AAA #877 (03/28)

AAA #877, 03/28/09: I enjoyed the different way of getting into the usual promo. It’s almost as if they realized doing the same bit over and over was kinda lame, but obviously it hasn’t lasted. Still, everyone’s so tightly anchored to their level on this show, I’m happy when even Elegido seems like he’s going to break out for a night.

The rest of the show wasn’t as amusing, but the first two matches were good. I think the Morenos/Billy/Apache matches would be stronger with a couple minutes being taken away from the rudo dominated period but it was still fine.

videos: first, second, third, fourth main.

04/30: rescheduling, Deportes Martinez, IWRG

Flu updates:
– Rescheduled: The Wagner/Torreon show will occur sometime near the end of May. There’s also plans here for a special series of shows whenever the flu lifts.
– Rescheduled: May 8th AAA show in Colima will now be June 5th. This would seem to mean AAA’s message yesterday that only shows up to the 6th are being affected is wrong.
– No one’s quite sure if today’s kids day show in Zacatecas is affected, but everyone assumes so.

Ovaciones has El Hijo del Santo heading to China for ten days. He also talks about the Deportes Martinez story here.

Also in Ovaciones, IWRG has apparently used this time off to think of dumb ideas: they announced plans for a light heavyweight title. That’s be the sixth different weight division title, plus the Rey del Ring has been defended like a title. They run 3 shows a week, max, and they really need to 10th championship? Perhaps the better move would to take back possession of some they’ve let drift away, and there is also a mention in the article of asking Negro Casas to defend his IWRG Middleweight Title or hand it back to the promotion – it’s been dormant since the IWRG/CMLL falling out. Mistico and Canek also have titles that have long gone dormant.

Blue Demon Jr. has followed Santo to the press to complain about Deportes Martinez. According to Demon, Martinez is saying he owns the right to Demon’s mask, which Demon argues with.

El Manana talks to Laredo Kid about his childhood. Which was about 15 minutes ago.

Kcidis draws Dark Saint and shows you how.

DTU posts a video report from Televisa Monterrey.

There’s a new blog following the Traumas. A fine idea.

LuchaWord has KrisZ’s news flash, and Robert on CMLL GDL 12/30/07 and 01/06/08 and FSE 02/15/08 and 52MX 02/16/08.

CMLL LATV #138 (03/28)

CMLL LATV #138, March 28:
– Saturno is so young and thin – he seemed taller than Bam Bam, so he probably won’t be a mini when he fills out – that he really stuck out versus tank mini rudos like Pierroth and Violencia. Still strange that they didn’t do a background here, since it’s not like him being Boomerang and Gran Cochisse’s son wasn’t going to end up obvious to all.There wasn’t much here of interest beyond him; minis were fine, but they’ve done more.
– I’ve been conflicted on the Mistico/Negro matches since I’ve watched it. For sure, it’s a breath of fresh air not to put up with the short short long bit they’ve been doing – the second fall in particular was worked like a fall, not an impediment to part where they really wanted to work. Plus, Negro’s more enjoyable in a big match as a rudo than a tecnico right now (though it’s a trade off with him doing less in trios.) I just felt I need something more out of Mistico and didn’t really the moonsault sidewalk slam – it’s part of Mistico’s 2009 plan of doing more dangerous stunts to prove how much people should love him, but it’s really was him burning of someone else’s finisher for a near fall in his own match, and a move Negro didn’t seem to have any idea to take. Even more, this feud has been all about each guy biting each other’s finish, which gets remembered for the earlier falls but not for the finish. I thought the match was good, but a little bit less than I’d need to say Yes as a must see 2009 match.

Regardless, pretty nice bonus to get to see it, when I’d thought it wouldn’t turn up for a while longer. And neat editing to give us more of the match by cutting out the slow crawls back into the ring post-dive.

videos: minis title match
download: megaupload

EDIT: download link corrected.