06/19/2017 AAA in Nuevo Laredo Results (Mami & Hamburguesa mixed tag champs)

photo via AAA’s Twitter

AAA TV (MON) 06/19/2017 Poliforum, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
1) Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa b Lady Shani & Venum [AAA MIXED TAG]
vacant titles following Sexy Star quitting the company (apparently over refusing to lose them) and Pentagon Jr. forfeiting them after defending them 2 v 1. Mami & Hamburguesa won qualifying matches. Venum got his shot from the Oro de Oportunidad and picked Shani as his partner. Hamburguesa & Mami are the 14th champions, both winning an AAA title first.
2) Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria © b Hernandez & Máscara de Bronce [AAA TAG]
First defense. Hernandez didn’t get along with Bronce (and it’s unclear why they were a team getting a title shot except to break up.) Kevin Kross took Bronce’s title shot case after the match.
3) Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker © NC Aerostar, Drago, Raptor [AAA TRIOS]
would’ve been second defense. Poder del Norte won via foul, but Vampiro threw out the match and declared the two teams would have a series of matches. The length of the series was left unspecified.
4) Marty Martinez b Texano Jr.
Billed as a Lucha Underground match. Killshot was advertised for this show, did not appear.
5) Estrella Divina b Pimpinela Escarlata
At some point in the show (maybe after this match), Averno attacked Pimpinela, but Sangre Chicana made the save.
6) Averno & Súper Fly b Argenis & La Parka
Presumably intended to be a tag match, but mostly a Argenis vs OGT match with no La Parka. He showed up later, apparently having been attacked backstage. OGT fouled Argenis to win. (Vampiro did not annul this result.)
7) Dr. Wagner Jr., El Mesías, Kevin Kross b Hijo del Fantasma, Pagano, Psycho Clown [Relevos Increíbles]
Billed as a relevos increíbles though Pagano is essentially a tecnico now. Texano distracted Fantasma to set up Kross’ win.

Air Date: 07/15 and 07/22

This was the usually 0 for 7 on advertised matches. Usually, everyone ends up on the show but in different matches. This time, 8 people (Ricky Marvin, Killshot, Taya, Faby, Mamba, Australian Suicide, Bengala, Lanzelot) all missed the show. Taya mentioned on Twitter that she was out due to injuries suffered from a drunk driver hitting her car last week. They might have not brought Faby without her. Marvin appears to be working spot shows but not TV. Killshot hadn’t mentioned AAA at all and I’m guessing plans changed there some time ago and AAA just didn’t say anything. The other are more interchangable, and there were people changed onto the show in their places, but it’s odd that Mamba didn’t wrestler on her hometown after being advertised.

The mixed tag title match happened out of nowhere but Mami & Hamburguesa were the obvious winners when the concept was announced. They keep doing bits where Mascara de Bronce loses the briefcase, so maybe they’re heading to a ladder match for it or something (pulling in guys like Kross and Hernandez and anyone else who doesn’t have something to do.)

An Aerostar/Drago/Raport vs Poder del Norte series of matches sounds fun, but it’s hard to believe AAA will carry it out in any way that makes sense with how scattered everything is at the moment. Not announcing how many matches the series sure seems like a sign they haven’t planned this out yet. (It probably should be three, to squeeze it in time for TripleMania.)

I suspect Texano/Marty won’t air. Divina beating Pimpi is a random finish but maybe a win going back later. They had set up Divina & Mamba versus Pimpi back in Arena Aficion, but that’ll be about six TV weeks before this show, hopefully they’ve taped something more in between that we haven’t been told about. The top two matches continued the usual feuds.

working TripleMania 25 card for August 27, version 1.1. Italics indicate match not official.

  • Psycho Clown vs Dr. Wagner Jr., mask vs mask
  • Johnny Mundo (c) vs Hijo del Fantasma vs Texano Jr. for all three AAA championships
  • a dream battle royal with Lanzelot and TBA (Sangre Chicana? OGT?)
  • probably Mesias vs Pagano in an extreme match
  • maybe something with the OGT vs Parka/Argenis/Ricky
  • maybe something with the #1 contender shot (Mascara de Bronce, Kevin Kross, Hernandez?)
  • perhaps Aerostar, Drago, Raptor versus Poder del Norte for the AAA Trios Championship
  • perhaps Faby Apache vs Taya for the Reina de Reinas title

Next taping is a week from Friday, June 30 in Puebla. That’s the farthest ahead lineup we have right now, with Monterrey not happening for about four weeks.

