2015 Verano de Escandalo lineup (06/14, Monterrey)

AAA TV (SUN) 06/14/2015 Arena Monterrey, Monterrey, Nuevo León
1) Dinastía, El Elegido, Faby Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Mamba, Mini Psycho Clown, Parka Negra, Taya Valkyrie
2) Drago vs Fénix, ?, Daga, Steve Pain, Aerostar, Bengala, Súper Nova, Súper Fly, Hijo del Fantasma [Alas de Oro]
3) Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown © vs Averno, Chessman, Cibernético and ?, Electroshock, Hijo de Pirata Morgan [AAA TRIOS]
Psycho Circus ninth defense.
4) Angélico & Jack Evans vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria [cage]
5) El Patrón Alberto © vs Brian Cage [AAA HEAVY]
second defense
6) La Parka, Myzteziz, Rey Mysterio Jr. vs El Mesías, Johnny Mundo, Pentagón Jr.

Air Date: 06/20 & 06/27…or 07/04 & 07/11, if the World Cup is just aired as a normal show. It’s also likely this will end up on iPPV.

Rey makes his regular big show appearance against an unexpected opponent. Johnny Mundo turned rudo last night on Lucha Underground, but it was assumed he’d be coming to Mexico as a tecnico. Doesn’t appear that way now, as he’s set up as a rival for Misterio. Maybe this leads into TripleMania somehow. This is a fun looking lineup, but there’s no obvious set up for the big match at TripleMania.

Alberto and Cage finally have their title match. It actually does seem like something that could be brought for TripleMania, but it feels like this is the moment where Alberto wins and it’s not a strong match after that. Something indecisive is definitely possible.

Cage match could steal the show. The storyline is La Secta feel overlooked by management, the reality seems to be AAA overlooks Secta sometimes and brings them back for feuds at other times. Those feuds never seem to end well, they really could use this one turning out better.

The mystery man on Electroshock’s team has to be Kronos, but maybe with a new name? I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be after all this time.

Alas de Oro – AAA’s version of Reyes del Aire – hasn’t been run as part of a normal TV show since 2008. Good to see it back. This is just as much as sequel to the Triplemania cruiserweight ten match, which also was scheduled to feature 10 people. Kind of thinking the mystery man in this one might be to protect against someone no-showing this time. Angelico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans, Joe Lider and Pentagon are replaced by Aerostar, Steve Pain (back again!), Super Nova (healed?), Super Fly and the mystery man.

Dinastia and Mini Psycho Clown keep their feud going in the opener. Taya & Faby continue to be on a lot of TV shows, and are pretty much the only women used.

Texano Jr. not being on the card is strange. I think that’s the first major one he hasn’t been on since he joined AAA. It could be a numbers thing, but I wonder if there’s a chance of him being sent some place else as part of a trade for the Lucha World Cup.

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05/02 AAA TV Results (Pachuca)

AAA TV (SAT) 05/02/2015 Lienzo Charro, Pachuca, Hidalgo [AAA]
1) Mary Apache & Taya Valkyrie b Faby Apache & Keira
Taya beat the debuting Keira with a Northern Lights Suplex and a double stomp.
2) Angélico & Jack Evans DQ Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
Tecnicos won via DQ (Scoria foul on Angelico) and were attacked after the match. Cuervo & Scoria dropped them with martinetes, then attacked them again as the doctors were trying to load them into the ambulance.
3) Electroshock, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Kronos b El Elegido, Monsther Clown, Murder Clown
New (unnamed?) trio won with a triple team cutter on Elegido.
4) Psycho Clown b Zorro, Averno [Copa Victoria Mexico Team 2 Selection]
Psycho took the last spot on Team Mexico 2 with a Canadian Destroyer. Electroshock’s group attacked Psycho after the match.
5) Chessman © DQ Blue Demon Jr. [AAA LA]
Seconds were Parka & Cibernetico. At the start of the show, Blue Demon came out for a promo where he insisted his title match with Chessman be called using normal rules – no chairs, no fire. That happened, but (of course) Demon looked like a fool in the end when Chessman framed him for a chair shot at Hijo del Tirantes called the DQ. Chessman defense #1. Sociedad attacked after the match, with Fenix & Alberto making the save. That led into the main event.
6) Brian Cage & El Mesías b El Patrón Alberto & Fénix
Brian Cage beat Fenix with the Weapon X. Cage attacked Alberto post match and demanded a title match.

