Mexican Trios Tournament Block B announced, Kalisto released, TV notes

CMLL announced the second block of the National Trios tournament on CMLL Informa

  • Titan, Flyer, Esfinge
  • Negro Casas, Felino, Felino Jr.
  • Rey Cometa, Espiritu Negro, Audaz
  • Virus, Raziel, Cacnerbero

Guerrero Maya Jr., Stuka Jr. and Star Jr. are already in the final, a rudo team likely will fact them, and the Casas family team seems the more likely of the two.

CMLL also announced Amapola & Marcela versus La Jarochita & Dalys for the 04/25 CMLL PPV. This is a weird thing to have to type but I do believe CMLL is trying to put on shows they believe their fans want to see. My theory is they’ve just fallen into a hole where the only fans they trust are the people who comment on Facebook and on their YouTube chat, asking for new matches. That’s how they end up with something like that women’s tag match, technically a never-before-seen match. It’s not a match anyone is screaming out to see, it just checks the box as something new. This 04/25 show is going to be a OK show, we saw most of the people work hard on the last show, it’s just not an exciting show and no more interesting than the many hours of TV CMLL is already putting out for free. Perhaps CMLL is correct – the only people they could get to buy PPVs are already deep in the CMLL bubble so appeal to them – but it’s a negative growth strategy.

Mexico City says they’re close to reaching the less restrictive yellow health status but will remain in orange for the upcoming week. CMLL had been publically hoping for fans at this 04/25 show but those plans are scrubbed for another PPV cycle. The health department expects any effect from Easter gatherings to start turning up in next week’s numbers; we may know then if there will be another wave of cases.

CMLL is sponsoring a virtual 3/6/9 KM event. CMLL’s sponsored marathons and other shorter running events annually; a virtual one means you’re doing it by yourself with an app and sending in the time, since everyone can’t get together. As part of the tie-up, people who participate can buy a “lucha libre streaming event” for 50 pesos. There’s are no more details on when/what that event is; it seems like a safe bet it’s the usual Ticketmaster event and not something separate.

Kalisto released

WWE’s Kalisto, who previously was wrestled as Samuray del Sol, was among a handful of people released by the promotion on Thursday. While he was pushed surprisingly well by WWE early on their main roster, his last two years have been a struggle: an injury in 2019 that kept him out almost a year, returning to do a split with the rest of Lucha House Party that never reached the blowoff match, being sent to SmackDown and then never wrestling outside of a battle royal. If we want to be direct about it, the moment they put together him in Lucha House Party was probably the death-knell for his WWE run. It might have been their own idea and it did get them some success on 205 Live, but it typecast them as opening match wrestlers on WWE’s main roster who’d get a push once a year and he and the rest of them have never escaped that slotting. I suspect, given he was a main roster guy before being put in that group, Kalisto was making a bit more money than Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik, and that’s a factor in why he’s gone while they’re still around. At least for now.

This release is expected to include a 90 day period where he’s unable able to take work in many promotions; his website currently features a countdown timer. Kalisto’s post-WWE run in Mexico is likely to resemble Cinta de Oro’s: an AAA cameo here or there, other well-paid bookings, but not many appearances. I think I’m less optimistic about his post-WWE run than most. There’s general hope he’ll return to something close to his 2021 Samuray del Sol form, but I think that guy is long gone. Maintaining a cutting edge high-flying style over that many years has a physical toll and the bigger issue may be mental. He’s spent near a decade being taught what he was doing in 20212 wasn’t the right way to go about doing things, he needed to work the WWE way, and seemingly that he wasn’t good enough doing it the WWE way or they would’ve done more with him. It’s hard to imagine anyone snapping back out of that to what they were; it’d be a lot easier for Cinta de Oro & Samuray del Sol to rebrand themselves as The Lucha Dragons and do easy matches in front of WWE fans. It should be treated as a bonus if we get a great worker back, not a guarantee.

I do expect AAA to be interested in using Samuray del Sol, Samoa Joe, and others who were released; AAA’s love of bringing in foreign wrestlers for one-off appearances will never change. It’ll be more of a limitation of who they can afford to bring in, with no or limited capacity restricting the budget. It’s likely there will be NXT releases on Friday. I’d like to think Legado Fantasma unit are all safe but it’s hard to know with WWE.

