CMLL Bodybuilding winners, Blanchard/Vaquer title match tonight, Bandido

The CMLL bodybuilding contest took place Wednesday. I forgot how very long it can be. This year’s edition clocked in at over two hours fourty minutes. The winners in every division:

Beginner (School): Scorpio Jr. (a new one)
Beginner (2): Akuma
Novato 1: Hombre Bala Jr.
Novato 2: Diamond
Women: Olympia
Main: Astral

Astral was the overall winner for winning the main men’s class. They’ve had the winners of each division pose off at the end in previous years. There would’ve been no point here anyway, the top male division would win.

The women’s division has gone from Dark Angel winning all the bodybuilding contest and almost no one else participating to Dalys and almost no one else participating, and now it looks like it’ll by Olympia who wins all the time. Reina Isis and Bengalee were the runners-up this year.

CMLL (FRI) 12/01/2023 Arena México
1) Pequeño Magía, Pequeño Violencia, Último Dragóncito vs Mercurio, Pierrothito, Shockercito [Relevos Increíbles]
2) Futuro, Halcón Suriano Jr., Neón vs Apocalipsis, Cholo, Disturbio
3) Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black vs Magia Blanca, Magnus, Rugido
4) Flip Gordon, Titán, Valiente vs Averno, Euforia, Mephisto
5) Stephanie Vaquer © vs Tessa Blanchard [CMLL WOMEN]
2nd defense
6) Máscara Dorada, Místico, Volador Jr. vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Dragón Rojo Jr., Terrible

Los Barbaros debut (under that team name) in the main event. Match four should be a solid match. Match three is a rematch from last week. Match one will end up in a DQ. I originally had Vaquer as a 60/40 favorite, and now I think it’s 60/40 Blanchard.

The PPV link is here. For what it’s worth, Boletia has links up for all Friday nights through December. They’re all 5 USD. The minis cage match is likely to be 01/01, and I wonder if that’ll just be part of the CMLL YouTube subscription. Lining up the big shows with the PPVs has not been a priority in the past.

The new Stolas gimmick in Guadalajara appears “borrowed/inspired” from a character of the same name on the YouTube anime series Helluva Boss about an assassin business in heell. I’m completely unfamiliar with this series (and hoping not to sound a million years old.) Plenty of people seem to know it; the channel has close to 9 million followers. I stumbled upon that mention of that show Tuesday when trying to find social media info on the luchador, just thinking it was a similar name. The “Stolas” name for a Demon does reach back to a far older creative work. The fans of the anime seem certain it’s the inspiration for the gimmick’s look. I can see it.


AAA will air an hour and a bit ore early on Saturday. It’s a 5:19 pm CT start time. They’ve got a live sports event later in the night bouncing everything around. This week’s episode will be the first part of AAA/Impact Ultraclash, which might last three weeks. No knowing what’ll air. Impact is also starting on Ultraclash next Thursday.

AAA’s 01/06 Retro show is headlined by La Secta. They’re also on the 01/19 The Crash show. AAA’s rule is no one can work both; the rule isn’t consistently applied and may not apply at all to guest talent. Cibernetico previously worked The Crash shows and is back again in AAA on the 01/06 show.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter briefly mentioned Konnan hadn’t had a chance to QT Marshall this week following his announcement that he was leaving AAA. It was left unsaid if AAA was among those who knew about Marshall’s plans in advance (and is that affected the AAA booking) or if it was just a lucky break to change the title.


Mas Lucha (THU) 11/30/2023 Arena Naucalpan
1) Arceus, Drakula, Thunder Storm, Tornado b Caballero de Plata, Nativo, Sol, X-Devil KickOff | Torneo Suprema 2023: Julissa + India Sioux + Mary Caporal + Kaho Kobayashi + Nix (posted by mluchatv)
Drakula pinned Caballero after a foul, setting up a hair match
2) Julissa b India Sioux [Torneo Suprema, quarterfinal] KickOff | Torneo Suprema 2023: Julissa + India Sioux + Mary Caporal + Kaho Kobayashi + Nix (posted by mluchatv)
3) Mary Caporal b Big Mami [Torneo Suprema, quarterfinal] KickOff | Torneo Suprema 2023: Julissa + India Sioux + Mary Caporal + Kaho Kobayashi + Nix (posted by mluchatv)
4) Mary Apache b Sádika [Torneo Suprema, quarterfinal] KickOff | Torneo Suprema 2023: Julissa + India Sioux + Mary Caporal + Kaho Kobayashi + Nix (posted by mluchatv)
5) Kayo Kobayashi b Diosa Nix [Torneo Suprema, quarterfinal] KickOff | Torneo Suprema 2023: Julissa + India Sioux + Mary Caporal + Kaho Kobayashi + Nix (posted by mluchatv)
6) Cerebro Negro, Cirujano Jr., Relámpago b Hell Boy, Tonalli, Yorvak KickOff | Torneo Suprema 2023: Julissa + India Sioux + Mary Caporal + Kaho Kobayashi + Nix (posted by mluchatv)
Relampago beat Tonalli. Hell Boy and Cerbero Negro had a pull apart post match to build to their 12/17.
7) Julissa b Mary Caporal [Torneo Supremo, semifinal]
8) Kaho Kobayashi b Mary Apache [Torneo Supremo, semifinal]
9) Flammer & Maravilla ?? Cinthia Moreno & Reina Dorada
no finished reported
10) Julissa b Kaho Kobayashi [Torneo Suprema, final]

I haven’t seen much of Julissa and came away with a positive impression. She was working a power style for a luchadora, and seemed to mesh fine with India Sioux. She’d fit in fine with CMLL. She’s the sort of person AAA would get very excited about six months before getting very excited by something else.

The finish of Caporal/Mami appeared to be Flammer distracting the referee and Maravilla hitting Big Mami with a chair when Mami turned around, but Mami didn’t do her part and time stood still until Marvilla just hit her in the back. It was not good. Apache/Sadika was as wild as expected, Kobayashi/Nix was fine.

Cerebro Negro/Hell Boy fought ‘for real’ after their match. I think that’s going to be the best IWRG match all year and they’re probably going to to talk me into the Mas Lucha subscription on 12/17.

IWRG will have its annual holiday party on 12/15. It’s back open to the public this year.

Big Lucha

They’re back streaming tonight.

Big Lucha World (FRI) 12/01/2023 Arena Big Lucha, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal
1) Ditto vs Morfosis
2) Radioactivo vs Skayde
3) Vengador vs Black Andrómeda

Ditto finally gets a singles match, might be the biggest match on the show.

The next big show is

Big Lucha (SAT) 12/16/2023 Arena Big Lucha, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal
1) ? vs ??
2) Dios del Inframundo & Súper Fly vs Cometa Maya & Radioactivo and Limbo & Torito Negro
3) Platino & Skayde vs Black Terry & Negro Navarro
4) Elipse, Iku, Orbita, Vengador vs Atómico Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Súper Nova, Tito Santana
5) Viajero vs El Brujo [mask]
6) Emperador Azteca, Flamita, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Dark Cuervo, Dark Ozz, Dark Scoria

The main event is for control of the promotion. I would prefer new control of the promotion; one match with guest stars is good, all of the matches with guest stars is less of what I’m hoping for. Seeing Super Fly and Drago in the second match is cool but it seems to reduce their importance to bring them in for a low level match. It seems weird to have spent so much time on someone like Black Andromeda for them not to be on the show, but that’s the direction they’re going.

Other News

Gran Hamada has been hospitalized all week in “delicate” condition, according to his daughter Ayako Hamada on Thursday. She seemed hopeful things had gotten better on Thursday. Gran Hamada has seemed frail in his public appearances this year.

Black Taurus, Latigo and Toxin wrestle Iron Kid, Aramis, and Wicked Wickett on Sunday in West Coast Pro Wrestling. That match streams for free on their YouTube channel.

12/09 RIOT

Bandido is off the 12/09 RIOT because he has not been medically cleared since undergoing wrist surgery. Bandido took to Twitter to clarify the situation: his wrist hasn’t gotten better, he’s got three paths he can choose to get them fixed. Two would be more surgery, the other therapy, but he’s got to wait long to see how it’s healing. He does not have a return date at this point; it may be a long wait.

Komander defeated Gringo Loco on Thursday’s ROH on Honor Club, as part of the Survival of the Fittest tournament. That means Komander will wrestle in a six way on the 12/15 Ring of Honor PPV for the vacant TV title. (Dalton Castle is the only other wrestler who’s advanced so far.)

AAA Cruiserweight Champion Komander being on that show means there will be no CMLL talent. I had looked at that Final Battle as maybe a side door for some CMLL/AEW involvement – being a different show and promotion in name could help with the issues and Texas always seems like a good place to bring in luchadors. Instead, there has really been no CMLL wrestlers in AEW outside of that one Mistico match on Rampage nearly two months ago.