Air Date: 05/23 & 05/30

A lot of rudo wins, with only Psycho Clown getting his hand raised as a tecnico without being low blowed – and that one just sets up some more rudo victories down the line. Lucha Underground just had a story where a trio that didn’t like each other put aside their differences just enough to win an important trios tournament. The chance of Psycho, Texano and Fantasma repeating that seem to be about 5%.

The Chessman/Demon story is open ended enough that they could come back to it again for a rematch if they need one on Verano de Escandalo or TripleMania, or they can say Demon got his match and just move on to whatever.

Psycho Circus vs Electroshock/Pirata/Kronos (no ‘z ‘now) also seems like a match that might happen on one of the two big shows in the next few months or might be forgotten about entirely.

Building up Escoria & Cuervo feels like a big priority here; they got a bunch of TV time yesterday to explain their motivations and lay out their opponents again. (Weirdly, Mesias has gotten about no TV time for the same purpose, but then he also doesn’t appear to have a match coming up soon.) My guess is it’s only about trying to make this feud work, since Escoria & Cuervo have been very minor characters for quite a while.

The next show is the 05/24 World Cup, but there’s likely to be a press conference or two before that. I’d guess the other teams start getting announced in the next week.

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04/30 AAA TV Results (Tapachula)

AAA TV (THU) 04/30/2015 Palenque de la Feria Mesoamericana, Tapachula, Chiapas [AAA]
1) Apache, Carta Brava Jr., Mini Psycho Clown b Dinastía, Ludxor, Venum
Mini Psycho Clown beat Dinastia for the second time, asked for a title match.
2) Hijo del Fantasma b Fénix and Electroshock [Copa Victoria Mexico Team 2 Selection]
Fantasma defeated Electroshock to earn the first spot on the team.
3) Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria b Angélico & Jack Evans
4) Texano Jr. b La Parka, Cibernético [Copa Victoria Mexico Team 2 Selection]
Fantasma interfered, and Tirantes and Cibernetico helped give Texano the second spoto n the team.
5) Drago & Myzteziz b Joe Lider & Pentagón Jr.
Fenix replaced Drago. Mistica on Joe Lider for the win. Fenix & Myzteziz want another shot at the tag titles.
6) Angélico, El Patrón Alberto, Jack Evans b Brian Cage, Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria
Made no DQ. Cuervo & Scoria (randomly?) decided to help Cage, causing Angelico & Jack to even the odds and the match turned into a trios. Alberto beat Cage.

Air Date: 05/09 & 05/16

Building looked pretty full.

The last member of the Mexico Team 2 will be determined on Saturday. They really need a better name than Mexico Team 2, and perhaps that’s also coming on Saturday. Averno advancing would make the trio an authentic Team (ex)-CMLL. They could just bring back the Consejo shirts for one last night, and Victoria gets a team ‘representing’ the promotion that didn’t want to take part.

(The other participants in Saturday’s qualifier, Zorro and Psycho Crown – as Brazo de Plata Jr. & Kronoz – were both in CMLL during the early parts of their career, but are far more known as AAA luchadors.)

If they’re going to do it that way, the Lucha World Cup almost has a Team (ex-)NJPW as well, with Kenzo & Tiger Mask III.

AAA’s setting up Verano de Escandalo as they’re setting up the World Cup. The minis and tag title matches should join Cage/Alberto as matches for the June 15th show. Angelico & Jack vs Cuervo & Scoria is still on track to happen, making four of a seven or eight match card.

Drago missing this show after he was banned from the Temple the previous night on Lucha Underground was amusing. It may have been a designed absence since it set up the tag title match. Tecnicos specifically said they wanted to do it at Verano de Escandalo.

Next taping is Saturday back in Pachuca.