TV Notes

04/16 CMLL AMX

  • Sangre Imperial vs Grako
  • Soberano Jr. & Virus vs Mephisto & Valiente in a relevos increibles
  • Angel de Oro vs Negro Casas (maybe a repeat)

04/17 CMLL MVS

  • Robin vs Disturbio (maybe a repeat)
  • Ampola vs Tiffany
  • Star Jr. & Audaz vs Okumura & Dark Magic (likely a repeat but from the HT show no one gets)

04/17 CMLL Televisa

  • Block B of the Mexican Trios Tournament
  • probably some other matches?

04/17 AAA Space

  • Latigo, Arez, Parkaita Negra vs Octagon Jr., Nino Hamburguesa, Aramis
  • Aerostar, Myzteziz vs Argenis, Parka Negra
  • Poder del Norte vs Drago, Faby Apache, Pagano

AAA will move on to their Tonatico taping; they probably had another week left from Valle de Bravo, so that’s surprising. They should have three weeks of TV left; they need to tape by May 1st to have something to air May 8th. Or they could air the missing matches from Valle de Bravo or elsewhere, but continues to point at May 1st being the planned Rey de Reyes date. AAA figures to announce that any day now.

Mas Lucha’s weekend offerings include a Bandido/Emperador Azteca singles match in KAOZ. The much-talked-about Bandido Gym opening show takes place this weekend, to air next week. Lucha Memes, with WM weekend standout Daniel Garcia versus Aramis; takes place this Sunday and turns up on IWTV at some indeterminate point.

Other Notes

Mas Lucha aired the first round of the Vanguadia Extraordinario tournament over the last two days. The semifinals will be El Mago vs Ciclope and Simbolo Azteca vs Jimmy, airing tonight. I think they’re doing a Mago/Jimmy final. Ciclope made it clear his issue with Lobo Blanco will continue on the upcoming show, so he’s probably not in the title final.

Arena Coliseo Guadalajara officially announced Satanico versus Blue Panther for the Maestros championship, in a one fall match.

DTU announced its first show of the year will take place on May 28th, in Ciudad Madero.

This week’s Box Y Lucha had a few interesting notes. The La Lucha Que Se Hace Libre column says Averno has indeed left AAA and the 05/01 match with Caristico is his first as an independent. That’s still surprising to me; he would’ve been my best guess at who would’ve taken over creative if Konnan ever moved on to something else (and I guess it’s AAA, he could still end up being that), but that’s probably more my lack of information about AAA than any solid guess. The same column also mentions Tony Salazar is now teaching classes at Arena Revolucion, since he’s not permitted to do so at Arena Mexico due to COVID protocols. The Revolucionarios en Accion column mentions Salvador Lutteroth III, the effective leader of CMLL, was interviewed on Foro TV’s Es La Hora de Opinar on April 5th. The show has YouTube uploads and a podcast, but I can’t find anything for that day.

Batman del Futuro (Juan Valadez, 30) passed away on Thursday, according to Box y Lucha. He lost his mask in a 2012 IWRG rookies cage match and wrestled as Johnny Rivera for a couple of years after that.

Arena Lopez Mateos will have their 54th Anniversary show on 05/15.

Tinieblas Jr. will be on a midday celebrity dancing show. Other articles confined it’s his father who is running for office (and that no actual journalism outlet is going to hesitate using his real name.)

CDMX lucha libre commission speaks angrily about secret shows, TV merger, Atlantis says no to more mask matches

Mexico City lucha libre commission yells about unsafe clandestine lucha libre shows; unsafe clandestine lucha libre shows expected to continue unaffected

Tuesday, Fantasma and other members of the Mexico City lucha libre commission held a meeting to denounce wrestlers and promoters running shows with fans in Mexico City. Those are currently not allowed for any capacity in Ciudad de Mexico itself. The commission showed a viral video from a show at Coliseo Morelos in Venustiano Carranza, where the outdoor stands appeared to be packed or close to it, then talked about the dangerous spread of COVID in these situations and threatened punishments for those involved. Other venues, including Gym Mictklan, were also mentioned. The conversation devolved when the press got to ask questions. It kept coming back to inquires about what the commission was actually going to do, and the commission explaining they weren’t actually going to do anything because they didn’t have the power to close buildings or stop events. It didn’t appear they were going to suspend wrestlers or promoters either, though suspending people from shows when they’re already operating outside the law would’ve been a futile gesture. Fantasma claimed Mexico City is “one or two weeks way” from shows with 30% capacity and didn’t want that to be ruined by the increased spread of COVID at these unauthorized shows.

