Perro Jr. talks return, Guerrero still the champ, Diamante/Signo advance



CMLL (FRI) 04/29/2011 Arena Mexico
***Arena Mexico 55th Anniversary***
1) Dr. X, Hooligan, InquisidorPegasso, Sensei, Starman
2) Hijo del Fantasma, Sangre Azteca, ValienteMisterioso Jr., Shigeo Okumura, Vangelis
3) Hijo del SignoPuma King [Forjando un Idolo]
Hijo del Signo [6] submitted Puma Kind [0] to move on.
4) DiamanteHombre Bala Jr. [Forjando un Idolo]
Dimanate [9] pinned Hombre Bala Jr. [3] to complete his clean sweep. Signo moves on with Bala’s win.
5) Último GuerreroHirooki Goto [CMLL HEAVY]
Rudo took the first fall, but Guerrero came back to win the final two to keep the title.
6) La Máscara, La Sombra, RushAverno, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
Despite Tirantes refereeing, the tecnicos still won in straight falls. Heavy feuding between Averno

Perro Aguayo Jr. held a press conference to talk about his surgery and announce his return. Tons of reports: MedioTiempo, Mi Lucha Libre, The Gladiatores, Estrellas del Ring, Record

Perro says he’s on food reactions, his blood will be tested regularly, he’s on medication, he’s not able to lift the weight he used to, but the doctors encouraged him to get back to work ASAP. Huh. Perro’s hair is shorter – he says the hospital did what Mistico or Wagner couldn’t do. A lot of challenges towards Wagner to keep that feud going. Perro spoke out against rumors that he’d actually been in rehab for substance abuse, declaring them false and his illness real. Since he mentioned it, the time span of his disappearing act was much close to the normal rehab stint than a operation on a vital organ, but he does have a surgical scar in his favor.

Ras de Lona included the official formation of a trio that’s been going for about ten days. Terrible & Texano announced they’ve left Hijos de Averno & Rey Bucanero had left Pesta Negra to form a new trio. (They asked for names, which never ever goes anywhere, and I thought they had a name.) Zacarias tried to join the group, and they all kicked him away. Zacarias latched on to Bucanero’s leg, but Terrible & Texano pulled him off. Zacarias gestured at the rudos, and they all chased him away.

Other stuff: Both the 05/08 and 05/15 Sunday shows are in Arena Mexico. DragonMania is probably 05/14 in Arena Mexico as well, so a lot of shows. Those are discounted shows, as are the 05/10 (1 peso for kids) and 05/03 (Fan Appreciation) shows. Cheap tickets before WWE comes to town? Strong push for Ultimo Guerrero vs Rey Escorpion (new change was quickly mentioned and then treated as no big deal.)  Goto talked in Spanish about the title match.

04/30: Suwama (O), Shuji Kondo, Hiroshi Yamato b Ryota Hama (X), Super Crazy, Bushi
That wraps the tour.



Ras de Lona had

CMLL (TUE) 05/03 Arena Mexico
4) Metro, Sangre Azteca, Diamante vs Misterioso II, Virus, Raziel
5) Brazo de Plata, Black Warrior, Maximo vs Mr. Niebla, Hector Garza, Dragon Rojo Jr.

CMLL (FRI) 05/05 Arena Mexico

?) Metal Blanco vs Guerrero Maya Jr. [winner gets in the Forjando un Idolo playoffs]
5) StrongMan, Blue Panther, Rush vs Terrible, Texano, Rey Bucanero
6) and then the show ran long and I didn’t see this one.

Will update if full lineups turn up.

Update: Lineups

CMLL (TUE) 05/03/2011 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Javier Cruz Jr. vs In Memoriam
2) Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno vs Evola & León Blanco
3) Guerrero Maya Jr. & Starman vs Infierno & Malefico
4) Ángel de Oro, Delta, Magnus vs Cancerbero, Euforia, Pólvora
5) La Sombra, Rush, Toscano vs Mr. Águila, Olímpico, Psicosis

Main event is a rematch from last week, so they’re setting up something for next week. No idea what.

Note Maya is on this card.