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06/01 AAA TV Lineup (Nuevo Laredo)

AAA TV (MON) 06/01/2015 Polyforum La Fe, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
1) El Elegido, Faby Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Parka Negra, Taya Valkyrie
2) Angélico, Jack Evans, Laredo Kid vs Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, Mocho Cota Jr.
3) Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs El Mesías, Electroshock, Pentagón Jr.
4) Blue Demon Jr., La Parka, Myzteziz vs Averno, Chessman, Cibernético
5) El Patrón Alberto & Fénix vs Brian Cage & Texano Jr.

Air Date: 06/13.

Almost the exact same talent list as the show two days prior, with only locals Laredo Kid & Mocho Cota different. This card was posted by Cantu promotions, who uses those two regularly on their Nuevo Laredo AAA shows. This would be Laredo Kid’s first TV appearance since 2011; he’d been in AAA for about six years but was allegedly fired for working on a show across the border with CMLL wrestlers. This probably doesn’t tell us a lot about Laredo’s status with WWE, since AAA also have used Eita and Flamita when they were imminently headed to other places.

Mocho Cota Jr. is believed to be ex-Tigre Cota (it’s his picture they’re using on local posters, neither he or Laredo is on this one) and was last in AAA as part of the Milicia in 2012, disappearing when they dropped that group. Like Laredo, his inclusion here is probably a deal thru the local promoters.

Alberto/Cage didn’t happen in Reynosa, did happen here. Hellbrothers were split among two matches on last week’s show, are together here. Opener is exactly the same people, and the segunda is only changed by those locals being included. Both shows appear to be one week tapings, and maybe they’ll try to mix it up a bit by choosing a unaired match for each show.

The current schedule would mean Verano de Escandalo would air within five days of taking place, which is quicker than usual for a major show of late. Maybe something with the World Cup bumps everything back a little bit, maybe a unlisted dark match ends up on TV to stretch one of these shows a second week

Next taping is unofficially 06/15 in Monterrey, if Copetes can be trusted.

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05/30 AAA TV Lineup (Reynosa)

AAA (SAT) 05/30/2015 Parque Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Reynosa, Tamaulipas
1) El Elegido, Faby Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Parka Negra, Taya Valkyrie
2) Angélico & Jack Evans vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
3) Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Brian Cage, Pentagón Jr., Texano Jr.
4) Blue Demon Jr., Fénix, Myzteziz vs Averno, Chessman, Electroshock
5) El Patrón Alberto & La Parka vs Cibernético & El Mesías

Air Date: 06/06 – opener looks to be internet only. First one taping show since January.

AAA’s TV announced this show and a Nuevo Laredo 06/01 taping this evening. KrisZ found the lineup, and RobViper points out the other show is likely to be about the same. That may explain why Cage isn’t facing Alberto on this show, the first time that’s happened since he’s been in, since that’ll be the hook on the other one. First tapings in these towns since the early 2000s.

Parque Adolfo Lopez Mateos is a baseball stadium. It’s got a 7,000 capacity for baseball, who knows for lucha libre.

Important note: AAA promoted their next four TV tapings in their upcoming TV schedule without mentioning the World Cup. I haven’t watched the entire show and am unsure if it was mentioned elsewhere, but it doesn’t appear to be a conventional TV taping. That’s a surprising choice. I assume it’s still got a very good chance of being on iPPV, but it may affect how they book the show: is there a point to running a big angle to set up a TripleMania match if it’s not going to air on TV? (Maybe there is, if you’re running TripleMania in the same venue.)

(It’s also here where we have to note this show is not 100% guarantee to take place given the violence in Reynosa and maybe having a World Cup show to air might just be a solid backup plan. I hope it goes well, but probably good to have options.)

Not a lot to say about this taping. Cuervo & Scoria face again Angelico & Jack, and will probably face again at Verano de Escandalo in some sort of stipulation match. Cage/Alberto and Psycho/Texano look like likely matches as well.