It’s not new information shows with fans are happening in Mexico City. Coliseo Morelos has had fans since February. Gimnasio Micktlan was briefly shut down but has since had so much business that there’s been at least one issue with the building being double booked. Fantasma complained about these shows in the past and they’re very easy to find out about; the YouTube channels posted a video of this press conference right next to the clandestine shows. The new information here appears to be a clip of a grandmother getting in the Coliseo Morelos ring and messing with the wrestlers that went viral over the weekend; my guess is someone above Fantasma in the Mexico City organization chart (or maybe just whoever they’re talking to about opening at 30%) saw that clip, complained to Fantasma about it, and that led to the press conference. This will lead next to nothing because the commission just yelling at people to knock it off isn’t going to work if the wrestlers and promoters have no reason to be scared of them. (A couple of non-commission people spoke at the end, more pleading with people to stop doing these shows for their own safety. I don’t know if that approach will connect any better, but it seems worth a try.)

Dr. Landru of the Gladiatores explained the real situation on Twitter: it’s up to the mayor of the Venustiano Carranza borough or the Mexico City government to shut down Coliseo Morelos; they have the power, the commission does not, it’s of no use to get angry with the commission about it. And it seems like Venustiano Carranza isn’t just turning a blind eye (which may be happening with Gym Mictklan), but actively permitted those Coliseo Morelos shows to happen. So they’ll keep going, and hopefully, no one gets sick. The power of the local government is why last weekend’s AAA AutoLuchas shows got canceled; the neighborhood complained about the honking cars and got the Coyocan government to put those shows on ice. On the other hand, if the lucha libre commission can’t/won’t do anything to regulate wrestling – they know who are promoting these shows, they could at least make the symbolic gesture of suspending them – it’s unclear why it should exist. The takeaway from the press conference is the commission is inert as a regulatory body and maybe only has a purpose as an advocacy group.

Side note: Tinieblas Sr., the last luchador running for office, happens to be running for mayor of Venustiano Carranza. Permitting these shows seems like an issue he should have a take on. It does appear Tinieblas’ name will be on the ballot, though this article has his son listed; I thought it was the father. Either way, that seems to confirm Blue Demon Jr. and Caristico would’ve had their names out there and it’s probably the reason they were removed from the ballot.

Univision and Televisa merge

Univision and Televisa were either the first or second biggest media companies in the US and Mexico previously. As of Tuesday, they’re combining to become the biggest in both countries. The deal will close later this year, assuming regulatory bodies in both countries approve of the deal.

It’s not a short-term lucha libre story; the only lucha libre programming on either network is CMLL’s show on Televisa and nothing’s about that is expected to change. The different ways each company has treated lucha libre may play a role in the future. Univision has had the right to air many Televisa programs, did so for decades on Galavision, and has lost interest in doing for over a decade. Televisa aired WWE in Mexico, it did well early, and then gave up on it when the fade came up – they’ve essentially treated all wrestling as interchangeable since that point, and paying a little for CMLL has made more sense to them than a lot for WWE. It appears the Univision people are going to be the ones empowered by this merger. Perhaps their disinterest in lucha libre might factor in CMLL getting dropped from Televisa somewhere down the line. Or perhaps, now being a US-based company, they’ll see WWE as being a much bigger deal and worth the added cost. I didn’t see a path to an NXT Mexico show getting a viable over-the-air TV deal in Mexico when that came up last week;. There may be one with a US TV company in the picture. This merger again means very little to lucha libre at the moment but maybe something to file away for later.

Other News

AEW Dynamite will air Rey Fenix & PAC challenging the Young Bucks for the AEW Tag Team championships tonight. The Young Bucks turned heel to end last week’s show, so them losing their first match would seem counter-productive. Then again, I’m not as invested in AEW booking making sense as much as I am in people I like getting big wins. The bigger concern is what seemed like simply incredible action match may now be subverted to demonstrate the differences in the newly heel Bucks.

MLW today has LA Park & Hijo de LA Park defending the MLW Tag Team Championship against the Dirty Blondes, as well as Mil Muertes challenging Hammerstong for the National Openweight Championship.

