Here’s the segments which caused CMLL’s VOD to be unavailable in all countries on Saturday

CMLL actually was doing better than promised – their VOD of the Anniversary show as up around 4AM Ct, working for anyone who happened to be up. If you got up at 5 – or anytime the rest of the day – you instead got a message that it was blocked in all countries. The VOD was eventually taken down when the music couldn’t simply be removed, re-edited, and placed online again Sunday morning. It’s up there now, for $3USD.

CMLL never really explained what was going on, though their webmaster/photographer Alexis Salazar did confirm it was a music issue. Music rights probably made the show unavailable as paid VOD content, and so the music segments were cut out. It’s too bad, because those two music segments were the edecan dance numbers. You can see those below.

The edits are done fairly well (right before the Super Crazy and Dragon Lee entrances), though you can still obviously see everyone in costume.

For the record, there’s also about 30 seconds of dead time before the show starts cut out as well.