como estaz 4×6: late night Tijuana

Myself, Rob, and Alfredo of LuchaMania & Riot had nothing to do late last night in Tijuana, so we did what any normal people would do: sit around in Wings and record a podcast. I’d like to apologize for everything, including not bothering to find a quiet place and not cutting off the podcast more times. I hope it’s audible, but it may be no great loss if it’s not. This is theoretically about The Crash show Saturday night in Tijuana, but it goes in strange and random directions. I’m pretty sure I named all the women in NXT at one point and I’m not entirely sure why, it’s that kind of show. Podcast is 2 hours, we run out of steam after about 80 minutes, but then stuff Rob and Alfredo may say late may get them in trouble later. (I assume I’m already in trouble for putting this up.)

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Assuming I’m conscious after Chairo, we’ll do one more podcast then.