Terrible, Marcela, Amapola, Flyer, Felino Jr., Audaz, and Cancerbero appear on CMLL Informa. I’d expect the last four to all be part of teams in the trios tournament. Marcela and Amapola either have a match on TV, or they’ll be added as part of the PPV’s missing match. Terrible will be on to tag about the tag title match. I am betting Bandido doesn’t get mentioned.

Hechicero asked the fans which trio he should join. The funny outcome will be when he’s not in any of the trios in the tournament. Hechicero hasn’t wrestled since September, though he’s doing some hosting duties on the CMLL Televisa show. Bandido announced Hechicero will be a trainer at his new gym; that seems like a good pick.

In his CMLL media interviews, Atlantis said he will no longer have a mask versus mask match. Everyone says they’re no longer doing a mask versus mask until they do one, but I think this one has a better chance than average of sticking. If CMLL was motivated by making money as much as a normal wrestling company, they’d of course be trying to push Atlantis to have a mask match (no matter what the quality is) as soon as they can do a full house. That’s the surest way to make back some of the money they’ve lost in the last year. Money doesn’t seem high on CMLL’s priorities so it could be just it. The most intriguing part of the CMLL PPV next weekend is figuring out exactly how much Atlantis has left.

Arena Coliseo Guadalajara called off the scheduled Difunto vs Principe Daniel Occidente Middleweight championship match on Tuesday; Difunto is apparently hospitalized for unspecified reasons. CMLL did send up a title match for next week: Blue Panther will challenge Satanico for the Maestros Championship Satanico won back in 2019. (I believe this is the belt Solar & Negro Navarro were trading back and forth for years.) It’s a rare match where Blue Panther has the young advantage. Elsewhere on the card, Silueta apparently turned ruda on Mystique and Estrella Oriental Jr. & Zandokan Jr. made the jump for the indies to the CMLL controlled group in the undercard. All locals cards aren’t too interesting to me but it’s giving a lot of chances for people who’ve been left out previously.

There are still no shows in Arena Puebla or really any recent word on when that might change. The local specialty cemitas stands outside Arena Puebla are still open even without the foot traffic – or one stand was open until it got smashed by a truck earlier this week. The owner of the stand suffered a minor leg injury in the incident, which seems done a lot more damage to the stand. In happier sandwich-related news in Puebla, Nino Hamburguesa did a Q&A in the city recently and revealed he has a new girlfriend.

Mas Lucha was planning on streaming the Kriminal benefit show for Hijo del Alebrije last night, but there was an issue with the final video and they explained it in an update. With as much video they have to process on a daily basis, they’re doing a really good job for this not to happen more often. They’ll try to air it tonight. I believe the Vanguardia tournaments were scheduled to air tonight and perhaps have been bumped to a later day.

The Super Juvy Cup seems to be proceeding as expected; Rey Quetzal and Blue Win are the latest replacements and Juventud Guerrera has seemingly added himself to the tournament in a three-way match with Thunder Storm and the promotion-specific character Iluxionista. There will be tournament matches on their 04/18 but it seems unlikely the tournament will end in any logical matter; they’ll probably just pull an ELITE and suddenly declare a final in a show or two.

SoloWrestling has an interview with Ring of Honor’s Joe Koff, talking about the company as they reach their 500th TV episode under Sinclair’s ownership. Mexican wrestling comes up; Koff says they have a good relationship with CMLL but COVID has made it impossible to share talent. They’ve thought about having a Spanish translated language version of the ROH TV, though it doesn’t seem to have made it past the idea stage so far. Generally, they want to appeal to Hispanic fans in the style of wrestling they want, not trying to impose an Anglo-Saxon version of wrestling upon Hispanic fans. Koff expects to have no fans at shows in May and is doubtful about it as far as July but believes ROH’s December Final Battle will have fans. There is no wider difference in how different places are handling COVID than an ROH official saying they don’t believe they’ll have fans at shows in the US (where vaccination is going generally well) in July, while in Mexico City (where vaccination is not going as well) people believe they can have fans at shows in a week or two.

DTU announced they’ll be resume shows in May. They’ve been off all year due to COVID and the deaths of people close to the promotion. DTU also announced Ace Austin will defend the DTU Alto Impacto championship against Aereo de Juarez in a IWC show in Denver on May 16th. That’s a lot of words; the shorter version is Austin hasn’t been in DTU since 2018 and seems likely to lose the title to someone who can travel in Mexico.