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05/02 AAA TV Lineup (Hidalgo)

source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CCCNQ55XIAM5HG9.jpg

=AAA TV (SAT) 05/02/2015 Lienzo Charro, Pachuca, Hidalgo
1) Faby Apache & Keira vs Mary Apache & Taya Valkyrie
2) Angélico & Jack Evans vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
3) El Elegido, Monsther Clown, Murder Clown vs Electroshock, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Kronoz
4) Psycho Clown vs Zorro, Averno [Copa Victoria Mexico Team 2 Selection]
5) Blue Demon Jr. vs Chessman © [AAA LA]
Chessman’s first defense
6) El Patrón Alberto & Fénix vs Brian Cage & El Mesías

Lineup via KrisZ

Air Date: 05/23 & 05/30 is where it would fall on the schedule. That’s so far in the future that something will certainly happen between now and then. It would mean part of this airs after the International Tournament.

The fourth match is to select the third member of that team. Zorro and Averno seem unlikely to be representing Mexico this year. If it’s Psycho Clown advancing here, then it’s surely Texano Jr. advancing on the previous taping.

The Electroshock trio was introduced in January in Naucalpan. They’ll actually team together in a match for the first time four months later. They should finally get off to a good start, since the Elegido, Monsther and Murder Clown is setting the difficultly level to easy. Unsure why AAA just didn’t reveal Kronoz’s name when it was going to be the same name he was using on the indies after all.

That trio story is moving quicker than the Demon/Chessman one. That’s a make up match from 2014’s Rey de Reyes. Chessman’s been champ for 15 months, had zero defenses. This belt has been less than vital, but it seems to exist to be a vanity belt for a big name and Demon’s a big name (if he shows up.)

Main event continues the Cage/Alberto feud. Fenix has a rare match without Fantasma. Second match is a rematch from three days prior.

Opener is the debut of indy luchadora Keira, the latest in the new names showing up in AAA this year. Last year, Keira had to be taken off a show with AAA wrestlers and it was said it happened because she was going to debut with CMLL soon. Plans change.

If there’s no change in air date order, there’s no need to tape anything until that international tournament. It’d be another long time go between tapings, though.

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04/30 AAA TV Lineup (Tapachula)

source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CCBJ-yKW0AAQIk2.jpg

AAA TV (THU) 04/30/2015 Palenque de la Feria Mesoamericana, Tapachula, Chiapas
1) Dinastía, Ludxor, Venum vs Apache, Carta Brava Jr., Mini Psycho Clown
2) Fénix vs Electroshock vs Hijo del Fantasma [Copa Victoria Mexico Team 2 Selection]
3) Angélico & Jack Evans vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
4) La Parka vs Texano Jr. vs Cibernético [Copa Victoria Mexico Team 2 Selection]
5) Drago & Myzteziz vs Joe Lider & Pentagón Jr.
6) El Patrón Alberto vs Brian Cage

Air Date: If Rey de Reyes is only 1 week long, then this will air May 9th and May 16. If not, shift it one week forward

A big news item is simply artwork on the poster: this starts the build to Verano de Escandalo, which will indeed take place prior to TripleMania again this year. Verano figures to be June or July, and TripleMania maybe August or September. No locations or dates for any yet. They are really heading towards the show – the main event keeps setting up that title match, and the opener might be setting up a title match too.

AAA ran this same venue last year, with just about the same opener. (Carta Brava & Apache vs Ludxor & Venum is a Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner situation.) They’re back on Kid’s Day this year. Lineup is pretty strong, and the combination of the day and the luchadors should put a lot of people in seats for this show.

The press conference to introduce Rey Misterio Jr. also talked about this Copa Victoria International tournament. Alberto, Rey and Myzteziz are team #1 from Mexico. The plan announced then was to hold a tournament to decide the second team. We haven’t heard much about it since, but it figures these two matches are to determine the first two spots on the team, with a third to come at a taping between now and the May 23rd tournament. Both matches have two feuding people (Fenix/Fantasma and Cibernetico/Parka) with a third wheel who might take advantage of the other issues.

Match five is a non-title match with Myzteziz & Drago involved. Could set up more Pentagon/Myzteziz, could set up Myzteziz getting a new partner with Fenix being busy on other matters. This is where Myzteziz first appeared in AAA.

