CMLL 81st Anniversary preview

Tonight’s show airs at 8:30 pm on Terra. You can find out more details at this link.

1) Blue Panther, Cachorro, Dragon Lee vs Felino, Puma, Tiger

The match which most transparently exists just to get people on the card. CMLL even changed it around for that purpose, adding Blue Panther and Felino to that match after just announcing the other four. The original match would have been a crazy spot fest, and the dads may slow it down while adding more sense to it. Puma and Tiger are very good but never get past a certain level. This is probably about getting young promises Dragon Lee and Cachorro up to that level.

2) Goya Kong vs Estrellita, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, Amapola, Zeuxis, Tiffany, Dallys la Caribeña [Copa 81 Aniversario]

CMLL women do not often make the Anniversary show, which usually results in complaints from the luchadoras and their supporters. This match – for a trophy which will never be mentioned again in two weeks – is a correction for that this year, at least. It’s a normal elimination cibernetico, maybe lasting long enough to give everyone a moment and then eliminate them. All the tecnicas (Marcela,  Estrellita, Sugehit  and Goya Kong) either have titles or recently won big matches, which means it’s probably a ruda winning this match. Amapola hasn’t won many big matches of late and would seem like a good bet in usual CMLL terms in spreading the wins around. She would also be a great winner for ensuring a good match. There are combinations of women here who could make for a very good match and for a very trying one.

3) Máscara Dorada, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Euforia, Mr. Niebla, Thunder

There are a lot of fun luchadors in this match, but this one seems about the decidedly unfun Thunder. After a unsucessful and error filled run as a tecnico, Thunder pulled a more than welcome disappearing act this year. It was hoped he had returned to Australia for good, but he apparently was training as a rudo under Satanico for a big return. It is always nice to see a promotion give a new guy a big chance, you just wish it was not someone who had already wasted his first chance. (Usual bit of a tall guy with muscles getting many shots.) This is his first match back. CMLL lined up three of their most popular tecnicos as a tackling dummiesand has had successes turning unpopular faces into strong rudos. Thunder will be the star of this match by design and will likely win, but it is more about he impressive he looks. This is happening even if Thunder trips over his own two feet, but it would more palletable if he did not.

4) Rey Cometa vs Cavernario [hair]

There are a few unsolved mysteries with this card. Sombra, a face of the company, being left off the show is one. Cavernario and Rey Cometa as the second apuesta match is another. At times, CMLL has hinted at a similar match with much bigger names. Even when CMLL finally settled on this match, they promoted it in such fashion that few even knew it was happening. (Maybe even the people producing the TV?) It’s a shame, because this match deserved weeks and months of hot trios to build it up and instead is going to sneak up on people as one of the best matches of the year. Rey Cometa is a spectacular high foyer and Cavernario is capable of doing anything at any time. The weekly criowd has adopted Cavernario as their own new star, and the match should be great enough to pull in those just showing up for the bigger match. Neither apuesta outcome is really in doubt and this match, like the Thunder one, is about showcasing a potential new drawing card. Cavernario is still years away, but that’s obviously the plan and why he will win.

5) La Máscara & Rush vs Negro Casas & Shocker © [CMLL TAG]

Rush has headlined the two biggest Arena Mexico houses of the year. He will semimain this one in a tag title match with La Mascara against Negro Casas and Shocker. Rush beat those two men in rough hard hitting hair matches. The much older Rush victims did win these tag titles in between, but have been otherwise trounced in this feud. There is no real next challengers for Shocker and Casas with a win, unless Sombra is swapped in, but the way thus was added suggest something is up. My wild guess is a Shocker/Casas breakup, but this us the hardest important match to pick by a wide margin.

6) Atlantis vs Último Guerrero [mask]

The saga of Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero started ten anniversary shows ago, when a wildly pro Dr Wagner crowd rebelled and CMLL felt forced to eventually turn Atlantis rudo in response. (Same as Sombra last year.) Atlantis lied with Guerrero, then they broke up and became mal amigos. The only problem is Ultimo Guerrero stopped having new matches ten years ago, running out the same singles match every tine since. This match is where the casual fan has the advantage. Coming in fresh and not knowing which move is kicked out of everytime will only help your appreciation. Those of us who have bought a ticket are paying for the moment where Guerrero tries for his invincible Guerrero Special inverted superplex, and we find out what happens next.

Guerra de Titanes 2013 preview (and 2012 look back)

Maybe it’s better there isn’t much going on with Guerra de Titanes 2013. Look back at all the major events from last year’s Guerra de Titanes:

  • Daga wins the cruiserweight championship
  • Octagon Jr., Parka Negra and Pentagon Jr. debut
  • Texano Jr. wins the heavyweight championship
  • the Jarretts make a surprise appearance to attack LA Park.
  • Vampiro loses his hair
  • Konnan announces he’s taking all the rudos and forming his own promotion.
  • Joaquin announces Konnan can’t leave because he’s under contract for one more year.

Wow, tonight being Konnan’s last show has been vastly underplayed! Or it’s one of many storylines thrown out as big deal which were never went anywhere. The teased split in the same segment was never really was explained again, one of two teased splits in the last twelve months which were trumped as huge deals then completely ignored. (That they couldn’t be bothered to explain why the second one didn’t happen was particularly amazing.) It’s amazing AAA appears to be laying the groundwork for a third split when they’ve got no credibility left with that bit.

The title changes haven’t amounted to a lot. Both men are still champions, but the championships haven’t been that important. Texano has done better, but the title win felt like a breakthru to the top tier of protected AAA guys (Mesias, Cibernetico, Perro, La Parka.) It hasn’t turned out that way – Texano’s remained on the tier just below, important enough to get things for most every PPV but not important enough to even feud with those top guys (because that would mean they would have to lose, and that’s not happening.) AAA hasn’t used the cruiserweight title since this match; the implosion of the Perros del Mal meant Daga was pulled into the tag team feud to an extent, but that’s also a declaration that Crazy Boy & Joe Lider are more important to AAA than Daga. AAA seemed genuinely excited about Daga in 2012, but he’s just been floating around in 2013.

The Jeff Jarrett & LA Park thing was absurdly stretched out and had no ending, which is the pattern for Jeff Jarrett feuds in AAA. AAA doesn’t seem to get much out of them outside of Jeff’s Twitter feed. It’d be surprising if whatever Jeff does tonight goes anywhere.

