dark Angel in CMLL while TNA gives her a new name, but SuperLuchas says not so sure about Dark Angel working this show. SuperLuchas tends to have the best Dark Angel info, but I hope they’re wrong – Sarah has been really awesome this year in every CMLL match I’ve seen her.

Lucha Libre: La Experiencia expo postponed, Puebla canceled, AAA TV on 04/30 canceled

There’s nothing yet up on their site, but AAA says it’s off for next week. The tenative new dates are July 24-26.

No word yet on CMLL officially being off.

Edit: Tonight’s Arena Puebla show is off, according to SuperLuchas.

AAA has canceled it’s TV Taping this Friday. With no TV from the Lucha Libre Expo either, there will be no new taping until 05/18 in Leon.

Edit 2: Notimex story on CMLL shows being canceled. Only Tuesday and Friday are offically off at this point. GDL is still on, but it would not be a surprise if they got canceled as well. I’ll catch up with the links tommorrow, but the regular shows in Nuevo Laredo and Torreon are off as well.

04/27: Merida, Monterrey, CMLL wrestlers unhappy

AAA (SUN) 04/26 Poliforum Zamna [Tarzan lopez @ el Martinete]
1) Aztlan, Jaguar Sagrado, Lobo Salvaje Jr. DCO Amenaza Rojo Jr., Eterno, Zar
2) Angel Infernal, Fuego Infernal, Imperio Dorado b Enemigo, Super Piloto Jr. I, Super Piloto Jr. II
3) Coberman, Lobo Salvaje, Super Piloto b Amenaza Roja, Anubis, Suicida Jr.
4) Argenis & Dizzy vs Angel Mortal & el Halcon
5) Pimpinela Escarlata & Sexy Star b Tiffany & Yuriko
6) Gronda II, Mexicano, Octagon b Cuervo, Kenzo Suzuki, Ozz

indy (SUN) 04/26 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [rfc]
1) Lover Boy b Pee Wee and Pedro Navajas
2) Mini Hombre Sin Miedo & Mini Laredo Kid b Mini Black Mamba & Mini Rio Bravo
3) Black Mamba, Oscuridad, Violento b Golden Boy, Rey Demonio Jr., Simbolo
4) Hijo del Espanto II, Sergio Romo Jr., Silver Star b Hombre sin Miedo, Sangre Chicana Jr., Street Boy
5) Angel Dorado Jr. b Rey Sagitario [hair]

The business effects of shutting down Mexico City are starting to turn up. In Record, Dos Caras Jr. speaks out for his fellow wrestlers, complaining that the wrestlers will apparently go unpaid for the duration. Himself, Panther, Niebla, Volador, Stuka, Valiente, Felino and Sensei are mentioned as guys who’ve gone unpaid, because the shows they were to work aren’t happening anymore. Dos is unhappy with the company and with the union, which just accepts whatever the company has to say and doesn’t fight for them. The wrestlers are supposed to find out their schedule, or lack of, today.

CMLL isn’t gettign paid for attendance right now, but shouldn’t they still be getting TV money? Do the luchadors not get a cut off that? There should be merchandise money too, which is probably coming in on a enough of lag that it’s not yet affected by the shut down.

Ovaciones main lucha story is an interview with Aerostar, hyping up the Lucha Libre Expo. (Still waiting to hear about that.) In the sidebar, there’s a mention that two (unnamed) Japaneses wrestlers will be coming to CMLL in May. I first thought that’d mean NJPW (who are off from 05/07 to 05/30), but it actually more sense as Ultimo Dragon related bit since May is the DragonMania show.

(Jornada) According to the local promoter in Culiacan Mistico missed their April 19 show because the CMLL recieved death threats aimed at him, on the day after Abismo Negro died. I have doubts about this story, starting with it coming out so late after the shows and the incident happened. It does sound like an easy cover for a no-show, except the lineup I had for the show never had Mistico on it. Main event was supposed to be Sagrado/Volador vs Niebla/Bucanero.

Al Filo del Ring has an interview with Alebrije & Cuije, who have nothing bad to say about AAA and would not rule going back if there was an idea for then but hope to finally get that mask match with Monsther & Chucky now that they’re all independents. There’s also an interview with Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., who feels business won’t pick up until next year and they need to work harder to make it worthwhile for the people who do come in the meantime.

Proyeccion Luchistica has interviews with X-Fly and Damian 666.

Fuego en el Ring doesn’t appear to have Sunday results, but does interview Mascarita Dorada about coming home to GDL and his career in CMLL so far.

Sign on San Diego profiles locals going to Tijuana to learn how to wrestle.

SuperLuchas #312 has Dark Angel in TNA, and Super Porky calling El Brazo stupid. Looks like SuperLuchas may be starting up an English language version, though the actual sign up for it looks to be missing.

Box Y Lucha #2920 has Wagner getting the title shot at TripleMania, and Konnan talking about real lucha libre fading away. I can only imagine Konnan is happy about such things, because nothing else makes sense – don’t even worry about his actual ideas, just remember that he didn’t watch lucha libre or wrestling really until he got in it and readily admits people sometimes bring up old angles he doesn’t know of. There’s also a new edition of Box Y Lucha TV.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and Robert on C3 01/12/08.

Death Valley Driver #169 has reviews of AULL from 03/15/09 as well as the 03/28/09 Negro/Mistico match.

indy (TUE) 04/28 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [RFC]
1) Lover Boy vs Darling Boy
2) Pedro Navajas vs Pee Wee
3) Aguila Extrema, Dralion, Streeth Boy vs Black Mamba, Kaientai, Lord Byron
4) Mongol Chino Jr. & Pancho Tequila vs el Ninja & Hijo del Ninja
5) Hombre Sin Miedo & Mascara Purpura vs Caifan Rockero I & Golden Boy

Purpura is out of CMLL and back here. Meanwhile, Caifan will break his 79 day retirement. A long 79 days.

AAA (SUN) 05/03 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [mely @ LMDLL]
1) Gallo de Oro vs Aguila Azteca
2) Mercurio & TDN vs Ares & Invasor
3) La Parkita & Mascarita Divina vs Mascarita de la Muerte & Mini Chessman
4) Angel Mortal, Diabolico, Gallego vs Cuervo, Escoria, Espiritu
5) Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown vs El Elegido, Mascara Divina, Pimpinela Escarlata

I throw my hands up on Mascara Divina.