Vaquer/Blanchard, TripleMania Tijuana, QT/AA


CMLL (MON) 11/27/2023 Arena Puebla [Grada, Porra Fresa]
1) Astro & Meyer b King Jaguar & Sombra Diabólika
Meyer replaced El Novato
2) Angelito, Galaxy, Pequeño Magía, Shockercito, Último Dragóncito b Full Metal, Mercurio, Minos, Pequeño Olímpico, Pierrothito [ciberneticoFacebook video (posted by )
Shockercito won after Mercurio helped cheat for him to beat Pequeno Magia. Dragoncito earlier pinned champion Mercurio. Challenges followed.
3) Apocalipsis, Cholo, Disturbio b Guerrero Maya Jr., Pegasso, Stigma Facebook video (posted by )
4) Tessa Blanchard b La Catalina [lightningFacebook video (posted by )
5) El Hijo de Stuka Jr., Hijo del Villano III, Villano III Jr. b Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black
Villanos beat Esfinge & Fugaz
6) Bárbaro Cavernario, Templario, Terrible b Ángel de Oro, Euforia, Niebla Roja Facebook video (posted by )
Cavernario & Terrible beat Angel de Oro & Niebla Roja.

I presumed 5 or 6 was building up a tag title match, but none of those are happening next week. Blanchard and Catalina had some bad communication on a sequence.

CMLL (TUE) 11/28/2023 Arena México [CMLL, thecubsfan]
1) Aéreo, Fantasy, Kaligua DQ Full Metal, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Polvora
Full Metal pulled off Kaligua’s mask in the usual mini madness.
2) Brillante Jr., Max Star, Valiente Jr. b Grako, Raider, Vegas
3) Hombre Bala Jr. b Misterioso Jr. [lightning]
4) La Jarochita, Lluvia, Zeuxis b Andrómeda, Reyna Isis, Skadi [Relevos Increíbles]
5) Hijo del Villano III & Villano III Jr. b Gemelo Diablo I & Gemelo Diablo II
6) Gran Guerrero, Stuka Jr., Último Guerrero b Atlantis, Blue Panther, Volador Jr.

Villanos/Gemelos had a lot of ideas and missed something in between. Brillante looked great and terrible within seconds of each other. Max Star looked great all the time. The minis seem to believe they’re doing a cage match (a reverse cibernetico is the other option they’ve tried recently, guess a ruleta de la muerte is also possible.)

CMLL included mentions of capitans and how many falls each match is on their graphics on this show. It’s nice to see that basic stuff explained a little easier.

CMLL (TUE) 11/28/2023 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, Mas Lucha]
1) Astro Oriental, Lince Del Bajio, Último Ángel b Eclipse Jr., Ráfaga, Rav
2) Hatana, Katara, Magia Azul b Estrella Maldad, La Pantera, Yemaya
3) Adira b Lady Amazona [lightning]
4) Dulce Gardenia, La Fashion, Star Black b Gallero, Ráfaga, Stolas
debut of Stolas
5) Dark Silueta, La Catalina, Stephanie Vaquer b Mystique, Persephone, Tessa Blanchard
return of Mystique
6) Barboza, Difunto, Guerrero de la Muerte b Magia Blanca, Magnus, Rugido
7) Dark Panther, Máscara Dorada, Místico b Averno, Flip Gordon, Furia Roja

Vaquer beat Blanchard with her own move in Guadalajara. I believe Blanchard is now likely to win the CMLL title on Friday. Maybe I’m just too used to the 50/50 nature of modern wrestling booking, maybe I’m crediting Guadalajara with being too plugged into what’s the plan is in Mexico City. Still, the long CMLL pattern is that whoever loses in the last lead up match wins in the title match. Blanchard lost in Guadalajara in the lead up to the Gran Prix as well.

Tessa Blanchard beating Stephanie Vaquer outcome will upset a fair amount of people; most of which don’t watch much CMLL and probably won’t be watching much CMLL anyway, but not just them. I don’t know a title change is happening as a fact, just the signs are pointing that way.

Stolas appeared to be a re-gimmicked veteran; he has no social media I can find. He didn’t appear to be Extasis or Yutani under a mask; much heavier.

CMLL Informa starts at 2:30 pm today to lead into bodybuilding contest. Guests

  • Terrible, Dragon Rojo and Barbaro Cavernario: maybe they have a team name
  • Tessa Blanchard & Stephanie Vaquer: title match preview
  • Flip Gordon & Angel de Oro: Saturday singles match
  • Hechicero: Leyenda de Azul
  • Pequeno Magia & Shockercito: Puebla minis, general mini madness

The bodybuilding starts at 4 pm. No mention of a training session beforehand; they did it in previous sessions. Astral, Crixus, Fugaz, and Olympia did interviews to promote today’s bodybuilding contest. All talked about how it’s tough to balance bodybuilding with lucha libre. Olympia said they’re like oil and water; lucha libre needs elasticity and strength to prevent injuries, which bodybuilding reduces. It seems to suggest that doing both of these at a high level is not a great idea.

Atlantis Jr. & Soberano Jr. went to a 30-minute time limit draw against Hiroko Goto and YOSHI-HASHI in the World Tag League. That’s a bit of a surprise; the CMLL team doesn’t usually battle evenly against NJPW champions. They’re now at 5 points (3rd place) with 3 matches to go against teams all around their point level. Zandokan took the fall in his tag match, with he and Yota Tusji losing to Jack Bonza & Bad Luck Fale. The next tournament day for both teams is Saturday. Atlantis/Soberano face Yuya Uemura/Taichi, Zandokan/Tsuji against YOSHI-HASHI/Goto.

Costa Rica’s Einar el Salvaje was profiled in his home country’s La Teja media outlet. In this telling, CMLL recruited Einar to come to them. He compares wrestling in CMLL to playing soccer for Barcelona or Real Madrid for soccer players. Fellow CWE wrestlers Ares, Sonya, Heyden Sixx and Escualo came to Mexico City for Einar’s debut on Sunday; all of them except Sixx have wrestled in CMLL prior.

Full Metal explained to La Presena that his father worked as a beer vendor at CMLL shows, he’d come along with and fell in love with lucha libre.

CMLL (SAT) 12/02/2023 Arena Coliseo
1) Aéreo, Angelito, Minos vs Acero, Full Metal, Galaxy [Relevos Increíbles]
2) La Guerrera, La Vaquerita, Maligna vs Hera, Metálica, Tiffany
3) Capitán Suicida, El Audaz, Halcón Suriano Jr. vs El Coyote, Okumura, Pólvora
4) Blue Panther Jr., Dark Panther, Hombre Bala Jr. vs Akuma, Dark Magic, Espanto Jr.
5) Flip Gordon vs Ángel de Oro
6) Dragón Rojo Jr. & Octagón vs Atlantis & Terrible [Relevos Increíbles]

Two safe bets here: the opener will end with people making challenges and the main event will be a rough match.

CMLL announced they’d have a Christmas Tree lighting on Sunday, prior to the start of the Arena Mexico show. Any other promotion and this is the setup to an angle. I’m like 99% sure CMLL’s just going to turn the lights on a tree. Maybe we’ll also get the holiday show date announcements (but I think you might already be able to figure out when Christmas and New Year’s Day will take place.)

CMLL (SUN) 12/03/2023 Arena México
1) Leono & Robin vs Inquisidor & Sangre Imperial
2) Astral, Diamond, Halcón Suriano Jr. vs Dr. Karonte I, Dr. Karonte II, Enfermero Jr.
3) Fuego, Stigma, Volcano vs Crixus, Kráneo, Okumura
4) Espíritu Negro, Panterita del Ring, Rey Cometa vs Felino, Felino Jr., Rey Bucanero
5) Star Jr., Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Hechicero, Niebla Roja, Templario
6) Máscara Dorada vs Gran Guerrero

(I forgot to put this here so if you got the email you’re not reading this.)

Ultimo Guerrero pushed off his work on his little brother. It is intersting they got a non-title non-touranment main event. Not too much of note otherwise.

CMLL (MON) 12/04/2023 Arena Puebla
1) Black Tiger & Rayo Metálico vs Dreyko & Rencor
2) Halcón Suriano Jr., Meyer, Valiente Jr. vs Perverso, Prayer, Rey Apocalipsis
3) Último Dragóncito © vs Mercurio [CMLL MINI]
1st defense, title rematch
4) Guerrero Maya Jr., Stigma, Valiente vs Magia Blanca, Magnus, Rugido
5) Atlantis, Octagón, Volador Jr. vs Hijo del Villano III, Templario, Villano III Jr.

The minis match wasn’t quite set up by the cibernetico. That division is purposefully chaotic, so a title change is plausible. The rudos are going to have to work hard in the main event.

Box Y Lucha 2023 has Hechicero on the cover.


Zeta has an interview with EMW promoter Mario Fuentes Jr., who’s happy how their 2023 went. They ran only five shows, taking a break around TripleMania, and seemed satisfied with that experience. So much so that Fuentes states TripleMania will return to Tijuana next year as part of their events. Dorian Roldan was asked about the three TripleMania strategy by Mas Lucha around a month ago, didn’t commit to it, but did indicate they were going into planning for 2024. A Tijuana TripleMania on the schedule suggests they will be running (at least) three again next year.