06/04/2017 Verano de Escandalo Results (Soul Rocker & Carta Brava unmasked)

Soul Rocker/Carta Brava (photo by AAA)

AAA TV (SUN) 06/04/2017 Gimnasio Municipal Josué Neri Santos, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua [AAA, MT, Record]
1) Máscara de Bronce b Hernandez
Mascara de Bronce asked to cash in his mega title shot on this show. Johnny Mundo wasn’t actually there, but Hernandez showed up instead with the idea that Mascara de Bronce wasn’t worth Mundo’s time. It didn’t appear the title was on the line, it’s unclear if the title shot was on the line. Bronce won, but Hernandez took the suitcase with the title shot anyway.
2) Argenis, La Parka, Lanzeloth b Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly
Lanzeloth replaced Ricky Marvin, but Marvin was said to still be around (not around here, but they’re keeping his feud going.) Averno fouled Lanzleot for the win.
3) Pimpinela Escarlata b Mamba [hair]
listed as a bull terrier match, not a bull terrier match
4) Hijo del Fantasma DRAW Kevin Kross, Texano Jr. [cage]
Texano and a cage was added to the match. Unlike every other cage match in AAA, the cage match here was to decide a winner by first person out. Fantasma & Texano left at the same time, so Vampiro declared they’ll have a three way with Mundo for all the tiles at TripleMania. Hernandez distracted Kross from escaping for no clear reason. Vampiro took the case back from Hernandez and handed it to Mascara de Bronce.
5) Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria b El Mesías & Pagano © and Aerostar & Drago and Australian Suicide & Bengala [AAA TAG]
Bengala & Suicide are still partners despite Suicide appearing to attack Bengala twice and were added to this match for no clear reason. Mesias & Pagano fall on first defense. Cuervo & SCoria are now the 20th champions. Mesias destroyed Pagano after the match.
6) Carta Brava Jr. & Soul Rocker L Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown and Monsther Clown & Murder Clown [mask]
announced to be a tag team mask match instead of a singles match. Wagner & Psycho beat Carta Brava & Soul Rocker. Carta Brava is Sergio Marca, 15 years a wrestler. Soul Rocker is Ignacio Patino, 15 years old (the former Tito Santana.)

Air Date: July 1 & 8, maybe.

AAA’s pictures make the arena look full, but other shots show rows of empty floor seats. They look partly occupied early on, then not at all later on when everyone smartly moves up.

I said AAA had 2 of 6 advertised matches last night, but I did forget that the Pimpinela/Mamba match was listed as a bull terrier match for reasons no one ever knew. I guess you can call it 1 of 6. I don’t understand why this feud happened, since it never meant anything except to the few people who remember Mamba taking Pimpinela’s hair four years ago.

Top two matches were predictable outcomes, but at least in the ways that made the most sense. The Poder del Norte team only seemed to exist as a way to have a main event for this show while they were running out the clock to Wagner/Psycho, but I’m not sure they ever got them to the point where people really card. it’s a win for those guys, even if they didn’t care, since it was incredibly unlikely they’d get a main event mask loss on AAA TV prior to this.

Pagano getting destroyed in his hometown is straight up WWE booking, so no big surprise it’s being done in AAA now. Just like the main event, the tag team title stuff was just something to buy some time because TripleMania is the only show that AAA really cares about this year, and the title change was just a fake out to see if they could convince the fans of some other outcome. (Like with Poder del Norte, I don’t think it actually worked.) I dread whatever death match he and Mesias are going to have in August. I’m not a fan of going back to Cuervo & Scoria because they weren’t that good as a champs before and there’s some added benefit to keeping the belts on Aerostar & Drago if they’re the guys AAA is trying to send elsewhere as a stars.

You can tell this is being written by someone who doesn’t watch a lot of lucha libre, because they didn’t do the cage match rules the lucha way, they did them in a way that actually makes sense. Again, the draw to set up a three way match is a repeated WWE trope being used here. I never could figure out how Kross was supposed to fit all their TripleMania plans and it doesn’t seem like they did either if he’s maybe feuding with Hernandez.

Maybe it comes off better on TV, but the Mascara de Bronce/Hernandez thing comes off as something specifically written so Vampiro can come off as the big hero. I’m not sure why you would need to write that – I think people would assume ego, but it’s also possible they’ve got the Vampiro rudo turn planned (main event of TripleMania?) and they’re having him be an over the top hero to make it all the more shocking when he costs Psycho (or I guess Wagner, but Psycho) his mask.

working TripleMania 25 card for August 27, version 1.0. Italics indicate match not official.

