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(This was scheduled to post Friday afternoon and never did. That’s very annoying! It’s almost totally useless. Travel is fun. Slow internet is great.)

Today’s CMLL show starts at 5pm CT. 5pm! Three and half hours early. Today is Independence Day in Mexico, and all the normal evening shows have 4pm or 5pm starts. You’d have to be a dummy not to realize this for a while and wait until 2pm to get into Mexico. (Errrr.)

The main event of the CMLL show is Rayo de Jalisco, Dos Caras and Canek versus Universo 2000, Mascara 2000 and Cien Caras. It’s not really a good look for the current CMLL stars to be playing second fiddle to guys who were past their prime a decade ago, but it is the whole concept of the show. This same match took place last November in Monterrey.

The semimain has CMLL’s usual top guys in a rudo versus rudo feud. Rush, Pierroth and Rey Escorpion take on Matt Taven, Ultimo Guerrero and Euforia. There’s been hints of a Taven/Volador match and also a Taven/Rush one. CMLL could set up that one out of this match, and it would fit as singles main event on top of the Reyes del Air next week. Taven is finishing up on the 24th, so his big match has to be next Friday if he’s getting one.

The fourth match is a Barbaro Cavernario versus Mascara Dorada lightning match. Those two have been good against each before, and should be again. CMLL’s preview refers to Mascara Dorada as El Internacional Mascara Dorada, the closest they’ve come to acknowledging his second place finish in the CWC. We don’t know exactly when Dorada is wrapping up in CMLL, but this seems like an opportunity to start giving guys big wins over him on the way out.

The second and third matches include legends and current CMLL wrestlers who are about as old as legends. Atlantis teams with Mascara Sagrada & El Fantasma against Negro Casas, Satanico and Fuerza Guerrera. Blue Panther is back on the rudo side with Kahoz & Negro Navarro against Solar, Super Astro and Mano Negra.

The opener is a women’s match, Esterllita, Marcela and Sanely versus Amapola, Jarochita and Metalica. This is Sanely’s Friday show debut (timed to be on the same show as her father), and the official CMLL debuts of Jarochita and Metalica. Jarochita’s in the rare position of having had a CMLL title match before joining the roster. Of the three woman who’ve recently left AAA (Keira, Lady Maravilla), Jarochita is probably the third most impressive one. She’s OK, but it’s also surprising how relatively fast she made the roster. Metalica, the current Felina Metalica, had been training with CMLL for years.

Fantasma’s said he might never get a chance to wrestle in Arena Mexico again, and the same issue in theory for a lot of people on the show. CMLL (and others) brings back legends much more often than any other promotion in the world. Some of these guys appeared on Elite shows in Arena Mexico this year too, but Fantasma has a point – there’s a decent chance it’s the last ever Arena Mexico match for someone on the card.

The show airs at 5pm CT on ClaroSports. CultIcon also previews this show.

There are plenty of other shows today; I’ve got 47 posters in the database, and this is a day with a lot of other small shows. Of note,

  • AAA tapes today at the Hard Rock Hotel, it’s only TV taping between TripleMania and Heroes Inmortales. It’s got less drama to it now that we know the Heroes Inmortales lineup, but maybe they’ll surprise.
  • the rest of AAA is working a triple header of shows in Mexico State, which will probably be more interesting to find out who’s being used as replacements than for the matches themselves.
  • CaraLucha is running with Trauma I vs Rush vs Hijo del Pirata Morgan vs Black Toro/Taurus – this is the show I’d like to go to, but they’re running early and it’s going to be very tough to make.
  • AULL has a cage match, WMC has Arez/Freelance, Ultimo Guerrero is working the MDS show as well, there’s a show I’d like to go to in CDMX if it wasn’t two hours away from my hotel and I’m still confused how anything can be two hours away and still be in Mexico City.

Mesias is working the GALLI show on 09/25.

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CMLL Martes: 2016-09-06 

Sagrado finishes Panther

Recapped: 09/10/2016

What happened: Titan pinned Mephisto, aiming for a title match.

What was good: The semimain was good and the lightning match entertained me, though it’s possible I’ve gone mad.

I didn’t watch the third match, off a plan to only watch the second half and avoid Skandalo matches, but it looked like it was good.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s channel. Read More