AAA held the semifinal of the Lucha X El Barrio tryout on Tuesday. They posted footage from about three of the practice matches on Instagram Stories. It looked like other people were there, so maybe more footage will turn up. (It’d actually be a great idea to turn these tryouts into an episode of TV to build some interest in who wins, but that seems unlikely to happen.) Mas Lucha posted photos, with a lot of familiar names. Jornada reports 64 people participated, out of 132 who were part of the earlier rounds. Those include Monster Xtreme, who is 13 and wanted to be a wrestler since 7.

AAA has been releasing the t-shirt numbers of those who advance in each round after a couple of days. We may find out how many people are set to advance to the final in January, but perhaps not whom right away. I’d expect they’ll get that part out eventually.

QT Marshall announced on Twitter he was leaving AEW at the end of the year. From a pure Best Job Available, it seems like he’d be going to WWE – he’d easily fit in with their Performance Center, he has friends there, and it seems like they’ve had interest in him for that sort of position before. It may not be that simple; Marshall’s talked a lot about wanting to make it big as a wrestler. (The Latin American championship reign and the gimmick of defending it all over the place, was clearly about trying to raise his stock. It didn’t seem to work out.) WWE is unlikely to use him any stronger than AEW did; maybe not at all. If he wants to still be a wrestler, he probably needs to do it elsewhere – and so then he’ll be more likely to stick around AAA. It could be Marshall

(Aside 1: I don’t know who does what and how well they do it, I just know the final product that AAA puts on Space is not good. QT Marshall was heavily involved in putting AEW TV shows together for their first few years, and those were generally pretty good shows. AAA is another beast entirely but Marshall seems like a decent bet to bring aboard to see if he can help make things better, if he’s interested in working for AAA beyond the in-ring. I have no indication that’s even in play here.)

(Aside 2: I don’t actually believe QT quit AEW because he thought it was becoming too much like NJPW.)


Mas Lucha did the drawings for their first round matches in Torneo Suprema 2023 on Thursday. (No IWRG show tonight.)

  • India Sioux vs Julissa
  • Big Mami vs Mary Caporal
  • Sadika vs Mary Apache
  • Kaho Kobayashi vs Diosa Nix

Guessing the final is Kobayashi losing to Julissa, but I would wager no money on it. Sadika/Mary Apache could be explosive in good and bad ways.

Sunday’s lineup:

IWRG (SUN) 12/03/2023 Arena Naucalpan
1) Súper Boy Jr. vs Golden Power
2) Águila Oriental & Danessa vs Dehyna & Rey Astaroth
3) Auzter, Freelance, Tornado vs Centurion, Rey Espartano, Rey Halcón
4) Caballero de Plata, Dr. Cerebro, Shocko, Último Legendario vs Carnicero, Granjero, Lendaor, Minero
5) Pig Decapitador, Pig Destroyer, Pig Destructor, Pig Pool vs Diva Salvaje, Jessy Ventura, Mamba, Sádika
6) Gran Pandemónium, Hijo de Pandemónium, Pandemónium © vs Hijo del Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr. and Mocho Cota Jr., Súper Comando, Tito Santana © [IWRG IC TRIOS, EdM Trios, hair]

Piratas have their hair on the line (and surely not losing.) Maybe they’re moving the national titles to the Piratas before they win the IC ones? Maybe Poder del Norte wins both sets of trios titles because IWRG doesn’t really need to have two sets of trios titles?

The new names in match 4 are the Sindicate del Terror, teased as coming in on a recent IWRG broadcast. They briefly popped up in Arena Neza feuding with the Pigs and will do the same here, probably on IWRG’s anniversary show.


Other News

Big Lucha announced Elipse, Iku, and Orbita won the IWT trios titles. IWT is a Tijuana group – I believe they’re where the Payasos came from. I haven’t seen their posters in a while though. They seem to be running an angle in the comments where Locos Evans will wrestle champions from Costa Rica.

Big Lucha also poster their matches for Big Lucha World on Wendesday, but I’ll handle that later.

Ring announcer at Monterrey’s Arena el Jaguar Juan David Rodriguez Cadena has passed away.

Box y Lucha 230A-233A (August 1956)

I’ve breezed past the weird situation with the national champions at this point in time. According to the history we have right now.

  • Lightweight: vacant since 1955?
  • Welterweight: vacant since 1954?
  • Middleweight: vacant since 1949
  • Light Heavyweight: vacant since 1951?
  • Heavyweight: vacant since 1955?

They’re all vacant, most for quite some time. I’m reading these a bit out of order in real-time. The summer 1955 issues include a bit where Black Shadow wants and plans to give up his long undefended lightweight title. It doesn’t happen, and the implication is he was told he has to lose in the ring. The light heavyweight and heavyweight are mentioned as being similarly forgotten. The unique aspect of the Mexican National titles is the Mexico City Commission controls them, and they’re especially strict and involved around the time. I guess that the commission just refused to recognize wrestlers vacating their titles for years, and somewhere in the issues we’re missing, they were finally convinced otherwise. The Box y Lucha ones I have picked up with title tournaments for all these championships in progress or starting soon. There’s an acknowledgment there’s a lot of them happening at once, but no explanation of why.

Box y Lucha 230A (August 17, 1956)

EMLL (FRI) 08/03/1956 Arena México [Box y Lucha 237A]
1) Canelo Segura b ?? [MEX WELTER, quarterfinal]
2) Joe Marín b ?? [MEX WELTER, quarterfinal]
3) Jalisco González b Black Killer [MEX WELTER, quarterfinal]
4) Enfermero b Orquídea [MEX WELTER, quarterfinal]

EMLL (SUN) 08/05/1956 Arena Coliseo [Box y Lucha 230A]
1) Miguel King b ? [MEX HEAVY, quarterfinal]
2) Lotario b Carlos Moreno [MEX HEAVY, quarterfinal]
3) Medico Asesino b Joaquin Murrieta [MEX HEAVY, quarterfinal]
4) Pepe Mendieta b ? [MEX HEAVY, quarterfinal]

I don’t have magazines covering the first half of the month. I’m more figuring out what matches must’ve occurred here based on other magazines’ stories. I’m missing a few more matches, which may include a more conventional (and bigger name) main event.

EMLL (FRI) 08/10/1956 Arena México [Box y Lucha 230A, Box y Lucha 237A]
1) Jalisco González b Canelo Segura [MEX WELTER, semifinal]
Rated 7 ½
2) Enfermero b Joe Marín [MEX WELTER, semifinal]
mentioned in a photo caption. Rated 7 ½
3) Espectro & Santo b Blue Demon & Dorrel Dixon
Santo & Espectro were praised as a team. Dixon lost but talks about getting a title match against Santo in September later in the magazine. Rated 7 ½

Another set of results patching together mentions in a few different magazines. Gonzalez and Enfermero will decide the title, though not on the next Friday night show. Box y Lucha eventually puts together that Enfermero got hurt in this match, and the final was delayed rather than changed. Santo and Espectro are a veteran/rookie team, and Espectro is quickly rising to the main event level.

A notes column mentions Santo is working Monterrey on Sundays. That’s about a week from being very important.

EMLL (SUN) 08/12/1956 Arena Coliseo [Box y Lucha 230A]
1) Bobby Rolando b Ali Bey
2) Adolfo Bonales b Kiko Torres
3) Lotario b Miguel King [semifinal, MEX HEAVY]
Lotario got a big head cut and was out for a short amount of time. 
4) Medico Asesino b Pepe Mendieta [semifinal, MEX HEAVY]
Straight falls. 
5) Jorge Allende & Ray Mendoza b Joe Grant & Tarzán López [super libre]
Rated 7

Just noting the progress of the heavyweight tournament.

Box y Lucha 231A (August 24, 1956)

EMLL (FRI) 08/17/1956 Arena Coliseo [Box y Lucha 230A, Box y Lucha 231A]
1) Troglodita Flores b Chico Hernández
2) Kiko Torres b Centella Inca
3) Adolfo Bonales DRAW Murciélago Velazquez
4) Tony Barbetta b Dr. Castro
5) Umeyiri Kiyomigawa b Miguel King
6) Carlos Moreno b Masahiko Kimura
7) Black Shadow & Blue Demon DQ Cavernario Galindo & Ray Mendoza
Blue Demon replaced Lotario (out of action after getting a head cut the previous Sunday.) Box y Lucha notes Blue Demon is an upgrade. Tecnicos took 2 (weird DQ) and 3, with Black Shadow landing a (reverse) tope that wows everyone. Rated 7 ½

A lot is going in Box y Lucha 231. The visible thing on the lineup is the new names Kiyomigawa and Kimura. Masahiko Kimura is considered one of the best judo practitioners, maybe the best. I don’t know much of his history, but he appears to have gotten into wrestling in the early 50s, then left Japan after a match with Rikidozan that Kimura claims broke down into a shoot. Kiyomigawa is his traveling partner here, though there’s a lot less available for him.  Kimura’s style, in particular, looks alien to the Box y Lucha recap, they have no idea what to make of it. Kimura is around until early next year.

(Sunday has a one night tag team tournament won by Black Killer & Gladiador over Blue Demon and Tarzan Lopez.)