The debuts were all reality checks of some sort. AAA appeared to think Samuray del Sol would mark out so much for being Octagon Jr. that he’d make AAA his top priority. Instead, he never appeared on AAA TV again. Parka Negra was an attempt to put an existing top level guy in another identity and keep it quiet until for a long time. It took a week before people figured it out. (Still think they should’ve seen it thru, but maybe they just lost interested in this as well.) The reality check with Pentagon Jr. is you can be very good in AAA, AAA can acknowledge you’re very good, and you can still drift thru a year with nothing much to do. Tonight’s the first AAA major show Pentagon Jr. has wrestled on since Rey de Reyes, and he only made that one because Fusion was still a thing.

We’ve already been told something major will happen tonight. We probably should wait a few months to see if it still is major.

1) Dinastía, Ludxor, Venum vs El Apache, Machine Rocker, Mini Charly Manson

Also at Guerra de Titanes 2012, the Rockers took their first loss ever. Like Pentagon Jr., Machine Rocker is great and hasn’t been part of a major show since Rey de Reyes (which means he hasn’t had a feud since Rey de Reyes.) There’s a complicating situation with the Rockers – one of the other Rockers asked out of the trio – but there were imminent plans for a new person to be placed into the role back in September. It’s December, and it still hasn’t happened.

The tecnicos are the latest young high flyers and they’re set up against guys who will make them look good. Tecnicos should win.

2) Angélico, Fénix, Jack Evans vs Eterno, Pentagón Jr., Steve Pain

Eterno’s not wrestling, AAA refuses to stop false advertising this match. It’s even a free show, it’s not going to cost them any tickets at all, and they can’t say Carta Brava or whoever is filling in here. It could be stubbornness, or it could just be lack of internal communication.

This should be the best match of the show, possibly great. Jack & Angelico are in the argument for tag team of the year; they didn’t really get together until midway thru the year, but every match they’ve been in has been very good and they’ve been featured frequently on television the last few months. (Maybe Delta & Guerrero Maya are close, but there’s not many teams who’ve been together as much and had big matches.) Eterno & Steve Pain would’ve made a lot of sense as tag team challengers sometime in the future, but that’s not possible. Maybe Pentagon gets a win on Fenix instead.

3) Pimpinela Escarlata, Taya Valkyrie, Mamba, Jennifer Blake, Faby Apache, Pasion Kristal, Yuriko, ? [cage, hair]

My favorite part of this Wednesday’s Tercera Caida was when their guests were guessing who the mystery person might be and appeared to guess every single person in the world with the exception of Sexy Star. Which I take to mean it’s really Sexy Star.

I hate lucha libre cage matches. I will probably hate this lucha libre cage match. Betting on Mamba to do the dive off the top, and Pimpinela to get an early holiday bonus.

4) Blue Demon Jr. vs Electroshock [AAA LA]

I don’t understand the people who believe Electroshock is an awesome technical luchador, but those people do seem to exist. They are confusing people. This would actually be a halfway decent spot for Electroshock to turn rudo to give both of the guys something to do; this was definitely build up like the first match of a long feud where something turns one of these guys. But, AAA could only get Texano to beat Demon by giving Demon a win right back on TV, and that’s probably more effort than it’s worth for Electroshock. Demon retains.

5) Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Hijo del Fantasma, Silver King, Texano Jr. [AAA TRIOS]

anything other than the Clowns beating Silver King would cause my brain hurts.

6) Cibernético, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, El Mesías, La Parka vs Daga, Jeff Jarrett, Parka Negra, Psicosis

Zorro’s not listed, but he appears to be something akin to crow Sting now. Something’s got to be set up for Zorro to need to make the save. Maybe Jeff has a random unbiled TNA guy playing bodyguard. The Big Angle will probably come after the main event, and the big angles always seem to come after the rudos beat up the tecnicos. I assume that happens here; the rudos get the win, Zorro comes in to make the save, Zorro gets laid out because he’s a tecnico and then whatever whatevers

The big angle has to be someone turning. That tecnico side is the 4 top guys in AAA, and AAA doesn’t work if they’re all on the same guys. Everyone else, including those four guys on the other side, are treated as if they’re no challenge to the top guys. (Look at the Secta feud.) It should be fixed by the end of this show. Either the Perros del Mal are doing a fake breakup to set up tecnicos for a beatdown (and a return to the TripleMania status quo), or some other tecnico is turning to replace him. Cibernetico wouldn’t make any sense, and La Parka didn’t work last time. Maybe it’s time for Mesias to be a rudo again.

CMLL 80th Anniversary Preview


1) Fuego, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. vs Ishii, Namajague, Shigeo Okumura

From the main event of Dos Leyendas to the opener of the Anniversary show! At least they made the card. The five guys who aren’t Ishii have had good matches (when Namajague hasn’t been hurt), so this works as long as they can figure out how to get Ishii involved. Or how to just keep him out of the way until the finish, as they did with Taichi. I originally thought Team Japan would win, but now believe the tecnicos will get a good opening victory.

2) Brazo de Plata, Máximo, Titán vs Euforia, Mephisto, Niebla Roja

Comedy match to get easy reactions from the crowd, and get Titan and Niebla Roja in a decent spot. Titan should get in a couple crazy spots and the Brazo family will get the win in the end.

3) Negro Casas, Shocker, Terrible vs Marco Corleone, Rush, Vangelis [Relevos Increíbles]

(We had this lineup wrong in the podcast.) That’s like the Alliance to End Rushamania in one trio. Rush hates a lot of people, but not many more than Negro, Shocker and Terrible. I’m not sure how his teammates will fit in with Rush, but it may not matter. The only person Rush is friends with in this match is Marco, and something where Rush’s team loses and Rush and Marco argue after fits with everything else that’s gone on. I’m picking team Casas in a good match.

