Today is the first day of the Lucha Libre Expo. Promoters are expecting 28,000 people to visit Centro Banamex for the shows over the next three days. The Gladiatores have the full calendar of events, including lineups for the EAW shows (which will be running opposite other shows in the main ring), though it doesn’t appear totally accurate. They’ve got the old DTU & Perros lineups, but have the updated CMLL lineup.

The big news we’ll be looking for out of these shows is anything on Dr. Wagner’s status. He’s scheduled to work the main event semimain on Sunday’s AAA TV taping. His son is actually wrestling about the same time in the EAW ring, so perhaps the AAA champion will make another cameo there and elsewhere. The other guy likely to have a big night is Perro Aguayo Jr., celebrating his birthday today. Besides his show on Sunday, he’s listed as appearing on the AAA show; no big surprise, but it’ll be the first time since TripleMania.

Los Perros appear to be running their last show here Sunday – they still haven’t announced another one – which will include matches for the next Viva La Lucha PPV, as will the NWA Mexico show. This is NWA Mexico’s first show in quite a while, only popping up for the expo, which might be the pattern the Perros follow. IWRG has two shows, DTU has one show (which probably will make TVC Deportes), and CMLL has it’s usual show (which may show up on CadenaTres; we should ask their twitter!) It’d be more fun to be there, but there will probably be enough video coming out to get a feel for it.

Halloween gives an interview hyping up the Perros show. He says the rivalries between companies are between the owners and the promoters, but the luchadors are all luchadors together.

CMLL will be presenting Maximo vs Taichi in HD on Saturday at the expo. I wonder if this is the normal show in HD or just the ringside camera bit from YouTube extended over a whole match.

CMLL’s show tonight in Arena Mexico will be their final six match show for a couple weeks. The CMLL Universal tournament starts next Friday, which will change the format and the participants. This week’s card leans heavily on non-champions (only Aguila, Garza, Negro, and Mascara have eligible titles.) The main event has the only running storyline, the quickly starting Mistico/Psicosis feud. Though I guess it’s possible Strong Man/Shocker vs Aguila/Garza could be a tag title match at some point.

IWRG/Black Terry Jr.

No full results, but it looks like Chico Che won Copa Bicentenial last night, an actual big IWRG win over AAA. Might be the first in a lot of them. The key is clearly involving the real core of IWRG – none of this silly Junior Dinamitas stuff or Rayo or even Scorpio, guys who show up in the main event for a few weeks and then disappear again. IWRG is the Oficials, the Cerebros and Black Terry, Chico Che, random indy geeks, unidentifiable novatos and Veneno. That’s the true spirit of IWRG.

Talking to Fuego en el Ring, Volador Jr. says he doesn’t want to be on the same side as Mistico.  Dragon Rojo Jr. says he’s back, but not 100%.

Dos de Tres has a preview of it’s interview with El Dandy, and a video interview with him. Dos De Tres’ feature articles are usually very good.

Sangre Azteca and Hijo de Fantasma are in Spain today, part of an international festival.

Pancracio has a bunch of interviews, with Princesa Dorada, with Snake & Impacto X (and his Sombra mask), and with Mensajero de la Muerte, Aborto and Okuzono, though that last set is annoying in all caps. Most keyboards come with working Shift and Caps Lock keys, more people should use them.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.