The big news of the issue is taking place in Monterrey

EMLL (SUN) 08/19/1956 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [Box y Lucha 231A, SuperLuchas]
Attendance: 6000
1) Jaibo García b Mario Texas
2) Johnny Rodríguez b El Fugitivo
3) Karloff Lagarde b Sordomudo Rodríguez
4) Mongol & Samar Selem b Emilio Charles & Huracán Ramírez
5) Rolando Vera b El Santo © [NWA MIDDLE]

Vera defeats Santo cleanly to become the new world middleweight champion. Box y Lucha’s recap says Santo got frustrated enough in the third fall to throw punches, Vera grabbed an arm and locked Santo in la reinera, and Santo gave. Vera is respected for his technical ability, but this would be the only time he won a world title.

This title change causes an uproar in Box y Lucha. The Mexico City commission protests the decision, saying Vera shouldn’t have gotten a third shot – Santo has already beaten him in Arena Mexico and Arena Puebla over the last two months. The commission argues those defenses made Santo too tired, and it was unfair for him to defend. One of the Box y Lucha agrees with the criticisms. The magazine had been setting up Dorrel Dixon as Santo’s next challenger, and instead has to pivot to a Dixon interview where he says he wants to challenge no matter who has the belt.

Box y Lucha clearly indicates when they think a person has a belt they don’t deserve. That’s not what happened with this title win; the magazine heaps praise on Vera’s abilities whenever they get the chance, and will continue to as he holds the title. Instead, there’s a steady message that Santo’s loss wasn’t planned, or not everyone who normally would be on that sort of plan was told.

Box y Lucha 232A (August 31, 1956)

EMLL (FRI) 08/24/1956 Arena Coliseo [Box y Lucha 231A, Box y Lucha 232A]
1) Eskimo Blancarte b Sordomudo Quiroz
2) Centella Inca b Fantomas
3) Mario Tello DRAW Frankenstein
4) Gladiador b Gorilla Flores [MEX MIDDLE, quarterfinal]
5) El Santo b Blue Demon [MEX MIDDLE, quarterfinal]
Rated 7 ½
6) Black Shadow b Bobby Bonales [MEX MIDDLE, quarterfinal]
Rated 7 ¾
7) Cavernario Galindo b Espectrito I [MEX MIDDLE, quarterfinal]

The middleweight tournament becomes the third ongoing one. The matches were set by battle royal, so Santo/Demon just happened to take place with no forewarning.

El Santo being in this national middleweight tournament makes no sense if he was thought to still be the world middleweight champion at this point. It’s not impossible, stuff like that does happen from time to time.

Still, the talk is more of that other middleweight title. Box y Lucha seems to imply Santo lost a title he definitely wasn’t supposed to, and may have gotten some incentive to do so. Another weird factor is that much of EMLL’s owning family was probably in Monterrey for that title match. Enrique Lutteroth, credited with designing and running the building, got married in Monterrey that same weekend. It was a big ceremony with lots of important names, including El Santo himself.

EMLL (SUN) 08/26/1956 Arena Coliseo [Box y Lucha 231A, Box y Lucha 232A]
1) Joe Grant b Ray Mendoza [MEX LH, quarterfinal]
2) Tarzán López b Adolfo Bonales [MEX LH, quarterfinal]
said to be a great match even though it went two falls. Rated 7 ¼
3) Pepe Mendieta b Chivo García [MEX LH, quarterfinal]
4) Mongol b Moloch [MEX LH, quarterfinal]
5) Henry Pilusso & Lotario b Masahiko Kimura & Umeyiri Kiyomigara
a hard win

Sunday has the fourth national tournament, this one for the vacant light heavyweight title. The fifth and final tournament will kick off in September. The last Friday of the month (08/31) falls into notes that are mostly September, so I’ll save the rest of this for then.

[Previous July 1956. Next September 1956. Full index]

Hechicero wins Leyenda de Azul, lots of AAA shows (Guerra de Titanes TV, Ultraclash taping, Retro announcement)


CMLL (FRI) 11/24/2023 Arena México [AS, CMLL, Estrellas del RingExcelsiorKaiser SportsThe GladiatoresThe Gladiatores (video), thecubsfan]
1) Brillante Jr., Fuego, Oro Jr. b Grako, Nitro, Sangre Imperial CMLL - GRAKO - SANGRE IMPERIAL - NITRO VS ORO JR. - BRILLANTE JR. - FUEGO/ARENA MÉXICO / 24-11-23 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL: Brillante Jr., Fuego y Oro Jr. vs Nitro, Sangre Imperial y Grako (posted by mluchatv) Fuego, Brillante Jr y Oro Jr vs Sangre Imperial, Grako y Nitro ARENA MÉXICO (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Fuego, Oro Jr y Brillante Jr logran vencer a los experimentados Nitro, Sangre Imperial y Grako (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
2) Akuma, Dark Magic, Espanto Jr. b Arkalis, Rey Samuray, Stigma Akuma, Dark Magic y Espanto Jr logran vencer a Arkalis, Stigma y Rey Samurai (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) CMLL - DARK MAGIC - ESPANTO JR. - AKUMA VS REY SAMURAY - ARKALIS - STIGMA / ARENA MÉXICO / 24-11-23 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL: Akuma, Dark Magic y Espanto Jr. vs Stigma, Rey Samuray y Arkalis (posted by mluchatv)
3) Magia Blanca, Magnus, Rugido b Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black CMLL - MAGNUS - RUGIDO - MAGIA BLANCA VS STAR BLACK - ESFINGE - FUGAZ / ARENA MÉXICO / 24-11-23 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) Magnus, Rugido y Magia Blanca vs Star Black, Fugaz y Esfinge ARENA MÉXICO (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Rugido, Magnus y M. Blanca vencen con faul y despojando de la tapa a Fugaz con S. Black y Esfinge (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
12:27. Los Depredadores cheated to beat Fugaz and Esfinge, who wanted a rematch. Magia Blanca declared this was just the beginning.
4) Lluvia, Reyna Isis, Tessa Blanchard b Dark Silueta, La Jarochita, Stephanie Vaquer [Relevos IncreíblesCMLL-JAROCHITA-DARK SILUETA-STEPAHNIE VAQUER VS LLUVIA-REYNA ISIS-TESSA BLANCHARD/A. MÉXICO/24-11-23 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) T. Blanchard derrota a S. Vaquer y le da el triunfo a R. Isis y Lluvia, ante Jarochita y D. Silueta (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) Tessa Blanchard, Lluvia y Reyna Isis vs Stephanie Vaquer, Dark Silueta y Jarochita (posted by mluchatv)
11:53. Blanchard beat Vaquer (again) and demanded a title match next week. Vaquer accepted.
5) Hechicero b Stuka Jr. [Leyenda de Azul, finalCMLL - FINAL DE LA LEYENDA AZUL / STUKA JR. VS HECHICERO / ARENA MÉXICO / 24-11-23 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) Hechicero derrota a Stuka Jr en la Gran Final del Torneo Leyenda Azul 2023 (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
14:34. Stuka attempted to win via mask pull and torpedo splash, but Hechicero got his mask back on and caught Stuka in Magia Negra for the win. Stuka tried to take (and probably break) the plaque post match, but Blue Panther (out for the presentation) took it away and nearly fought Stuka. Hechicero and Stuka brawled more.
6) Místico & Octagón DQ Atlantis & Volador Jr. CMLL - ATLANTIS - VOLADOR JR. VS OCTAGÓN - MÍSTICO / ARENA MÉXICO / 24-11-23 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) Místico y Octagón derrotan en dos caídas al hilo a Atlantis y Volador Jr (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) Octagon y Místico vs Atlantis y Volador Jr ARENA MÉXICO (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
11:44. Straight falls. Mistico & Octagon won cleanly with their submission in fall one. Atlantis got Atlantida on Mistico in fall two but Octagon came out of his mask (tied to the ropes by Volador) for the DQ. Everyone seemed unhappy with the finish and Mistico and Volador briefly fought a bit more.

I liked Hechicero/Stuka; I felt like it was a great retort to Gran Guerrero’s complaints that fans didn’t appreciate true heavyweight wrestling. They just didn’t appreciate his heavyweight wrestling; Stuka and Hechicero doing their match got over well. I could’ve used a cheating finish without the ref bump (where Edgar didn’t really take a bump), but otherwise I thought what they did was great. The post match fight was very hot, though I have no idea where it’s going. Or if it’s going anywhere.

The rest of the show didn’t mean much. The main event was weird; Atlantis shouldn’t be working rudo at this point. Mistico and Volador seemed like they improved the post match stuff because they (or at least Mistico) weren’t satisifed with how that match went. The undercard didn’t look like much and didn’t end up any better. The Depredadores/Fuerza Tapatia feud might end up being something but didn’t stand out here. The women’s match was successful at what it needed it to be, with Blanchard putting Vaquer in real danger of losing the title and a stronger rudas/tecnicas dynamic. I think that’s going to get over well next week. (Someone’s also clued Tessa into the right things to stay; instead of talking about first CMLL champ Bull Nakano, she mentioned being a big fan of Marcela and Sarah Stock.)

The attendence seemed a little down from last week but still pretty good.