4) Blue Panther vs Averno [hair]

The most fitting finish would be Blue Panther winning in 0:12 in a wristlock. That’s not going to happen. The onscreen story, or at least the on the internet story, is Panther ended Rodolfo Ruiz (Averno’s father) career and now Averno will do the same to Panther. That should mean Rodolfo in Averno’s corner and maybe one of Panther’s sons in his. My hunch is the actual seed of this idea comes from the Arena Coliseo anniversary show, where Averno was included in the maestros match, there was push back that Averno wasn’t actually good enough to be in that match, and Averno was actually very good – but also good enough to be spun into a feud with Panther where Averno is actually not a maestro at all. I believe that storyline will fade away a bit in this match. Averno and Blue Panther have always been really good against each other and have unique rules to play with. If the fans get into this, this could actually end up the best match on the show, and they’ll need to believe Blue Panther is really in danger to get into this feud. Still, Panther feels like the pick.

5) Atlantis & Último Guerrero vs La Sombra & Volador Jr. [winners advance]

Back in March, when Atlantis versus Ultimo Guerrero was signed, I argued that while that match was probably the biggest match they could do at the moment, the better matches for the long term would’ve been Sombra/UG or Volador/Atlantis. This is an attempt to do a little of both, but in only the most casual way. There’s been only slight interaction between the four luchadors. CMLL building as two separate mask matches, with this match being minimized into a coin toss to decide which one is happening. CMLL could’ve used this match as a springboard to build speculation into which match will happen and springboard new feuds out of it. So far, it’s just been used as a roadblock.

The match should still be good, with the weirdness of close team work prior to each team facing each other. Both teams nearly breaking up but keeping it together seems right. This match was good in March and probably will be good here, though likely with a lesser amount of time.

I had a hard time believing CMLL would ever really do Sombra vs Volador before the match was actually announced to happen. I still have a hard time believing it will ever happen. Ultimo and Atlantis advance.

6) Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión [CMLL TRIOS]

This might be a good match on another day, but it’s one begging to not get much time and likely to get cut farther if the rest of the show goes long. (I imagine that’s why it ended up as the semimain.) This should be an Estetas win and just an opportunity to do their big spots in front of a big crowd. Mistica on Dragon Rojo to finish it.

7) ? vs ?? [mask]

Longer, more extended format of the singles matches Atlantis has done this year. (Except for the first two falls.) A Gran Guerrero switch that gets caught seems likely; they’ve told that “Villanos pulled a switch to beat Panther” enough to try and draw upon it here. This should be a good match turned great by the crowd reactions, and Atlantis wins it with an Atlantida in the middle of the ring.

AAA TripleMania iPPV Q&A

What are the important things to know?

AAA TripleMania will air on uStream on June 16th. The show starts at 6:30 pm CT and will around 4 hours. It will cost $14.95 (USD). You can order the show here, and the complete lineup is available here. The show will be broadcast in Spanish only.

Who can order this iPPV?

As far as we can tell, everyone. There will be no region restriction.

AAA has said TripleMania would also be on conventional PPV broadcast via Sky Mexico PPV for those who have access, and are expecting some sort of announcement from Sky about it today. AAA also mentioned the show being available in movie theatres, but there are no details about that.

Will the show be available on demand?

YES. AAA announced on Tuesday that the show would be available to rewatch until July 5th.
Read More

2013 AAA Rey de Reyes preview.

live coverage schedule: Rey de Reyes starts at 5pm local. Due to Daylight Savings Time, that’s 6pm Central. It’s the same time as CMLL’s broadcast on AAA’s been much improved about with their live updates, but it’s still only text updates every 15 minutes. (There is no known audio or video ways to see this show outside of being in the building, or waiting until it starts airing on TV on March 30th.) We’ll probably end up talking about the CMLL show as much.

There’s less to actually preview for Rey de Reyes. Part of the reason is just the  way I do things – I did a sort of preview 12 days ago. The more important reason is this just isn’t as consequential a show as Dos Leyendas. It should draw well, but CMLL’s show was designed to be an end point in some ways, while AAA’s show is a milestone onto something bigger. TripleMania is a place where big feuds get resolved, but it’s rare the big issues even get teased ending elsewhere. Heroes Inmortales’ big match was ‘a lot of guys in a cage’ and Guerra de Titanes big match was ‘a lot of guys in a cage’. There is no cage tonight, it’s the different ‘a lot of guys in a tournament that may not mean anything.’

AAA TV (SUN) 03/17/2013 Plaza de Toros La Monumental, Monterrey
***Rey de Reyes, 2013***
1) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker

The pattern of late is Uro Rocker distraction leads to Rockers winning, and beating up the Clowns. This match – the same match that was important enough to main event the Fusion taping but is an opener here – may not even air, so there’s no real reason to do anything different. These guys will have plenty of practice against each other by the time they finally get to the title match (TripleMania?)

The Rey de Reyes tournament

a brief checklist of recent winners and recieved mega title shots

2008: Zorro – Yes, at TripleMania
2009: Electroshock – Yes, but not until the following year’s Rey de Reyes
2010: Chessman – No.
2011: Extreme Tiger – No.
2012: Perro Aguayo Jr. – Yes, at TripleMania

The winner of the tournament hasn’t been brought up much if it at all. Easiest way to look is if a minor guy wins the tournament, they’ve got other plans for the title match (and might come back to him later on.) If a major guy wins, then he will get the title shot.

2) Canek, el Hijo del Perro AguayoCibernéticoElectroshockSilver KingToscano [Rey de Reyes, semifinal]

Canek is in possession of a reality distortion field which makes people believe it’s about 1985 whenever he’s around. He and Cibernetico have feuded back to the early days of Cibernetico’s career (which Cibernetico was a big muscle guy who won all the time but none thought he was much good in the ring; a lot has changed.) Perro should just offer Canek a PdM t-shirt to start the mach. Those three should cancel themselves out, Silver King and Toscano should cancel each other out, and Electroshock wins because they like Electroshock.

3) El Mesías, Heavy MetalLa ParkaParka NegraOctagónPentagón Jr. [Rey de Reyes, semifinal]

I love Pentagon Jr., but I have no idea who he’s supposed to be working with here now. Parka Negra is a friend (so they’ll fight for no reason, because that’s the way AAA works), Octagon & Heavy Metal should not be trusted, La Parka is well aware of his limitations. I don’t know that Pentagon Jr. and Mesias works together, but that’s what they need to try. Parka Negra has come off as just a guy – that’s a big problem with introducing new acts at Guerra de Titanes every year, the new car smell wears off while you’re still airing Best Of shows – but it wouldn’t be unreasonable for him to win. I still think Mesias has the best shot here.

