03/21 AAA TV Results (Leon)

AAA TV (MON) 03/21/2011 Domo de la Feria, Leon [AAA]
1) Angelico, Argenis, FenixDark Dragon, Polvo de Estrellas, Tito Santana
Fenix replaced Dralion. Angelico is the South African who has been in IWRG. Fenix pinned Dragon again.

After the first match, Konnan, Jennifer, and La Milicia came to the ring. Konnan said the Milicia had yet to accomplish anything since forming and they were infiltrated by the traitor Billy. These failures all reflect on Decnnis as leader. Konnan demoted him, put Super Fly in charge, and demanded better from his men.

2) Alan Stone, Decnnis, Tigre CotaCuervo, El Elegido, Ozz
Milicia won, with help from Konnan. Decnnis got the pin.
3) Aerostar & Laredo KidChris Stone & Súper Fly
Super Fly, new leader, immediately loses. Laredo beat him with a 450 splash. Put Tito in charge! Milicia beat up the tecnicos after the maatch.
4) Extreme Tiger & Jack EvansSilver King & Último Gladiador [AAA TAG]
New champions, off stereo top rope flipping moves (450 by Tiger, 630 by Jack) for double pins.
5) Charly Manson, Cibernético, EscoriaEspíritu, Joe Lider, La Parka
Escoria was conflicted about finishing Espiritu, but followed orders and guillotined his former tag partner (who was already in El Pozo) for the winning pin. Ozz & Cuervo ran out to help Espiritu after the match, and Parka said it wasn’t over with him and Cibernetico after the whole “attempting to burn Parka alive” thing.
6) Dr. Wagner Jr. & El MesíasDamián 666 & LA Park
A crowd brawl, as usual. Wagner beat Damian with the Wagner Driver, though it did not end the fight. Park cracked Mesias in the head with a chair, then dropped him with a martinete. Parka & the Black Family belatedly ran out of the save, but came out in plenty of time for Wagner to talk about a teamup, as usual.

2011 AAA TV Recap
Projected Air Date (#982, #983?)
Mexico: 03/27, 04/03
US: 04/09, 04/16

Next taping is…unannounced. Probably not this upcoming weekend.

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  1. on the recent AAA television show they announced April 17th in Pachuca, HGO, April 27th in Zacapoaxtla, Puebla and on April 30th in CHILPANCINGO!!!

  2. Thanks! With those taping dates, that means Rey de Reyes IS airing on TV, starting this Sunday.

  3. That’s a shame. Was looking forward to seeing this taping a lot and now gotta wait 3 weeks.

  4. Looks like another decent AAA TV taping. Judging by how AAA has been this year, I’m really looking forward to the Chilpancingo taping.

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