CMLL (SAT) 11/25/2023 Arena Coliseo [CMLL]
1) Dr. Karonte I & Dr. Karonte II b Diamond & Leono
2) Shockercito DQ Mercurio [lightning]
Mercurio fouled Shockercito as minis challenges continue
3) Crixus, Okumura, Pólvora b Hombre Bala Jr., Max Star, Neón
4) Hera, Metálica, Tessa Blanchard b Andrómeda, La Jarochita, Skadi
5) Felino, Felino Jr., Hijo del Villano III b Blue Panther Jr., Dark Panther, El Hijo De Blue Panther
6) Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Templario b Flip Gordon, Máscara Dorada, Titán
Angel de Oro snuck in a foul on Gordon, who asked for a singles match next week

Pretty much every show is getting something set up for the next week.

CMLL (SUN) 11/26/2023 Arena México [CMLL]
1) Acero, Fantasy, Galaxy DCOR Minos, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Polvora
2) Astral, Robin, Valiente Jr. b Inquisidor, Raider, Vegas
3) Difunto, Einar El Salvaje, Kráneo b El Audaz, Pegasso, Volcano
4) Tessa Blanchard b Zeuxis [lightning]
5) Guerrero Maya Jr. © b El Coyote [MEX MIDDLE]
first defense
6) Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero b Atlantis, Blue Panther, Máscara Dorada
Guerreros fouled and unmasked Dorada to set up the win

Mascara Dorada challenged Ultimo Guerrero to a singles match. Ultimo talked but didn’t really answer.

Both Soberano Jr. & Atlantis Jr. and Yota Tsuji & Zandokan Jr. are 2-1 and three matches in NJPW’s World Tag League. Tsuji & Zandokan won the 11/26 main event over Hikuleo & El Phantasmo while Atlantis and Soberano lost to Lance Archer and Alex Zayne. Their next tournament matches are on Wednesday morning: Soberano & Atlantis against YOSHI-HASHI and Hiroki Goto, Zandokan & Tsuji versus Jack Bonza & Bad Luck Fale.

CMLL (TUE) 11/28/2023 Arena México
1) Aéreo, Fantasy, Kaligua vs Full Metal, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Polvora
2) Brillante Jr., Max Star, Valiente Jr. vs Grako, Raider, Vegas
3) Hombre Bala Jr. vs Misterioso Jr. [lightning]
4) Andrómeda, Reyna Isis, Skadi vs La Jarochita, Lluvia, Zeuxis [Relevos Increíbles]
5) Hijo del Villano III & Villano III Jr. vs Gemelo Diablo I & Gemelo Diablo II
6) Atlantis, Blue Panther, Volador Jr. vs Gran Guerrero, Stuka Jr., Último Guerrero

Stuka Jr. and Blue Panther having issues on Friday and then wrestling Tuesday works out nicely. Not sure if was the plan. Max Star hasn’t wrestled much the last couple of months; this is his first streaming appearance since September 8th. It really should be him, Futuro and Neon as a regular trio.

The CMLL bodybuilding contest is Wednesday at 4 pm, and will stream on CMLL’s YouTube for free. CMLL Informa will move to an hour earlier.

CMLL (FRI) 12/01/2023 Arena México
1) Pequeño Magía, Pequeño Violencia, Último Dragóncito vs Mercurio, Pierrothito, Shockercito [Relevos Increíbles]
2) Futuro, Halcón Suriano Jr., Neón vs Apocalipsis, Cholo, Disturbio
3) Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black vs Magia Blanca, Magnus, Rugido
4) Flip Gordon, Titán, Valiente vs Averno, Euforia, Mephisto
5) Stephanie Vaquer © vs Tessa Blanchard [CMLL WOMEN]
2nd defense
6) Máscara Dorada, Místico, Volador Jr. vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Dragón Rojo Jr., Terrible

Dragon Rojo is back from injury and right to the main event. The third match is a rematch. Five of the six guys in that match have a title, so they could be setting up anything. Futuro & Neon are back on a Friday, though not the greatest opposition. Minis continue to feud in the opener.

I think Vaquer retains but I would not be surprised by a title switch. CMLL had this destination figured out for a while; they could’ve left the title on Princesa Sugehit until she returned from injury, but it seems like they had already planned out they were getting to Blanchard winning the Gran Prix and needed a champion to defend against her. If Sugehit was healthy and the one defending the title instead, I’d be certain Tessa Blanchard would be the new CMLL women’s champion. I’m concerned I may be overrating Vaquer’s chances.


AAA’s TV continues to be put together in ways nonsensical ways, which make the product look second-rate. They continually have episodes of events where the “effect” is shown the week before the “cause.” Guerra de Titanes week 2 lead off with a video packaging previewing all the matches that aired in week 1, and a Mecha Wolf promo explaining why he’d be replacing Pagano in a match we already saw. Those were pretaped bits, things which seem like they could’ve easily aired in week 1 where they belongs, and made no sense in airing at all in week 2. Producing basic logic television is just beyond the grasp of whoever’s putting together the show.

The matches themselves were fine/good; Guerra de Titanes ended up better than Heroes Inmortales and around the level of Rey de Reyes for their B-shows. Good action if nothing threatened being the best match of the month. NGD were unsurprisingly very motivated in the tag title match, coming up with some new ideas and allowing Arez & Komander moments to look impressive before beating them for the tag titles. I’d put it up there with Vikingo/Dralistico as the best on the show. Chik Torment and Lady Shani hit each other very hard, and the cage stip kept the interference to a couple of stretches in the match instead of being constant. The flip side is the cage stipulation meant the ring was littered with weapons that had to be used before the finish, and nothing really meant much until they got the last wood panel table set up. Negro Casas & Pentagon versus Bestia del Ring & Samuray VIP (replacing Taurus) was probably better live than on TV.

This is not a direct AAA TV thing but I need to put it here. There’s a new Los Vatos Locos stable in AAA. It was Pagano, La Rebelion, and Estrellita. It may be meant to include original member Charly Manson; they ran an angle to set his involvement up months ago and it’s just one of those things never followed up. Same thing with this group name: AAA seemed to run an in-ring angle introducing the team, but never aired that. The announcers bring it up, and maybe those paying close attention can put it together, but they haven’t ever had Pagano stand in front of a camera and explain it. AAA markets itself as something for super casual fans but does things like this where you have to be paying close attention to figure out what’s meant to be going on.

AAA TV had Ultraclash on Sunday. Lo Mejor de Lucha has the barebones results

AAA TV (SUN) 11/26/2023 Showcenter Complex, San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo Leon [Lo Mejor de Lucha]
1) Bebote Valdez, El Líder, Granada b Epydemius, The Mummy, Ultra
Dark match (may end up airing). El Lider is Lucha Time’s Mafioso under a slightly different name.
2) Chris Sabin & Trinity b Chik Tormenta & Dinámico
3) Forastero & Sansón © b Arez & Frankie Kazarian [AAA TV]
Made a tag title match. First defense.
4) Jordynne Grace & Sexy Star II b Deonna Purrazzo & Maravilla
5) Myzteziz Jr. b Eddie EdwardsLátigo
No Rich Swann.
6) Laredo Kid & Tommy Dreamer b Brian Myers & Taurus
7) Moose & Toxin b Josh Alexander & Octagón Jr.
8) Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Hijo Del Vikingo b Abismo Negro Jr., Látigo, Trey Miguel

Latigo and Sabin worked twice, added to the main event (which looks great on paper.) I believe that was to lessen the load on Alex Shelley, who’s working through an injury. The main event was good, not quite great. Vikingo was off on a couple of things. The matches were said to be better than a usual Showcenter though nothing extraordinary.

I don’t follow Impact closely enough to know how this will air there. For AAA, it’s probably three weeks of TV (one with three matches, two with two, maybe lots of non-wrestling) starting next week. That’ll likely be followed with three weeks of Best of/TripleMania replays to finish out 2023 and go into 2024. There were more tickets still available for this show the day of the event than I would’ve expected with all the people coming in for it, but it looks like the building was close to full by show time.

Surprisingly, AAA already released the next TV lineup:

AAA TV (SAT) 01/06/2024 Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal
1) ?, ??, ??? vs ????, ?????, ??????
Final of Lucha x El Barrio, no idea how many people or format ofo match (or matches)
2) Aramis, Jessy Ventura, La Parkita, Lady Shani vs El Elegido, Estrellita, Mini Charly Manson, Pimpinela Escarlata
3) Abismo Negro & Flammer © vs Aerostar & Faby Apache and Drago & Sexy Star [AAA MIXED TAG]
4) Mr. Iguana, Myzteziz, Niño Hamburguesa vs ?, Electroshock, Heavy Metal
5) Forastero, Negro Casas, Sansón vs Charly Manson, Súper Caló, Zorro
6) Hijo Del Vikingo, Octagón Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown vs Cibernético, Dark Cuervo, Dark Ozz, Dark Scoria

This is an AAA “Retro” card, bringing back names from past years. Many have done similar cameos over the last year. Mini Charly Manson, Elegido, Pimpinela Escarlata, and the Dark Family are ones who haven’t been in quite a while; some, like Cibernetico and Estrellita, are meant to be regular characters (or were regular characters and then just dropped out.) Few people are paying attention to what’s on AAA TV when they’re not attending a show themselves, so it’ll still get over as something different. I believe one of the problems with the AAA TV show in 2023 is that there are so many ‘special’ tapings – shows with the World Cup, the NWA, Impact, the World Cup, the TripleManias – that it’s very tough for any regular TV angles to get momentum. The theme shows are likely stronger draws, though I’m not as sure it’ll be the case with these names.

