Cibernetico COVID, Arena Puebla update, weekend TV notes, 03/20 RIOT streaming live show

COVID notes

Mexico City will remain in Orange health status for the upcoming week. The hospitalization occupancy rate in Mexico City dropped a slight amount, from 53% to 50.68%. A recent article discussing the possibility of opening outdoor sports stadiums – largely soccer – has a doctor saying May would be best timeframe to start doing so at reduced capacity, while the rest of the article foreshadows it happening much sooner. Currently, states are allowed to open outdoor stadiums to fans at health code Yellow.

Late Wednesday night on Facebook, Cibernetico said he has COVID-19 (in a suitably roundabout way fitting Cibernetico.) Thursday, his staff updated the Facebook to say Cibernetico would not be doing his weekly video show because he has moderate to strong symptoms and is under medical care.

As Box Y Lucha reminds, Cibernetico had issues late last year with his gallbladder and would be more at risk for an infection. He also worked the Arena Mamas Luchas show this past Sunday. There’s no way of knowing if he had COVID then or got COVID there, but that’s a risk of running these shows right now.

Of CMLL’s four owned arenas, two are now active. Arena Mexico is taping shows every week, with a PPV coming up later this month. There’s no sense in taping in two different empty Mexico City venues, so Arena Coliseo will stay closed at least until fans are allowed back in buildings. Arena Coliseo Guadalajara seems like they’re going to one day a week shows for Facebook and local TV. That leaves Arena Puebla, who have not had a show since March 9th; it’s close to one year since the last Monday night show. Wednesday, a three-way meeting to talk about possibly re-opening included the head of the local Box and Lucha Libre commission (Carolina Morales García), the head of shopping centers in Puebla (Andrés De La Luz) and Benjamín Mar, who runs Arena Puebla for CMLL. There’s no date and it doesn’t read like opening the building is even a consideration at this point – they’re not going allow fans sitting inside buildings soon. There was a lot of talk about coming up with new and different ideas. Nothing was said, but I wonder if the strange inclusion of a person managing malls in this conversation is leading to holding matches at outdoor shopping centers as a new idea. That’s just a guess. The article notes five luchadors from Puebla have passed away from COVID during the pandemic.

Lucha Libre on TV/Streaming This Weekend

03/05 CMLL AMX (Streaming Worldwide 7 pm/Google Drive)

  • Angelito vs Mercurio (possible repeat)
  • El Audaz & Drone vs Okumura & Vangellys (likely repeat)
  • Volador Jr., Templario, Mistico vs Mephisto, Titan, Ephesto in a relevos increibles match

I’m not sure if the main event is build to the long ago taped Templario/Titan match or something else.

03/06 CMLL MVS (streaming only in Mexico/Google Drive)

  • Oro Jr. vs Espanto Jr. (likely repeat)
  • Blue Panther Jr., Black Panther vs Ephesto, Lucifierno
  • Angel de Oro, Terrible, Niebla Roja vs Volador Jr., Diamante Azul, Ultimo Guerrero (likely repeat)

CMLL ran Panthers versus Ephesto & Mephisto and all three Panthers versus the HIjo del Infierno but not Panthers versus Ephesto & Lucifierno and, an important distinction.

03/06 CMLL Televisa

  • Sonic vs Yago (possible repeat)
  • Guerrero Maya, Stigma vs Sagrado, Misterioso Jr.
  • Diamante Azul, Black Panther, Blue Panther vs Sanson, Forastero, Templario
  • Mistico & Audaz vs Negro Casas, Felino

03/07 CMLL YouTube

  • Star Jr. & Stuka Jr. vs Ephesto & Luciferno
  • La Jarochita vs Dalys (probable repeat)
  • Okumura vs Black Panther
  • Soberano, Titan, Volador vs Cuatrero, Forastero, Sanson

03/06 AAA on Space (Tlaxco Week 1)

  • Latigo, Arez vs Mini Drago, Laredo Boy
  • Nino Hamburguesa, Mr. Iguana, Aerostar vs Poder del Norte
  • Psycho Clown, Murder Clown, Monster Clown vs Rey Escorpion, Chessman, Abismo Negro Jr.

