Arena Mexico preview

The only ongoing issue presented in tonight Arena Mexico card is the Mr. Aguila vs Shocker feud. Shocker teams with Thunder and Atlantis while Aguila teams with Averno & Mephisto. The Revolucinarios team up to face Diamante Azul, Angel de Oro, and Stuka Junior, and the lightning match has Maximo heavily favored over Tiger.

Blue Demon Jr. is signing autographs near Arena Mexico tonight, probably because that’s where a lot of wrestling fans will be.

Sexy Star says she’ll be in Arena Mexico for the first time in less than a month. She’s been in Arena Mexico as a fan before. Sexy Star is implying she’s joining CMLL. She’s not joining CMLL.

Tiger will replace Rey Escorpion on Tuesday.

Bill has highlights of 03/17/13 CMLL.

Porra Fresa previews Monday’s card.

Brief Ultimo Guerrero audio interview talking about his mask match with Atlantis (which still has no date as far as he’s aware, and he’s the one who should know.)

There are special lucha libre activities this Sunday at Museo Historia Mexicana in Monterrey this weekend.

Lucha Libre USA luchadors visited a school to talk about anti-bullying and give away tickets to everyone.

Sadico (of Ciudad Madero) not only lost his mask to local Aresnal this past weekend, he also announced he was retiring.

3 thoughts to “Arena Mexico preview”

  1. Putting aside Sexy Star’s skill level in the ring for a second…

    Why is Sexy Star going to CMLL so far fetched? If two years ago you told me that Estrellita would be beating Princesa Blanca for titles and taking Amapola’s hair in a featured match on a major CMLL show, I woulda called you a liar. Would she be any worse in the ring than say Dalis or one of those other chicks stinking up the ladies trios that I don’t bother watching?

    As awesome as Fabi & Mari might be in the ring, the heat with them & Sexy obviously didn’t help her development. I think she knows that she needs to get better, and since the US (via WWE) is not an option, and she probably doesn’t want to continue dealing with the Apaches, why wouldn’t she throw herself upon the mercy of CMLL, and do whatever for a spot? If CMLL is having chicks like Silvie Silver train with them, why not Sexi Star? Especially when she can come in and drop her mask to Goya Kong or someone CMLL wants to give a push to?

    I don’t think she would really draw anything significant, don’t get me wrong… but Sexy Star vacating the AAA title in order to jump ship to CMLL would be a nice middle finger that the magazines would have a field day with.

  2. @Nikita: I agree with you that the CMLL standards are such that Sexy Star would fit in, though I also believe Sexy Star would also find CMLL a far less attractive company – I don’t think she would get to do promos where she vacates the title for no given reason while still declaring herself the best in CMLL. It seems, from the outside, that Sexy Star has a pretty great freedoms and control in AAA, the level she wouldn’t get in any other company (in the world?), and there’s no reason to leave unless that changes.

    Sexy Stat not going to CMLL in 2013 because she is pregnant. I’ve been told that, other people have been told that, but there’s still a lot of people following her who previously thought her dropping the AAA title meant she was leaving for CMLL and she’s just messing with those people.

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