The mixed tag match end up being the best on the show. In a show with a lot of standalone matches, the finals of Lucha x el Barrio looks the most interesting thing on the show. AAA would obviously like to have a stand-out winner, but I suspect they’d hope to have a good enough group all around to (once again) announce everyone was getting a contract.

AAA’s gone with themes or slogans for their shows in past years, but the Retro idea here is pitched as a one night deal.

AAA also announced a February 18th, 2024 Showcenter return. That’s a Sunday. My recollection is the original announcement talked about AAA running there for two years. This is the start of year three, so both sides must be good with the agreement. These shows have ended up being TV tapings more often than not.

Psycho Clown won the mask of Reynosa’s Estrellato in Reynosa on Sunday. Estrellato is Gabriel Alejandor Trevino Flores, 15 years a wrestler. The match is part of Mas Lucha’s subscription service (though you can find it elsewhere if you look around.)

This is not really AAA but close enough to put it here: on last week’s Keeping It 100, Konnan mentioned he’d asked me and RobViper to do their weekly lucha libre segment. No one has asked me to do Konnan’s podcast. I have zero interest in contributing to Konnan’s podcast, so maybe we all saved time by me actually not being asked, but I was not asked. (Rob hasn’t been asked as well and was equally confused.)


IWRG (SUN) 11/26/2023 Arena Naucalpan
1) Auzter b Rey Gato Jr.
2) Bengalee & Keyra b Lolita & Sádika
3) Cerebro Negro Jr., Rey Halcón, Yorvak b Dr. Cerebro, Freelance, Spider Fly
4) Hijo de Canis Lupus, León Dorado, Mr. Leo b Auzter, Imposible, Relámpago
The returning? recast? Maniacop and Rey Espectro were replaced by Relampago and Auzter
5) Cerebro Negro b Hell Boy [bull terrier]
the two agreed to a hair match on 12/17
6) Hijo del Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr. b Gran Pandemónium, Hijo de Pandemónium, Pandemónium Jr.
Pirates want a shot at the Pandemonium trios titles

The Aniversario show is coming together. Wouldn’t have guessed Hell Boy/Cerebro Negro but it’s logical enough.

Big Lucha

Big Lucha World (FRI) 11/24/2023 Arena Big Lucha, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal [thecubsfan]
1) Limbo b Reiyel
2) Cody 1-8 & Helios b Nordico & Sangre Nueva
7:13. Cody 1-8 is the former Lil Blay (here last in Spring 2022.)
3) Flamita b Mr. Win
13:24. Gimmick was Mr. Win would face whatever Black Generacion he picked from one of three envelopes supplied by Mr. Big. He opened the first envelope, and it said Flamita. Flamita refused and told him to pick another envelope. He did and it was also Flamita. Flamita still refused, so Mr. Win opened the third envelope, which was also Flamita. Flamita was forced into wrestling. Black Generacion and Viajero briefly got involved before Flamtia won clean with a Frgosplash. Black Generacion argued with Iku after the match.

This was a solid enough show for a gym show. The main event had lots of comedy and some stuff that didn’t quite work out as planned.

Los Locos Evans are doing a stream tonight at 9 pm.

Big Lucha also announced a tour of southern Mexico in January. They’re heading to Campeche on 01/26, then Chetumal and Merida over the next two days.

Other News

I was on the Must See Match podcast talking about Atlantis vs Villano III. The match is still pretty good. Thanks for them having me on.

I did finish up part two of RIOT’s 2022 La Rina, available on their Patreon. The main event, the two day tournament final, is easily the match of the night. The rest of the show didn’t work as well as the first night. The two semifinals are good but flawed, the Aeroboy/Tromba takes a while for the crowd to warm to, and the Arez/Prometo title match is a big disappointment.

Blake Christian was the big standout in the tournament. Blake Christian is strongly disliked in many critical circles – his face work is comes off as a lesser Ospreay, his heel work hasn’t been convinced – but he always fits in like a glove in RITO. I haven’t seen enough of him to know if it’s Blake’s best work. It does remind of Sammy Guevera, who just fit in with RIOT’s vibe better than almost anywhere else.

The June 2022 show is also up on RIOT’s Patreon and I hope to get to it this week to get all caught up.

DTU (THU) 12/14/2023 Centro Desarrollo Lucha Profesional DTU, Tulancingo, Hidalgo
1) ?, Amber, La Pidita, Shino vs Caelus, Danesa, Silver Kid, Súper Crazy Jr.
2) Paranoiko, Shao, Skayler vs Demon Boy, Rebel, Ricky Marvin
3) Aerodinamico, Alphatron, Emblema, Malandro, Payaso Retro vs Black Pistón, Had Boy, Kulitaka, Mr. Solo, Renacido [mask]
Puebla vs DTU
4) Bit Man vs René Rocks vs Corey Calhoun
5) Kaleth & Laredo Kid vs Aero Panther & Fight Panther Jr. and Kento & Takuma

DTU is running three shows in December for its 16th anniversary. The biggest show is in Tulancingo and features strange foreigners, as always. Corey Calhoun appears to be a Kentucky/Indiana based wrestler. Bit Man is from Hong Kong (presumably the same place Ricky Marvin’s been working.) The La Pidita in the opener is the masked persona of Kaho Kobayashi, who had viral fame earlier this year for dancing to the ring to Valentín Elizalde’s “Como Me Duele.” She’s main eventing the Morelia leg of this trip. You can say a lot of things about Crazy Boy and DTU, but they’re the promotion most likely to pick up on that sort of thing and try it themselves (especially when the woman is already mysteriously hanging out in Mexico.)

The Tijuana Sports Hall of Fame unveiled a statue to honor lucha libre, among a group of sports related statues in a local park. It’s a generic lucha libre figure, rather than for someone specific. There are already statues for Rey Misterio Sr., Tornado Negro and Benjamin Mora in the park, and there surely will be a Rey Misterio Jr. one someday. Dos Caras and Canek were on hand for the ceremony, and at the EMW show the same night.

Tijuana’s Xtasis was also honored on that EMW show for 25 years of wrestling. He started at age 13 and was just returning from nine months off due to injury.

The Crash announced they’re bringing in Matt Riddle for their 01/19 show. I thought I was going to be clever citing recent Vinnie Massaro tweet and then multiple people did it to me in the quote tweets. Riddle, who WWE clearly wanted to push to the moon until his personal problems became too much even for WWE, was obviously going to end up working for one of the Tijuana promotions. Just a question of which. He’d worked some dates with The Crash prior to signing to WWE so they had his numbers, and aren’t concerned about his US issues during a promotional war.

Segunda Caida watches some random Santo/Casas.

Hechicero/Stuka tonight, Guerra de Titanes, Ultraclash


Tonight’s show.

CMLL (FRI) 11/24/2023 Arena México
1) Brillante Jr., Fuego, Oro Jr. vs Grako, Nitro, Sangre Imperial
2) Arkalis, Rey Samuray, Stigma vs Akuma, Dark Magic, Espanto Jr.
3) Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black vs Magia Blanca, Magnus, Rugido
4) Lluvia, Reyna Isis, Tessa Blanchard vs Dark Silueta, La Jarochita, Stephanie Vaquer [Relevos Increíbles]
5) Hechicero vs Stuka Jr. [Leyenda de Azul, final]
6) Místico & Octagón vs Atlantis & Volador Jr.

Atlantis almost never works Fridays nowadays outside of special shows. I guess the idea of Octagon versus Atlantis is a special match – everyone cheered too loud for them finishing against each other in the Leyendas cibernetico – but also is one that risks exposing his limitations. Blanchard beating Vaquer (again) to set up a title match appears to be a lock. The undercard is a bunch of fine if not great matches.

Hechicero and Stuka feuded from about 2017 to 2019, including three matches for the NWA Light Heavyweight title. (Stuka beat Hechicero for it in 2018.) Both men were publicly angling for a mask match, but CMLL didn’t seem interested in pushing the feud to that degree. It wasn’t clear in the moment who would lose if they did have a mask match. It seems now obvious CMLL decided they’d rather have Atlantis Jr. win Stuka’s mask and that decision seems sound. Hechicero/Stuka was something not seen as much in CMLL now, a midcard feud where the wrestlers were pushing for a mask/mask match the promotion wasn’t going to do. Not everything CMLL teases now gets followed through (Soberano being in the Aniversario), but those unresolved ideas are usually cut off the moment CMLL goes in another direction.

Hechicero/Stuka being an unfinished mask feud means it has some stronger appeal to the diehard fans who still remember it. The luchadors themselves weren’t building it that way. Hechicero, in interviews, said this wasn’t the same as before – he fought a masked tecnico named Stuka Jr. then, and the new Stuka is a different persona. He did still think it’ll be a grea mtach but his goal was gone.

It was also a feud symbolic of the problems of CMLL booking in the late 2010s: the wrestlers wanted to do the feud and were building it up, while the company was barely interested in. (Those sort of empty challenges are less prominent now.)