Tag match follows up on SLP, where Cuervo & Scoria cost Angelico & Jack matches. It’s a big match for La Secta, who haven’t been in the mix a lot but have a built up match against good opponents.

Next show is unknown. Probably not a two taping weekend, since they only announced one show on TV. May be a while, but there should be one or two in May prior to the Copa Victoria.

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04/03 AAA TV Results (Xalapa)

AAA TV (FRI) 04/03/2015 Deportivo Colon, Xalapa, Veracruz [AAA]
1) Gotita de Plata, Niño Hamburguesa, Pasion Kristal b Belial, Carta Brava Jr., El Apache
Pasion Kristal replaced Pimpinela (injury). Super Fly bled from the nose from something in this match.
2) Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Súper Fly b Australian Suicide & Dinastía
Dinastia replaced Super Nova, but lost to Super Fly’s triple powerbomb.
3) Bengala & Drago b Daga & Joe Lider
4) Fénix b Hijo del Fantasma
Turned into a singles match – Psycho Clown would later appear to explain he could not wrestle due to the injury he suffered in SLP and Pentagon Jr. was added to the main event. Fenix avenged his loss in Guadalajara by using his new Busca Suenos move again.
5) Aerostar, Blue Demon Jr., La Parka b Averno, Chessman, Cibernético
6) El Patrón Alberto, Murder Clown, Myzteziz b El Mesías, Pentagón Jr., Texano Jr.
Texano Jr. & Murder Clown were added to the match. Alberto submitted Mesias.

Show began with another tribute to Perro Aguayo Jr., as in San Luis Potosi.

Lucha Underground posted their tribute to Perro Aguayo Jr. from the day after his passing. It’s very well done, and it’s very hard to watch. Just even writing a post after watching that seems cold.

Air Date: I’m lost here. Rey de Reyes would normally be a two week show, but it may have been cut to one week. Today’s show airs pretty much every important match from the show: only the Hell Brothers vs La Parka/Jack/Angelico match didn’t air and they’ve got plenty of those. It it is one week, then this airs April 25th and May 2nd. If it’s not, it’s one week later.

Main event is a small tell about where people are ordered on the rudo side now. Alberto wasn’t going to lose two straight TV tapings and probably needed to get a win. They picked Mesias to take that loss and not Texano Jr. (Pentagon was presumably needed to catch some Myzteziz move before the finish.) It’s still early.

Fenix versus Fantasma got good reviews and seems like it should be happening one more time for the title after this result. Fenix getting a new move plays off his old move not being enough to beat Fantasma.

Next taping is ???

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04/01 AAA TV Results (San Luis Potosí)

AAA TV (WED) 04/01/2015 Auditorio Miguel Barragan, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí [AAA, ESPN Deportes]
1) Mini Charly Manson & Mini Psycho Clown b Dinastía & Mascarita Sagrada
Mini Psycho Clown beat Dinastia, asked for a title shot.
2) Faby Apache, Niño Hamburguesa, Pasion Kristal b El Apache, Mamba, Mary Apache
Pasion Kristal replaced Pimpinela (injury.) Hamburger Splash on Apache & Mamba.
3) Aerostar, Argenis, Fénix b Carta Brava, Electroshock, Hijo de Pirata Morgan
Fenix replaced Super Nova (shoulder injury) and used a new finishing move (Busca Sueños) to beat Hijo del Pirata. Electroshock threatened the rest of AAA on behalf of his new trio.
4) Daga, Dark Scoria, Súper Fly b Bengala, Drago, Jack Evans
Scoria beat Jack with help from Cuervo. Daga held up a Perro del Mal shirt after the match, which started a huge Perro chant.
5) Dark Cuervo, Pentagón Jr., Texano b Angélico, La Parka, Psycho Clown
Scoria helped Cuervo get the win over Angelico. Psycho Clown was injured by Texano Jr – Psycho ended up with an ugly bruise around his right ankle.
6) El Mesías & Hijo del Fantasma b Blue Demon Jr. & Myzteziz
Changed around after Perro Aguayo’s death. Fenix was originally on the trios side, and Mesias was probably supposed to be a mystery partner. Mesias snuck in a foul on Demon, then landed the top rope splash.
7) Brian Cage b Alberto el Patrón
Added to make up for missing Rey de Reyes. Turned into a street fight, with La Sociedad getting involved. Cage wanted a title match.