CMLL (TUE) 05/03/2011 Arena Mexico
1) Camaleón & Robin vs Artillero & Súper Comando
2) Bam Bam, Mini Maximo, Pequeño Halcón vs Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Warrior
3) Fuego, Pegasso, Rey Cometa vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Dr. X, Skándalo
4) Diamante, Metro, Sangre Azteca vs Misterioso II, Raziel, Virus
5) Black Warrior, Máximo, Super Porky vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Héctor Garza, Mr. Niebla

Fan Appreciation Show, but since they’re coming back with another cheap ticket the following week, some match is being set up here. Couldn’t tell you what.

This is Bam Bam’s only second DF match since losing his title two months ago, and he hasn’t been appearing much elsewhere.

CMLL (FRI) 05/06/2011 Arena Mexico
1) Dalys la Caribeña, Goya Kong, Luna Mágica vs Estrellita, La Comandante, Princesa Blanca
2) Ángel de Plata, Delta, Stuka Jr. vs Pólvora, Shigeo Okumura, Yoshihashi
3) Diamante vs Fuego [Forjando un Idolo, quarterfinal]
4) Ángel de Oro vs Group Charly second place [Forjando un Idolo, quarterfinal]
5) Blue Panther, Rush, Strong Man vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Texano
6) La Máscara, La Sombra, Máscara Dorada vs Atlantis, Averno, Último Guerrero

No tiebreaker match. Maybe I misunderstood? CMLL’s Forjando un Idolo page also says there will be a tiebreaker match if neither Guerrero Maya or Metal Blanco gets a bonus point. That won’t happen until after Sunday’s show and Maya is supposed to be in GDL on Tuesday, so that just leaves an added match to Monday. (Or Maya just getting pulled off GDL show. Or CMLL just ignoring it. Or doing match in an empty arena and putting it up on YouTube for fun.)

Main event is sort of top rudos vs top tecnicos (who happen to be the trios champs.) With Rush, Strong Man, Terrible and Texano on the show too, they’ve loaded it up with their big names even if they don’t have a big match.

04/30-05/01 Lucha Times


AAA-US: As Albert helpfully noted in the comments, this is now listed as a one hour show. In Mexico, this was a three match show that went about 56 minutes. That means something gets cut, and mostly likely the opener. It’d be a shame, because Fenix looked very good. Alternative is a lot of things get cut.

52MX: Sunday taped shows are very tough to figure this week; they usually air four matches between them, but they taped five storyline driven matches. That doesn’t include the semimain, which usually airs (because it’s the semimain.) I’m guessing both the Rayos vs Gen11 and Invasors/Misterioso vs Trios Champs match is here, but I could see one of those matches just not airing anywhere.

LATV: Hoping they don’t screw this up, because next in line is a really sweet looking Demus/Pierrothito vs Astral/Electrico match.

GDL: swing match is Maya/Starman vs Leon Blanco and Rafaga, two rudos who have never appeared on this incarnation of GDL TV. Likely bouts include Oro/Plata/Valiente vs Dragon/Okumura/Virus and Felino/Niebla vs Fantamsa/Dorada. About that semimain: Angel Azteca Jr. sure has vanished lately. Not being in the Forjando un Idolo or the Vets/Gen11 stuff has bumped him out of DF for over a month now.


CMLL: back to 2 hours. Escorpion/Cometa and Oro/Negro should air from the Forjando un Idolo tournament, but I heavily recommend the YouTube versions. Also: Triad vs Panther/Mascara/Sombra and Garza/Goto/Volador vs Guerreros to set up that title match.

AAA-MEX: leftovers from Pachuca, looks like they have 2 hours here. Atomic Boy/Fenix/Relampago vs Dragon/Cota/Santana should be good. Electro/Tiger/Jack vs Silver/UG/Chessman – apparently Chessman is a Maniaco now, if this week’s show can be believed. Damian/Halloween/Lizmark/X-Fly vs Wagner/Psycho Circus, good for Wagner’s mask if nothing else.

FOX: The two Forjando un Idolo matches were definitely taped for this show, and Blue Panther vs Negro Casas should air here as well.

C3: two more Forjando un Idolo matches, Team GDL/Sangre vs Ephesto/Euforia/Raziel, and Panther/Maximo/Super Porky vs Bucanero/Terrible/Texano. I hope Bucanero really hasn’t left the Pesta Negra, would hate to see Felino and Zacarias split apart.

CMLL-Mega6 (GDL): swing match is a women’s trios, . Main event was supposed to be Sombra/Rush/Toscano vs Aguila/Olimpico/Psicosis (and I did see a fan cell phone pic on Twitter that confirmed most of that.)