  • Psycho Clown vs Dr. Wagner Jr., mask vs mask
  • Johnny Mundo (c) vs Hijo del Fantasma vs Texano Jr. for all three AAA championships
  • a dream battle royal with Lanzelot and TBA
  • probably Mesias vs Pagano in an extreme match
  • maybe Faby Apache vs Taya for the Reina de Reinas title
  • maybe something with the OGT vs Parka/Argenis/Ricky
  • perhaps Aerostar, Drago, Raptor versus Poder del Norte for the AAA Trios Championship
  • possibly Big Mami & Nino Hamburguesa versus Venum & TBA for the AAA Mixed Tag Champion

No idea where Kross fits. No idea where Angelico fits, and he’s supposed to be back by July. Maybe they have a match? No idea, but they’re already running out of room and Impact (& NOAH?) guys are also going to need a spot. If Mascara de Bronce was a smarter ex-goat boy, he’d ask for his title match on this show. He may still lose but he’ll get to be on TripleMania and it’s not clear he’ll be on otherwise. How did Lanzelot end up with a better spot here than his borther Dinastia, who seemed to be the one who got him in?

Next taping is two weeks from today in Nuevo Laredo.

05/26/2017 AAA TV Results (Mexico City)

AAA TV (FRI) 05/26/2017 Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal [AAA, ESTO, Estrellas del Ring, MT (title), The Gladiatores]
1) Angelikal, Charly Madrid, Tigger b Ángel Mortal Jr., Canibal Jr., Tiger Boy
2) Aerostar & Drago b Australian Suicide & Bengala [AAA TAG, #1 Contenders]
Aerostar & Drago were announced as being added to the Verano de Escandalo tag title match (but that might have changed again by the end of the night.) Suicide apparently didn’t turn rudo, but freaked out again and cost his partner the match.
3) Máscara de Bronce b Venum, Lanzeloth, Raptor [Oportunidad de Oro]
New stip, where the elimination order determines which of the four mystery contracts they received. Venum was out first, and won a mixed tag title shot (as long as he can find a partner.) Lanzelot was out second, and will participate on Triplemania (in what sounded like a battle royal).) The debuting Raptor was out third, and will get a trios title shot with two partners of his choice. Mascara de Bronce was the winner, and will get a shot at Johnny Mundo. No date was announced for any of the matches.
4) El Mesías & Pagano © b Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria [AAA TAG]
ordered as a title match by Vampiro. Cuervo & Scoria fall on defense two. Pagano & Mesias are the 19th champs.
5) Mini Psycho Clown b Dinastía [AAA MINI]
Pimpinela & Mamba were the seconds. Dinastia loses his title on his 8th defense (four years) when Mini Psycho uses the ropes to pin him. Mini Psycho is the 6th champ.
6) Argenis & La Parka b Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly
Prior to the 3v2 match, OGT told Parka & Argenis claimed they had scared off their partner (not mentioning Ricky Marvin by name.) The tecnicos still won when Pirata Morgan came to ringside, teased as though he was going to do something with Parka, and then tripped up Chessman to setup an Argenis roll up.
7) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown b Hijo del Fantasma & Texano Jr.
Psycho beat Texano when neither team could get along. Poder del Norte ran in to attack Wagner & Psycho. OGT ran into attack Poder del Norte, demanding a trios title match at Verano de Escandalo in addition to their mask match. Wagner also unmasked Psycho Clown.

Air Date: 06/17 & 06/24

This was a confusing show to follow from the internet, even by the standards of AAA tapings in 2017. It also followed the pattern of all the matches changes. Of the 20 matches on the last three TV tapings, 19 have not happened as scheduled. That trend will not end.

For me, the most amazing part of this show was the bravado behind golden opportunity match. These guys definitely getting those four matches when AAA is making a point of not doing any of the matches they’re announcing is hard to fantom. The idea that these guys are getting chances they wouldn’t get otherwise doesn’t work when there’s two unannounced title matches and a trio setting up their title challenge by losing a 2v3 handicap match. Maybe the matches announced will happen, but there’s no reason to believe something is going to happen just because AAA says so.

I hope AAA puts out a new Verano de Escandalo card this weekend. They’re going to look terrible if they’re promoting an old lineup when they obviously changed the card around. Here’s that original lineup again:

AAA TV (SUN) 06/04/2017 Gimnasio Municipal Josué Neri Santos, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua
1) Aerostar, Bengala, Drago vs Australian Suicide, Lanzeloth, Máscara de Bronce
2) Argenis, La Parka, Ricky Marvin vs Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly
3) Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria © vs El Mesías & Pagano [AAA TAG]
second defense
4) Pimpinela Escarlata vs Mamba [bull terrier, hair]
5) Hijo del Fantasma vs Kevin Kross
6) Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Psycho Clown, Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Carta Brava Jr., Soul Rocker [mask]

