Demus/BamBam, Gran Prix, Inferno, Psicosis II & WWE?

No full results from Puebla last night, but Luchas2000 says Peste Negra took the main event, and Loco Max got a win up on Centella de Oro as they continue to feud.

Ovaciones previews the Demus vs Bam Bam hair match tonight, going over the list of victories for Bam Bam. This is the third hair match between them

July 24, 2007: Bam Bam defeated Mini Damian 666 for his hair
August 17, 2008: Mini Damian 666 defeated Bam Bam for his hair.

My guess is the man who’s wife is pregnant is probably going to end up with some extra money for the new child, but it’s no sure thing. You should follow @cmllmagazine to get the results tonight.

The same article says Ovaciones will soon be announcing a Gran Prix event. It’d be the 12 Gran Prix in the “CMLL” era, and the article says it’ll be a cibernetico as in recent years. These are usually Mexico/CMLL vs International 16 man matches (the last one was in 2008, CMLL vs TNA, where Alex Shelley won over Ultimo Guerrero.) Dinamitas and Rayo are mentioned, so it’ll probably be something like CMLL vs Invasors/NJPW.

ESTO, after also talking about the hair match, mentions CMLL will soon be running a show called Inferno en el Ring, which will feature a 12 man cage match. Just to repeat the guess from Sunday: Diamante, Fabian el Gitano, Sensei, Dr. X, Tiger Kid, Puma King, Angel Azteca Jr., Angel de Oro, Angel de Plata, Monsther, Oriental, and maybe Olimpico. The last spot is a bit iffy, because Maniaco is part of the feud, but the article says it’ll be 12 masked men. Maniaco both isn’t actually masked, and also lost the thing he wears on his face once already. (Or the article could just be wrong.)

CMLL’s added Mistico vs Mr. Niebla to Sunday’s Arena Coliseo show. This is Niebla’s first singles match since returning, a big opportunity and probably a check to see where he’s at. Volador Jr. gets moved up to the semimain in Mistico’s spot, and La Mascara gets on the card in the fourth match.

Likewise, Mascara Dorada vs Averno has been added to next Sunday’s Guadalajara show. That’s the final of the feud that’s been going for a few weeks, with Averno replacing Dragon Rojo when he went down to injury. The outcome will probably be the same as if Dragon Rojo was involved; CMLL has kept Dorada strong in Guadalajara. Teleformula is showing Tuesday’s shows, so this match is not scheduled to air.  (Misterioso takes Averno’s spot in the semimain.)

Psicosis II says he’ll be getting tryout matches with WWE at the end of July. That’s unexpected. The whole name issue becomes beside the point if he’d get a job with them. Psicosis says it was Jesse Hernandez who recommended him to WWE.

Talking to Dos de Tres, Rocky Romero explained Alex Koslov was actually right to turn on him all that months ago, and now they’re friends again since they’re together in the Legion. To Box Y Lucha, Rocky explains it was not a betrayal, but an awakening.

Joaquin Roldan tells Des de Ringside that the taping in Carmen was part of an effort to do TV tapings in new places. Des de Ringside also talks to LA Park, who says the fans know who won at TripleMania, and they’ve been yelling at La Parka to stop using that name whenever they wrestle at shows. They’ve also got video of the Carmen taping.

AAA’s taping in Merdia on Sunday looks 70% full, less than they must’ve expected for the first Parka/Park rematch. It is a lot better than the indy show in Arena Neza did on Sunday – it looks 1% full in some of the photos. Maybe no one should run that building after all.

Atlantis tells Fuego en el Ring that he’s in no hurry to face Rayo de Jalisco Jr. in a mask match and all the pressure is on Olimpico next Monday in the ruleta de la muerte. If they win, they win, and if they lose, Atlantis isn’t that worried about Olimpico beating him.

Damian 666 says he’s very proud to be invading AAA – now even they’re saying it – because they’re tired of clowns like Cibernetico, Dr. Wagner Jr. and La Parka.

