The only ongoing issue presented in tonight Arena Mexico card is the Mr. Aguila vs Shocker feud. Shocker teams with Thunder and Atlantis while Aguila teams with Averno & Mephisto. The Revolucinarios team up to face Diamante Azul, Angel de Oro, and Stuka Junior, and the lightning match has Maximo heavily favored over Tiger.

Blue Demon Jr. is signing autographs near Arena Mexico tonight, probably because that’s where a lot of wrestling fans will be.

Sexy Star says she’ll be in Arena Mexico for the first time in less than a month. She’s been in Arena Mexico as a fan before. Sexy Star is implying she’s joining CMLL. She’s not joining CMLL.

Tiger will replace Rey Escorpion on Tuesday.

Bill has highlights of 03/17/13 CMLL.

Porra Fresa previews Monday’s card.

Brief Ultimo Guerrero audio interview talking about his mask match with Atlantis (which still has no date as far as he’s aware, and he’s the one who should know.)

There are special lucha libre activities this Sunday at Museo Historia Mexicana in Monterrey this weekend.

Lucha Libre USA luchadors visited a school to talk about anti-bullying and give away tickets to everyone.

Sadico (of Ciudad Madero) not only lost his mask to local Aresnal this past weekend, he also announced he was retiring.