They have acknowledged the opener and the third match aren’t happening as scheduled. They’ve definitely implied Ricky Marvin won’t be around in the second match. They had Pimpi & Mamba not wrestle and not get involved much, so I wonder if the hair match is off. Fantasma feuded with Texano, so maybe they’re the match now. And who knows what the main event is at this point with the OGT setting up their own match and Murder & Monster not appearing and not being acknowledged. (I’m sure it’s a 99% chance of nothing, but Ricky being written out makes me wonder about nothing.)This Verano de Escandalo card is not happening, AAA knows this card is not happening, AAA has acknowledged on their show it’s not happening. If they go around pushing this old lineup all week, they’re just lying for the sake of lying.

Vampiro was just complaining last week about people not telling the whole story of a complex situation. This is not a complex situation at all. This is really just a test for AAA. There are two correct answers here: “this is actually the correct lineup for our show” or “we don’t actually know what it’ll be yet, but it’s not that one.” If AAA gives anything but those two answers, I don’t really want to hear from Vampiro or anyone else with AAA complaining about people being unfair to them or yellow journalism or anything else about how hard it is for them. If AAA can’t be honest on the most basic things, than they should have no expectation of that treatment from anyone else.

Most of you reading this aren’t buying tickets to an AAA TV taping, so changing lineups aren’t affecting your life in that way. Maybe the only way AAA sees your money directly this year is if they air TripleMania on iPPV, and even then it’s almost just as much for the sake of buying one AAA show a year than the lineup (though people should rightly be angry if they pay for Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Psycho Clown and get anything else.) The effect of the changing lineups is the results don’t feel like they matter that much either. Those matches set up don’t seem important if there’s little belief they’ll happen. There’s no great story to Pagano & Mesias winning the tag titles at a random moment or Mini Psycho Clown being champion out of nowhere. If everything made sense in a way where it felt like there was a big master plan for everything with AAA and the poor fellow in charge of putting together the posters was just not in the loop, it might work, it might be tolerable. There’s just not that much consistency to even believe in a direction here. It’ll probably come together a bit better when we see it on TV, but I’m skepitcal.

I still think Psycho/Wagner will happen, and I think they wanted the Mexico City fans to believe it’ll happen and so the show ended with Wagner taking Psycho’s mask instead of something building up a show in Juarez. I also think that’s maybe the one anchor they have left tethering AAA to any sort of stability, and they’re going to be adrift in craziness once it’s cut loose.

I don’t know for certain that Ricky Marvin is gone. They did the thing AAA always does when someone is gone, referring to them but never by name – if he was hurt or sick, it’d be easier just to say that. The Pirata turn came out of nowhere and seemed like a way to make the sides even without Ricky. Marvin’s supposed to be part of an AAA spot show in his hometown of Veracruz today; missing that would seem to confirm he’s out.

Dinastia losing his title after four years in an unannounced match to feet on the ropes is fitting way to end the reign for an underutilized luchador. The minis division in both promotions are death to the few really talented guys on them. They could just be done better, but I’m more holding out hope Dinasita is just going to be dropped into the main group.

Next taping is Sunday in Ciudad Juarez.

06/19/2017 AAA TV Lineup (Nuevo Laredo)


AAA TV (MON) 06/19/2017 Poliforum, Nuevo Laredo, Texas
1) Máscara de Bronce, Soul Rocker, Venum vs Carta Brava Jr., Lanzeloth, Mocho Cota Jr.
2) Pimpinela Escarlata vs Estrella Divina, Mamba
3) Aerostar & Drago vs Australian Suicide & Bengala
4) Killshot & Marty The Moth vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
5) Pagano vs El Mesías
6) Argenis, La Parka, Ricky Marvin vs Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly
7) Faby Apache, Hijo del Fantasma, Psycho Clown vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Kevin Kross, Taya

Air Date: 07/15 & 07/22

Previewing this lineup – a lineup three tapings down the road, after a major show – is probably a waste of time. I have no understanding why they’re advertising matches and not just only the people who will be on the show

What we can learn from this: Killshot & Marty are coming back even though they were too hot for TV. I wonder if Killshot will wear his mask this time. Johnny Mundo, the guy who holds every title in AAA, appears as if he’ll miss five straight TV tapings and counting. (And I’m not sure it matters, which says something about something.)

Next taping after this would be on 06/30 in Puebla.