Veracruz luchadora Charito Silva (Rosario Silva) passed away on Saturday according to Box y Lucha. She started in the 60s, having the unfortunate timing of being a Mexican female wrestler when Mexico City and other places weren’t allowing women to wrestle and so most of their matches were in far-flung reaches of the country. EMLL was still booking the women out, just not using themselves, so she’d still work Arena Coliseo Guadalajara a couple of times a year amidst the small towns. She seems to have stuck with EMLL even as Promociones Mora/UWA started promoting women’s wrestling much more heavily in the late 70s. Silva shows up on Torero/Neza lineups in 1984, so she may have jumped around that time. She’s among the first wave of women who work in Arena Mexico once the women’s wrestling ban was lifted. I have records of her challenging Irma Gonzalez for the national women’s title in Torreon in 1975 and losing her hair to Estela Molina in Puebla in 1978, those may have been her biggest individual matches.

SuperLuchas has an obituary for El Engendro.

Panama’s GWE TV will start airing on PlutoTV.

LuchaWorld has the latest news update.

+LuchaTV has a new edition of their podcast.


indy (SUN) 04/18/2021 Arena Azteca Budokan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México
1) Status & Yety vs Angelito Azteca & Sombra De Toro
2) King Jaguar & Mini Oriental vs Cyborg & Rey Eclipse
3) Ángel O, Mercurio, Rey Celeste vs Rey Calvavera, Sombra Guerrera, Torak
4) Hija Del Vikingo, Vikingo, Virtual vs Lady Sensación, Octagoncito, Oriental Jr.
5) Black Sky, Dement Extreme, Lunator vs Chac-Mol, El Puma, La Mole
6) Charly Manson, Halloween, X-Fly vs Galeno del Mal, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Oriental

This is billed as a farewell to Halloween, which usually means we’ll see him again in a few months. If he’s telling the truth about his current health status, it probably is one of his last matches.

IWRG (SUN) 04/18/2021 Arena Naucalpan
1) Chicanito & Lunatik Fly vs Guerrero Olímpico & Rey Halcón
2) Hellboy & Legendario vs Especie Maligna & Tonalli
3) Relámpago, Súper Nova, Veneno vs Chilango, Guadalajara, Monterrey
4) Canek Jr., Hijo del Fishman, Máscara Sagrada Jr. vs Baby Extreme, Delta, King Charro
5) Aster Boy, Dragón Bane, Hijo de Canis Lupus vs Demonio Infernal, Emperador Azteca, Toxin
6) Blue Demon Jr. vs Fresero Jr. vs Hijo del Espectro

I was stunned to see Blue Demon working on a non-Premium show (which this appears to be), but I guess the idea is to do something to build up the following week’s premium show. IWRG/Mas Lucha actually have to book towards big shows, an old common practice not seen much nowadays.

LLB (SAT) 05/01/2021 Gimnasio Benito Juárez, Cuautitlán, Estado de México
1) Águila Oriental & Chicanito vs Fantasma De La Ópera I & Fantasma De La Ópera II and Power Bull & Sumed Black
2) El Divino, Guerrero Mixtico, Tony Cirio Jr. vs Black Shadow II, Chico Che, Juan Diego
3) Astro Boy, Sonic, Zareek vs Argos, Dragón de Fuego, Meteoros
4) Diosa Quetzal, Máscarita Sagrada, Mr. Potro vs ?, Ángel o Demonio, Coquito Amarillo
5) Demonio Infernal & Fresero Jr. vs Fantasma de la Ópera & Zumbi and Jessy Ventura & Pasion Cristal
6) Canek & Carístico vs Averno & Cibernético

I try to reject nostalgia in all forms and yet I really want to see this lead to Averno back in CMLL, I’m too weak.