4) LA Park, Jack EvansVillano IVPsicosisDragoChessman [Rey de Reyes, semifinal]

This match is not improved by having Villano IV in it, but it is the best chance for a good match out of all these blocks easily. This is also the place where an inexplicable Jeff Jarrett appearance might occur, but Jeff’s Twitter account sounds like he’s home today. That leaves no one really able to stop LA Park (though it means 3 sort of tecnicos in the finals.)
5) Juventud Guerrera, DagaFénixCrazy Boy [AAA FUSION, final]
vacant title

I’m not sure why this tournament needed to happen to have this match. Daga is champion. Juvi is the last champion who was never beaten for the title (and made sure we all knew that on Tercera Caida), Fenix has been gesturing for title belt matches for the last month and even Crazy Boy is probably designated as a cruiserweight even though he’s seems to have increased his fighting weight on this return. The whole tournament was sort of cruiserweight guys, but these finals are even more specifically a cruiserweight title match without the proper title.

I understand the point of this is to have a title which could be defended on FUSION, but couldn’t the Cruiserweight title just be that title? It ought to be defended some place! This is going to be the same style of match – lots of moves, lots of pinfall breaks up for no reason (if it’s an elimination match, you want to see other people eliminated, you don’t care who eliminates them, I can’t believe I have to explain this) – and a couple crazy spots which don’t lead to eliminations for no particular reason. I think this is Crazy Boy’s title, because the other three could be messing with other title, but I don’t know that it matters much.
6) Fabi Apache, Mari ApacheTaya ValkyrieLuFisto [Reina De Reinas, final]
vacant title

Regardless of the reasons Sexy Star gave up this title, they still allowed her to go on TV and do a promo where she go to vacate this title while still declaring she was better than anyone who might hold their title. This was the same week where Dorian and Konnan were being sent packing by the entire lockerroom. I didn’t think there was enough revenge there, but   Sexy Star was allowed to leave with zero revenge by the tecnicas. Sexy Star is pregnant and she should not have done a match if she didn’t feel comfortable doing one, but couldn’t she have been at least fired as well?

There’s two possible answers. There’s always weirdness that prevents Faby Apache and Sexy Star from losing to each other in a big match, so maybe this is just how they’re getting the title back to Faby this time. The other solution is the title is staying on the ruda side, and they didn’t want a ruda vs ruda match. I’m thinking the latter actually the correct one this time, because Faby challenging for the title is the easiest way to go in the future. Mary already has a title. I didn’t think LuFisto’s debut was good until the final minutes of that match, but she’s better than Taya and they’ve already teased a match between LuFisto and Faby in the future. Might as well go with her.

7) Texano Jr. vs Blue Demon Jr. [AAA HEAVY]
Texano Jr. is champion. Third defense (first announced prior to the show)

Texano as champion seems to be working okay. He’s been positioned as a secondary act so far, which isn’t great, but this title match will help. If he can get away from Psycho Circus feuds and wrestle in the actual top matches going forward, that’d be a help too. the fans take him seriously. There’s no reason for him to lose the title this early, though some sort of weirdness on the finish to allow Demon to save some face should be expected.

This is Demon’s biggest singles match since the 2002 matches with Hijo del Santo matches in Arena Mexico. He’s had other singles matches, he’s been NWA champion, but this is the biggest audience in a long time. Texano’s title win at Guerra de Titanes was as important for proving he could wrestle main event matches as it was to actually win the title. This is the same match, but for Blue Demon. Those who have worked with Blue Demon Jr. the last few years seem to really believe in him; he’s got a chance here to sway some of us doubters.

8) Group 1 Winner vs Group 2 Winner vs Group 3 Winner [Rey de Reyes, final]

I’ve got Electroshock, Mesias and LA Park, and do not like how looks now that I’ve actually written it. This is the one tournament Mesias hasn’t won yet, so him taking it and moving on to a title rematch at TripleMania is the easiest answer.


The Marisela Pena decision on Dorian & Konnan’s firing hasn’t been promoted much online or on the poster, but it’s been brought up on TV the last few weeks. This surely will get Dorian and Konnan back around, and maybe the way to start a roster split for the eventual US group.

2013 Homenaje a Dos Leyendas preview

live coverage reminder: I’m doing usual major show chat/live results bit for both H2L tonight and Rey de Reyes Sunday night. Tonight’s chat will start around the start of the show – 8:30pm Central Standard Time, 9:30pm Central Daylight Savings Time. Mask match probably won’t end until after 11pm local, which means early Saturday morning for most of you reading this. East Coast US readers are advised to take a nap.

Match by match…

1) Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Tritón vs Felino, Puma, Tiger
2) La Máscara, Máscara Dorada, Valiente vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto

Or not match by match, because these two can be easily passed by. They both would be have strong lineups; Felino and Epehsto both greatly vary in levels of performance but are usually motivated to work harder when with other people who want to work hard. They’re liable to be good matches while they last, but probably not last as long as we’d like – the top matches are going to run longer than usual, and they’ve got to fit the presentation of Rayo de Jalisco in here as well.

Triton is the one surprising inclusion on the card. Maybe it was designed to be Titan’s spot and he’s just not ready to come back yet, but CMLL generally seems higher on guys like Angel de Oro and Diamante, who are sitting this out. Puma & Tiger remain a fun team in their rare teamups, and Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. are a set team who need their own name if they’re not going to be hanging out with Atlantis. The segunda reunites 5/6ths of the Hijos del Averno vs Generacion Dorada feud of 2011; if Sombra has to deal with other matters, Valiente is a pretty good fill in.

My pick is the tecnicos taking the opener to start the night on a positive note. Even though picking Averno to win a match with La Mascara is a risky thing, that seems like a place where the rudos can get a win.

Neither match is expected to air on North American TV, but should eventually surface thru SamuraiTV.

3) Estrellita vs Amapola [hair]

18 months ago, these two had a title match, which I called Estrellita’s best match ever

Much better than I would’ve figured when this feud started, and leagues better than Amapola/Lluvia. … I don’t know what Estrellita’s expectations were for her CMLL stint, but she’ll at least have this match to be proud of.

