2013 AAA Rey de Reyes preview.

live coverage schedule: Rey de Reyes starts at 5pm local. Due to Daylight Savings Time, that’s 6pm Central. It’s the same time as CMLL’s broadcast on Terra.com.mx AAA’s been much improved about with their live updates, but it’s still only text updates every 15 minutes. (There is no known audio or video ways to see this show outside of being in the building, or waiting until it starts airing on TV on March 30th.) We’ll probably end up talking about the CMLL show as much.

There’s less to actually preview for Rey de Reyes. Part of the reason is just the  way I do things – I did a sort of preview 12 days ago. The more important reason is this just isn’t as consequential a show as Dos Leyendas. It should draw well, but CMLL’s show was designed to be an end point in some ways, while AAA’s show is a milestone onto something bigger. TripleMania is a place where big feuds get resolved, but it’s rare the big issues even get teased ending elsewhere. Heroes Inmortales’ big match was ‘a lot of guys in a cage’ and Guerra de Titanes big match was ‘a lot of guys in a cage’. There is no cage tonight, it’s the different ‘a lot of guys in a tournament that may not mean anything.’

AAA TV (SUN) 03/17/2013 Plaza de Toros La Monumental, Monterrey
***Rey de Reyes, 2013***
1) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker

The pattern of late is Uro Rocker distraction leads to Rockers winning, and beating up the Clowns. This match – the same match that was important enough to main event the Fusion taping but is an opener here – may not even air, so there’s no real reason to do anything different. These guys will have plenty of practice against each other by the time they finally get to the title match (TripleMania?)

The Rey de Reyes tournament

a brief checklist of recent winners and recieved mega title shots

2008: Zorro – Yes, at TripleMania
2009: Electroshock – Yes, but not until the following year’s Rey de Reyes
2010: Chessman – No.
2011: Extreme Tiger – No.
2012: Perro Aguayo Jr. – Yes, at TripleMania

The winner of the tournament hasn’t been brought up much if it at all. Easiest way to look is if a minor guy wins the tournament, they’ve got other plans for the title match (and might come back to him later on.) If a major guy wins, then he will get the title shot.

2) Canek, el Hijo del Perro AguayoCibernéticoElectroshockSilver KingToscano [Rey de Reyes, semifinal]

Canek is in possession of a reality distortion field which makes people believe it’s about 1985 whenever he’s around. He and Cibernetico have feuded back to the early days of Cibernetico’s career (which Cibernetico was a big muscle guy who won all the time but none thought he was much good in the ring; a lot has changed.) Perro should just offer Canek a PdM t-shirt to start the mach. Those three should cancel themselves out, Silver King and Toscano should cancel each other out, and Electroshock wins because they like Electroshock.

3) El Mesías, Heavy MetalLa ParkaParka NegraOctagónPentagón Jr. [Rey de Reyes, semifinal]

I love Pentagon Jr., but I have no idea who he’s supposed to be working with here now. Parka Negra is a friend (so they’ll fight for no reason, because that’s the way AAA works), Octagon & Heavy Metal should not be trusted, La Parka is well aware of his limitations. I don’t know that Pentagon Jr. and Mesias works together, but that’s what they need to try. Parka Negra has come off as just a guy – that’s a big problem with introducing new acts at Guerra de Titanes every year, the new car smell wears off while you’re still airing Best Of shows – but it wouldn’t be unreasonable for him to win. I still think Mesias has the best shot here.

4) LA Park, Jack EvansVillano IVPsicosisDragoChessman [Rey de Reyes, semifinal]

This match is not improved by having Villano IV in it, but it is the best chance for a good match out of all these blocks easily. This is also the place where an inexplicable Jeff Jarrett appearance might occur, but Jeff’s Twitter account sounds like he’s home today. That leaves no one really able to stop LA Park (though it means 3 sort of tecnicos in the finals.)
5) Juventud Guerrera, DagaFénixCrazy Boy [AAA FUSION, final]
vacant title

I’m not sure why this tournament needed to happen to have this match. Daga is champion. Juvi is the last champion who was never beaten for the title (and made sure we all knew that on Tercera Caida), Fenix has been gesturing for title belt matches for the last month and even Crazy Boy is probably designated as a cruiserweight even though he’s seems to have increased his fighting weight on this return. The whole tournament was sort of cruiserweight guys, but these finals are even more specifically a cruiserweight title match without the proper title.