The show airs on PPV at the usual 6 USD price.  It’ll go up on YouTube on 12/10.


CMLL (SUN) 11/26/2023 Arena México
1) Acero, Fantasy, Galaxy vs Minos, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Polvora
2) Astral, Robin, Valiente Jr. vs Inquisidor, Raider, Vegas
3) El Audaz, Pegasso, Volcano vs Difunto, Einar El Salvaje, Kráneo
4) Tessa Blanchard vs Zeuxis [lightning]
5) Guerrero Maya Jr. © vs El Coyote [MEX MIDDLE]
first defense
6) Atlantis, Blue Panther, Volador Jr. vs Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero

Match 5 is probably the biggest singles match of Coyote’s career. A title change seems unlikely.

Einar el Salvaje is from Costa Rica, wrestling in the CWE promotion that brings in CMLL and other international names. He says he’s been training in CMLL since June (outside a brief return home), with Virus, Volador Jr., Tony Salazar and Hechicero as his Mexican teachers.

(Einar el Salvaje is not to be confused with Einar el Vikingo, a low level Mexico City area wrestler who hit a child ringside in May 2021, subsequently was ostracized from the scene, and may have subsequently snuck back in under a mask. CMLL would normally shorten someone to one name but probably doesn’t want to do so to prevent confusion here; I’m mildly surprised they didn’t make him just change it.)

CMLL (MON) 11/27/2023 Arena Puebla
1) Astro & El Novato vs King Jaguar & Sombra Diabólika
2) Angelito, Galaxy, Pequeño Magía, Shockercito, Último Dragóncito vs Full Metal, Mercurio, Minos, Pequeño Olímpico, Pierrothito [cibernetico]
3) Guerrero Maya Jr., Pegasso, Stigma vs Apocalipsis, Cholo, Disturbio
4) Tessa Blanchard vs La Catalina [lightning]
5) Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black vs El Hijo de Stuka Jr., Hijo del Villano III, Villano III Jr.
6) Ángel de Oro, Euforia, Niebla Roja vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Templario, Terrible

Back to Mondays. Tessa seems to be getting lots of singles match leading up to the one (not yet announced with Vaquer.

CMLL (SAT) 11/18/2023 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Astro Oriental, Lince Del Bajio, Último Ángel vs Eclipse Jr., Obek, Rav
2) Hatana, Katara, Magia Azul vs Estrella Maldita, La Pantera, Yemaya
Hatana return from injury
3) Dulce Gardenia, La Fashion, Star Black vs Gallero, Ráfaga, Stolar
Stolar debut
4) Dark Silueta, La Catalina, Stephanie Vaquer vs Mystique, Persephone, Tessa Blanchard
Mystique return from retirement
5) Magia Blanca, Magnus, Rugido vs Barboza, Difunto, Guerrero de la Muerte
6) Dark Panther, Máscara Dorada, Místico vs Averno, Flip Gordon, Furia Roja

CMLL Guadalajara programming believes Flip Gordon is a rudo. He probably will end up that way; US guy in military fatigues is going to have an uphill battle getting over as a tecnico. It may just be CMLL is getting Soberano going as a rudo and didn’t want Gordon to be doing the same at the same time.

Mystique last wrestled June of 2021, “retiring” with the idea she’d be focusing primarily on her OnlyFans account while still working with CMLL in some capacity. (She did some of the Turiluchas sort of appearances for a while.) OnlyFans keeps a lot of numbers hidden, but it does mention she has about 85 posts since opening it. That’s about one every two weeks, if she was continually active. She hasn’t been promoting on Instagram, so it may be done. (Or at least they’re going to want to do those sorts of deals informally, not on a platform that’s going to take a big chunk of money.)

Mystique might be back full time or might be in a situation like La Maligna and others where she’s got to work her way onto a permanent main roster spot from Guadalajara. I guess we’ll know if she turns up on Informa. (She wasn’t very good prior to her retirement and two years off is unlikely to have made her better.)

Atlantis & Soberano are 2-0 and Yota Tsuji & Zandokan are 1-1 in the World Tag League. Atlantis & Soberano’s next tournament match is Sunday against Lance Archer & Alex Zayne, while Tsuji & Zandokan are in the main event against Hikuleo & El Phantasmo.

Zandoakn, on CMLL Informa, sent in a video talking about surprising everyone as Yota Tsuji’s partner in the World Tag League. They did team once in Guadalajara, but it sounds like they didn’t really become friends until Zandokan moved to Mexico City full time a little bit later. They were both training under Volador and Virus, and bonded weightlifting together.

Rocky Romero defends both the MLW Middleweight Championship and the CMLL World Welterweight Championship versus Mascara Dorada on 12/07. That’s the important part you need to know. The set up was weird. Dorada talked about going the MLW date on CMLL Informa – match was set, focus was more on how much international work Dorada is doing. MLW promoted it instead as “Dorada challenges Romero, how will he respond?”, wagering no one would actually watch the video they were linking to. MLW’s YouTube show on Thursday did have Dorada challenging Romero without getting an answer; I guess maybe that’s happening later. Anyway, this leaves me hoping Romero beats Dorada, because Dorada’s first world title win should come some place more meaningful to CMLL fans than an MLW show on FITE.

On Friday, Stephanie Vaquer was among a group about a dozen of athletes given a plaque and a medal by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). It’s officially the 2023 Premio Estatal del Deportes, designed for those who have excelled in 2022 to 20223. Tinieblas and Alushe are also mentioned as receiving an award and I’m not entirely sure what they’ve done in the last two years to earn that. I presume the government office just asked CMLL for a name and so it’s good for Vaquer that she got to be that name.


TV this week will finish off Guerra de Titanes

  • Forastero & Sanson vs Arez & Komander
  • Lady Shani vs Chik Tormenta in a cage match
  • Negro Casas & Pentagon Jr. vs La Bestia del Ring & Taurus
    • Taurus didn’t end up wrestling due to a health issue

AAA finishes off 2024’s TV taping on Sunday with the co-promoted Ultraclash. It doesn’t air live, but instead should start airing on Space next week. I don’t have a real good sense of the Impact taping schedule, but it appears they’ve airing their tongue-in-check “IPWF” retro concept starting next Thursday.

(AAA is still running special Luchatitlan shows, including a Thanksgiving one tonight. They’ll probably have another one in December, though this is really just about four extra people.)

This week’s WON explained Sam Adonis & QT Marshall are still supposed to be top rudos as Los Gringos Locos, and Penta and Konnan trashing them as unworthy of that name is apparently supposed to get them over to that goal. What we know about this version of AAA above all is Konnan wants rudos who get ‘real heat’, the Mercenarios angle (where Adonis was also involved) got garbage in the ring, and so it was a successful show by their metrics.

Tulancingo’s Black Piston says he advanced to the next round of the AAA tryouts. He actually says he was invited to participate by Crazy Boy. That competition was announced as being open to Mexico City wrestlers only. Crazy Boy encouraging people to tryout in a competition he’s judging doesn’t read great. None of this is much of a surprise.


IWRG , NGT (WED) 11/22/2023 Arena Naucalpan [IWRG]
1) Milagro & Rey Gato Jr. b Acerus & Silver Kid
2) Sagitarius b Danessa
3) Rey Aztaroth & Súper Boy JR. b Águila Oriental & Ryu
4) Centvrión, Gannicus, Rey Espartano b Auzter, Fussion, Tornado
Yorvak interfered to help Gannicus’s team, though they ended up fighting and setting up a singles match
5) Águila Roja & Hijo del Pirata Morgan b Noisy Boy & Spider Fly
Pirata’s team won, but then he offered Noisy Boy a title match with Aguila Roja and challenged Spider Fly to a singles match

Both the top two matches finishes were the opposite of what would make sense to set up next week’s matches. I hope this at least helping pay the electrical bill.

IWRG (SUN) 11/26/2023 Arena Naucalpan
1) Auzter vs Ryu
2) Bengalee & Keyra vs Lolita & Sádika
3) Dr. Cerebro, Freelance, Spider Fly vs Cerebro Negro Jr., Rey Halcón, Yorvak
4) Hijo de Canis Lupus, León Dorado, Mr. Leo vs Imposible, Maniacop 360, Rey Espectro
5) Hell Boy vs Cerebro Negro [bull terrier]
6) Gran Pandemónium, Hijo de Pandemónium, Pandemónium Jr. vs Hijo del Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr.

The IWRG Aniversario show is coming up and I have no idea what that main event will be. “Maniacop 360” is on the list of “this is why I’m quitting IWRG” Facebook posters this year. Did he change his mind? Did IWRG recast the character to retain the worthless Maniacop 360 IP alive?

Big Lucha

They’re back tonight with a Big Lucha World at 8:30 pm local.

  • Mr. Win vs ?
  • Limbo vs Reieyl
  • Helios & ??? vs Nordico & Sangre Nueva

It’s a low-wattage show where the biggest name is Mr. Win, but maybe the mystery people will be notable. Big Lucha has put up the main event from their last show, but nothing else on YouTube so far.

Other News

Hidalgo referee Mr. Justicia (Manuel Lola) passed away Tuesday.

