(note: if you’re wondering where the recap is about the Elgin lucha show, here it goes: I went to the address, walked around for a half hour in the cold, and could not find the building. I have no idea what happened, but reading about the building now, I’m thinking it was just down some stairway I didn’t think to check. Could’ve used a sign or 20.)

Things should be working, or at least working as much as they normally do, by morning.

At some point in not too distant future, the teased revamp of the blog will come true. I’m convinced it need to look better than it currently does and I have a couple of new toys to play with and some ideas I’d like to implement. You’ll probably see slight changes in the next couple of days, and I’ll be working on behind the scenes.

However, I’m making this promise to you: no more major changes til at least Saturday (and probably longer than that), and I’ll also cut out posting about the site itself and post more about lucha libre. I hope this will make the reading experience more enjoyable.

At the same time, I’d like to send a request out to those who read this site. I’m set on making changes, but before I do, I would like to hear which changes you’d like to see.

* I’d like to see lots of little posts on specific topics OR I prefer bigger fewer posts
* I like the (x) feature linked to on the sidebar, but it’s too hidden there
* I never really use (x) or it doesn’t work right – you should ditch it
* You talked about doing (x) feature, which sounded interesting, but it’s not started/finished
* I really liked (X) and wish you’d do more things like it.
* the layout of (x) makes it really hard to follow.

I’m not looking for you to answer all those questions, but those are the kind of comments which would help. Obviously, I’m aiming this at criticisms about the blog section of this site, but if you’ve got comments about the recaps (and their frequency) or the lucha database or stuff we’re doing over on the wiki or even the name of the site (which ought to change before CMLL finally gets a trademark lawyer), I’ll certainly consider it.

This is NOT a backdoor request for thanks – all the thanks I want, I’ll get out of comments suggested improvements. But if you want to say “I like (Y), please make sure you link to it on the new page!”, that’s cool.

In the end, this is a weblog of Lucha Information I’m Interested In, And Might As Well Share With Everyone Else, so there are definitely limits to changes, but I’m hoping to get ideas and suggestions that I hadn’t considered. I figure this site is like a restaurant where I give away all the meals; since I’m handing out the food for free, I get to decide what’s for dinner, but I’d be a fool not to ask if the entrees are tasting good. Free food isn’t any good if no one’s eating it.

(Bad metaphors mean it’s time to sleep.)

If you can help me with suggestions or complaints, feel free to e-mail me (thecubsfan@thecubsfan.com) or to respond in the comment section. And if you do, I thank you in advance.

unrelated: I think there’s a bad DNS server out there that’s still redirecting people to the old luchawiki site. I have no idea why this is, but every so often, I’ll somehow switch over. If this is happening to you, luchawiki.org should point to the new site.