03/07 AAA on YouTube (Tlaxcala Week 1 of 3)

  • La Hiedra & Lady Maravilla vs Faby Apache & Lady Shani
  • Abismo Negro & Texano vs Laredo Kid & Octagon Jr.
  • Chessman & Rey Escorpion vs Hijo del Vikingo & Psycho Clown

The plan at the moment is the Space show goes on the Google Drive and YouTube show goes on YouTube (as long as the only-Mexico block remains.) The plan will probably change.

GALLI is streaming a Friday night show (instead of the usual Sunday) with Aramis & Mr. Iguana as guest wrestlers. The show starts at 8 pm CT and streams on their website.

Mas Lucha is airing the most recent Vanguardia show on Sunday. Lineups/poster without spoiler is here, results are here.

Other Notes

Diamante Azul recently had La Mascara on his YouTube show, which caught attention because La Mascara said he’d like to go back to CMLL. SuperLuchas pulled some quotes out of the 45-minute conversation. La Mascara has struggled since leaving CMLL, with AAA seemingly giving up on his feud with Maximo and Mascara entirely after a year and a half stint. Mascara hasn’t done much better on the indies, mostly because Mascara has seemed entirely unmotivated and effortless. He’s likely a cautionary tale told to current CMLL wrestlers, warning the same fate could arise them should they leave the Arena Mexico nest. La Mascara likely would’ve been employed with CMLL forever if not for the infamous 2017 incident where he, Maximo, and other members of the Brazo family (including Psycho Clown) destroyed Ultimo Guerrero’s car. (Talking to Azul, Mascara denies the widely believed story that incident was about control of the wrestler’s union, attributing it to a longer running grudge instead.) Mascara claims he paid for all the damages, but believes Chavo Lutteroth III still doesn’t like him much. He also accuses CMLL of showing favoritism to Ultimo Guerrero, which is likely true and also exactly why he’s unlikely to ever return to CMLL while Guerrero is there. La Mascara can be critical of Guerrero or try to come back to CMLL, but he can’t do both.

CMLL has an unusually good preview for the 03/26 Volador/Bandido show. Bandido told the media “it’d be a dream for Mexisquad to be on a CMLL show.” I’m unsure his fellow Mexisquad members share that dream; Horus was last seen in AAA and Flamita hasn’t seemed interested in returning to CMLL in past talk. Bandido is an optimistic fellow, maybe he can make it work.

RIOT will run COVIDIOTAS on 03/20 in or around Monterrey. It’ll be a no-fans show streaming for free live, relying on donations. It’s a big challenge; RIOT’s never streamed a show, never done a no-fans show, never asked the fans to help out via donations. There are plans to do things to immediately reward people who give money and their fans have responded very positively on Facebook, but it’s still going to be tough. RIOT was as hot as it had before the pandemic, and there is a lot of pent-up demand for more locally, I’m less sure how it’s going to do beyond that fanbase. The promotion says it’ll be a usual RIOT level card and it’ll be at a mystery location instead of their usual Arena Femenil Monterrey home.

Indy Army Wrestling El Club de La Lucha 2 (no date announced, coming to Mas Lucha eventually)

Dragon Lee retained the ROH TV championship over Brian Johnson in a YouTube special match.

LA Park & Hijo de LA Park retained the MLW Tag Team Championships on Wednesday’s MLW show. LA Park will challenge Alex Hammerstone for the MLW National Openweight Championship on next week’s show. That seems like a match where MLW would want neither man to lose. Los Parks have been winning their tag matches with LA Park Jr. getting involved, so maybe that’ll backfire and he’ll take the loss. Laredo Kid continued his role as an enhancement talent by losing to Calvin Tankman.

GCW announced Laredo Kid for their Acid Cup on 04/08 & 04/09, joining Dragon Bane as luchadors announced. If Arez and Laredo Kid are going to be around Templa, they ought to be on a bunch of cards.

