CMLL on Televisa: 2013-05-04

Namajague can dive too!


taped 2013-04-26 @ Arena Mexico

Just the one match that didn’t air (though you really should watch the Televisa version of the trios match, it’s much preferable.)

weekly Rey Cometa tornillo

Rey Cometa vs Namajague for the hair: A fun match, but not at the level of the prior tag match between those two teams. This had cool Cometa high spots, but didn’t have as much drama to the finish – there were only a few moments where it looked like one guy or the other might be about to win, and maybe the only time Namajague came close was on the foiled frog splash. The ending finishing sequence was good (and they’ve gotten a lot out of that one failed Spanish Fly from months ago), but there wasn’t as much to this match as the other matches I’ve consider great. Still worth watching but not as necessary.

Hijo de Pirata Morgan wins championship, Nakamura vs Sombra, En Busca de un Idolo

IWRG (THU) 05/30/2013 Arena Naucalpan [IWRG]
1) Power Bull b Atomic Star
2) Alan Extreme, Diosa Maya, Imposible b Cristal, Rayo Tapatío I, Saruman
Straight falls. Alan beat Saruman with a GTS.
3) Apolo Estrada Jr., Black Terry, Temerario Infernal b Centvrión, Chico Che, Golden Magic
Black Terry replaced Tomahawk (over in Evolve.) Golden beat Terry with a 450 splash, but Chico Che missed the big plancha on Temerario on Bombero and was pinned for the loss.
4) Dinamic Black, Trauma I, Trauma II ?? Canis Lupus, Factor, Oficial 911
No finish listed. Rudos took the first, tecnicos took the second.
5) Hijo de Pirata Morgan b Eterno [IWRG IC MIDDLE]
Eterno took the first with a Styles Clash, Morgan submitted Eterno in the second, and took the match and the title with a back superplex. Eterno falls in his second defense. Hijo de Pirata Morgan is the 33rd champion.

Hector Garza was honored before the main event

I don’t know anything – always! – but I suspect this might be the start of Eterno working more with AAA and less with IWRG. He’s look good in his appearances there. Meanwhile, Hijo de Pirata is triple champion – both sets of trios titles here as well as this middleweight championship.

The only picture of the semimain has the rudos standing over the the tecnicos, so they probably won – or the picture was taken from earlier, who knows.

Tonight’s main event features Shinsuke Nakamura defending the IWGP Intercontinental championship against La Sombra. It’s a rematch from FantasticaMania, where Nakamura dropped Sombra with a Bomb-Ye in a pretty good match. This match is Nakamura’s 9th defense. No Mexican luchador has won a IWGP championshp since Mistico’s 3 month Junior Heavyweight title reign back in 2009.

It’s unlikely Sombra wins the championship tonight. There are some NJPW reasons for it – they seem to have a year long plan with Nakamura and this title – and there’s the usual weirdness in how NJPW and CMLL luchadors are used against each other (CMLL can squash the NJPW novatos, everyone else in NJPW beats them), but I mostly think Sombra’s not winning for the same reasons I don’t think Mascara Dorada is beating Negro Casas on Sunday. CMLL realizes it has some young talented stars which they could build around and, instead of protecting and building around them, they just put them in main events to fail. Dorada losing to Negro Casas would be weird, but no weirder than everything that happened with Rush and title belts a few months ago, and really no weirder than Sombra losing to Negro Casas in the first place. Mistico, who is not great but still should be treated like Mistico if they’re going to give him the gimmick, losing to Ultimo Guerrero really made no sense. It’s not just that the results are bad, it’s the matches shouldn’t be happening if those are going to be the results.

NJPW may have asked CMLL just to do a title match with Nakamura while he’s in Japan, and let CMLL pick the person themselves. Sombra’s not the one to sacrifice in this situation, even if NJPW asked for him. Maybe CMLL did get to make that choice – and that’s how it went from Rush to Sombra suddenly? Which still means they’re a little off. Nakamura is only has 12 days left in his tour after tonight and nothing else is in motion; this is surely his only title match.

Nakamura and Sombra should still be an excellent match (and a three fall one, if I understood their Tercera Caida interview correctly), and we’ll be thrilled for Sombra if he wins. And if Dorada wins on Sunday!

