como estaz 6×6: dejan

So. That happened!

Rob and I did an emergency podcast talking about Dragon Lee & Rush (and I guess La Bestia del Ring) being released from CMLL, the craziest lucha libre story since Ultimo Guerrero’s car got remodeled. We talk about what happened, why it happened, where it leaves everyone, and what it might mean next. Hint: none of these things are really good for CMLL or people who like CMLL or people who manage the relationships between CMLL and other companies. If you have asked me any question about this story on Twitter, myself or Rob probably answered it here.

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The podcast is about 40 minutes long. We hope to be back soon talking about BOLA and other things. I’ll have a post later in the morning catching up on all of this.

6 thoughts to “como estaz 6×6: dejan”

  1. I really don’t see NJPW or ROH breaking the CMLL relationship over Rush or Dragon Lee who really don’t mean that much money to either company.

  2. Weird question, but does Metalico retiring to ref work have anything to do with these timelines of recent history y’all talk about.

  3. Metalico retiring would’ve pre-dated the changes, more about finding a steady job in the promotion when he may have been otherwise phased out as a wrestler.

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