05/09-10 Lucha Times

box. Another easy week, and not much useful outside AAA.

AAA US: Wagner’s first AAA match, with Mesias vs Lider/Nicho, plus Alan/Escoria and Tiger/Crazy in tournament matches.

This is the first taping after the cast knew of Abismo’s death; all of you who are following this show on YouTube have a better idea than people like myself who just wait for on TV, but I’d think some tribute might turn up here. I’ve been catching up on the last three episodes of AAA this week (I got to Lider/Nicho and lost the will to go on) and it’s startling to go from the Rey de Reyes show dedicated to Abismo to the follow up shows where he’s completely unacknowledged. It’s a circumstance of when these were taped, but it doesn’t make it less weird for Abismo to become a non-person in one week.

AAA MEX: AAA helps out here: the Las Vegas taping will air, meaning Cibernetico returns to AAA TV for the first time since Guerra de Titanes. That actually works out pretty well if, say, Cibernetico ends up being a surprise memeber of AAA’s team at TripleMania. I forgot we had results from the Vegas taping: it’s Psycho Circus vs Parka/Marco/Vamp in the main event, Mesias vs Electro, Charly/Ciber vs Lider/Ozz, Crazy/Super Fly vs Jack/Teddy and Fabi/Octagon/Pimpi vs Decnnis/Mari/Mini Abismo

FOX/LATV/52MX/CMLL TV/Cadena3: reruns and such. Even if CMLL runs on Sunday, those matches won’t turn up until next week.

Don’t forget that LATV has changed it’s schedule – the new episode (which won’t be this week) is the same, but the reruns are moved around. I’ve never gotten a correct programming grid on my system, so I need to change around some manual recordings.

In other things that maybe only matter to me: thank god someone finally fixed the picture on Galavision (or someone between me and Galavision fixed their problem, it’s the same to me.) It’s so much better, like a real network.

I really should start to figure out the Veo lineups for this.

updated AAA TV taping schedule

AAA’s posted about the new plans.

Here’s the lineup, and it’s a busy stretch of four tapings in two weeks.

05/18 Leon
05/21 Aguascalientes – rescheduled from 04/30, but new (unknown) lineup
05/25 Tlaxcala
05/30 Acapulco

and then TripleMania. Before the swine flu, there was a taping in Hidalgo after Acapulco, and I’m not sure if that’s been rescheduled or just omitted. By replacing Hidalgo with Aguascalintes, TripleMania’s air date is not pushed back (starting 06/28 in Mexico and 07/18 in the US), though Tlaxcala and Acapulco fall back a week. Not that it matters, since we don’t know what’s meant to be on them.

Edit: I’ve lost track somewhere along the lines, but if I add it up correctly, TripleMania starts 06/21 and 07/17, a week earlier than I had them previously. Unless plans change again.

No word if the Lucha Libre Expo show is still planned to be taped, but we’ve got a couple weeks to figure that one out.

AAA also updated the cruiserweight tournament, which is being compressed due to the cancellations. The Leon taping will feature all three semifinals: Alex vs Nicho, Alan vs Laredo and Jack and Extreme Tiger having a rematch to settle the tie. The winners meet for the title on 05/21.

The winner of Jack & Tiger is the clear favorite. If that winner wasn’t seen as necessary for the final (at least at the moment), they would just eliminate both of them and move on with one less match to worry about. It’s also clear that those in the final are already penciled in other (more important) matches for TripleMania and even the weeks leading up to it, or there’d be no need to rush it.