Someone’s expectations increased. That title program was one CMLL generic ones – two people feud for three weeks, title defense, everyone ignores it until they want to repeat it in another building – but it started Estrellita’s ascent from middle of the pack tecnica to the beautiful star of the company. (This peaked with episode 8 of this past season of El Luchador, where a supposed reality show films Estrellita taking a shower for no apparent reason, and Estrellita is kind enough to leave the shower curtain open.) Marcela is the world champion, the announcers tend to say Amapola is actually the best, but it feels like there’s a strong belief that Estrellita was the most marketable luchadora and CMLL has worked hard to exploit that this past 12 months. It’s a plan I haven’t been high on – I think there’s a better choices and Estrellita is too over the top – but CMLL knows their audience better than I do.

The Amapola/Estrellita feud went on a very long for CMLL feuds – continuously since last Fall, but reaching back towards that first title match and Estrellita’s tecnica turn – and agonizingly ran in place for most of it. It needed some sort of twist or incident in the middle of it to avoid it getting stale. Estrellita has been champion most of this time and they’ve brought up the title during the feud, so it’s strange it didn’t happen and possibly points to a result.

Amapola’s lost her mask in CMLL, back in the long ago time where CMLL used Dark Angel well, and it turned out okay for her in the long run. Amapola lost her hair once when CMLL randomly decided they needed a women’s apuesta match with no build, which didn’t help her but didn’t kill her momentum. If she loses again here, her fans will think she’s for real exactly like Terrible last year. If Estrellita loses, she hits a brick wall. Bald Estrellita would be incredibly sympathetic, but also lose a lot of her reason to exist. Diana La Cazadora, a similar character, lost her hair only when she was wrapping up in CMLL – Estrellita can only be losing hers if the same is true. Estrellita is still national champion and there’s no sense she’s done here, so I think she’s got to be hanging on to her hair.

4) Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Rush, Shocker vs Mr. Niebla, Terrible, Universo 2000
returns for Rayo and Universo

CMLL generally does a poor job of promoting their live events on TV shows. The goals of their television should be to make sure sponsors are visible and to get people in the doors, since those are their only two sources of revenue, and there’s obviously a lot more work done one of those than the others. The most they do are short vignettes going in, and brief liners read on some of the shows which are quickly dismissed. It may be a network directive in some cases, though CMLL’s Fox show seems completely produced by CMLL themselves and has the least amount of promotion for other events. The Terra web broadcast is probably the best about promoting upcoming events, because they use interviews to make up for having no graphics or video features, but it’s also the least watched show by far. I’d be surprised if a 100 people saw it most weeks, it’s not much of a difference maker. CMLL still relies heavily on ancillary methods – lucha magazines, newspapers, Tercera Caida, media interviews elsewhere – to do the heavy lifting as far as getting out word for their shows, while mostly wasting the widest distributed outlet.

This is not at all a new criticism if you’ve been reading this site for any length. I bring it up because I think it may be a major problem for this match. The concept of bringing both Rayo de Jaliscos back is to draw from fans who have stopped coming to shows but still care for luchadors of a bygone era. CMLL’s done a strong job of promoting Rayo de Jalisco Senior’s appearance on tonight’s show, but has barely mentioned his son, and done very little to promote his match with Universo. The press conference fight was mentioned but not dwelled on, and their match is only mentioned as one thing in a list of events, never treated as the star return it could be. (In the week leading up to the event, it was really only Rayo de Jalisco Senior promoted on TV; both apuesta matches were downplayed.) We’re seeing a lot of lucha libre events this week which play to the nostalgia fans have for the 80s and 90s – Villano V & El Signo’s retirement shows, the inclusion of older names on the Rey de Reyes card, the entirety of Todo x el Todo – promoters believe there’s a market for these guys. I understand it in the right amounts. I’m not a particular fan of Rayo, but it at least seems like a lot of people might be and would be excited to see him come back to Arena Mexico one more time. I wonder how many know he’s going to be wrestling tonight. I’m sure it’s not as many as it should be.

If you’re going to bring back Rayo and Universo for a short term, you might as well give them a decent spotlight. It’d be nice if the other four guys get something out of this match, but this match exists so people can relive their memories of the Rayo de Jaliscos, and you should give those fans that. Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 are both in town to work on other shows this week, and I’ve got an unsupported hunch that they may get involved here and set something up next week – something to avoid the usual post major show drop off – but Rayo’s side will at least get the win on the record book.

5) La Sombra & Volador Jr. vs Atlantis & Último Guerrero [natl pi, final]

In an ideal world, this isn’t setting up Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero. It’s also not setting up Sombra vs Volador. It’s setting up young guys vs old guys to see who’s actually the best, instead of both pairs mostly continuing on separate tracks. If we skip ahead a few chapters, Ultimo Guerrero vs Atlantis would do very well for one night but not really mean a lot long term. (Ultimo Guerrero is going to be still be Ultimo Guerrero if he wins. It’s not a bad thing to be, but he’s not going to mean a lot more for business; I feel this so strongly that I’m uncertain why anyone assumes Atlantis would be losing a mask match between the two.) Volador vs Sombra would do nearly as well for one night and may mean more over long term – the winner has the first legitimate claim at being the Undisputed Best Guy since peak Mistico – but it wouldn’t count for as much as beating a legend. Sombra vs Ultimo Guerrero? Volador Jr. vs Atlantis? Heck, Volador Jr. vs Ultimo Guerrero or Sombra vs Atlantis? Those are the matches with ground shaking force.

This match, the one that’s actually happening as opposed to ones which will only live in an over caffeinated mind, will go along way to determining what match we’re actually getting at Anniversario. We’ve gone over this before – Terrible & Rush broke up in this final last year, in front of one of CMLL’s biggest crowds of the year, and they used to springboard to the hair match in September. It was an easy plan, one that seemed to work fine, and one that’s easily repeatable. Both teams should problems with each other, because all teams have problems with each other in this kind of tournament, but the one that fights last will probably be fighting again in six months time.

There’s plenty of material here to make it a good match before that point. I’m persistent with my dislike of Ultimo Guerrero singles matches the last few years, but he’s much more palatable as a tag team wrestler. Atlantis and Volador had about a year’s worth of good trios matches against each other and should be good together here. Sombra is Sombra. This will be good unless the breakups totally overpower the match.

Sombra and Volador have had an awful lot of singles matches lately, an odd decision if they were just starting on the road to a mask match. Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero have had none. Sombra & Volador win this.

