03/09-10 lucha times

The scourge known as Daylight Savings Time returns to the US, Canada and some (but not nearly enough) of Mexico this weekend. Clocks spring forward an hour, which means events and television shows starting in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey will be 1 hour later than you’d normally expect them to be starting Sunday night. This starts with the Terra and Noches de Coliseo broadcasts this weekend.

Latin American Sports does not list any lucha libre this week (though I’m taping the time slot just in case.) Could they have aired the IWRG show because they realized it was a big match? That seems so unlike these TV networks.


== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: Minis and the main event were hyped, and Blue Demon challenge should air in some form. The Drago/Fenix/Lider vs Daga/Halloween/Psicosis airs on the 2 hour show.

AAA-Fusion: Faby Apache vs Sexi Lady, LuFisto vs Cinthia Moreno, Juventud Guerrera vs Pentagón Jr. vs Aerostar vs Último Gladiador

== CMLL ==

Galavision/Televisa: This show has the Parajes Incrieble tournament for the next three weeks.

FOX: One last Estrellita/Amapola build up trios, and the Mistico return.

52MX: Arena Coliseo Tag Team title match.

C3: Sangre Neuva Block B.

GDL: Barbaro vs Esfinge in a title match, even more Thunder

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Atlantis, Sombra, Thunder vs Euforia, UG, Volador, and Cometa vs Okumura.

Terra: Sombra, Maximo, Rush vs Averno, Dragon Rojo, Volador. Puma & Tiger back together.

== Other ==

IWRG-AYM Sports: If it airs, Electroshock and the Pirates vs the Dinamitas

IWRG-TVC Deportes: Pirata/Tinieblas/Veneno vs Wagner/Guerrero/Hijo de Mascara

Noches de Coliseo: Maximo & Super Porky vs Simbolo & Big Neurosis.

TripleMania Date announced, Aficion, Nieto del Santo

LLA (TUE) 03/05/2013 Arena Aficion [Estrellas del Ring]
4) X-Fly b Violento Jack, Aero Boy
Violento Jack and Aero Boy did not work together. Aeroboy beat Violento, but X-Fly beat Aero for the win.
5) Eterno, Fresero Jr., Mr. Águila, Súper Nova b Extreme Tiger, Groon XXX, Super Crazy, Zumbi
Fresero Jr. was the surprise guy on Aguila’s side. Mr. Aguila snuck in a foul on Super Crazy.

Attendance here is usually minimal (sub 5% capacity) on Tuesday shows when it’s just the locals and a couple names. It seems close to 25% here. The last couple DTU shows here have had decreasing attendances; unsure if the products aren’t working for the fans or if there’s something else goes on.


AAA announced TripleMania XXI will take place June 16, Arena Ciudad de Mexico. Last year’s show in that building was very successful and everyone expected it to be back in the same location. The date is great news; a September TripleMania really messed with the pacing for the entire year, a return to June will help greatly.  The most likely main event seems to be Perro Aguayo Jr. vs Cibernetico in a hair vs hair match, but again we thought Perro Aguayo Jr. vs Jack Evans was likely for a hair match this time last year. The Mascara/Wagner feud didn’t start until Rey de Reyes.

If AAA continues it’s every other week taping schedule, they’ll have 5 or 6 more tapings after Rey de Reyes.

AAA is teasing music group Cartel de Santa for Rey de Reyes. They’re the group who does the Perros del Mal theme song.

Last night’s Tercera Caida is up, with a long interview with Blue Demon Jr. to promote Rey de Reyes. This week’s AAA Fusion is also up; they’ve got Mary Apache vs Lolita and Taya Valkyrie vs Jennifer Blake from the Reina de Reinas tournament and Group C of the Fusion tournament: Crazy Boy, Super Fly, Angelico and Halloween.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Rob has highlights of 02/05/13 CMLL, and Bill has highlights of 02/07/13 CMLL.

Upcoming Live Coverage Schedule

I’ll be covering Homenaje a Dos Leyendas on 03/15 (next Friday.) Start time is 8:30 pm and I’ll go at least until we get an unmasked photo. I’ll also be covering Rey de Reyes on 03/17 (next Sunday.) Start time that day is listed as 5pm, but AAA is always fashionable late. That should overlap with the CMLL on Terra broadcast, so if there’s anything interesting going on there, we can talk about that too.

It’ll be the usual mix of chat/Twitter updates/blog updates. I’ll be mostly reliant on a RadioCMLL coverage for CMLL and AAA social media updates for Rey de Reyes, but we usually can work out some decent updates based on other people chipping in. There is no known video stream for either event, even though many of us would happily pay money for it, but it usually works out. And if it doesn’t, then we can make fun of it not working out.

Plan is always subject to change.

Lucha Libre Japan

NOAH posted a small article introducing Nieto del Santo and mentioning he’d be coming over for training, which confirms part of the story PuroresuSpirit posted last week. I’d expect this will be announced in Mexico on the TxT show. I’ve decided everyone should root for Nieto, if only to make it cool to use ‘Nieto’ instead of the painful ‘Hijo de [X] Jr.’ naming scheme.

Mima Shimoda is listed as a CMLL representative on the next REINA show. She hasn’t been in Arena Mexico since November and I’ve been unsure if she’s still working for CMLL. I guess so?



IWRG (SUN) 03/17/2013 Arena Naucalpan
1) Galaxi & Mr. Leo vs Araña de Plata & Fulgore
2) Ángel Del Amor & Saruman vs Avisman & Imposible
3) Chico Che, Golden Magic, Veneno vs Apolo Estrada Jr., Black Terry, Tomahawk
4) Dinamic Black vs Carta Brava Jr. [IWRG IC WELTER]
Dinamic Black is champion. Attempt at first defense.
5) Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Cien Caras Jr., Pirata Morgan [cage, mask, hair]

Main event is Prison Fatal. You never know with IWRG cage matches, but if they’re playing fair, it’s kind of got to be Pirata Morgan. Rayo & Cien aren’t losing their masks. Mascara has cut off about half of his hair but it’d be a big surprise for him to lose the rest of it in IWRG. Hijo del Pirata Morgan is ‘favored’ to lose his mask the night before on the V5 retirement show; it could be a long (but profitable) weekend to be a pirate.

Funny we know Rayo’s IWRG match for this weekend before we know his exact CMLL match. Figure whichever big team doesn’t make it to the tag tournament final – Rush & Terrible or Ultimo Guerrero & Atlantis – is part of the Rayo/Universo match and that’s why they’ve held off announcing the lineup.

The Monterrey lucha libre exhibit opened yesterday.

R de Rudo recaps the Villano V/Hijo del Santo argument.