The undercard also includes Shocker’s return to Arena Mexico. He teams with Super Porky & Blue Panther versus Rey Escorpion, Mr. Aguila and Averno, where everyone but Escorpion & Shocker were making hair match challenges. That probably means Escorpion & Shocker get to make theirs tonight and are added to the cage match lineup. CMLL’s also probably due a related press conference next Thursday to talk about their June plans.

CMLL Gaceta has their preview of tonight’s show, noting Lluvia’s return. Maybe she’ll actually be back this week! The En Busca de un Idolo matches are Fuego vs Sangre Azteca and Stuka Jr. vs Misterioso (which seems certain to end with a Rosa Driver from the middle rope.)

En Busca de un Idolo totals, thru week 2

171 Valiente
131 Vangelis
113 Hijo del Fantasma
111 Stuka Jr.
79 Sangre Azteca
76 Tiger
64 Fuego
61 Misterioso

Those are my numbers; CMLL’s official numbers seems to have mistakes on Fuego and Valiente‘s most recent judging scores. A huge gap has opened up between 4th and 5th, and there might not be much drama next week. Valiente is all but officially thru and it’s going to take great movement for the other three to be in danger. It’s the poll that’s spreading everything out; if you take out those points, Tiger (who gets no votes) is in 4th instead of Stuka and the gap between 4th and 5th is only 9 points. If you went only by the poll, Misterioso would be top 4. His last place standing is a testament to how bad he’s been at everything else.

There was a tribute to Hector Garza on Tuesday’s Arena Coliseo Guadalajara. The Arena Mexico one on Tuesday night did not have luchadors in the ring, but a tribute video on the big screen. Maybe they’ll do it again tonight.

LuchaWorld has a new podcast interviewing Kevin Kleinrock. I’m not sure I linked to their Hector Garza tribute, but it’s worth checking out.

Rob has a rare early Hector Garza US match and CMLL 10/12/12.


05/30 AAA Sin Limite Results (Toluca)

photo by Black Terry Jr.

AAA TV (THU) 05/30/2013 Gimnasio Agustín Millán [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Lucha Libre AAA]
1) Lucky Boy & Niño de Ébano b Carta Brava Jr. & Último Gladiador
Ultimo Gladiador replaced Eterno. Maxima Velocida beat Carta Brava with a two man Spanish Fly.
2) Faby Apache & Jennifer Blake b Mary Apache & Taya Valkyrie
Faby submitted Mary for the win. Taya powerbombed Faby after the match, and said she’d beat her at TripleMaia.
3) Daga, El Apache, Psicosis b Aerostar, Atomic Boy, Axel
Daga beat Axel with a top rope Destroyer. Axel was strechered out – until Daga knocked him off the stretcher. Apache unmasked Atomic Boy after the match.
4) Angélico & Jack Evans b Drago & Fénix
Jack beat Fenix with his 630 senton in a good match. Money thrown in the ring.
5) Electroshock & Heavy Metal b Silver King & Texano Jr.
Metal pinned Texano with a casita.
6) Canek, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Villano IV b Cibernético, Dr. Wagner Jr., El Mesías
the ‘surprise’ return of Dr. Wagner Jr. He feuded with Canek, and Canek took Wagner’s mask and pinned him to win the match. The two teased a mask vs mask match.

Air Date: 06/16 for sure, probably 06/09 too.

The show began with a tribute to Hector Garza. Perro Aguayo dedicated his TripleMania match to him, and wrote his name on his wrist tape. Many of the luchadors wore purple armbands in honor of Hector Garza.

Canek vs Dr. Wagner Jr. as a replacement for LA Park vs Dr. Wagner Jr. works in terms of notoriety though not as much in-ring. For what it’s worth, El Hijo del Santo was telling people the LA Park vs Dr. Wagner Jr. feud would get resolved and implied Wagner would be back as soon as he was done working out his AAA commitments. I’d assume that’s what Wagner has told him. I wouldn’t assume that is actually happening.

Most everything on the card is just keeping things in place for TripleMania. The fourth match sounds like it was very good.

Next taping is actually 06/14 in Leon, but that’s mostly a lame duck  taping before TripleMania. TripleMania is o 06/16.

06/02-06/03 lucha times


IWL continues to air in the old IWRG slot on TVC Deportes on Sunday, but there’s no pattern yet to what will air. Maybe next week.

== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: Matches from Tampico; unsure if it’s a two show taping, but bet on Cibernetico vs Perro Aguayo Jr. airing this week.

AAA-Fusion: Two more matches from Tutltitlan. Guessing Mexican Powers vs Perros and exoticos, but it could be any match.

== CMLL ==

Galavision/Televisa: Sombra vs Nakamura in trios, women’s trios.

FOX: The two matches leading to the hair match trios – including Avernos vs Panther/Cometa/Stuka – were both taped for this show, which means the cage match is ending here as of now.

52MX: Minis Cibernetico and Estates del Aire vs Negro Casas, Averno, Felino

C3: Diamante Azul, Rush, Thunder vs Dragon Rojo, Rey Bucanero and Terrible. The Delta/Mascara/Cometa vs Roja/Polvora/Puma match was really good.

MegaCable (Guadalajara): this show may be gone again; Las Luchas also went from reruns to not airing at all this week.

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Revolucionarios vs Estates del Aire

Terra: Minis cage match, Dorada vs Negro

== Other ==

IWRG-AYM Sports: Trauma II vs Carta Brava, if it airs.

Noches de Coliseo: random matches?

TxT: second week – which leaves the 90 minutes for the La Park vs Wagner match and one trios. Probably some repeats.

AAA in Tolulca, Eterno, AAA vs Indy legends match

AAA tapes tonight in Toluca. There’s one more taping (and maybe a second to announced) still before TripleMania, but this will probably be the final taping to air before the June mega show. The main event includes a mystery luchador assumed to be Dr. Wagner Jr.’s return, but AAA hasn’t confirmed it. He teams with Cibernetico & Mesias to take on Perro Aguayo Jr., Villano IV and Canek in a final preview of the big hair match. Texano and Heavy Metal preview the Mega title match in a pairs match. Two of the team in the tag team decision match, Angelico & Jack and Drago & Fenix, face off in the fourth. Two feuds which aren’t reaching a big match on TripleMania – Axel & Daga and Apache & Atomic Boy – also meet in trios.

Eterno is listed as working the opener in Toluca, around 9 pm. That’s a bit of a problem, because Eterno is also listed as main eventing the IWRG show in Arena Naucalpan tonight. He’s scheduled to defend the IWRG IC Middleweight Championship (which he’s been wearing on AAA TV) against Hijo del Pirata Morgan in a match which will probably start a little after 10 pm. It’s not realistic for Eterno to work both shows. The IWRG match is main event and a title match (and possibly a title change), while the AAA match is just an opening match, but luchadors have tended to pick AAA appearances over IWRG ones.

AAA clarified the AAA Legends vs Indy Legends trios match, ending up with the atomicos we were guessing on Wednesday: Canek joins Mascara Ano 2000, Universo 2000, and Villano IV to face Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Octagon and La Parka. The more guys in the match, the less demanded from each guy in the match. The average age in the match is 50.7. Canek turns 61 three days after the show. Electroshock is the young man at 43.

With that, TripleMania is complete. A partial list of AAA luchadors not on AAA’s biggest show of the year: Aerostar, Alan Stone, Argenis, Argos, Atomic Boy, Cuervo, Pentagon Jr., Devil Rocker, Escoria, Halloween, Jennifer Blake, Juventud Guerrera, Lolita, Machine Rocker, Ozz, Soul Rocker, Súper Fly, Toscano, Último Gladiador, and Parka Negra.

This week’s TerceraCaida had Shinsuke Nakamura & La Sombra as guests. Nakamura had a Japanese to Spanish translator, but ended up speaking English for about half the show. Fusion was already on to the taping from this past weekend, with the minis match and the Rockers match. Fusion should get 2 more tapings out of the Tultitlan taping, but will need to tape again before TripleMania or start borrowing from the Sin Limite shows again.

The UTDN show from Puebla adds the Maxima Velocidad vs Eterno/Carta Brava match, and the Mary Apache/Hechicera vs Faby Apache/Jarochita. That means the Perros vs Mirreyes match, complete with the Mirreyes being destroyed for a DQ, will not air anywhere.

DTU announced Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards will work shows on 07/04 (Arena Aficion), 07/05 (Queretaro) and 07/06 (Arena Lopez Mateos.) They’re previously announced for a separate show on 06/30. If there’s an AAA taping while they’re around, they’ll probably end up turning up there too. Promos on Tercera Caida for DTU teased matches with Flamita and Drastick Boy.