6) Rey Cometa & Stuka Jr. vs Namajague & Shigeo Okumura [mask, hair]
Stuka & Namajague put up their masks, Cometa & Okumura put up their hair

The important difference between this major Rey Cometa feud and the last major Rey Cometa feud – what a weird phrase – is what the feud was about. Cometa and Puma fought simply off who was better at lucha libre. They kept pushing each other to stronger acts, and so we had people getting swung into barricades and diving off stages by the end. This feud is about Sneaky Japanese, cheating and counter cheating. It started with fouls, went thru mask pulling, and is now at mist spots (though none so well enough to get over the mist.)  The luchadors should have an exciting match, but you should expect the finish to be screwy, because the rest of the feud has been as well.

Everyone expects Namajague & Okumura to lose, and they should. It’s not the last match for Namajague – he’s booked at least Sunday & Tuesday in Guadalajara, which suggests they’ve saving his return to Arena Mexico for next Friday. (Stuka is not hidden, back at Arena Mexico Sunday.) NJPW is currently on tour and returning guys typically do not join until the start of a new tour or a big event. That which would be the early April Invasion Attack shows, or the mid April tour, either of which date would allow Namajague to stick around a few more weeks even if he’s losing his mask tonight.

If tonight goes as planned, it would be Stuka’s third major mask win. There was a discussion, either here or on Twitter, about how Stuka hadn’t moved up CMLL cards as much as hoped. I think that’s true, but I also think it’s beside the point for him. Stuka’s one of the most easily identifiable CMLL luchadors, with a signature look and moves. Stuka’s beaten Flecha and Jeque for the masks, he’s been national champion, he’s been tag team champions for five years in what started out as a trivia fact and finished up being big defenses in Mexico City every few months. Stuka’s gotten to wrestle in Europe, in Japan, in Brazil and now he’s going to be headlining one of the biggest CMLL shows of the year. I’m sure he’d like to have had a bit more money and a bit more fame, but Stuka’s been blessed with the most rare thing in CMLL – frequent feuds and rivalries which actually get resolved. I don’t know Hijo del Fantasma, but I do know he’s been world champion and he’s usually booked higher than Stuka, and I’d believe he’d swap careers with Stuka in a second. Mascara Dorada, who is awesome, has spent most of the last year doing very little. Something like the Arena Coliseo Tag Team titles may be beneath him, but I’m sure he’d gladly take it if it meant he was doing more than meaningless trios. People don’t remember if where you were booked on the average card in the long run, they only remember if you won big or lost big. CMLL gives out precious few opportunities to do either, and Stuka’s pretty blessed to get another one of those opportunities tonight.

Heroes Inmortales preview

site note: chat and live results will start at 5PM with coverage of CMLL on Terra show, and go thru whenever Heroes Inmortales ends (or whenever AAA’s cell battery runs out)

There’s not a lot to talk about this show because they’ve built it so quick. I thought last week’s TV was really good in establishing the key matches. They didn’t make me need to see any of the matches, but at least I should know the top three ones.

Domo Centro de Espectaculos in San Luis Potosi is a 11,000 seat venue. Tickets are cheap for a show of this magnitude. It’s AAA first taping in the area since last May. AAA usually runs the smaller Auditorio Miguel Barragan, so there’s some confidence they’ll have a big number. I really should be out of the attendance guessing game after the Anniversary, but I would guess AA gets a 9,000-10,000 turn out and is happy with it.

1) Dinastía, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito vs Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis, Mini Psycho Clown

Normal minis opener. Every Heroes Inmortales match had a stipulation in previous years, but AAA seems to have dropped the idea this year. It’s for the best, because this one would have probably been weighed down with a glow in the dark or lumberjack stipulation. Instead, they’re just doing about as good a minis trios match as they can put out there (you can quibble with Mini Psycho Clown), a perfectly fine way to open a show. The two minis feuds are Dorada vs Mini Charly Manson and Octagoncito vs Mini Psicosis. No Manson, so Octagoncito pinning Psicosis it is.

2) Atomic Boy & Fabi Apache vs Fenix & Lolita and Gran Apache & Mari Apache and Jennifer Blake & Último Gladiador [AAA MIXED TAG]

If Sexi Star is still supposed to be the referee for this match, it has not been mentioned on TV as yet. (Which could mean anything.) Gran Apache & Mari Apache are the best team, if they’re interested in making these belts mean something, but all the teams set up good possiblities. Halloween should factor into this somehow, and I’ll guess this time it’s costing his new love the match, giving Atomic Boy and Fabi Apache the win.

3) Abyss & Chessman vs Joe Lider & Vampiro [AAA TAG]

No one knows why this is happening, this match is sure to be awful, and someone might get hurt. Get excited! Joe Lider is not feuding with any of these people, he’s feuding with Psicosis (still!), so Psicosis will probably turn up and cost Lider the match. Jarrett’s coming back again, so Abyss is probably coming back in December and they can wait to lose to a ‘real’ team then (though they already should be getting one ready.)

4) El Elegido vs Extreme Tiger, La Parka, Toscano, Daga, Héctor Garza, Juventud Guerrera, Zorro, El Mesías, Heavy Metal, Psycho Clown, Texano Jr. [Copa Antonio Pena]

No idea if Hector Garza is still on this show. He would otherwise make sense as a winner, as would Texano, Mesias, and even Parka. Texano seems like a sure bet to beat Mesias, just not totally sure if they won’t decided that’s enough and hand the win to someone else. They’re running a series of skits with Parka and Octagon leading up to this show, which could lead to Octagon making a tecnico return here, getting some revenge on Consejo. I kind of like that idea, so I’ll pick Parka.

5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, LA Park vs Jeff Jarrett, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Silver Kain

Just killing some time. Jarrett should win if they’re really ending this in December, with whatever they want to be the big kickout spot next time. (Clean, cheating, it doesn’t actually matter.) This probably will be way too long and not something I like.

6) Cibernético, Cuervo, Jack Evans, Ozz, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween, Teddy Hart, Psicosis [dome cage, hair]

TV pushed this as Perro vs Cibernetico, but neither are losing a match like this. Ozz was totally ignored in a post match beatdown; him or Cuervo would be seen as rip off, and really Psicosis doesn’t work if he’s going to wear his mask. Jack and Teddy seem like they’ve been just thrown in this to make up the numbers, same as Extreme Tiger & Halloween in the match at TripleMania. I am really suspicious of Halloween suddenly turning up with hair extensions and it’s be easy to have Mari cost him the match as revenge for earlier. I could be convinced otherwise, but Halloween’s my pick for right now.