Infobae has a long article looking back at the 59th anniversary of TV debut of Argentina’s Titanes en el Ring.

This is barely even connected to wrestling but I have to include it: two funereal wreaths were found in the courtyard of the Tijuana Boxing, Lucha Libre and MMA commission, labeled “Alberto” and “Cardona” on Tuesday. Alberto Martinez is the Vice President of the commission, Juan Manuel Cardona is the boxing commission. They are alive and not in need of items marking their death currently. At least currently. The commission said they have no idea who sent them and they called the police. The head of the Tijuana commission suddenly resigned due to personal issues about two weeks ago. Boxing is the only one of those three sports that has been truly active in Tijuana over the past 12 months.


Lucha Memes (SUN) 03/14/2021 Coliseo Coacalco, Coacalco, Estado de México
1) Black Yaya, Milenario, Tanatos vs Águila Guerrera Jr., Cachorro De Guerrera, Destino
2) Black Out, Genio Rojo, Intenso, Kaito vs Bagheera, Blue Monster Jr., Ciclón Infernal, Taurino
3) Dr. Cerebro vs Perro de Guerra
4) Impulso & Justiciero vs Trauma I & Trauma II
5) Calibus vs Iron Kid
6) Juana La Loca vs Ricky Marvin
7) Aramis vs Jimmy

Some of the matches look good but I don’t know. I’m planning on getting to the previous Lucha Memes shows this weekend – you should have all the links if you donated, though I would suggest not assuming those links will work forever. It’s hard to get excited about another card after that last lineup fell apart/changed a lot (a never-ending issue with Memes) and what I’ve seen of the production has looked aggravating. There’s also the greater issue with Memes, where it’s just matches for the sake of matches, people being mixed and matched with absolutely no stakes to it. This show will eventually go up on IWTV.

Dragon Lee double ROH champ, Coacalco Forever, TV notes

CMLL Informa has Angel de Oro, Sanson, Drone, Akuma, and Espanto Jr. announced. The next PPV is still months away, so these are guests primarily talking about TV matches this week.

The price for that next PPV is now 196 MXP. CMLL and Ticketmaster are continuing to do the bit of raising the price as time goes by, though they’re not advertising it or explaining it at all.

Dragon Lee & Kenny King won the ROH Tag Team Championship on this past week’s ROH TV show. Rush retained the ROH Heavyweight Championship. Dragon Lee is currently TV champion, so that group has three of the five active championships in the promotion. There is a four-way #1 contenders match for Rush’s Heavyweight Championship next week; Jay Lethal is most likely to be that next opponent.

ROH has a bonus Dragon Lee versus Brian Johnson TV title match airing on YouTube today at 6 pm CT; Johnson earned the title shot via fan poll on ROH’s private Facebook group, where the match will also air. Next Tuesday (noon CT), ROH’s Week By Week show will include a Bandido vs LSG vs Tracy Williams match. Both of these are exclusively online, will not air on TV, something they seem to be doing more of as tapings go by.

MLW today (6 pm CT) has LA Park & Hijo de LA Park defending the MLW tag titles against Simon Gotch & Daivari. Laredo Kid faces Calvin Tankman on the show, which also has a MLW World title match. I still assume Laredo’s taking another L, though I’m not sure it even serves MLW purposes to book Laredo Kid this badly if he’s going to eventually beat Lio Rush to get the AAA title back and so he needs to get some credible win eventually. Maybe Laredo Kid won’t be the guy who wins the AAA title back, or maybe MLW will just pay as little attention to that change as AAA’s paid to Rush’s win so far.

AEW Dynamite tonight has Fenix teaming with Pac tonight against unnamed opponents. It makes some sense – AEW says more teams will be added to their PPV Tag Team Battle Royal tonight, and this establishes them as a team before being added. Fenix & Pac in a tag team battle royal is less than exciting given the level of those guys, but it may be a roundabout excuse to run a Young Bucks vs Fenix/Pac match people will really like in a few weeks since the winner gets a title shot.