Maya, Star Jr., Stuka Jr. advance in National Trios Tournament, Hiedra/Chicana accusation

CMLL , Televisa (SAT) 04/10/2021 Arena México [CMLL]
1) Estrellita & La Vaquerita b La Metálica & La Seductora
2) Último Guerrero © b Diamante Azul [CMLL HEAVY]
UG took 2/3 to retain. 9th defense.
3) Black Panther & Star Jr. vs LucifernoPólvora [battle royalCMLL 1a. Eliminatoria Campeonato Nacional de Trios Batalla Campal (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
4) Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto b Dragón Rojo Jr., Misterioso Jr., Pólvora [MEX TRIOS, quarterfinalCMLL 1a. Eliminatoria Campeonato Nacional de Trios Final Primera Fase (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
5) Guerrero Maya Jr., Star Jr., Stuka Jr. b Black Panther, Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr. [MEX TRIOS, quarterfinalCMLL 1a. Eliminatoria Campeonato Nacional de Trios Segunda Semifinal (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
6) Guerrero Maya Jr., Star Jr., Stuka Jr. b Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto [MEX TRIOS, semifinalCMLL 1a. Eliminatoria Campeonato Nacional de Trios Primera Semifinal (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)

Starting a Monday post with CMLL results, as if it’s normal again. CMLL’s Televisa show has rarely been noteworthy, but Saturday’s show had a bit of news. Ultimo Guerrero kept the heavyweight title in a match set up the previous week, while Guerrero Maya, Star Jr., and Stuka advance to the championship final on 04/24. No word on the other four teams for the second block.

In an interview with Mas Lucha, Bandido says he and CMLL were having conversations about a contract but they hadn’t agreed to oneBandido says he fulfilled his dream by main eventing Arena Mexico and is content with moving on.

Dragon Bane & Arez lost in the second round of the GCW Acid Cup on Friday afternoon. Laredo Kid didn’t appear; his opponent cut a promo about wrestlers not being ready and replaced him with one who was ready. Everything seemed fine enough for Laredo Kid later in the evening when he, Aramis, and Dragon Bane defeated Taurus, Gringo Loco, and Arez in a spectacular match. If you’re used to these guys, you can spot places where things weren’t going quite as they wanted them to happen, but there was enough stuff that was unlike what anyone else was doing that the small issues were easy to overlook. The trios match stood out on a struggle of a weekend, and I think there will be more of it next year in Dallas (if border restrictions and COVID cases both relinquish.)

Tinieblas announced that he’ll unmask if the voters of Mexico City borough Venustiano Carranza vote him into the mayor’s office, so they will know the face of the man who represents them. He pushed it as “if you want to see my face, you should vote for the RSP party.” He’s not expected to seriously contend. Blue Demon Jr. appeared at an RSP rally in Tlaxcala, so whatever led to him being removed as a RSP candidate for office seems not to have damaged his relationship to the party. It suggests the issue was more about real name/mask than Demon’s wife accusations, but the accusations seem to have quickly been forgotten.

A separate accusation about a different wrestler came up this weekend, though I’m not sure what to make of it. A thirteen-year-old girl vacationing with her parents in Paredon, Coahuila, says she was sexually assaulted by wrestlers in the Sangre Chicana family. The issues arise because of the reporting; Vanguardia has a story the incident the girl went out to play Tuesday, the parents didn’t notice until she was missing Wednesday at 3 AM, and “unofficial sources” say Sangre Chicana Jr. & La Hiedra were involved. Zocalo’s story says it was Thursday and involved Sangre Chicana (Sr.). Facebook page 911 News says it was Wednesday morning, “one of Sangre Chicana sons” was taken into custody, and other siblings were present including one who was said to look like La Hiedra. (The story also has citizens of the town complaining about other out-of-control behavior of the Chicana kids, though “speeding through towns on ATVs” seems minor compared to what’s alledged here.) These stories were published around Friday, all suggest charges would be announced in a few hours, yet there’s been no news about this since. Sangre Chicana himself did an interview on Saturday, saying he had committed no crime and threatened to sue anyone who erroneously wrote about him or his family being accused of sexual assault. He did also mention he (and his family) are living in Paredon. On Facebook, La Hiedra linked to her father’s interview and said the accusations are false and slander.

There’s a lot of issues here and, obviously, sexual assault is the biggest one. A lesser issue in figuring out if the accused are correctly being identified in these reports. Sangre Chicana has many children; someone saying “it was Chicana’s son and his sister” could easily end up with another person searching on Google and ending up with the wrong two people. I’m not confident a reporter being told “it was Sangre Chicana’s son” can accurately identify that person as Sangre Chicana Jr., Hijo de Sangre Chicana, or a non-wrestling son. (I’m not sure a wrestling reporter could accurately identify either; one of them began as “Junior” and then switched to “Hijo” when the other started.) The same thing is true with La Hiedra; there are other Sangre Chicana daughters, she’s just the most famous one at the moment, and even the reports that mention her by name do it as “a person who matches her description.”

