a few sparse notes

Outside of the result of the main event – Los Piratas winning the trios tournament over the Oficials – no results from last night’s IWRG show as of yet. You can see pictures here.

On this week’s MLW Radio, Konnan’s asked who he would’ve wanted to send to TNA if TNA had it’s act together on visas and he could’ve sent whoever he wanted. He names Fenix, Drago, Daga, Samuray del Sol, Ricky Marvin and Jack Evans.  That’s basically the same list he usually says when asked that sort of question. Based on his mention here and showing up on that Neza lineup, I’d guess Ricky has a deal like LA Park with AAA or Dark Angel with CMLL, where he’s booking his own schedule as first priority but working for AAA when he’s not in demand. There’s also a story about Psicosis, Halloween and others recently choosing to take a freeway instead of the tollway back from a show in Reynosa, and ending up paying a pricey toll due to the local cartel.

CMLL changed the Sunday cards slightly. Olimpico is in for Polvora on Sunday, and Sangre takes Olimpico’s place on Friday.

Lucha Libre in Japan

Dark Angel advanced to the finals of a four woman #1 contenders tournament, but lost to Io Shirai in the final.

CMLL Gaceta’s note on the upcoming CMLL trips to Japan adds Estrellita as the name I couldn’t make out.


R de Rudo looks back at Atlantis vs Villano III.

Angel Blanco Jr. wants the next title match at Hijo del Santo. It’s either that or a trios match vs La Migra for the next TxT show.

History of boxing in Arena Coliseo also features the 1,000th retelling of Oro Jr.‘s death.