como estaz 6×11: TripleMania XXIX

It’s 1:21 AM and I’m drained and all that’s left for me is successfully uploading this podcast. Can I do it correctly? I guess you know the answer better than me

Rob and I talked about TripleMania for about an hour. My fancy microphone wasn’t really working well with discord; my cheapo earbud mic and voice recorder at the start probably did better. You can hear most of me and all of Rob go through all the matches on TripleMania in somewhat of a random order. There’s a discussion about what we (mostly Rob) have heard next, our disagreement on what the best match was, and some frustration about AAA being AAA on a show we mostly liked. I worked very hard to avoid Tech Nightmare talk and keep it to the wrestling until the very end.

You can find TripleMania up on Twitch for the next few days, or until I get deleted entirely.

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Thanks for listening. Thanks to everyone who donated.

como estaz 6×10: Rey de Reyes

Como Estaz returns to discuss the highs and lows of Rey de Reyes, the warning signs around Federacion Wrestling, and whatever CMLL we can manage to get through. There’s also talk about Azteca Underground and the indies we’ve each tried to check out.

We aimed for 90 minutes and overshot closer to 150 minutes. A lot of topics are hit, and we still didn’t get to everything. It’s been a while.

Matches I’m supposed to remember to link to here

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como estaz 6×9: TripleMania XXVIII

The most normal thing in this abnormal year is me being up very late posting a podcast about a wrestling show. We didn’t get to be in Arena Ciudad de Mexico for TripleMania XXVIII but both I and Rob did watch it (on screens of various sizes) and talked about all of the matches. Which ones did we like? Which one were we disappointed by? All that and I annoy Rob by making him think about CMLL for about five minutes.

The podcast goes about 90 minutes. I had a one off set up for this show and got the MP3 sounding OK (but very loud) after a lot of work. Hope it works OK for you.

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