CMLL 79th Anniversary Show preview

note: I’ll have live coverage and a chat about the show when it kicks off @ 8:30 pm CT. Check back then for a post.

CMLL (FRI) 09/14/2012 Arena Mexico
***79th Anniversary Show***
1) Dalis la Caribeña, Goya Kong, Marcela vs Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Tiffany
2) Delta, Stuka Jr., Valiente vs Ephesto, Mephisto, Niebla Roja

Neither of these matches have anything going on (at least for this location) and won’t make TV if the main matches are shown. They differ in quality. CMLL’s tecnica squad is weak as always, while the segunda has a nice combiantion of tecnicos and rudos. Outcomes don’t really matter, but they’ll probably split the results anyway. Figure on this show starting with a reversal of how the last one ended (Goya beats Blanca) and Mistico’s personal rudos getting a rare win in the second match.

3) Ángel de Oro, La Sombra, Titán vs Namajague, Shigeo Okumura, Taichi

This match also don’t seem to have a lot of storyline going into it, but maybe it’ll have some coming out. Taichi don’t seem to have a particular purpose so far, and there’s three good candidates for him to feud with. Or this could just be three of the companies biggest high fliers using the guests as target practice. Tecnicos should be able to get a win here.

4) Rey Cometa vs Puma King [mask]

I know Terrible and Rush have a great match in them, but they won’t surpass what these two will pull of here. Puma King is right; winning and losing is not as important as where you go coming out of the match. It’s not about what plans CMLL has at for this moment and at this moment, it’s about what plans they’ll actually do once this match is over.

I’ve been a fan of Puma King ever since he started turning up on CMLL TV. He’s got more charisma and presence than other guys his age and level. Puma and Tiger were a fun tag team, but Puma’s progressed farther after being split off, growing from doing the same usual bits in every match to a more varied (though still occasionally repetitive) repertoire on his own. Puma’s also worked hard at modifying and improving his look; his gear is looks professional, though I wish he kept the silly crown. Long ago, I said Puma could be on of CMLL’s top stars down the line, and he’s kept moving down that path.

Rey Cometa has spent the last four and a half years beating odds. It’s hard for a middle level young guy to make it from one group to the other. Pegasso & Rey Cometa did, but Angel and others left around the same time and got lost along the way. It’s tough to make it up from the openers to relevant matches, especially when you come in as a prefabricated tag team. Messala & Caligula had to wait for a new gimmick. Artillero & Super Comando will probably always be stuck. Rey Cometa’s even busted thru the wall separating those who exist on the margins of ciberneticos and tournaments (Misterioso! Skandalo! Hijo del Fantasma!) to an honest to goodness long term feud. Cometa’s done it because he’s worked so hard and is so talented that CMLL couldn’t deny him. This looks like the farthest Rey Cometa can go, but a lot of other points have looked the farthest he can go, and he keeps going farther.

For all the reasons I’ve gone over before and on the podcast, I think Puma King will win the match.  I’m not as certain about it as the other big match.

Rey Cometa has said he’d like his brother to be his second. Puma has said he’d not like his brother – or the rest of his family – be in his corner. I hope CMLL was listening.

5) Atlantis, Mistico, Prince Devitt vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Negro Casas, Último Guerrero

There are two stories to juggle here; Dragon Rojo and Ultimo Guerrero will not end the match as friends, because they scarcely end any match as friends any more. It’s the substory to Mistico on the Anniversary show, teaming with a legend of Mexico and an International star (and trying to overshadow both.) This is probably another Mistico exhibition match, same as been done since he’s debuted, but it’s getting closer to time to giving him something more to debut. Maybe it’s not here, because Negro seems more likely to end up with Devitt and the other two are busy with themselves, but soon.

6) Rush vs Terrible [hair]

These two have had two big singles matches (and one not as big tournament match) in the last year.  They’ve both been okay, but they’re been missing something. The crowd wasn’t into the first match, the battle for the heavyweight title. That match took place during a period of great disinterest, and the crowd tonight should be much more into it. Rush hinted at blood in the match tonight, which might be the missing element, and is permitted in matches of this level.

I’m a bit concerned they might be too fired up for this match; they both know it’s the biggest match they’ve ever had, they’re going to be in front of a huge crowd, and they’re liable to be very fired up for the match. All they need to be is solid and the atmosphere will take it the rest of the way.

Rush will win because Rush is the guy on the way up, and Terrible is just a roadblock to the future. Terrible will still be the CMLL Heavyweight champion when the night is over, this rivalry will not be over, but there will not a bigger moment between them.

TripleMania XX preview

AAA’s will celebrate twenty years of TripleMania today in Arena Ciudad de Mexico. The show does not have the excitement level of previous years, but AAA has strongly built up it’s top matches.

Again, this show will not be airing anywhere. The last few TripleManias have been on PPV in Mexico, but AAA made the decision to keep this year’s show off. It seemed motivated by running a new and larger arena than in years past (22,000 instead of 16,000), but it’s actually never been clear how many people were actually ordering the PPV in Mexico. Mexico does not have widespead PPV adoption, and AAA can’t have been making much money on them if they’re skipping it. AAA’s said the show will be airing in the normal taping order, which would mean starting on TV on 08/19, but they’re also scheduling enough other TV tapings that they could skip it.

Tickets are not sold out, but seem to be moving okay. The expected last day walkup should push them over the 75% capacity mark CMLL did Friday. According to the SuperBoletos ticket website, all of the middle price tickets are gone, and all that’s left is are the cheap upper level tickets (which should move fast today) and the very expensive ringside tickets (which may not.)

1) Fabi Apache, Fenix, Octagoncito, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Dark Dragon, Mini Charly Manson, Sexy Star, Yuriko

Standard relevos AAA opener, as seen on a major show. It’s a good match to warm the crowd up with a mix of comedy and wrestling. Fenix beating Dark Dragon to expose them to a bigger crowd is my guess, but it’s the last important (and most random) outcome of the show.