05/16 AAA TV Results (Aficion) – Fantasma, Suicide turn rudo


AAA TV (TUE) 05/16/2017 Arena Aficion [AAA]
1) Bronco González Jr. & Hijo Del Vikingo b Concord & Guerrero de Plata
Vikingo got the pin with a 630 senton
2) Lanzeloth & Máscara de Bronce b Dalton Bragg & Joe Lider
Added match. The last time Bragg was seen, he was attacking Joe Lider, so of course they didn’t get along here.
3) Faby Apache b Ayako Hamada [Reina De Reinas, #1 Contenders]
Bonus match two. Faby earned a title shot at Taya at some undefined time.
4) Aerostar, Australian Suicide, Bengala, Drago b Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, El Mesías, Pagano
Drago got the win over Scoria. Suicide attacked people on both teams (his partner Begnala last), apparently snapping and turning rudo.
5) Big Mami & Lady Shani b Goya Kong & La Hiedra
Mami & Goya replaced Pimpi & Mamba.
6) Argenis, La Parka, Pimpinela Escarlata, Ricky Marvin b Averno, Chessman, Mamba, Súper Fly
Pimpi and Mamba were added to the match. Mamba may be a OGT member; it was unclear. Pirata Morgan, who also may be an OGT member, distracted the tecnicos.
7) Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown b Carta Brava Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Soul Rocker
The Psycho Circus were reunited for one night, with Murder fouling Psycho but Wagner fouling Murder for the win. Mocho Cota attacked the non-Poder del Norte people with a chair after the match.

Air Date: 06/03 & 06/10

The amount of matches added, subtracted and combined left me confused about how many matches actually took place on this show until I put the results together this morning. It’s seven, the same number announced, though only the opener remained unchanged. This another show where the card was public for months and one where they sent La Parka & Psycho to Pachuca recently to promote the original specific lineup, and then gave a different card. I don’t have anything new to say at this, except I’m starting to wonder if maybe AAA doesn’t actually book TV now until the day of the show, because it’s the only reasonable explanation of why they would continue to risk a backlash from advertising matches they’re not going to run. It didn’t hurt AAA on this night, they filled the 2000 seat Arena Aficion, but they continue to play with fire.

Anyway. Seven matches, which probably means the dark match gets dropped and the other two get split up into two TV. 4/6/7 probably should air on the 3rd, since that’s the night prior to Verano de Escandalo and they all tie into (announced) matches there. On the other hand, AAA’s not been so strict about that since these big events are no long on iPPV and a TV show with 2/3/5 would be a bit low on star power. (Can’t think of the last TV taping with two women’s matches where one hasn’t fed into another, by the way.) AAA’s recap doesn’t mention the Ayako/Faby match for what it’s worth, probably indicating even the people who work for AAA are having trouble keeping track of what AAA is doing, but I guess could mean someone changed their mind on it.

Suicide’s turn is not played up much in the recap bit looks like a big deal on video. Suicide turning was teased on TV this week, but it doesn’t seem like great planning to do that turn and the Texano turn within an hour of each other. It really doesn’t seem like a great idea to do the Suicide turn, the Texano turn and have Psycho’s partners turn on him in the same show – and have Joe Lider & Dalton Bragg have issues early in the show. I think – and I may be completely out to lunch – there’s an actual plan and even card for TripleMania and they’re trying to get all the pieces in place for it. The problem is it’s such a big shift from where they were and it’s going to be hard for anyone to keep all the pieces straight, and they’re not helping the situation by distracting from the really important storylines with a lot not so important ones either. Suicide could use a character change, but unless they’ve got a big match planned for him at TripleMania (seems highly unlikely), maybe that’s something that could’ve waited a few months for it to have a wider birth. No one even know who Dalton Bragg is at this point and feuding him with Joe Lider is only going to make them about the 9th most important thing going on. Maybe there shouldn’t be nine things going on, at least not while there’s this big overarching change in direction and your fans are still catching up to it.

Faby/Ayako could be good. I want to see the 630 senton. I’m not really sure I want to see much more from this show.

The next taping will be 05/26, next Friday, in Mexico City.

05/26/2017 AAA TV Lineup (CDMX) – last Mexico City stop before TripleMania


AAA TV (FRI) 05/26/2017 Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal
1) Charly Madrid & Tigger vs Dalton & Joe Lider
2) Pimpinela Escarlata vs Mamba
3) Drago vs Aerostar, Bengala, Australian Suicide, Lanzeloth, Máscara de Bronce, Raptor, Venum
4) El Mesías & Pagano vs Monsther Clown & Murder Clown
5) La Parka & Ricky Marvin vs Chessman & Súper Fly
Argenis and Averno will be seconds
6) Dr. Wagner Jr., Hijo del Fantasma, Psycho Clown vs Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker

Air Date: this is after 3 tapings which have yet to air (Tijuana, Tlaxcala, and the yet to be taped Pachuca), so I’m going to write June 17th and June 24th here but who knows what will happen between now and seven weeks.

