Como Estaz 3×4: ChilangaMask, Lucha Libre Boom, IWRG

photo by Black Terry Jr.

We’re back one last time (probably) talking all the matches from Saturday’s Lucha Libre Boom, and Sunday at both ChilangaMask and IWRG. We’re headed to Arena Puebla tomorrow, but expecting to return very late and so probably no podcast before I leave on Tuesday afternoon. Show runs 83 minutes (and no open this time.)

I think I’m sick, but the way you’re supposed to get sick in Mexico City, so I apologize for my voice (even more than usual) all the way thru. Attempt to keep count of how many times I tried to leave quietly during the podcast if you’re bored.

Right click to download – link works this time.

No news post tonight; I’ll try to do something in the morning.

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Como Estaz 3×2 (09/16 CaraLucha)

Rob and I return to the scratchy podcast format to discuss the Cara Lucha show from 09/16. Also, we throw in thoughts on the Anniversary show and Heroes Inmortales. Plus the most painfully meta opening you’ve ever heard and I try to figure out what Nelly is doing Friday night. Show runs 94 minutes.

Warning: Rob horrifies me by blurting out the secret identity of one of the IWRG Tortuga Ninjas. Small children and those with child may want to exercise caution on listening.

Right click to download.

We’ll be back Saturday morning? Probably?

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como estaz 3×1: TripleMania XXIII

Back for a one shot. This is a double feature, combining everything Rob and I saw this past week in Mexico.

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0:00:00 Intro
0:00:39 music interlude 1!
0:01:37 Part 1: IWRG, CMLL, CaraLucha, pyramids, Triplemania predictions
1:20:54 music interlude 2!
1:21:11 Part 2: TripleMania


The como estaz tag should still work as a podcast feed, though I’m not sure when another one will turn up.

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