The Tlaxcala government, in talking about their plans to revive tourism in the area, mentioned AAA’s broadcast “with a reach of 400 million people around the world” 400 million is just slightly suspect. Of course, the bigger issue is AAA’s Facebook and YouTube are not available around the world. Someone down the line clearly doesn’t know that, and I just wonder how far down the line it is.

This is probably not a thing but I’m going to feel dumb later if it turns out to be a thing and I didn’t note it: AAA’s YouTube TV version of TripleMania included five of the matches. They left off the Psycho Circus/Demon/Park trios, which is no big deal. They also left off the Marvel Lucha Libre match, which surprised me. That relationship still seems fine, so maybe it’ll show up in some other form or location.

If you donated to the Lucha Memes show, check your email for some WeTransfer links to download the first two matches from the show, with a promise the rest would come later this week. The email mentions music issues; it seems the plan was for the show to be a private link on YouTube instead.

You don’t have to wait until later in the week to watch the entire show, though – it’s already up on IWTV. I think it’s a bad look to make the show available on IWTV before the people who paid for the show get it. Even if it was the same day, it’d feel off. The fundraiser didn’t specifically mention any timed exclusivity, but it seems like a courtesy to give those people who specifically donated a week or two to watch the show before the general public. Going up early may be an IWTV call for all I know, since they do appear to have edited it. It’s annoying but not the end of the world.

RIOT is teasing an upcoming show, COVIDIOTAS. It’s planned to be a no-fans event relying on donations. It’s going to be an uphill battle because Mexican promotions have not done well fulfilling the expectations of the public on these events, as seen above.

Box Y Lucha #3462 has a lot of recent news stuff – NJPW/CMLL, Mistico doing a press day (he promises he’ll ask CMLL if he can leave before ever leaves), a Taya retrospective. There’s also an interview with La Infernal, who says she was out of lucha libre until Lucha Libre Real asked her if she wanted to work the Lyger retirement show in Arena Coliseo. That was enough for CMLL to call her up for the Universal tournament. Infernal was happy to still be remembered, but I can not imagine how dispiriting that must’ve been if you were one of (few?) women training at CMLL’s gym and got leapfrogged.

Mas Lucha has a new edition of their podcast.

GCW announced Hijo de Canis Lupus for a 04/08 show,. Dragon Bane was announced for a different GCW, so Los Golpeadors are going to be on all sorts of GCW events. I’ll check in back on this once they get to announcing matches.

Indy Army Wrestling is advertising a secret show. No dates, no location.

Nacion Lucha Libre continues to tease a return.

boring story time: About 10 days ago, +LuchaTV posted a show from Guadalajara’s Nueva Generacion Independiente. There’s little information about the show on the video – just the main event apuesta match – and what I believe is the promotion’s Facebook page hasn’t been updated in two months. I took a quick glance at it, noticed that it was packed building with no one wearing masks, and figured it must be an old show being put up. I was then surprised to read on Mas Lucha’s website that this was the first apuesta match of 2021. (Looking again, you can spot one or two people who masks at the show.) There’s no difference between this show and the CAR The Crash show except one got raided and the other didn’t.

COVID openings and closings, AAA Tlaxcala week 3 notes

various COVID related openings and closings

Arena Coliseo Guadalajara posted full results for last Tuesday’s show, though only the main event video ever turned up online. They’re trying again this week, though it’s again only interesting if you’re really into Guadalajara trainees. (Big news: Frenetico is now Infierno, though not the same Infierno who was wrestling there as recently as 2017. I got one guess who’s coming up with names.) There are strong rumors Arena Coliseo Guadalajara will have limited fan shows later this month. I’ve seen people mention it happening, but so far neither the promotion nor local press has confirmed it. One of the local soccer teams is hoping to open to fans in April, so an indoor lucha libre event getting permission in March may be jumping the gun. It’s up to the Jalisco health board to approve any re-opening policy.