We know that things have changes. The original schedule form back in January had AAA in Queretaro on this day, and in Contla on 05/20.  They’re now going to Pachuca on the 16th, and presumably promoting this show themselves on the 26th. The Contla show was still listed as recently as this week’s TV, but hadn’t been promoted online much and may have been off for a while. We’ve never gotten a look at the full schedule at the start of the year before (and AAA might have had anything close to one before this year), so it’s hard to tell if this is a lot of change or the usual amount.

We also know the lineup may change, because it’s changed every show. Though, to my eye, this looks like the sort of lineup AAA might end up with after the usual changes, because it does follow the issues they’re actually building. I wouldn’t rule out the card actually being close to being correct, though I suspect no one knows if it’ll be this show for sure three weeks out.

Even if it does change, it’s AAA advertising a show in Mexico City with Poder del Norte as the main event rudos. I have no idea how that’s going to at the ticket window. Half of the Tlaxcala TV will have aired by then; perhaps AAA will air the trios title change the first week to help build interest in the match, but they’re unproven as draws so far and it didn’t seem like their opponents took them all that seriously this past week on TV either.

It’s AAA’s first show here since Guerra de Titanes, first time back without Pentagon, first time back since The Crash didn’t meet expectations (on a harder day of the work) – there’s going to be all sorts of comparisons and judgments to make whatever way this turns out.

Raptor is a new name – there’s a Mexico City luchador using the name Raptor, but I’d guess it’ll be someone new. If the all tecnico match stays as it is, they should just call Alas de Oro and give someone wings. Tigger (probably The Tiger), Charly Madrid & Dalton are all from the most recent round of La Llave de la Gloria; no one outside of AAA understands how that’s supposed to work but being in a match with Joe Lider seems like a true challenge.

AAA has literally nothing left to announce until the June 19th lineup, and no show to run until May 16th. It should be a quite week or so, so I’m excited to find out what else will accidentally be announced.

04/29/2017 AAA TV results (Tlaxcala)


AAA TV (SAT) 04/29/2017 Paleqnue del Centro Expositor, Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala [AAA]
1) Niño Hamburguesa b Máscara de Bronce, Venum, Joe Lider
Hamburugesa beat Lider after Dalton Bragg appeared and attacked Joe. Hamburguesa earned a spot in an upcoming match for the vacant mixed tag team titles.
2) Argenis & La Parka b Chessman & Súper Fly
OGT came to the ring, but were interrupted by Ricky Marvin. Marvin introduced Parka & Argenis as his partners. Vampiro suspended Averno (???) so this became a 2v2 match. Argenis pinned Chessman
3) Carta Brava, Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker © b Faby Apache, Monsther Clown, Murder Clown [AAA TRIOS]
explained as Vampiro ordering the match. The Clowns betrayed Faby for the loss. Psycho Clown tried to make the save but Kevin Kross attacked both him and Faby, causing Faby to be stretchered.
4) Averno & Pimpinela Escarlata b Mamba & Ricky Marvin
Chessman & Super Fly tried helping Averno, but Parka & Argenis countered them. Averno beat Marvin, then Kross beat up Marvin and Hijo del Tirantes.
5) Big Mami b La Hiedra, Goya Kong, Lady Shani
Mami will team with Nino Hamburguesa to face a yet to be decided team for the mixed tag titles. They celebrated together after the match.
6) Australian Suicide & Bengala b El Mesías & Pagano
Cuervo & Scoria cost Mesias & Pagano the match, and Mesias & Pagano were tense towards each other.
7) Kevin Kross b Psycho Clown
everyone else on the show ran in on this match, including Hijo del Fantasma (who was scheduled for this match but didn’t wrestle for unclear reasons.) Kross beat Psycho and took out a few other people.

Air Date: 05/20 & 05/27

AAA changed every match on the card, came up with stipulations which weren’t promoted before hand and ended the show with everyone in the building running in. Most every change could’ve been explained prior to the show, but AAA is doing it because they think it’s working and because they can.

The mixed tag team titles had been a useless championship for years, and ceased to exist over a year ago without anyone missing them in the meantime. There’s no real use necessity in bringing them back, but AAA has seemed to love Big Mami even before the creative change and she’s still featured as the star of pretty much every match she’s in, so maybe they have some plan here.

Vampiro’s making a lot of decisions that seem to backfire. The big storyline of the first season of Lucha Underground was Vampiro revealing himself to be the evil mastermind behind Pentagon, and Vampiro again revealing himself as Actually Evil is definitely in play here.