Mexico State referee El Chiquilin (Juan Antonio Heredia) will be honored Saturday at the Lucha Memes show in Coliseo Coacalco for 34 years in that role. Mistico headlines the show. Besides being a good referee, Chiquilin has a number of behind the scenes roles, from assisting with the matchmaking to choosing which movie played on the promotion bus the one time I traveled with them to Queretaro. He’s not retiring or anything, just being honored.

The “Rey Mysterio versus La Oscuridad” animated series debuts in Mexico (Carton Network, HBO Max) on 12/08. This thing I has been in the pipeline for so long that, when the ad was airing during Guerra de Titanes last week, I couldn’t process if this was new information or an old cartoon I long ago forgot about. You can watch a trailer here. No word on a US release.

For months, perhaps years, I complained that Monterrey’s RIOT promotion wasn’t releasing shows in a timely manner, or at all. After a very long pause between uploads, they put up the 2022 (March) La Rina on their Patreon in September 2023, It’s taken me until November to start to watch it. Maybe I’m actually the problem.

I’ve only gotten through part 2, but I’d already say it’s worth subscribing to the Patreon for the first day. (The Patreon is $5/month; the show is also supposed to go up on IWTV but has not yet.) The whole show is strong, and the main event of Arez, Latigo, Toxin versus Prometo, Kratoz and Iron Kid would’ve been considered one of the best Mexican wrestling matches of 2022 had it been available last year. It’s just all action trios wrestling, with great teamwork and speed. And also a tire for some reason. I liked all the first round tournament matches; Aramis/Gringo Loco was the best but others weren’t far behind. There is no commentary and the venue doesn’t have the right vibe for RIOT but it’s also like two venues behind now so not really worth worrying about. I hope to get to part 2 today after finishing this post.

2024 FantasticaMania roster, CMLL early week results


CMLL (TUE) 11/21/2023 Arena México [CMLL]
1) Micro Gemelo Diablo I & Micro Gemelo Diablo II b Átomo & Chamuel
Chamuel suffered an injury taking a tope suicida and left the match early.
2) Full Metal, Pequeño Violencia, Pierrothito b Aéreo, Angelito, Kaligua
Pierrothito fouled Angeltio and everyone challenged everyone else
3) Andrómeda, La Vaquerita, Skadi b Amapola, Olympia, Persephone
4) Cancerbero, Luciferno, Virus b Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa
5) Flip Gordon b Templario [lightning]
6) Místico, Titán, Valiente b Bárbaro Cavernario, Mephisto, Terrible

A just alright show. Flip winning was a given and probably should happen as the new guy; I still was bargaining for a time limit draw.

CMLL partnered with the United Nations to unveil a new mural at the entrance of Arena Mexico on Tuesday prior to the show. The mural, painted by Oaxacan artist Mari Mariel, is named “La Lucha no solo esta en el ring”, and features portraits of various CMLL luchadoras. The timing is to celebrate 75 of years of the UN’s declaration of basic human rights, and current exchange to eradicate violence against women and girls. The painting is mostly in purple and orange; purple represents “the feminist fight” and orange is a color against gender violence. Many CMLL luchadoras (including the currently injured Sanely) and UN officials were on hand for the ribbon cutting.

CMLL (TUE) 11/21/2023 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Mas Lucha]
1) Atilus, Maximus, Rey Urano b Abigor La Pesadilla, Relámpago Azul, Rumbero
2) Calavera Jr. I, Calavera Jr. II, Hijo del Calavera b Fúnebre, Mortis, Ponzoña Jr.
3) Persa b Ajolotl [lightning]
4) Enigmática, Lady Amazona, Mayahuel, Shitara b Adira, Dulce Kitty, Náutica, Sexy Sol
5) Adrenalina, Explosivo, Fantástico b El Malayo, Rey Apocalipsis, Siki Osama Jr.
6) Bestia Negra, El Gallero, Halcón Negro Jr. b Dr. Karonte I, Dr. Karonte II, Enfermero Jr.
7) Máscara Dorada b EuforiaHijo del SoberanoPanterita del RingÚltimo GuerreroGran GuerreroStuka Jr.Hijo de Stuka Jr. [cibernetico]
listed as a cibernetico but worked as a four way tag

I know so little about this card there are no time stamps there. Or for Arena Mexico. Sometimes you wake up early to get more done and  just end up farther behind.

Atlantis Jr. & Soberano started their World Tag League with a win, while Yota & Zandokan lost their opening match. I expect Zandokan to be taking many losses, based on his role more than his ability. Both teams’ next match in the tournament is Friday morning: Soberano & Atlantis face Bullet Club’s Jack Bonza & Bad Luck Fale, while Yota & Zandokan wrestle Minoru Suzuki & Yuji Nagata.

NJPW also announced the names for FantasticaMania 2024:

  • Mistico
  • Volador Jr
  • Titan
  • Atlantis Jr.
  • Soberano Jr.
  • Dark Panther
  • Stigma
  • Ultimo Guerrero
  • Hechicero
  • Rocky Romero
  • Templario
  • Stuka Jr.
  • Okumura
  • Mascara Dorada
  • Pegasso
  • Brilliante Jr.
  • Magnus
  • Difunto

That’s 18 names, up from 15 last year. It was 21 names back in 2020, so they’re slowly ramping up.

The last five are the debuts. Mascara Dorada was an obvious name to include; he’ll probably be on a lot of these. Stigma (first appearance since 2015) needed a fellow Fuerza Poblana for the annual tag team tournament, Pegasso’s never gone and has been helping CMLL out with training this year, it’s a good lifetime achievement award. Likewise, Volador needs a tag partner and Magnus hasn’t had a turn to go yet. (Pencil in Rugido for 2025.) Difunto is a bit of a surprise since he’s had nothing going on since Zandokan moved on to other partners, but he’s good and has a big personality; he’d do well on a tour like this even if he gets nothing to do. Brillante Jr. is also a surprise, but his name carries more weight than Neon or Futuro, and maybe that’s the difference.

Besides those two youngsters, Angel Rebelde is a notable name missing – but he’s missing from just about everything right now. The winner of the Torneo Escuelas tournament appeared in Arena Mexico once in April, twice in July and not since then. He has appeared occasionally in Guadalajara, but something caused him to go from being the big new name of the year to being excluded. Zandokan Jr. being part of the tag team tournament and not FantiasticaMania is unusual. He seems to be getting over well, and it’s possible he’ll be a late addition. Barbaro Cavernario is the big name from last year, who’s not back this year. Dark Panther is a welcome return.

CMLL wrestlers appeared on a float as part of Mexico City’s Revolution Day parade on Monday. Los Gemelo Diablos, Esfinge, Fugaz, Hera, Star Black, Hijo del Blue Panther, and Olimpico appeared. CMLL had been mentioning this on their streams the last week.

Informa today

  • Octagon & Atlantis – Friday main event
  • Mascara Dorada – MLW
  • Reyna Isis – Puebla cibernetico
  • Pegasso, Magnus, Brillante, Difunto – FantasticaMania
  • Pequeno Estrellas – cage match announcement?
  • Einar el Salvaje – Costa Rican luchador, probably debuting this weekend


Mas Lucha posted a lot of Guerra de Titanes interviews. The Lady Shani, Sexy Star, and Dalys ones establish that Dalys is a ruda and maybe betrayed the tecnicas in the cage match. We’ll see this weekend. Well, I’ll see this weekend, I don’t know if you’re still watching.

No sign of Ultraclash on FITE so my Sunday is a bit more free and my wallet is a bit heavier. Can’t give AAA money these days.

AAA had the second tryout on Tuesday. There’s not much to take from these without seeing video of the matches, and they’re not live streaming those as they had in past tryouts. Maybe later on? El Sol del Hidalgo mentions that Crazy Boy was working for AAA as part of the tryouts, which surprised me because Crazy Boy hasn’t been around AAA this year. He started the Mr. Iguana/Nino Hamburgesa versus the entire nation of Japan feud, then just vanished like so many other AAA characters. (Microman was in that program too.) Crazy Boy says he has worked in AAA creative with Konnan, which is news to me. “Creative” could mean a lot of different roles; he may have just been the person to pitch that angle since he’s continued to use Kento/Takuma strongly in DTU based off it.

Other News

Mas Lucha announced their full field for the 2023 Torneo Suprema women’s tournament:

  • Kaho Kobayashi
  • Mary Caporal
  • India Sioux
  • Diosa Nix
  • Big Mami
  • Sadika
  • Mary Apache
  • Julissa

The full card is also out. This takes place on 11/30 and will stream for members. I assume Julissa is going to win. I don’t believe she’s a big deal in Mexico at this point but, because she’s coming in fresh from elsewhere, there’s a chance to make her feel like something. What will likely happen instead is she’ll continue to win random titles without any feud to keep her interesting and then she’ll just be another random indie luchador who doesn’t matter. That just hasn’t happened yet.

RadioUG has an interview with Octolan, Jalico’s Shury. She’s a two-sport athlete, also on a local women’s soccer team, and hoping for more support in both endeavors. The dual activities did become a problem at one point; she showed up for soccer practice with bruises and her teammates were very concerned until she explained her other life as a luchadora.