Air Date: 04/18 and 04/25 (moved back a week, at least.)

Prior to the start of the show, a tribute was held for Perro Aguayo Jr. The roster came to the ring, and there were flowers and a poster of Perro. Marisela and Konnan are both noted as talking about Perro. All wrestlers wore a tribute shirt, and various wrestlers had other tributes (Fenix wrote Perro on his hand tape.)

Building appeared to be full.

This was a tribute show and Perro Aguayo Jr. was definitely honored as part of it. The opening segment reads very emotional, for the wrestlers and the fans. AAA continued on to also present a normal taping with storyline advancement.

Alberto keeps having the bad luck to be wrestling in San Luis Potosi every time they need him to lose to set another match (he’s now 0-2.) Cuervo & Scoria are messing with Jack & Angelico, so that may be a new feud. Mini Psycho Clown has been very good and makes sense to get a singles match with Dinastia if they’re doing one.

Those are all builds to matches on an upcoming show. It’s a question of when and what show that might be. AAA ran Verano de Escandalo in June last year, but that was the first time they’ve done that in early summer and there’s no telling what they’ll do this year. This week’s TV may give some clues, since all their currently announced tapings will be complete by that point.

Next taping is Friday in Xalapa.

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03/18 AAA TV Results (Zapopan) – Rey de Reyes 2015

AAA TV (WED) 03/18/2015 Auditorio Benito Juárez, Zapopan, Jalisco [AAA, internetv, MT (main), MT (RdR), MT (rest), R de Rudo, SuperLuchas]
Rey de Reyes, 2015

Show began with a tribute to Irma Osorno, and the show was dedicated in her honor.

1) Ludxor & Venum b Carta Brava & El Apache
Bonus match 1. Ludxor pinned Apache after a top rope armdrag and a splash in about 10 minutes. Good match.
2) Faby Apache, Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata b Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro, Taya Valkyrie
Bonus match 2. Pimpinela cradled Mini Abismo after the usual Hijo del Tirantes attack. Fantasma, Pentagon and Joe Lider immediately beat up the tecnicos after the match. Pentagon threatened Rey, while Fantasma said he’d beat Fenix.
3) Bengala, Drago, Súper Nova b Daga, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Súper Fly
Drago defeated Hijo de Pirata with mist in the eyes and his usual cradle (Dragon’s Tail on Lucha Underground).
4) Hijo del Fantasma © b Fénix [AAA CRUISER]
Great match, with Fantasma surviving Fenix’s Fire Driver and using it himself for the win. Fantamsa’s third defense. Fantasma insisted on handshake after the match, but Fenix wasn’t down with it. Fenix accepeted – only for Fantasma to attack him a few seconds later. Dorian, Konnan, Taya and Perro came to the ring to brag and congratulate Fantasma. The rudos eventually started to attack the tecnicos again, and Rey Jr. appeared to make the save. Announcers were sure Rey was joining the Fenix/Myzteziz team.
5) Blue Demon Jr. b Villano IV
Replaced a canceled Alberto del Patron vs Brian Cage match. An echo of their match from last year, though they seemed to get more time and had a slow start as a result. Their punching woke the crowd back up. Both men bled and brawled. Demon submitted V4 for the win. They challenged each other to another match – a mask one – someday. Money thrown in.
6) Angélico, Jack Evans, La Parka Jr. b Averno, Chessman, Cibernético
La Parka replaced Blue Demon Jr., but Demon lent a hand (or a chair shot) to beat Cibernetico. Mesias immediately ran out to attack the tecnicos, leaving them destroyed and taking Parka’s mask.
7) Texano b Aerostar and Psycho Clown and El Mesías [Rey de Reyes]
Aerostar got in the dive from the light tower again, but was eliminated first by a Mesias spear. Parka attacked Mesias, leaving him for a Psycho powerbomb to eliminate him. Psycho & Texano had a long fight, playing off their TripleMania match. In the end, Maya stopped counting Texano down on a Canadian Destroyer, then fast counted to give Texano a win.
8) Myzteziz & Rey Mysterio Jr. b el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Pentagón Jr.
Good match, with Rey looking good in his return. Mysterio and Myzteziz did a couple of double dive spots. Rey beat Pentagon clean with a Canadian Destroyer. No Myzteziz/Perro angle.