CAR The Crash will not be open for a while. Anlca & Hantar, as people in charge of the building, held a fifty-minute press conference discussing their side of last Saturday’s shut down. They were told the building would be close for events for 30 days, which means they’d be closed until at least March 21st. (That’s a Monday, so the first show is likely the following weekend.) They’re hoping to get it reduced. Their claim is this punishment is not for breaking COVID-19 protocols or for selling beer without a permit, but because the building wasn’t zoned/permitted for that sort of mass gathering. (This is explained as if it’s a lesser issue, though it would seem to mean that no events can happen in that building without a permit/zone changing.) Ancla acknowledged they had “a little over 30% capacity” but felt it was unfair they were punished when others ran shows and got away with it. Ancla seemed particularly angry at Mas Lucha for their reporting and what they had said about the situation on last week’s podcast.)

Arena Lopez Mateos will try a third time to hold their first show of the year, this time on March 13th.

Lucha libre training has resumed in Chetumal after Quintana Roo reached a yellow light status.

AAA on Space notes

I was able to watch AAA’s third week of shows from Tlaxcala, the first I’ve seen of this year’s shows. (Week 1 is around on YouTube if you look for it, I haven’t seen week 2 available, and all of these should start appearing on AAA’s YouTube this upcoming Sunday.) I know Konnan’s talked repeatedly about wanting to do wrestlers at ringside similar to AEW’s presentation, it hasn’t happened quite yet, but I hope he keeps pushing for it. AAA does not add crowd sound and the matches feel empty. It does feel like AAA’s been able to ease back on the restrictions slightly – the announcers are no long separated, and there’s no obvious barrier between them. If that’s deemed safe, I’d think someone could set some barriers a far enough distance from the ring for people to stand behind and yell. But I’m not a doctor. Hopefully, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel and we’re a few months away from “how do you handle a no fans show” becoming an irrelevant discussion.

AAA overall just seems to be doing their best to pick up from where they left off, now a year in the past. Pentagon restated his challenge to Averno, which was an actual feud early last year. Averno hasn’t been onscreen since the shut-down. Penta also issued an open challenge for the tag team titles, the concept for last March’s scheduled defense against the Rascalz. Those two are in AEW WWE now, but it’ll likely be that sort of foreign team. Los Mercenarios are going after the trios titles, which was also the Rey de Reyes scheduled match. (That challenger combo was Texano/Tauros/Hiedra, Hiedra’s now otherwise occupied, so maybe Escorpion slides in.) The Flammer/Hiedra/Maravilla group is one of a few things that started during the pandemic, but everything still remains on hold until AAA announces what they’re doing with Taya’s title. It does vaguely feel like AAA has a big show coming up, though there’s no indication it’ll happen in March.

None of the matches were must-see. The effort level, like during AutoLuchas, is still strong but things didn’t come together well. Vikingo/Taurus is not bad, but also not near their other work – both were playing against type and trying ideas that didn’t work out well. They’re going to keep fighting so maybe it’ll help them next time. (I’m not sure how I’m going to do a recap for this show when I feel like I’ve already said everything; I might just bundle them together like the AutoLuchas thing.)

The Arez & Latigo vs Aramis & Dinastia match was advertised but didn’t air. The announcers said they were starting the Tlaxco show next week. AAA’s believed to have taped eight matches in Tlaxco, they’re airing three matches a week, the math leaves them one match short, so maybe it’ll air later. Maybe.

My hope is to record the AAA on Space shows going forward rather than be weeks behind. I’m not going to break AAA shows on YouTube before AAA has them on YouTube, but I’m betting just uploading them on the Google Drive is enough to antagonize people. Check the AAA folder on the weekends to see if I’ve pulled it off. It’s tricky and I’ll run into some issues as time goes on. so I’m not guaranteeing it’ll be there every week. I’m not going to advertise this on Twitter, consider it a “blog exclusive”.