2) Octagón, Semental, Texano, Toscano vs La Parka, Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown

A bundle of the visible Consejo vs Psycho Circus feud and the invisible Octagon vs Parka feud. The rudos are technically supposed to get along based on Joaquin Roldan’s ruling that all rudos have to get along (or else), but maybe what was enforced for Semental and Gran Apache won’t be enforced as much on TripleMania. El Consejo have expressed their great displeasure at teaming with an Octagon (a great traitor to el Consejo!) and it seems likely this match will end up with rudo in-fighting. I’m picking a tecnico win.

The bigger question is if this will prompt Octagon to return back to the tecnico side just as Parka did after similarly not getting any traction as a rudo. Octagon works as a tecnico on spot shows, because that’s still how the fans identify him. On the other hand, AAA doesn’t use him on TV much any way, so maybe there’s no sense in doing angles with him if they won’t be following up on them.

3) Chessman & Juventud Guerrera vs Extreme Tiger & Halloween and Joe Lider & Psicosis and Jack Evans & Teddy Hart [relevos suicidas, cage]

This is a cage match. I’m like 80% sure this is a cage match. They haven’t made it clear in the lead up, and the story they’re telling makes no sense for a cage match, but they keep using the word “jaula” in the build up, so there you go. It’s a cage match because there’s always a cage match on TripleMania (because they paid for a cage?) It’s a match that would be better served in storyline and match quality aspects without a cage, except for those who love people doing spots off the top of the cage. Every single guy in this crew has been willing to do such in the past, and that’s what kind of match this will be.

The rules are the final team left will meet in a hair vs hair (or hair vs mask) match. This needs a bit more explanation in a cage match, because it implies the teams will be together at all times. That would make sense if it’s still pinfall elimination and not escape the cage rules, but there’s no telling if those which are the actual rules.

My hunch for months has been Halloween will take the loss as a reward for staying with AAA (and Perros del Mal). Lider and Psicosis and Teddy and Jack figure to be dragged out longer, as AAA likes to do. There’s a lot of sentiment that Teddy will be the one taking the loss as punishment, but since he’d still be getting the payoff for losing his hair and doesn’t have much to lose, it does not seem like a real punishment.

AAA Hall of Fame

AAA originally announced three wrestlers would be going into their Hall of Fame on this show. They haven’t said much about it lately. If it’s still happening, it’s probably while they’re putting up or taking down the cage. Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000, and Universo 2000 would fit the bill, would play in to the mask match, and were very important to AAA in their early days. If they couldn’t get the three, AAA may have just drop this idea.

4) Electroshock & LA Park vs Jeff Jarrett & Kurt Angle [seconds hair]
Park & Electro represent Joaquin. Jarrett and partner represent Dorian.

Abyss, for no particular reason I can figure except someone put him on the poster months ago, is also in Mexico with the Jarretts.

AAA’s directed it’s focus on the top three matches. This is the one with the finish most in doubt. The rudos humiliated LA Park the last time we saw him, and evil boss Dorian getting his head shaved is something they can replayed in every TripleMania history package for the next twenty years. However, AAA downplayed the LA Park attack on TV and says they’re doing more with TNA down the road. It makes no sense for Jarrett or LA Park to lose here if that’s not over, so either Joaquin looks like a fool for choosing Electroshock on his team or AAA paid Kurt Angle a lot of money to come to Mexico and lose. AAA couldn’t pay Sting enough money to have him lose, and AAA loves to keep it’s rudos as strong as possible. I keep going back and forth on this, but at this very moment, I believe the rudos win and Joaquin gets shaved. I may change my mind before the end of the next paragraph.

The match quality is another question mark. This will be the first time the Americans have worked with Electroshock, who the Mexicans sometimes find difficult. The Jarrett’s have been focused on inciting the crowd, which makes for loud live reactions but very tedious matches on television. Kurt Angle has been good in TNA of late, but house show reports often mention how he takes it easy so he’ll have enough left for TNA’s TV. The hope is Angle will see TripleMania as something equally important, but there’s no guarantee  of that. (Especially if he’s going to lose.) This could go a lot of different ways.

Dorian Roldan and Vampiro have been going back and forth on Twitter about Vampiro appearing on TripleMania. Vampiro attacking Chessman would make the most sense normally, since that’s the match they’re setting up, but the cage bit makes that tough (and Chessman doesn’t seem a logical loser – though it sure would explain why he was added to that match.) There’s no cage stopping Vampiro from interfering in this match, or showing up afterwards to make sure Dorian doesn’t leave without getting his hair cut.

5) El Mesías vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo [AAA HEAVY]

Perro Aguayo returned to AAA two years ago on this show. The debut might have been his best moment in AAA so far; there’s been a lot of wasted chances and down moments in the meantime. Perro burned off a lot of good will, but has been much more reliable this year. This could be Perro’s new greatest moment. Mesias has had great matches at TripleMania with everyone who’s shown up to work, Perro just needs to hold up his part of the deal. I expect Aguayo to win the title.

There should be the usual Perros del Mal interference. Cibernetico and Hector Garza are expected to be in their allies corners. The Perros have been strongly hinting at some surprise, and playing word games to imply the Traumas will be debuting in AAA here. It is probably just a game; Traumas are booked in Monterrey at a 4pm show today (and they’ve promised they’ll be there), there’s no way they could be in Mexico City unless they no-showed. Zumbi hinted on Twitter that he’d be showing up TripleMania, but it read like he was just making a joke.

6) Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr. [mask]

Wagner’s winning! Going out on a limb there, I know. This isn’t really about that, or the bottle that’ll be used in the end. This is even about Wagner, who will win one more big match and add one more big show to his resume. This is really about Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. biggest and last chance to make it. Mascara is not going to vanish tomorrow if he has another disappointing outing, but he will never be in a position like this again in his career (even if things go well!) You can change everyone’s impressions with one great match at one great time. This is the time, this is Wagner at TripleMania. If Mascara has anything at all, it’s got to be here.

Just like the last few matches, and maybe numbingly so, this match also figures to have a lot of interference. Any Dinamitas who wants to show up and help out will be there, as probably will be a lot of Wagner family members. There still might be room for an exciting match in between everything else.

TripleMania starts at 6:30 pm Central Time according to the tickets, though AAA typically starts TV tapings late. I’ll be covering it as best as possible based on Twitter and blog posts. Live coverage will start around 5pm with the CMLL show in Arena Mexico. There will be a chat on the site, though I still need to figure out exactly how I’m pulling that off. Tune in and find out!