AAA on Televisa #947 (07/17/2010)

not Jack's smartest moment

taped Auditorio Miguel Barragan de San Luis Potosi, 06/16/2010

Konnan was no at this taping. I know this, because we had segments with the Legion talking about Konnan not being there, segments with 187 waiting for Konnan and then being told Konnan wasn’t there, and announcers talking about Konnan not being there. Now, I’ve since watched the following week of television, and I can not explain why it was such a big deal that Konnan was not at this taping. It didn’t get brought up much the following week, there wasn’t some reaction to him not being there. I have no way of knowing if that was the plan, but the story seemed only to remind us we should be wondering about Konnan every week.

Also, the skits in Dorian’s office where he’s talking over his plans with Konnan are all sorts of odd when the story later turns out to be that Konnan and Dorian were in on the run-ins all along, having invited Perros del Mal to TripleMania. Maybe I missed something that’ll be clearer later.

Show was actually OK otherwise! Jack Evans being against locker room violence might have pushed this one into the win colum.

just a little bit short

Alan Stone & Chris Stone vs Cuervo & Escoria: this wasn’t near the match from last week, turning into a tennis match and the finish just didn’t go well. Seen worse.

Heavy Metal, Jack Evans, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Alex Koslov, Chessman, Kenzo Suzuki: This was fun for this usual sort of match. Chessman is not a fan of breakdancing.

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Octagón vs Electroshock & Último Gladiador: okay match, though the real highlight was the world’s least secure security force. I guess they just ran to the ring to get a better look until Vampiro got to punches.

Cibernético, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario vs Hernandez, LA Park, Zorro (and part 2): I think this might have been actually Cibernetico’s fault for standing to far away, but he’s not the one who fell on his face. This was pretty okay otherwise. I’m reluctant to believe they’ve cut out the rudo referee bits, because that always comes back here, but it’s nice to have a breather. Lider & Nicho figured out a way for Joe to do the middle rope backcracker in the flow of the match, very nice. They were working hard.

Puebla, Latin, Expo

Fuego en el Ring

CMLL (MON) 07/26 Arena Puebla [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Asturiano & Stigma b Fuerza Chicana & Toro Bill Sr.
2) Metálico, Molotov, Sensei b Durango Kid, Puma King, Tiger Kid
3) Cisne, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Warrior b Aereo, Pequeño Halcón, Último Dragoncito
4) Metro, Toscano, Valiente b Dragón Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Yoshihashi
5) Charly Manson, Héctor Garza, Mr. Águila b Blue Panther, La Máscara, Místico

Mistico came to the ring wearing a Puebla fubtol jersey, and the rudos ripped it up.  In the third, Misitco got La Mistica on Hector, but El Tirantes was in no hurry to call for the submission. Mistico got up to argue, Garza fouled him, and Tirantes coutned three.

Aereo and Stigma made their debuts here. Surprised Aereo is unmasked; he was definitely masked when they were introducing him before. There were issues in the segunda, but they were between Tiger Kid & Sensei, not between the rudo brothers.

Arena Puebla’s promoters, Manuel Robles & Benjamin Mar, talked to local paper SporTimes about their business. They say the biggest problem facing wrestling today is ticket resellers and pirated merchandise. US wrestling does not affect attendance, they say, because they offer a different special product and fans like it. They’d know better than us, but I don’t know about that. The article says Manuel Robles started in 1982, and his son Benjamin took over in 1994 after Robles had serious heart issues. They plan cards one or two weeks in advance, and make it clear that the arena is open to hosting boxing, MMA or other events, should someone be interested.

Remember the Hector Garza/Latin Lover angle which went nowhere? They’re on opposite sides of a tag match on August 19 in Cancha German Evers. It’s Latin & Toscano vs Garza & Texano on a show using a mix of ACG guys and local Mazatlan wrestlers. The show is sponsored by the National Chamber of Industry Restaurants and Food Condiments. Perhaps the first show ever sponsored by a national chamber of food condiments? Latin’s stage show starts on on August 24th and lasts for two months, so that may be the last for him in the ring for the summer.

More Expo:

  • DJ Spectro has photos from his visit, video of a Celestial dive,
  • Estrellas del Ring catches up with Oriental, selling merchandise at his booth
  • R de Rudo posts it’s video of the Perros run in on the AAA show. Since everyone was there from the Perros show, everyone ran in on the AAA show, but I wouldn’t assume that means they’re showing up again.

On his radio show, Arturo Rivera said he also had a run in with El Hijo del Santo and his wife at the Expo.

A post on Box Y Lucha says no one working the last set of EAW shows got paid. There was no mention of their scheduled shows for the Expo, because the two leveled ring didn’t show up. These guys might be done.

AAA wonders if Chris Stone might be a rudo. No! AAA also sizes up Vampiro & Silver King as challengers to the mega title, and hypes Thursday’s semimain.

Cesar wonders whatever happened to Blue Demon’s tournaments to decide new champions?

SuperLuchas has a bio of Oaxaca’s Mini Vuelo Especial. These have been good, but I hope the person supplying them also talks about what’s going on there now at some point.

Luchas 2000 #531 has Mistico vs Psicosis, Fabian el Gitano unmasked, and Tiger Kid vs Puma King.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.


IWRG (THU) 07/29 Arena Naucalpan
1) Dinamic Black vs Carta Brava
2) Gemelo Fantastico I & Gemelo Fantastico II vs Comando Negro & Magia Negra
3) Diva Salvaje & Miss Gaviota vs Maldito Jr. & Samot
4) Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro, Oficial Marshal vs Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro
5) Último Gladiador vs Crazy Boy, Psicosis III, Chris Stone, Espíritu, Escoria, Oficial 911, el Ángel, Trauma I, Freelance, Suicida, Chico Che [IWRG IC HEAVY, #1 Contenders]

Burying the lead. The lawlessness of the AAA invasion into IWRG clearly require more troops.

The poster is confusing, but my best guess is the winner of the main event gets a match with Silver King. Or maybe the title. Or maybe just a cup. Any IWRG guy, except maybe Angel, would be amusing versus Silver King.