AAA show on Azteca was scheduled to follow the telecast of the latest Canelo Alvarez boxing match; the idea about AAA being on late night Saturday/Sunday is it would be a good pairing with boxing action, and it doesn’t get bigger than Alvarez in Mexico right. It technically happened, except the Canelo fight went short. Instead of going to AAA, Azteca showed some of the undercard and repeated the fight to fill out the length the show had expected to last. AAA did promote they would be next, but ‘next’ turned out to be a couple of hours later.

Other Notes

Dalys & Stephanie Vaquer versus Lluvia & La Jarochita on 03/26 is non-title match; I must’ve misunderstood CMLL saying Jarochita/Lluvia were the champs as being that the titles were on the line.

Pasala’s El Planchitas has started a podcast, and his first interview is with Vampiro. I have not listened to it, but the clip they pull out is Vampiro claims he was fired from his position of AAA Head of Talent Relations over Whatsapp. Vampiro also claims he’s suffering from both Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s, and jokes that his biggest concern is the affect it may have on his video game playing. He feels his lifestyle changes have slowed that progress.

Blue Demon was interviewed for an hour on “El minuto que cambió mi destino” about his career and his campaign. The highlight clip has Blue Demon mentioning he’s currently vetoed by CMLL and don’t know why. Working for AAA seems like a likely reason he’s vetoed right now, though he’d been used for years before hand.

Bandido made a surprise appearance in Arena Azteca Torreon, part of an attempt to safely restart wrestling in the city.

Guatemalan luchador Rayo Laser (Otto Wilfredo Salguero Lopez) passed away Saturday. (Real name here.) He was a local star in the 90s.

Remo Banda was honored for forty years of wrestling by the Monclova mayor.

The most Lucha Libre Vanguardia show will air this upcoming Sunday on Mas Lucha.

GCW announced Dragon Bane for their 04/08-09 Acid Cup, a WrestleMania weekend show. It’s likely Hijo de Canis Lupus is in to since they’re usually booked together. Both being in Tampa would normally mean them appearing a host of shows that weekend, but this year’s WrestleMania weekend isn’t going to be normal. They could pop up on other of the many GCW shows.

Joining the 21st century, the Ensanda Box, Lucha and MMA commission says they’ll soon have an online portal to enter information and physical licenses with QR codes that will link back to their licensing and health records. Aaron Cota is the president, the son of a local boxing/MMA trainer. There’s no talk about how/if this would apply to wrestling. I don’t know of any lucha libre commission that has a significant online presence; they tend to be led by men who are not tech-savvy (and don’t have the resources or inclination to be more tech-forward.)

Carlos Labastida  Cristian Granados is now the head of the Tijuana boxing, lucha libre, and MMA commission, replacing Carlos Labastida (suddenly resigned for personal reasons last week.) The term seems to last until October 2021. They’re intending to have specific lead commissioners for each sport, but there isn’t one for lucha libre at the moment. The article believes Diego Frias will eventually get that spot. He was in charge back in 2017, and appeared to be hands-on, suspended the entire Rebelion Amarilla essentially for being rudos. That didn’t appear to take, so maybe he was part of angle.

R de Rudo has notes from Flyer’s media day interview: Flyer was working at an Oxxo at 17, earned enough money for a bus ticket to Mexico City, and left with no return ticket. He was wearing flip-flops and he didn’t tell his parents he was going. Luckily, his uncle Volador was there to pick him up and help him find work.

Titan talks about his various mask designs, crediting Colombia’s Sangre Nueva for inspiring his recent run of masks with the oversized jaw.

Fresero Jr. says he’s not a talented wrestler, but a persistent one who hasn’t given up.

Marca has the story of a Swiss woman who didn’t know any wrestling beyond WWE, met Bandido in Europe, and then decided to come to Mexico to train wrestling. Bandido has strange effects on people. She originally planned to come to Mexico for three months but feel in love with the idea of wrestling and is currently training under Skayde.

A profile of Toluca luchadors/photographers Fuego & Dragon de Fuego.

Segunda Caida writes about a late 1995 match.