Air Date: the iPPV VOD is up now. It looks like it’ll air 03/28 and 04/04, but some matches may be cut.

Enrique and Oscar have an audio review as well.

Show is worth watching, however/whenever you do. I think I’d go good, ok, good, great, great, ok, great, good but I reserve my mind to change my mind later. Rey Mysterio looked healthy and worked great with Pentagon Jr., who going to be a main eventer here for the foreseeable future because he’s so good with both these tecnicos. (Either that, or his performances in Lucha Underground, has also earned Pentagon a lot of mic time he was not getting prior.) The performances were exactly as expected. Even the Villano IV/Blue Demon Jr. match, as slow as they were moving at times, was likely better than Cage/Alberto if Alberto is as limited as believed.

The story of the show is still going to be the delays, the bus accident, and the small crowd. The arena felt between 20-33% full on video and sounded cavernously empty at times. (The post match of the sixth match, where chair shots to table echoed around the arena, felt like a low point.) The fans that were there got into the big matches, making the most noise for Rey Mysterio at the end of a long four hour show, but it was not what it was hoped to be. People were just not willing or able to attend an AAA show for the third time in a week, or one on a Wednesday night. The show was hurt without the energy of a full, or even half full arena. Maybe if this ever happens again, the decision should be to move to a smaller building. May this never happen again.

The problems with this show create a dilemma for TripleMania. AAA announced no TripleMania date, location or match, and didn’t even hint at any of those things – they wanted the focus on Rey Mysterio getting the win in his first match back. Still, the last match they were teasing was Myzteziz & Perro Aguayo Jr. They would easily sell out Arena Ciudad de Mexico, a 20K seat arena, under a normal pricing scale. There are much bigger arenas available in Mexico City, but they are all outdoor venues. Can they now try running a 30-50K seat bullring, risking another rain out? Do they now raise prices to TripleMania as high as CMLL raised their Anniversary show prices? There’s no good answer. (FWIW: If you scroll halfway down this page, it looks like March is actually the driest month in Guadalajara, with a 95% chance of no rain. Mexico City is much stormier during the late summer.)

Wherever TripleMania is held, it’s safe to buy on iPPV. The feed got a little bit iffy during the first half of the Rey de Reyes match, but was completely fine the rest of the night. Even the 3D worked fine, though maybe the mat wrestling section of Villano IV versus Blue Demon Jr. wasn’t the most exciting time to try it. Much like the free show they did, it was simply a live feed of their TV taping stream with no added presentation, but that was good enough.

The show was troubled by the usual quirks of AAA’s booking. There were three heel beatdowns after tecnico wins in the first six matches. Looking back, the first one after the third match appears completely unnecessary. It was just there so the rudos could do promos, the same they could’ve done in backstage at some other point. The Rafael el Maya cheating didn’t fit with the rest of the match, clearly only happening because they wanted a way to protect both guys and weren’t as concerned with it making any sense. (It’s also odd they felt they needed to protect Psycho Clown in that way when Fenix had his finisher kicked out of and then used again him for the loss. Those were two different extremes in definite results on the same show – maybe different people deciding the finish.) There’s nothing new about any of this, it’s the part of the package at this point.

It feels a bit cruel to be critical for this show. This was supposed to be a celebration, it ended up a tragedy. The memorial prior to the show was so sad that it was hard to watch. The show went on, because it had to go on and maybe it was a good distraction. It’s two weeks until the next taping; hopefully the break does everyone some good.

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