I understand the point of this is to have a title which could be defended on FUSION, but couldn’t the Cruiserweight title just be that title? It ought to be defended some place! This is going to be the same style of match – lots of moves, lots of pinfall breaks up for no reason (if it’s an elimination match, you want to see other people eliminated, you don’t care who eliminates them, I can’t believe I have to explain this) – and a couple crazy spots which don’t lead to eliminations for no particular reason. I think this is Crazy Boy’s title, because the other three could be messing with other title, but I don’t know that it matters much.
6) Fabi Apache, Mari ApacheTaya ValkyrieLuFisto [Reina De Reinas, final]
vacant title

Regardless of the reasons Sexy Star gave up this title, they still allowed her to go on TV and do a promo where she go to vacate this title while still declaring she was better than anyone who might hold their title. This was the same week where Dorian and Konnan were being sent packing by the entire lockerroom. I didn’t think there was enough revenge there, but   Sexy Star was allowed to leave with zero revenge by the tecnicas. Sexy Star is pregnant and she should not have done a match if she didn’t feel comfortable doing one, but couldn’t she have been at least fired as well?

There’s two possible answers. There’s always weirdness that prevents Faby Apache and Sexy Star from losing to each other in a big match, so maybe this is just how they’re getting the title back to Faby this time. The other solution is the title is staying on the ruda side, and they didn’t want a ruda vs ruda match. I’m thinking the latter actually the correct one this time, because Faby challenging for the title is the easiest way to go in the future. Mary already has a title. I didn’t think LuFisto’s debut was good until the final minutes of that match, but she’s better than Taya and they’ve already teased a match between LuFisto and Faby in the future. Might as well go with her.

7) Texano Jr. vs Blue Demon Jr. [AAA HEAVY]
Texano Jr. is champion. Third defense (first announced prior to the show)

Texano as champion seems to be working okay. He’s been positioned as a secondary act so far, which isn’t great, but this title match will help. If he can get away from Psycho Circus feuds and wrestle in the actual top matches going forward, that’d be a help too. the fans take him seriously. There’s no reason for him to lose the title this early, though some sort of weirdness on the finish to allow Demon to save some face should be expected.

This is Demon’s biggest singles match since the 2002 matches with Hijo del Santo matches in Arena Mexico. He’s had other singles matches, he’s been NWA champion, but this is the biggest audience in a long time. Texano’s title win at Guerra de Titanes was as important for proving he could wrestle main event matches as it was to actually win the title. This is the same match, but for Blue Demon. Those who have worked with Blue Demon Jr. the last few years seem to really believe in him; he’s got a chance here to sway some of us doubters.

8) Group 1 Winner vs Group 2 Winner vs Group 3 Winner [Rey de Reyes, final]

I’ve got Electroshock, Mesias and LA Park, and do not like how looks now that I’ve actually written it. This is the one tournament Mesias hasn’t won yet, so him taking it and moving on to a title rematch at TripleMania is the easiest answer.


The Marisela Pena decision on Dorian & Konnan’s firing hasn’t been promoted much online or on the poster, but it’s been brought up on TV the last few weeks. This surely will get Dorian and Konnan back around, and maybe the way to start a roster split for the eventual US group.

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  1. Great preview. Very good thing, that both moments, – Your preview & card, – have an intrigue (if we’re talking about the results).

  2. Yeah, the difference with Ciber is, Ciber is now a less muscular guy, who we KNOW is bad in the ring.

  3. Awesome preview.

    If Mesias does not win, it might have to do with WWL. I’m thinking LA Park could win but the angle advances or there’s a twist leading to LA Park vs el Texano vs. El Mesias at Triplemania.

    Mesias wins back the belt in Puerto Rico and el Texano deserves rematch but LA Park says he’s next for shot @ Mania leading to three way.

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