Puebla: Stop me if you’ve heard this: more Forjando un Idolo. They’re also one week out from the Goto/Guerrero match here.

ACM: main event from last week?

Perros: ???

IWRG: last night’s card

Morgans hang on to their tag titles, CMLL preview, Viva La Lucha, kidnapping

photo by Black Terry Jr.

IWRG (THU) 04/28/2011 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Estrellas del Ring, Mi Lucha Libre]
1) Alan Extreme & Vampiro Metálico b Dragon Fly & Saruman
Alan Extreme used the ropes to pin Saurman.
2) Carta Brava Jr., El Pollo Asesino, Fresero Jr. b Dinamic Black, Eterno, Golden Magic
Fresero Jr. snuck in a foul on Eterno.
3) Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Pirata Morgan DQ Negro Navarro & Trauma I [IWRG IC TAG]
Morgans took one, Navarros took second. The older men were eliminated in the third fall, leaving the juniors. Hijo de Pirata accidentally bumped into referee Teddy, Trauma had Hijo de Pirata pinned, Pirata Sr. snuck in an foul him, Negro Navarro got back in the ring to protest that, and the referee disqualified the Navarros for Negro coming back in after being elminated.
4) Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Ray Mendoza Jr., Villano IV b Bestia 666, Damián 666, X-Fly
Villano team won falls 2 & 3.

Tonight’s a bigger the normal Arena Mexico show, both their Kid’s Day show as well as the Arena Mexico show. The biggest match is Ultimo Guerrero vs Hirooki Goto for the CMLL Heavyweight Championship (the second CMLL title defense of the day; keep reading.) Goto could take this, but that would mean he’d be coming back in six weeks for the Universal Tournament and later to drop the title; he’d be trading one win for likely two losses. Match should be good regardless of the result.

There’s also the closing matches for Forjando un Idolo’s Group Alfa. Diamante is almost certainty thru, and Hombre Bala (vs Diamante) and Hijo del Signo (vs Puma King) competing in separate matches for a second win and advancement into the playoff round. This is a tough one to read. Speaking of this tournament, the current vote leaders (Delta, Angel de Plata, Magnus) would not affect the standings if any of them win this week’s bonus point. The vote totals are a lot more balanced this week than previous weeks…

Over on the Box Y Lucha forum, there’s an scanned article on the first Arena Mexico show (written around the 20th.)

Quinto Misterio & Estrella Dorada Jr., luchadors in northern Mexico, are in custody after being accused of kidnapping. They were part of the muscle for a couple of casino employees, angry about one of them being fired, decided to kidnap their boss. The kidnapping took place back in January and there’s no word on how they were discovered. Estrella Dorada has been wrestling in Arena Coliseo Monterrey, while Quinto Misterio is on smaller shows and also wrestles as Fake Rey Misterio.

The next Viva La Lucha PPV is tonight. Lineup

from PWR 02/05
– Hijo de Rey Misterio (new one), Anarkia vs Vaquero Fantasma, Amnesia
– Derek Sanders & Brian Cage vs Hijo del Cupacabra, El Mariachi
– Oliver John vs Kafu

from DTU 03/19:
– trainee opener (particpants not ever listed, but Pequeno Cobra was in it)
– Villano III & Villano IV vs Aeroboy & Violento Jack
– Robin Maravilla, Sadico, Yakuza vs Hormiga, Paranoiko, Pesadilla vs Comando Negro, Oficial 911, Oficial AK47
– Drastic Boy vs Eterno vs Ciclope vs Arena de Plata vs Garra de Aguila vs Abadon vs Flamita vs Tribal vs Fenix (AAA) vs Dizzy

CMLL in NJPW, 04/29
5) Ryusuke Taguchi (c) b Taichi [CMLL WELTER] (Poor Taichi.)
8) Shinsuke Nakamura (O) & Mascara Dorada b Hiroshi Tanahashi (X) & Jushin Liger
Dorada has gotten a lot of wins on this tour.



indy (SUN) 05/01/2011 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
3) Coco Rayado I & Coco Rayado II vs Black Master & Leon Salvaje
4) Latino (indy) & Negro Navarro vs Espartaco & Solar I
5) Estrella del Oriente, Super Muñeco, Súper Ratón vs Guerrero Negro, Mr. Averno, Sepulturero I

They’ve switched promoters here.