AAA Naucalpan & Arena Mexico previews

AAA has it’s first post-Rey de Reyes taping (late) tonight in Arena Naucalpan. The headline match is a rematch of the Rey de Reyes title match, Blue Demon Jr. vs Texano Jr., with the title on the line again. I felt pretty sure Texano was going to win their match in Monterrey; I’m not nearly as sure about his chances in this rematch. There’s no reason to do this match twice in short order with Demon losing, so something must going on. The taping otherwise looks like a typical post-major show AAA taping, with recent feuds replayed – Cibernetico vs Perro in a semimain tag match, the new Taya vs Jennifer feud in the woman’s match – and not a lot new yet. Dinastia and Mini Abismo do face each other in the segunda, with everyone expecting them to have a title match before long. Crazy Boy & Joe Lider vs Dr. Cerbero & Eterno in the usual IWRG guest appearance. We’re also hoping for information abut the brand split announced at Rey de Reyes.

Today’s Arena Mexico show is a lower interest show compared to the rest of March Friday night show. The main event appears to focus on the new Mr. Aguila vs Shocker feud, but there are more issues contained. It has Rey Bucanero vs Shocker when both will team up on Monday in the finals of their incredible pairs match and it has two of the current trios champions (Marco & the ailing Rush) versus two of like challengers (Rey Bucanero & Terrible). Lightning match has Rey Escorpion vs Mascara Dorada, which could be very good.

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