05/30-31 Lucha Times


AAA-US: The Las Vegas show, with Cibernetico’s cameo and the Psycho Circus actually facing a decent team.

52MX: Angels vs Tuareg, Avernos vs Guerreros

LATV(maybe)/FOX: Tuareg vs Cometa/Pegasso/Leono, plus the grab back of Mascara/Sombra/Volador vs Dragon/Lizmark/Misterioso


CMLL: Averno vs Panther, plus No Limit debuts and Poder Mexica actually teams up.

AAA: Cruisereweight finals, previews of TripleMania.

C3: Rey vs Epehsto, Mistico & co vs Pesta Negra, minis

Puebla: Mistico vs UG, Fantasma/Sombra/Volador vs Pesta Negra, probably the locals and not the women. Did we ever get a lineup for Puebla last week?

Ephesto defeats Bucanero, AAA & CMLL schedule updates

CMLL (TUE) 05/26 Arena Mexico [Ovaciones, Avellaneda @ box y lucha]
1) ApocalipsisRamsteinRayo Tapatio IRayo Tapatio II
2) AmapolaCrazy StarLa SeductoraMarcelaSahoriStar Fire
3) Pequeño Damian 666Pequeño WarriorPierrothitoBam BamMascarita DoradaShockercito
4) FelinoMr. NieblaNegro CasasLa SombraMisticoVolador Jr.
5) EphestoRey Bucanero [CMLL LH]

Ephesto is the 11th Champion. Rey tookk the first fall, Ephesto took the second. In the third, Ephesto threw Rey out of the ring, where he hurt his left knee. The match was paused to check on Rey’s knee, and the doctor said Rey could do more, ending the match. Rey was taken to the hospital, and Ephesto got the belt. Could be a story, could be an injury, could be a real knee injury that they turned into a story to write him out, we’ll have to wait to see. Bucanero is supposed to be in Acapulco today, and then on the Sunday Coliseo show.

Can anyone think of a CMLL title change before on a ref stop? I guess they could’ve ruled it a CO too.

Total rudo night, and the main event wasn’t the only one affected by injuries. Rookies Star Fire (right leg) and Crazy Star (neck) both were hurt in the women’s match.

Shockercito and Mini Damian will have their hair match next week.

Lizmark says he’s going to retire on July 4th, after a Luchas 2000 Arena Coliseo show. Lizmark’s been calling himself self-retired in recent years, not having wrestled much in recent years. Lizmark says he doesn’t feel like he’s at the top of his game anymore, and probably wouldn’t beat able to successfully defend his mask, so he’s getting out while he still can. Lizmark plans to continue running his gym, and notes that he retired to do that one before in 1992, but was convinced by Antonio Pena on to join AAA and started up again. Lizmark feels his best work was in the 70s and 80s.

AAA says the next taping is June 7th in Pachuca, so that Acapulco taping was either a mistake or rescheduled. BTW, AAA mentioning me on their site and accusing me of professionalism feels so strange. “Critical of all promotions and wrestlers” is hilarious accurate. It is clear that I like lucha libre, right?

CMLL has an updated list of their June notable shows. Some of this is repeat info, but just to put all in one place:

06/02: Tuesday Fan appreciation show (Mini Damian/Shockercito)
06/08: GDL Sunday Fan appreciation show
06/12: Kid’s Day makeup show! There’s nothing kids like better than seeing part 2 of a three part pointless tournament. Actually, I take my hat off to CMLL here for it’s scheming – if you’re taking your kids to this show for cheap tickets, you’re surely less likely to walk up and buy tickets to TripleMania the next day. And it’s easier than building a match people want to see!
06/14: Sunday Fan appreciation show
06/19: Friday Arena Puebla appreciation show (plus the tournament final in Arena Mexico)
06/21: GDL 50th Anniversary show; the date is pretty close to accurate, so it may not be a show just to run against an indy show.

WagnerMania is closing on June 26th. The last part of the notice mentions they’ll be doing a new page on lucha libre, and I hope they do, because they’ve done a good job with the current site.

Kcidis looks at the evolution in rudo struggles.

Box Y Lucha has an interview with Matematico & Cotorreando con Box Y Lucha has a tearful interview with Axxel.

SuperLuchas has Santo gear.

Luchas 2000 #471 has Santo in AAA, the champs tournament in CMLL and Canek & Villano III on their own show on the 4th.

Segunda Caida watches 05/14/09 IWRG. Ohtani’s Jacket also checks out IWRG: Black Terry vs Fantasma de la Opera from 2007, and the 05/21/09 show

LuchaWorld has Robert on CMLL 52MX 05/31/08 and 06/07/08 and Cadena3 2/2/2008 – in retrospect, it’s great that they’ve forgot the Fabian/Diamante feud – plus KrisZ’s news update.

CMLL (WED) 06/10 Arena Coliseo Acapulco [poster]
1) Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Violencia, Pierrothito vs Saturno, Shockercito, Ultimo Dragoncito
2) Black Silver Jr., Hijo de Black Silver, Ludwig Star vs El Destroyer, la Orca, Pez Tigre
3) Cien Caras Jr., Euforia, Hijo de Pierroth (IWRG), Pierroth II vs Fabian el Gitano, Marco Rivera, Tony Rivera, Vangelis
4) Misterioso II, Terrible, Texano Jr. vs Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero and Lizmark Jr., Shocker, Veneno and Villano III, Villano IV, Villano V [Copa Pierroth]

Benefit show for Pierroth, which accounts for the IWRG names. Though, there’s been enough periodic rumors that the Junior Capos are headed to CMLL that I wouldn’t be surprised if this lineup is a hint.

CMLL (SAT) 06/20 Auditorio Benito Juarez [Notiver]
1) Flash & Stuka Jr. vs Arkangel de la Muerte & Skandalo
2) Dark Angel & Marcela vs Amapola & Princesa Blanca
3) Sagrado & Valiente vs Dragon Rojo Jr. & Sangre Azteca
4) Blue Panther, Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara vs Misterioso II, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
5) Atlantis, Dos Caras Jr., Ultimo Guerrero vs Mistico, Shocker, Volador Jr.

Intersting to see them do full shows for someplace besides Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara.