como estaz 6×4: preview

I needed to find a new way to get the audio levels wrong, so we tried doing the podcast out on Twitch thru Discord. This is a lot shorter than usual, but a preview of TripleMania still might be worth listening to right now. Enjoy the complete lack of a sensible intro.

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This worked decently enough that we’ll be trying it again, right after TripleMania. Flip over to after the show ends. We’ll go maybe a half-hour with either a post-game show or a group therapy session depending on how the show goes.

(I’ll also try to make available in podcast form on Sunday.)

como estaz 6×2: perro

This is indeed sometime after the WrestleMania show. A little bit later than that, and even later than what we planned. Rob and I return to talk about Perro Aguayo passing and the more recent news. We talked about our favorites parts of last night’s San Luis Potosi, what we’re hoping to see in Guadalajara/Zapopan and give our thoughts on the TripleMania lineup. There’s a brief talk about the AAA shows in the US and the CMLL Jushin Lyger show (and the possibilities for the Anniversario) before we finish talking about the RIOT Rina en el Cerro de la Silla tournament.

We wanted to get this done under two hours and before my place started getting assaulted by fireworks noise. Both worked out. We’ll be back after TripleMania, assuming I can figure out how to record if Google Hangouts is going away.

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como estaz 6×1: socal

It’s a new season, and so a double length episode. Or I put together decent notes and we remembered all we wanted to talk about for once. Three hours of lucha libre and lucha libre adjacent talk. Rob and I talk about going to PWG 200 & The Crash and watching Homenaje a Dos Leyendas & Rey de Reyes. I also try to go thru every lucha libre match on WrestleMania weekend, which means saying Fenix & Pentagon’s names so many times.

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This is three hours long! We’ll be back sometime after the WrestleMania weekend shows.

como estaz 5×11: azteca

One of the two of us actually went to Mexico and went to shows, so we did a podcast about it. Rob talked about his recent trip to Mexico City, Tijuana, and Monterrey for lucha libre. That was the planned topic before a whole bunch happened, so there’s also talk about the CMLL Universal tournament, AAA on Azteca and recent ongoing there, people who’ve signed with US promotions and people who US promotions would really like to sign if not for a contract with a zombie TV show. No one paid me so there is no list of who should be signed next.

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The podcast went over 2 hours this time. We’ll be back in a month.

como estaz 5×10: temas

Has it really been three months since we did a podcast? Did we really only do five podcasts this year? Those questions won’t be answered on this show. We talk about the biggest stories and themes of 2018 and how they might affect 2019. It’s a year in the review that isn’t exactly going thru all the shows.

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This got broken up over 3 parts but we still hit the 100-minute range. I was also very prone to long rambling monologues on this one, I hope you survive them.

como estaz 5×9: bandit

Rob and I can’t seem to find time to do a podcast when we’re actually in the same place, so the episode count remains reset and we instead use Hangouts to talk about the CMLL Aniversario show and PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles. One of these things was excellent. One was just above average. I bet you know which one is which but I’m going to keep up the mystery for the purpose of filling out this intro.

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This is the longest podcast we’ve done in some time but I think the pace and the information was pretty good. Last rambling than usual! Thanks for listening.