I was hoping there really would be an update on this short, but I haven’t found anything this morning. This accusation feels like another Blue Demon Jr. situation, where the accusation makes it into print, more is promised to come, but that’s the end of it. I feel like I’m giving too much the benefit of the doubt to Hiedra and (a) Sangre Chicana son here, but I don’t know what else to write about this with the information so far. The difference between this case and the Blue Demon one is charges were filed (or at least claimed to be filed), and that doesn’t appear to have happened yet in this case. It’s also not the accuser or the parents of the accuser speaking out, but people on their behalf and “sources.” Maybe the pattern breaks and we actually do get more on this story one way or another.

BolaVIP interviews Carolina Rodriguez about being a lucha libre edecan and dating Mistico. She says it’s tough to go out on dates because they risk people figure out the person she’s with is the unmasked Mistico. (Mistico’s not done the most serious job of concealing his identity, I think people could figure it out.)

Lucha Libre Vanguarida’s press conference made it a lot clear what they’re doing for their new Extraordinario championship; it’s just an eight-person one-tournament. With a bracket and everything. First-round matches

  • El Mago vs Gasparin Jr.
  • Ciclope vs Lobo Blanco Jr.
  • Miedo Extremo vs Simbolo Azteca
  • Jimmy vs Jitsu

The names on the left all seem like favorites, but maybe they throw in one upset. (Lobo Blanco/Ciclope is a new feud from their last show, so that could be it.) I’m not sure who wins it from there. The first and second-round matches will air on Mas Lucha this upcoming weekend, with the final on the live 05/15 show.

El Mago regained the Black Mask Lucha Libre Cruiserweight championship from Lobo Blanco Jr. in Guadalajara, on the promotion’s show. Adrenalina was also in the match. The title’s largely been seen in Lucha Libre Vanguardia for the last year with Black Mask rarely being able to run. Blanco won this title from Mago back when he was still Draztick Boy.

El Engendro (Raul Mayo, 60) passed away Monday. Engendro was a El Toreo luchador who had the misfortune of coming on board just as the promotion started to fall apart, from 1990 to 1994. He moved to Guadalajara and was a local star there, with a couple of AAA appearances, though he wasn’t one of the Payasos, as had been listed on the luchawiki for many years. Engendro was active in 2019 and appeared in a legend’s match late in 2020.

Monterrey luchador Alex Black suffered a concussion and a neck injury on Friday at the Lucha Time tapings. Black was expected to be under observation for the weekend. The injury came in a match with Punk Clown and they decided to not run the following Saturday. Lucha Time is taping shows among limited fans; acknowledging the injury is more transparent than normal for a Mexican wrestling promotion in that situation.

Brian Villa lost his hair to Terremoto in Guadalajara on Saturday, in a cage match also with Dr. Karonte Jr. and Willy Banderas.

Penta faces Brandon Culter on AEW Dark Elevation tonight. Pac & Fenix also team up on that show, something I didn’t know until it was pointed out to me; AEW doesn’t really promote all of the individual matches on the Dark shows as much since they’ve gone to having two of them.

The latest ROH episode, with Bandido & Flamita vs Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham, is available. I haven’t seen but my

Zona 23’s latest show is up on IWTV.

Box Y Lucha 3467 has Atlantis and Andrade on the cover.


MexaWrestling (SAT) 04/17/2021 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México
1) Baby Xtreme & Torito vs Mike & Voltrex and Águila Oriental & Noicy Boy
2) Fly Star, Lunatik Xtreme, Sobredosis vs Aster Boy, Atomic Star, Fulgor I
3) Toro Negro Jr. vs Skayde
4) Centvrión & Metaleón vs Hijo del Espectro & King Charro
5) Toxin vs Villano III Jr.
6) Demonio Infernal & Fresero Jr. vs Corsario Negro Jr. & Drako

Full show for MexaWrestlnig first event with fans in months. So much of current Mexico City indie booking is just matching up the usual assortment of names in slightly different combinations; Villano III Jr. is going to be booked a lot in a high position because few of those matches have been done yet.