11/19 news: AAA TV, CMLL PPV, Accion

AAA’s posted it’s next TV taping lineup (updated to include seconds)

AAA TV (FRI) 11/30 Gimnasio Agustin Millan de Toluca, EdM Lineup
1) Mascarita Divina & Octagoncito vs Mini Charly Manson & Mini Chessman
2) Pirata Morgan & Charly Manson vs Crazy Boy & Joe Lider vs Cuervo & Ozz vs Mascara Divina & Oriental [AAA WORLD TAG]
3) Alan Stone (w/Chris Stone) vs Intocable (w/El Elegido)
4) La Parka Jr., Super Porky, Brazo de Plata Jr. vs Hator, Scorpio Jr., Zumbido
5) Muerte Cibernetica (w/the Black Family) vs Cibernetico (w/Chessman)

I can not believe they’re doing Cibernetico’s first match back on just another TV show.

Either it’s a remarkable coincidence that all of the teams who won their matches are having their group matches on the next taping, or it’s just a normal single elimination tournament and the points thing is amazingly wacky feint. I’m not sure which one it is! This is TRIPLE A!

Maybe results for last night’s taping will surface in a bit?

CMLL announced Universo 2000 & Shocker vs Kenzo Suzuki & Marco Corelone will main event at 12/01 major show in a hair match (haven’t made it clear if it’s a double hair match, but I guess that’s a safe assumption). Reports have it airing on Sky PPV, so I guess that’s the idea for all major shows – well, till this one bombs. They’re going to have to load up the semimain to make this work (Mistico vs Warrior surely), but this feud hasn’t exactly been lighting the world on fire.

Gotta figure there’s probably 2-3 weeks of Arena Mexico shows after the PPV – will they still run a big end of year show? Will that be on PPV? They could’ve used better spacing, but then then they’re only giving these things 14 day builds anwyay.

It’s interesting to note, with this week being the big set up for the hair match, the clip that was shown on Accion was of the main event tag title match. Thy highlight Mistico’s conrer plancha, and it’s pretty much all him in the clips.

AAA’s clips were of Porky, Intocable, and Parka vs Scorpio, Alan, and Zumbido – the 10/22 taping in Salamanca. It was a six man, but a lot more ran in, and then the finish was overturned by the heel ref for no reason made clear – it was an AAA main event.

Ovaciones had a largely unnoteworthy story about Monday’s CMLL vs Indy Revolution show. They did mention that, because all the matches on the show were just so gosh darn big, march order was randomly drawn. If the numbers came out of the hat the correct way, Loco Max and Hombre Sin Nombre could’ve been in the main event! (Of course, one could sarcastically point out that’d draw better than Shocker/Universo vs Kenzo/Corelone, but I would never think of such a thing.)

Super Muneco got stretchered out of his match at an indy show this week (with photos!), but he’s still listed on Ovaciones preview. CMLL.com still has him listed.

The opener still hasn’t been announced, but Robert’s prediction of minis is probably right, unless they can find indy women of note.

The 5a Estacion “Me Muero” video with Mistico is up on Univison’s site and other legal sites, but I can easier embed it via YouTube.

Which is better, the drumstick or the watermelon? I don’t know if the watermelon is pre split, but I’m convinced Heavy Metal wanted to try it without help a few times.

site note: Website’s back to normal, until I get all the links set up good on the new page. The individual pages will look odd til then, and I hope you can get by.

9 thoughts to “11/19 news: AAA TV, CMLL PPV, Accion”

  1. That’s an interesting taping. I feel like the Toluca has been the site of the best tapings thus far this year and they always seem to book shitty lineups but for some reason guys work extra hard. If you look at the 1/19 and 5/18 tapings, nothing jumps out as can’t miss and yet they both ended up being can’t miss episodes. The lack of Chessman will hurt this show but maybe he will be involved in the main event since Ciber still isn’t 100% and will need someone to bump.

    Certainly seems like winners move on, eh? If it is, you would have to think the MexPowers avenge the loss of Juventud/Psic, then go on to meat Ozz/Cuervo. We may not find out if it’s a roubd robin or not for a few more weeks since I can’t seem them running the tourney on Guerra De Titanes which is the next taping and there shouldn’t be another until the end of December(if that).

    Ciber’s first match back is actually on the TNA show. Yep. In front of 1/4th of the audience AAA would draw in that building.

    Stone/Intocable again… I sense a Chris Stone run-in obviously. So how many times have they met on TV this year? Would this be their 5th TV singles match? I’m trying to think…

    – Dog Collar
    – Rey De Reyes
    – May or June at some point
    – Before Verano De Escandalo
    – This match

  2. Alan Stone and Intocable were in a street fight before the Rey de Reyes match. I still think that Cibernetico will turn on the people, but the TNA show would make it unlikely since no one would know if he joins the foreigners.

    During today’s show, they said that the losers were facing each other in the next round, so it is going to be a round robin. Intocable/Elegido lost their match but it’s a safe bet they’ll advance higher than that. Brazo de Plata Jr already working in the semis?

    Where is Chessman? He’s been missing since the Mano a Mano with Muerte and they didn’t have any injury angle. Mamybe they’ll dump Black Family from la Secta (everything was a plot by Ciber and Muerte to prove who is loyal)… They have not announced anything for Guerra de Titanes.

    I’m more concerned about CMLL, the 1 Dec seems to be a no-win situation. Soria has not lost his hair yet, and it looks unlikely that he will lose this time, even if he and Reyes turn on each other and end up losing their hairs to have Corleone and Kenzo built up for Caras and Bucanero, but I think it would make waaay more sense and be more interesting to have Shocker drop the hair to Buca directly.

    Maybe they’re paying Universo and Shocker in advance to job to Bucanero and someone else?

    Semis might be another trios title match with Volador Jr, Wagner and Mistico challenging and losing. Hell, Tarzan no shows and we have Hooligan working on the PPV semifinal!!!!!!!!

    Rest of the card is a mystery, maybe Hiroka will finally be beaten? Ogun and Groon reunited? Nuevos Infernales debut? Villanos vs Familia TJ in a ladders match with a Turkey as a price (you know, Turkeys make you sleepy)?

  3. Is it just me or is it hard to read the comments now? When you click comments, it opens up a small window which used to be okay b/c it was formatted nicely but now the text extends beyond the limits of the window and there is no way to maximize it. You have to scroll from side to side to keep reading.:/

  4. Thanks for catching it – I usually click on the timestamp to look at the post (which is messed up, but only color wise.) Shouldn’t have to scroll now.

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