05/16-17 Lucha Times


So, this past week in the US, the AAA show ran over five minutes. Five minutes almost to the second, I checked. I also noticed the actual show running time was about the same as it always was, with just 25 minutes less of commercials. I guess it’s easier just to let the show run over by a few minutes than to edit that five minutes out of the show or to air over 3 hours, and I would suspect they’ll continue doing it this way whenever they schedule it for a 2h30 slot (as they’ve done this week.) Add 5-10 minutes on to your recordings, or miss the main event. Which is usually an okay thing, so never mind.

AAA-US: Laredo/Super Fly, Alex/Rocky in the cruiserweight tournament, plus Joe/Nicho vs Mesias/Vamp, and more of the usual issues.

LATV/FOX: Not sure how the big Sunday show is going to be split up, but I’m guessing Averno/Metal/Texano vs Fantasma/Valiente/Metro (his debut on this show), plus Panther/Mistico/Shocker vs Dos/Ephesto/Mephsito

(I think this the repeat this week might have not aired on FSE, but I’m completely confused on that with the change in schedule.)

52MX: Which would live this with GdA vs Garza/Sombra/Volador match airs here, as well as Fabian/Mascara/Sagrado vs Warrior/Misterioso/Okumura. And maybe the Fabian/Rey stripping bit, since they’re both here anyway.

AAA-MEX: Dunno. This should’ve been the Lucha Libre Expo taping, but now that’s not for a while. The next taping isn’t until Monday. I don’t think they taped in LA, but I’m sure that’d air if they did. Otherwise, they’ve just got fill 3 hours with who knows what. (This show appears to be at noon this week.)

CMLL: back to normal, top 3 here.

C3: and top four here. Estrella Magica’s TV debut. Peste Negra reigning supreme and the like.

AAA #883 (04/25)

AAA #883 (04/25), taped 03/20

Oriental & Cinthia Moreno vs Aerostar & Fabi Apache – this match had some moments that were good and moments not so good; Oriental and Aerostar have had matches where they don’t look dumb and I prefer those. The real winner here was Fabi/Aerostar interaction after the match. It seems like Billy did Aero a serious favor, preventing him from being crushed by his crush in the middle of the ring, but I fear the pain has only been pushed to weeks down the line for the man in blue.

Silver King, Konnan vs La Parka, Marco Corleone – a five minute match with two breaks! How is that even possible? Couldn’t someone have figured out it might work better to do the first break before the match, rather than wait 45 seconds?

Zorro ©, Electroshock, Chessman vs Mesias, X-Pac, Charly Manson © – Again, if this was the Charly Manson of about 2007, I’d be so thrilled for this Zorro/Charly feud. At least it gives them something to do, which is more than you can say for half the other guys here (Electro? Chessman? X-Pac kinda got skipped over here for the moment.)

– Jack Evans vs Joe Lider vs Alex Koslov vs Teddy Hart vs Extreme Tiger vs Laredo Kid vs Billy Boy vs Nicho vs Alan Stone vs Escoria vs Crazy Boy vs Super Fly vs Juventud Guerrera in a cage match as part of the Cruiserweight Tournament (part one, part two) – this was actually a little better than I thought it was going to be, but I was so ready for people to start leaving by the last few in. If Juvi didn’t know he was getting beat as soon as he got in the cage, he’s the world’s most oblivious man – everyone knew. I can only imagine what would’ve been next for him had he stuck around.

Cibernetico explains the Bizzaros, TripleMania to be on PPV, Perros and AAA talking (thru the media)

(Reforma via Jazzo) Cibernetico explains how he chose the Bizzaros. See, he wanted different people representing different “groups that vie for the streets of Mexico City”, so he could unite them all. We have:
– Emo Xtreme, representing the emos (actually nicknamed “the most depressing at all”)
– Steel, representing the rockers
– Nygma, “representing the gays”
– Punket, representing “the anarchists who believe punk is the only law”

So many questions: does this make Cibernetico the oddest Captain Planet ever? Do you really want an emo guy in your group of fighters? Or a anarchist who’s just going to get you DQed? How can you really represent the streets of Mexico City without least one drug dealer? Am I glad there’s not a lot of real news today so I can lead off with this? Yes, yes I am.