Those air dates are nearly a month away. All the changes and activity makes it hard to remember what happened when, more so when the show with it isn’t going to air for weeks. It’ll be that way for a while: AAA TV this week says the 05/20 Contla taping is still on, so every taping won’t air for at least three weeks for the foreseeable future. We should get that Contla taping as soon as Monday, given we already have the taping after it.

AAA takes two weeks off and returns for TV on 05/16 in Pachuca.

06/04 AAA TV Lineup (Ciudad Juárez) – six way mask match headlines Verano de Escandalo


AAA TV (SUN) 06/04/2017 Gimnasio Municipal Josué Neri Santos, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua
1) Aerostar, Bengala, Drago vs Australian Suicide, Lanzeloth, Máscara de Bronce
2) Argenis, La Parka, Ricky Marvin vs Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly
3) Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria © vs El Mesías & Pagano [AAA TAG]
second defense
4) Pimpinela Escarlata vs Mamba [bull terrier, hair]
5) Hijo del Fantasma vs Kevin Kross
6) Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Psycho Clown, Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Carta Brava Jr., Soul Rocker [mask]

Air Date: 06/17 & 06/24

This is after Tlaxcala and after Pachuca, and about six weeks from now.  It also doesn’t appear to be an official poster, since the photos of Cuervo & Scoria are still as Xinetez. Maybe we’ll get an update down the line, but AAA probably would’ve preferred to keep this quiet at least until after this Saturday’s taping.

Four matches were already announced – it’s only the tag title tag & singles match which are newly revealed, and those fit where things appear to be going. It does confirm Taya & Mundo aren’t going to be around for a moment. They’ll probably turn up again before TripleMania, but the pacing suggests Fantasma versus Mundo for the titles on that show. (Of course, they did a tease for Jarrett/Fantasma on TV this week, so nothing’s for sure.)

The main event theoretically has a chance to disrupt the one match we know for sure for TripleMania, but no one’s really going to be too worried about. Any of the other four people could lose, but Soul Rocker would make more sense – he’s got an unmasked gimmick, and the Infierno Rockers have otherwise been dropped.

Pagano’s either winning the tag titles or having a violent breakup with Mesias in his hometown. Either way, this is a long way to set up the same match AAA ran on the last major show, with Cuervo & Scoria (so far) not seeming any more over than they were before.

That match, like all others, are subject to change. Mamba/Pimpinela seems most likely, because you’d only know it’s happening based on stuff coming out of Juarez. The feud’s been hinted at TV, but you’d have to know it was there to even think they were going somewhere with it.

AAA hasn’t officially announced a taping past this point on TV, but the Nuevo Laredo promoters are already advertising a date on the 19th.

Poder del Norte & Taya are new champs (04/21 AAA TV results from Tijuana)


AAA TV (FRI) 04/21/2017 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California [AAA, El Tijuanese]
0) El Hijo del Medico Asesino & Fantastik b Clásico & Enigma
dark/locals match
1) Monsther Clown & Murder Clown b El Mesías & Pagano
Traidor clowns won after Scoria & Cuervo cost Mesias & Pagano the match
2) Ricky Marvin b Chessman
Ricky Marvin came out in an OGT shirt to face no clear opponents, when Averno & Chessman confronted him. This set up Ricky/Chessman, and Ricky won with La Parka countering Averno.
3) Ayako Hamada © b Taya [Reina De Reinas, street]
A street fight, with Taya bleeding. Said to be a very good match. Ayako falls on first defense and needed medical attention after the match. Taya is now a two time champion.
4) Aerostar & Drago b Killshot & Marty The Moth
Lucha Underground match. Shane Strickland was announced as Killshot but wrestling unmasked in his Shane Strickland gear. Aerostar pinned Killshot for the win.
5) Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria © b Australian Suicide & Bengala [AAA TAG]
unannounced title match. First defense for Cuervo & Scoria. Suicide & Bengala, Pagano & Mesias and Aerostar & Drago all wanted to get at the champions after the match.
6) Kevin Kross b Hijo del Fantasma [tables]
Prior to the match, Texano came out to announce his neck injury is no longer serious, but it’ll be a while before he returns to the ring. He seconded Fantasma in the next match and was taken out. Kross put Fantasma thru a table (though Kross speared thru a table himself earlier.)
7) Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker b Dr. Wagner Jr., Faby Apache, Psycho Clown © [AAA TRIOS]
Nuevo Poder del Norte demanded a trios title shot. Faby brought out Wagner & Psycho as the other members of her team (instead of her sister and father.) Taya attacked Faby with a chair to give the rudos the win. Faby falls on her first defense.