Occasional Arena Mexico & Arena Coliseo Guadalajara boxing promoter Canelo Alvarez fights Floyd Mayweather on September 14. Pretty safe bet CMLL’s not running the anniversary show on 09/13 this year. It’s either 09/20 or 09/27, but I’d just be guessing which one. This would be a really great year to announce the date well in advance.

Bill has highlights of 05/12/2013 CMLL.

Rob has highlights of 04/20/2013 AAA, the Anticristo interview, Hector Garza vs El Brazo and Hector Garza vs Latin Lover vs Heavy Metal vs Perro Aguayo Jr.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Lucha Libre in Japan

05/30 NJPW: Jushin Liger beat Titan via brainbuster. Titan drops to 1-2, needs to go at least 5-1 the rest of the way. It could happen! Hector Garza was honored before the show.



great match roundup, week of 2013-05-04

Great/Excellent Matches
CMLL on CadenaTres: 2013-05-04
taped 2013-04-30 @ Arena Mexico
Rey Escorpión vs Stuka Jr. for the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship – GREAT

CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2013-05-04
taped 2013-04-26 @ Arena Mexico
Atlantis & Hombre Bala Jr. vs Boby Zavala & Rey Escorpión in a CMLL Gran Alternativa Tournament final match – GREAT

Shows Watched But Nothing Made The List
– AAA on Televisa/Regional/UTDN (05/09/2013)
– CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2013-05-04
– CMLL on Televisa: 2013-05-04
– AAA Fusion: 2013-05-08

Matches Worth Consideration But Will Be Watched Later

Didn’t see anything from this week.

Puebla, Azul/Bucanero, Silueta/Zeuxis, DTU

CMLL (MON) 05/27/2013 Arena Puebla [Porra Fresa]
1) Blue Center & Centauro de Fuego b Akrón & Siki Osama
Center & Fuego took falls 1/2 in a rudo vs rudo match.
2) Disturbio, Nitro, Nosferatu b Camaleón, Höruz, Leono
3) Pegasso, Sagrado, Stigma b Boby Zavala, Namajague, Shigeo Okumura
Stigma replaced Rey Cometa. Tecnicos took 2/3.
4) Felino, Mephisto, Negro Casas b Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Hijo del Fantasma Hector Garza tribute (posted by Joaco Loaiza)
All the wrestlers, referee and personal came to the ring for a moment of applause for Hector Garza. Rudos took 1/3 when Delta hit Fantasma with a dive by mistake and Negro beat Maya.
5) Atlantis, La Máscara, Rush DQ Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero, Volador Jr.
La Mascara replaced Maximo. Gran Guerrero’s debut here (under that name.) Tecnicos took 2/3, Volador taking Macara’s mask and UG fouling Atlantis.

CMLL still hasn’t actually announced Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero is the Anniversary main event match (or when the Anniversary will be), but maybe they’ll get to that after this run of June big shows.

photo by CMLL

CMLL (TUE) 05/28/2013 Arena Mexico [CMLL]
1) Cholo & Zayco b Bengala & Robin
2) Bam Bam, Fantasy, Shockercito DQ Mercurio, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico
Straight falls. Nitro pulled off Fantasy’s mask in the first, and Mercurio fouled Shockercito in the second to built towards Sunday’s cage match.
3) Hombre Bala Jr., Sagrado, Tritón b Arkángel de la Muerte, Hooligan, Skándalo
tecnicos take 1/3, Bala beating Hooligna and Arkangel defeating Skandalo. Hector Garza was honored with a moment of applause after the match.
4) Delta, La Máscara, Rey Cometa b Niebla Roja, Pólvora, Puma
Niebla Rojo replaced Olimpico. Tecnicos took 2/3, La Mascara submitting Niebla Roja. The arena was cleared for an earthquake drill following the match.
5) Tiger b Fuego [En Busca de un Idolo]
Tiger won with a backcracker in an okay match. Judges were lukewarm on both. Fuego scored 6, 5, 4, 3 for an 18. Tiger scored a 7, 3, 6, 4 for a 20.
6) Vangellys b Stuka Jr. [En Busca de un Idolo]
Vangelis snuck in a foul and submitted Stuka Jr. Seemed to be a better match than the last one, but the crowd did not get into it and the judges hated the match. Vangelis scored a 4, 1, 2, 0 (Tirantes holding up a paddle with the name of contest on it and not a number) for a 7, while Stuka scored a 4, 1, 2, and 2 for 9.
7) Diamante Azul, Rush, Thunder b Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Bucanero, Terrible
Tecnicos won in straight falls, setting up a title defense.