Box Y Luchas has it’s usual weekly massive load of articles.
– A conversation at Many Guzman, head of the wrestlers union in 1991 when they went on strike to protest Friday night Arena Mexico shows airing in Mexico, stopping wrestling for 28 days. The strike ultimately was unsuccessful – the wrestlers divided against each other when they felt the union was targeting CMLL (and asking their wrestlers to sacrifice) while not making the same demands of the el Toreo/LLI group. Guzman blames the failure of the strike on lesser opportunities, lesser pay, and foreigners being brought in to take Mexican jobs. (Guzman says Marco and Alex are good, not so much the rest.) Guzman is 1000% behind Fantasma’s suspension of Konnan and Silver King, since he feels their actions are killing lucha libre. Guzman says there’s occasional talk about reviving the union he led (there are other, company specific ones and small independent ones now), but it seems just like talk.
– AAA says they canceled 66 events due to the flu. That number keeps on gettng bigger. Most are going to be rescheduled, but the Kid’s Days shows probably won’t be. Thrown in on the last line: TripleMania will be a PPV event.
– IWRG resumes running shows today. In the meantime, they’ve been cleaning Arena Naucalpan, including repainting walls. There’s a mention that the lucha classes have just resumed, and they’re being led by El Bombero (Infenral?), Black Terry and Judas el Traidor. I wouldn’t have guessed the last one.
Villano III talks about dealing with an epidemic in Japan.

(now enterting the HMMM section)
Damian 666: “I’ve long said Konnan was one of the strongest and most charismatic in lucha libre.”
Konnan: “Los Perros need to lower their price, AAA is not going to pay what you’re taking from other promotions. AAA’s doors are open to Los Perros and LA Park.”

The Damian article is more him calmly replying to some of Konnan’s remarks (which he repeats in his interview) – they charge what they charge because people will pay it, they’re not worried about not getting enough publicity now, and they want the fighting to be in the ring and not in the press. In tandem, they sure look like they’re negotiating a deal thru the media – not even if they’ll come, but at what price.

Konnan’s article hilarious for the paragraphs spent talking about how great it would be for everyone to be able to work everywhere. There must be two Konnan’s, because I’m pretty sure this can’t be the same guy trying to sign Dr. Wagner to a contract limiting from working anywhere but AAA – that wouldn’t make any sense at all! (You could also read parts of it as “not going to hold any grudges towards Cibernetico if he can make me money”.)

Mistico wants it known that his trip to Japan isn’t canceled. It’s just postponed, to an unknown date. Mistico says he’s been spending some down time lately figured out some new moves as well as watching his matches from 2004 to bring back some old moves he may have stopped doing.
Rocky Romero vs Alex Koslov is the best match of the year, according to Rocky and Alex (and the rest of AAA, who all said it was awesome, but that’s not as funny.) Alex says it got edited a bit on TV, but he thinks it was the best match he’s ever had with Rocky and hopes to do it again. They note that, unlike with some of the other units facing off in the cruiserweight tournament, there was no post-match issues between the partners, though Alex says this is probably because he won – Rocky is tranquil, but Koslov would’ve been angry if he lost.
Fuerza and Juiv talk about Los Bravos, though at this point they hadn’t figured out Dr. Cerebro would be the third member of the trio (or at least that’s how it seems to have turned out.)
Muerte Bucanero shows off paper work showing he’s legally cleared to use that name by the commission, because both Pirata Morgan and Rey Bucanero had thought he was just borrowing parts of their name.
Yoko Ono, luchadora. Not the one from the Beatles.

Pierroth’s daughter is posting messages on message boards soliciting donations.

AAA looks back at the history of the AAA Mega championship, TripleMania XIV, TripleMania XV, and Antonio Pena in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. Wait, what did I just type?

Lady Apache is now a wrestling grandma. Congrats!

LuchaWorld has Robert on AAA TV 07/11/1993 and CMLL 52MX 04/04/08 and KrisZ’s news update.

CMLL LATV #141 (04/18)

CMLL LATV #141 (taped 04/10, 04/12)

Dark Angel ©, Lady Apache, Sahori vs Amapola ©, Princesa Blanca, Hiroka – Perhaps this was just the best editing job ever, but it doesn’t really matter how they got there. This was a pretty great six minute sprint as you’re going to get, and everyone shined at one moment or another. Sahori may have gotten all of two spots, but she did those perfect. I thought Dark Angel was the best, but the finish really made me want to see them take another run at the Amapola/Dark Angel title match

– Mistico vs Negro Casas for the CMLL Welterweight Championship: part 1, part 2 – I think this has to be considered the lesser match, what for Mistico being broken for a stretch.