Air Date: 05/06 & 05/13, likely.

They honored Joaquin Roldan prior to the show.

I’ll write the same things I write every time now: They filled the building, that’s good. They advertised a Psycho Clown/Dr. Wagner match and didn’t deliver and that seems dangerous towards TripleMania but maybe they’ll get away with it. They changed most of the card and fans should not take AAA lineups seriously at this point, though they still might end up with a better card. (This show had 2 titles matches advertised, ended up with 3, hope EMW didn’t spend money on a belt that’s never going to be used.)

Vampiro says Taya/Ayako was one of the top five matches of all time. People there thought pretty highly of the match as the match of the night. Taya coming back at the end to get Faby seems to point in that direction, but AAA spend two years not doing that match so it also could just be a return to the old nothing happening status quo. (There is a five way women’s match on the next show that could double as a #1 contenders match, if it happens at all.) Ayako’s not listed on any shows going forward, so it’s possible this was it for her. If it was, and at least AAA made heavy use of Ayako was she was around, a nice improvement from previous short guests. If she’s sticking around, maybe there’s more good matches to come.

The trios title stuff is all bizarre looking, but probably about what they had planned. The OGT had to lose the belts quick because they were splitting Ricky out of the group, Poder del Norte needs whatever credibility they can get from winning them, and it made the most sense to use the Apaches in between so they could get the big win if that feud is being dropped. They may have actually hoped to have Mary & Apache involved – Mary’s injury was a last minute thing, no one’s saying what the deal is with the father (a very troubling sign given history of ill people stops talking about) – but Wagner & Psycho fit with the more important story they’ll telling.

The Texano thing is hard to predict. This could be Texano doing a heroic return from injury to go after Mundo, or it could be Texano faking a neck injury to betray Fantasma and join Mundo/Taya/Kross. Texano is actually healthy enough to be in the ring, he wrestled last Friday in Naucalpan, so he should really be fine for whatever they’re setting up.

Verano de Escandalo looking like

  • Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown vs Carta Brava Jr. & Soul Rocker in some sort of apuesta match
  • maybe Mamba vs Pimpinela in a hair match
  • maybe Mundo/Kross vs Texano/Fantasma
  • maybe Cuervo/Scoria vs Pagano/Mesias vs Aerostar/Drago vs Suicide/Bengala for the tag titles
  • maybe Chessman, Averno, Super Fly vs La Parka, Ricky Marvin and a third person
  • maybe Faby/Taya/Ayako
  • and one more match

That’s three tapings away. The next show is a week from today, April 29th, in Tlaxcala.

Edit: El Tijuanese’s recap of the show adds the dark match (with promoter Medico Asesino), and includes Monster & Murder among those looking for a tag title shot.

05/16 AAA TV (Pachuca) – Wagner/Psycho scheduled


AAA TV (TUE) 05/16/2017 Arena Aficion
1) Concord & Guerrero De Plata vs Bronco González Jr. & Hijo Del Vikingo
2) Lady Shani & Pimpinela Escarlata vs La Hiedra & Mamba
3) Monsther Clown & Murder Clown vs Carta Brava Jr. & Soul Rocker
4) Australian Suicide & Bengala vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
5) Aerostar & Drago vs El Mesías & Pagano
6) Argenis, La Parka, Ricky Marvin vs Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly
7) Psycho Clown vs Dr. Wagner Jr.

Air Date: 06/03 & 06/10. There’s over two weeks between this and the previous taping (Tlaxcala on the 29th) but the busy run of tapings in late March and April will stack up a big backload. As a result, this show won’t finish airing until 25 days after it tapes. This is the one and only taping in May, so that gap will shrink back down a bit.

It’s also a partial lame duck taping. AAA could still set up things on this show, but the first half of it won’t air until the day prior to Verano de Escandalo and the other half won’t air until after. There’s no real exceptional matches on paper, making this feel like a taping that’s going to be quickly forgotten.

Of course, the matches on paper are likely not to be the exact matches which happen. There are matches which flow into the current storylines – Ricky Marvin joining the tecnicos to fight OGT, Pimpinela and Mamba matched up – but there’s no telling if they’ll be changed. Cuervo & Scoria and Mesias & Pagano could be picking up wins before their match in Juarez, but then they could all end up in an atomicos for what we know.

The four guys in the opener are the same exact four guys as in San Luis Potosi, so they could be regular additions to the crew. Maybe we should give them one more appearance to be sure.

Next taping is June 4th in Ciudad Juarez for Verano de Escandalo. It’s still a long way from happening, but we may have a good idea of what’s the plan after Friday night’s show in Tijuana.