CMLL (TUE) 05/28/2013 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [@acogdl]
1) Black Metal & Sky Kid b Rey Trueno & Sádico
Tecnicos took 2/3.
2) Astral, Eléctrico, Último Dragoncito b Demus 3:16, Pequeño Violencia, Pierrothito
Tecnicos took 2/3.
3) Zeuxis b Princesa Blanca, Goya Kong, Estrellita, Princesa Sugheit, La Comandante, Luna Mágica, Dalis la Caribeña, Mima Shimoda, Lady Afrodita [REINA IJ, #1 Contenders, cibernetico]
Silueta is champion
4) La Sombra, Shocker, Valiente DQ Felino, Mr. Águila, Shinsuke Nakamura
Shocker’s return from La Isla. Tecnicos took 2/3, Nakamura taking Sombra’s mask for the DQ.
5) Atlantis b Mr. Niebla
Recap lists Atlanits winning the first fall and the last fall with Atlantida. Unclear if 2 or 3 falls.

Shocker must’ve gotten eliminated fairly quickly of the reality show. I think this means he takes back over his En Busca de un Idolo team, but that didn’t work out for him too well when Atlantis took over his team two years ago. (Though CMLL did end up with Titan and Triton out of it.)

Tercera Caida airs tonight at 9pm. DTU says they’ll have an announcement on the show about the shows Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards will work in Mexico. Fusion airs before at 8, and should have Eterno & Carta Brava vs Maxima Velocidad and Hechicera & Mari Apache vs Fabi Apache & Jarochita from Puebla.

Arena Ichiban has Fenix & Arez vs Pentagon Jr. & Daga as their main event this Sunday. Whoever made the poster amusingly used a picture of Pentagon Black for Pentagon Jr.

There was a press conference in SLP for the AAA spot show there on June 2nd. The opener is a tournament with four different local promotions sending two luchadors.

Los Payasos beat Rey Bucanero, Arkangel and Skandalo on the CMLL vs indies, when Skandalo was caught fouling Coco Amarillo

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Commercials for the REINA show with CMLL luchadoras on 06/29


CMLL (MON) 06/03/2013 Arena Puebla
1) Asturiano & Black Tiger vs Ares & El Malayo
2) Metálico, Sensei, Starman vs Hijo del Signo, Hooligan, Nitro
3) Diamante, Fuego, Rey Cometa vs Misterioso Jr., Puma, Sangre Azteca
4) Blue Panther, Shocker, Super Porky vs Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero, Terrible
5) Atlantis, La Máscara, Rush vs Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero, Volador Jr.

Rey Bucanero and Diamante Azul haven’t been facing off here at all since the hair vs mask match challenge, though their feud is running in Arena Mexico.


CMLL (TUE) 06/04/2013 Arena Mexico
1) Dalis la Caribeña & Luna Mágica vs Princesa Blanca & Princesa Sugheit
2) Delta, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Namajague, Puma, Virus
3) Máscara Dorada, Stuka Jr., Super Porky vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
4) Hijo del Fantasma vs Vangellys [En Busca de un Idolo]
5) Valiente vs Tiger [En Busca de un Idolo]
6) Rey Bucanero vs Diamante Azul [NWA LH]
Rey Bucanero is the champion, second title defense, first since April
7) Blue Panther, La Máscara, La Sombra vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpión, Shinsuke Nakamura

2 looks very good. 3 is one luchador from being very good. Main event could turn out well too.

Terra (or CMLL) is turning on the feed for En Busca de un Idolo well before the matches start. Sometimes they post it on the link on the website early as well, so the Terra site worth checking to see if you’d like a sneak peek at the TV shows.

CMLL (TUE) 06/04/2013 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Halcón de Plata & Metatrón vs Infierno & Magnum
2) Soberano Jr. & Stigma vs Ráfaga & Sádico
3) Silueta vs Zeuxis [REINA IJ]
Silueta is champion
4) Sagrado, Shocker, Tritón vs Kráneo, Olímpico, Psicosis
5) Mistico, Rush, Thunder vs Euforia, Niebla Roja, Volador Jr.

Silueta vs Zeuxis should be a fun match, hope TV turns back up for it.