Seuxis wants the impending mask match between her and Silueta to take place in Guadalajara, so she can destroy the tecnica in front of Silueta’s home fans. I hope this feud goes well enough for Seuxis that she might be able to afford actual gear by the mask match. (Actually, maybe not, because it does give Seuxis a single identifying trait. What would I be left with? “She’s the one who’s good compared to the other new ones but still not near the level of the others”? “She’s the one who’s Puerto Rician except they never bring it up?” Sujei already has the “no one is sure exactly how that name is supposed to be spelled” gimmick.)

Heddi Karaoui, the Frenchman the Perros del Mal are hyping up, has an entertaining wikipedia page. Not only do can you learn Revolution Free Style was(/is!) the third biggest promotion in Mexico, but it lasted long enough for someone to win twelve matches.

Latin Lover, talking about damage in Monterrey from Hurricane Alex, talks about finishing up the dance show this Sunday and heading out for a tour soon. I hope not all the comments to the post are about this paragraph or about other comments to this paragraph. Or maybe I’ll just start deleting stuff again.

The Gladiatores has an interview with Scorpio Jr. about his father, and with the winner and loser of the cage match.

Cuadrilatero Peninsular reprints an interview with Halcon Rojo Jr. from Box Y Lucha.

SuperLuchas looks at the possibilities for the Anniversary show.

Box Y Lucha 2981 hypes the rematch of Parka vs Park.

Segunda Caida continues it’s reviews of Black Terry matches.

07/25 Perros del Mal show (Lucha Libre Expo)

PdM (SUN) 07/25 Centro Banamex
1) Drastik Boy & Konami vs Pesadilla & Ragde
2) Celestial & Cósmico vs Mr. Aguilita & Talisman
3) Annie Social & Diva Salvaje vs Medussa & Shelly Martinez
4) el Ángel, El Hijo de Rey Misterio, Hijo de LA Park vs Bestia 666, Black Fire, TJP
5) Supreme vs X-Fly [hardcore]
6) Damián 666, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween vs Black Warrior, El Hijo Del Santo, LA Park

R de Rudo points out this lineup is up with the other ones.

You’ll note that the matches built up on Viva Va Lucha, with promos and everything, are not the matches which occur to be happening. The NWA/Demon show has the match it’s supposed to have, so it’s Los Perros being Los Perros. The first two matches should be good, the women’s match will be what it’s supposed to be and the fourth match is intriguing.

If Santo still is anti-PPV, that means none of the main Perros will be in a PPV match (though they’ll probably show up in the semimain and fourth match, again.) Match will be fun, who knows/if when we’ll see it. Go to the show and watch it!

Obvious guess is Bestia 666 is Damian’s son. All credit to Damian for not giving the world yet another Hijo or Junior, but this appears to be his debut match and it’s a tough position for one of those. FdT and Crazy are working Arena Aficion every Tuesday lately, you’d think they could get Besita a couple warmup matches there. (Maybe he’s been wrestling under another name and I’m worrying about nothing.)

If this is the same Black Fire (and it looks like there might have been multiple), he’s started in Super Crazy’s LLJL kid’s promotion and has worked DTU shows. This would be his biggest match, easily.

No sign of the guy from France or the guy from Brazil. Are the Perros promoting more shows? Are the Perros hyping up people who are just friends of theirs? Who can say! I need a YouTube here.

That’ll work.

07/03-04 video links

My policy is not to include download links for any show which is already available on-demand on the internet. It’s much better for people to use those sites to watch the shows, because each download there is a vote in favor of keeping the show on the air. I won’t be putting Guadalajara up on download sites, but I will try to give a link to it and there is plenty of software and browser add-ons for you to download the file itself if you want.


AAA aired part 1 of TripleMania, and there are plenty of download links for that already. My TiVo didn’t record 100% Lucha due to conflicts; it should be recorded. LATV remains a rerun; I believe they’ve stopping purchasing episodes again due to issues.

My listings say Once TV International is airing “Zona de Combat” (reruns AULL or IWRG) at 6pm today. Online listings do not reflect this, so I think it’s just a data error.