AAA #881 (04/11)

AAA #881 (04/11), taped 03/15

Video quality is awful. I made very minimal effort to fix it from Galavision.

Black Abyss vs Ozz vs Abismo Negro vs Latin Lover in a Rey de Reyes semifinal – even with the backsliding, or maybe because of it, Abismo Negro and Latin Lover’s relationship was far more interesting than most anything else in this tournament
Joe Lider vs Silver King vs Alan Stone vs Elegido in a Rey de Reyes semifinal – a match.
Nicho vs Electroshock vs Super Fly vs Octagon in a Rey de Reyes semifinal – not even a match!
Escoria vs Kenzo Suzuki vs Super Porky vs La Parka Jr. in a Rey de Reyes semifinal – Parka’s switched to the armbar because it’s easier for him to do than a small package, correct?

Not that this tournament was going to mean anything anyway – you’ll note how six weeks later, it matters not at all (Electro is back to generic goon, and Zorro seems to have gotten the feud with Charly instead) – but could’ve they have saved themselves some trouble and just sliced the fourways into singles matches? Absimo/Latin (Abyss interferes), Silver King/Elegido, Electro/Super Fly, Parka/Kenzo. Just like this tournament was run because this tournament is always run, the four ways happened because it’s always fourways, but there wasn’t any effort into them.

– Chessman vs Mesias for the AAA Mega Heavyweight Championship in a cage match: part 1, part 2 – both guys lean super heavy on doing using whatever hardcore spots to a pop in a big match, and then completely ignoring it five seconds later (so everyone else does.) This was all their worse impulses coming out, a half hour of pointless forgettable spots with no story. They did make the last spot mean something, but they took forever to get there.

Let’s look back at this championship story again:

– Mesias throws Chessman off a high place thru a table
– Chessman pins Mesias
– Chessman beats Mesias again with help from the Legion
– Mesias throws Chessman off a high place thru a table

???? Crafty of Mesias to expose Chessman’s weakness of being thrown from a high place thru a table.

Tuesday notes

ESTO previews tonight’s show, as does Ovaciones. Main is Garza/Panther/Fantasma vs Niebla/Casas/Felino

AAA notes Leon features the Dark Family teaming up as a trio for the first time in a while and maybe some explanation of what’s up with Guapito and the Metrosexuals.

RFC says Mini Charly Manson got his knee surgery on Sunday and is expected back in 3 months. It was thought to be six months previously, so this would be an improvement.

Cesar sees Konnan settling with TNA as a prelude for him going back to working the US.

Kcidis’ latest cartoon previews TripleMania.

Guerrerso del Ring #189 has Virus on the cover. Yay! Inside, there’s an interview with Alebrije, Psicosis, and “Hysteria” about their identity issues post-AAA.

Luchas 2000 #469 has El Faraon on the cover, because he’s referring a match at a legend’s show next week. Slow week.

LuchaWorld has Robert on Arena Coliseo Monterrey 04/04/04 and CMLL 06/22/92 CMLL, as well as KrisZ’s update.

This week’s Ras de Lona is just a collection of moves, dives, and bad injuries thrown together randomly. So weird, but I did have at least 4 “oh, that’s what I’m supposed to call that” moments.

CMLL LATV #139 (04/04)

CMLL LATV #139 (taped 03/27, 03/29)
Leono, Flash, Stuka Jr. © vs Loco Max, Arkangel ©, Skandalo – you know, the weird thing about Leono’s mask is I can not find any masked career of Leono. We’re very sparse on 2004 Arena Puebla lineups, but he doesn’t appear in any Puebla show until 2005, and he’d already been working undercard matches in DF by then. When they did that thing explaining his mask, I was expecting a reveal of previous gimmick – did I just miss it?

The match itself was fine and I wish they would just do the Tuareg feud for the Arena Coliseo tag belts already. If I was in charge of the world, I’d be doing six Arena Coliseo defenses a year, and doing Sangre Azteca middleweight defenses the other six months, just so everyone has big match experience before they’re asked to do one that actually matters. Giving people a little bit of motivation wouldn’t hurt either.

Hijo de Fantasma, Sagrado ©, Mictlan vs Terrible ©, Ephesto, Hijo de Lizmark – while we’re doing dumb personal iedas: since everyone’s gotten on board my idea for feuding Valiente and Virus, my next big push is Fantasma vs Ephesto. Fantasma will have to find some way to stop sliding out for no reason except to get toped hard, but the tope itself is worth it. This match was not worth it, with guys on both sides (but much more the rudos) walking their way thru it.