AAA #880 (04/04)

It’s May, might as well start putting up the April recaps.

AAA #880 (04/04), taped 03/04

Cinthia Moreno ©, Oriental, Billy Boy vs Gato Eveready, Gran Apache ©, Fabi Apache – was Fabi’s pin on Oriental the end of the Morenos in this feud? Maybe just revenge for all the times he’s tried to cripple her this year alone. Best match on the show, of course.
Nicho el Millionario, Joe Lider vs Crazy Boy & Ultimo Gladiador – move, your turn, move, your turn, move, your turn. You know what this is? This is board game wrestling. Like Crazy Boy rolls a five, moves his piece five spaces, and does whatever move is on that space before handing over the die to Joe Lider.
Jack Evans & Teddy Hart vs X-Pac & Alex Koslov – this, on the other hand, is X-Pac’s continuing crusade to get US tag style matches over in Mexico. Still needs some work. This was apparently the end of Nikki, I think, only no one’s noticed.
Electroshock, Silver King, Zorro © vs La Parka Jr., Charly Manson, Abismo Negro © – the great thing about Parka Jr. is he’s unable to anything, but also wants to look strong. There comes a point where Konnan > Parka, and it’s not because Konnan’s getting any better.
Chessman & Konnan vs Mesias – screwy, and dumb screwy at that (Mesias isn’t going for revenge on Arturo, that should’ve been done in a Vamp match), at least Chessman got another win on Mesias before the title match.

Not included is the secret beatdown on Vampiro, which featured at least three different cameras. As secret beatdowns often do.

Sunday Mexico results, interviews

CMLL (SUN) 05/10 Arena Mexico [Ovaciones]
1) MolotovSenseiCamorraInquisidor
2) Dark AngelMarcelaSahoriAmapolaHirokaMima Shimoda
3) Bam BamMascarita DoradaShockercito DQ Pequeño Damian 666Pequeño ViolenciaPequeño Warrior
4) Fabian el GitanoLa MascaraSagradoBlack WarriorMisterioso IIShigeo Okumura
5) AvernoHeavy MetalTexano Jr.Hijo del FantasmaMetroValiente
6) Blue PantherMisticoShockerDos Caras Jr.EphestoMephisto
7) Hector GarzaLa SombraVolador Jr.AtlantisRey BucaneroUltimo Guerrero

Not a lot on the main event. In the semimain, Shocker got Dos with the toque de espalda (Villano V cradle) for the win. Not only did Fabian repalce Mictlan in the fourth, he and Rey Bucanero did the stripping bit they were planning for the Lucha Libre Expo here instead as a Mother’s Day bonus. DQ in the minis match was Damian fouling Shockercito.

(Reforma via Jazzo) El Dandy is threatening to retire because no one will book him. That’s usually how it works. Here, Dandy is not as much complaining about not being offered matches, but not being offered what he feels is a fair price for a wrestler of his stature. He’s angry that they’re low, and he’s angry that they’re balking at things like flying him out, or telling him he’s not big enough star to be worth what he’s asking. Dandy specifically complains about IWRG stopping booking him after he asked for a pay raise. Dandy still wants that title versus career match with Blue Demon Jr., because NWA Mexico is the only promotion that’s treated him right (this says many things about NWA Mexico) but will choose to no longer wrestle before lowering his price. You know, El Dandy hasn’t been a regular in CMLL or AAA since 2003.

Satanico doesn’t like US wrestling or Konnan’s influence on wrestling. This is a non surprise. Neither really are Konnan’s comments to Box Y Lucha about bad wrestling and Perros del Mal.

Box Y Lucha #2921 has Shocker and Dos on the cover. Inside, Mistico says his tour to Japan is not canceled (I suspect time machine – or it’s just postponed, whatever) and it seems like Konnan and the Perros have nice things to say about either out suddenly. HMMMM.

Ohtani’s Jacket watches three good matches.

Schedule might be off the next couple days.