como estaz 4×12: marzo

Rob & talk about the upcoming CMLL & AAA big shows, other upcoming events in lucha and good matches we’ve seen lately. Well, he’s seen lately, I’m busy watching Puebla. The podcast goes about 110 minutes. Rob’s connection has some problems in the first part of the podcast and drops out a couple times. It’s better later, though I didn’t do a great job of mixing it. It’s still OK.

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Thanks for listening. We’ll be back in a month.

como estaz 4×11: Terry’s friend Gersom

(this is not Gersom)

Rob & TKD are back in Mexico, and they bring along Black Terry Jr. and Gersom of Sensacional de Luchadors to talk about the shows they’ve seen the first couple days of the trip. I ask questions along the way. There’s discussing of the Friday night Lucha Libre Boom show, Juventued Guerrera’s Super X show (with a strange referee), and Saturday night in Arena Coliseo. Plus, we talk with Gersom about how got into filming lucha libre and discuss how we think the current rise in paid lucha libre content is going to work out. The podcast runs just about two hours.

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Thanks for listening. We’ll be back in a month, if not sooner.


como estaz 4×10: Enero

Rob and I back to talk about lucha libre things going on right now. We’re both excited for FantasticaMania, I force Rob to talk about Guerra de Titanes, he tries to get me to make an actual decision about WrestleMania plans, I complain too much about Lucha Underground and indies promotion as well. The podcast is about 90 minutes, which is not something we’re purposefully aiming for but works out nicely.

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Thanks for listening.

como estaz 4×9: DTU Nuev9

Right after last night’s iPPV concluded, Rob and I discussed the entire DTU9 show: the matches and the iPPV stream. We both liked the show, and you really should at least check out the free pre show that’s still up on +LuchaTV’s channel. The recap is mostly coherent for something that didn’t get done until past 2AM eastern, and a little longer than I thought it’d be.

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We used Google Hangouts to record the show, and I think I still need to get used to waiting for a few seconds for the recording to start. Sorry for the abrupt opening.

como estaz 4×8: November catch up

Rob and I return to talk about Elite, CMLL, AAA and Lucha Underground. We did this last night, I spend a few hours trying to get the audio to not suck, and now I don’t even recall exactly what talked about now. A lot of frustration with the current state of stuff, but we tried to point out stuff we liked too.

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The audio, though – I think recorder program grabbed my laptop mic instead of the nice one, and I really regret not stopping to see how it was going early on. It’s not good but I think it’s still listenable. I’ll try something else next time.

como estaz 4×7: Chairo 5

In the midst of sleep deprivation and rebooking flights, Rob and I talked about Sunday night’s Chairo 5 show. We go thru the whole card and the experience of being at the show. It’s bit of a rush and just about the last thing I did in Mexico before heading to the airport, but hopefully it’s still listenable.

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This was recorded early Monday, but I gave up on the internet at the hotel and then feel asleep for the rest of the day. Thanks for listening.

como estaz 4×6: late night Tijuana

Myself, Rob, and Alfredo of LuchaMania & Riot had nothing to do late last night in Tijuana, so we did what any normal people would do: sit around in Wings and record a podcast. I’d like to apologize for everything, including not bothering to find a quiet place and not cutting off the podcast more times. I hope it’s audible, but it may be no great loss if it’s not. This is theoretically about The Crash show Saturday night in Tijuana, but it goes in strange and random directions. I’m pretty sure I named all the women in NXT at one point and I’m not entirely sure why, it’s that kind of show. Podcast is 2 hours, we run out of steam after about 80 minutes, but then stuff Rob and Alfredo may say late may get them in trouble later. (I assume I’m already in trouble for putting this up.)

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Assuming I’m conscious after Chairo, we’ll do one more podcast then.

como estaz 4×5: Reyes del Aire


On this edition of the podcast, Rob and I talk somewhat drowsily about the 09/23 CMLL show, with Matt Taven & Reyes del Aire. Rob didn’t achieve his dream of being close enough to catch the dives, but was close enough to get the beer spilled on him. This is a quick one, around 30 minutes.

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We’re heading to Tijuana in a few hours, and the final podcast of the trip will show up sometime late Sunday/early Monday.

como estaz 4×4: weekend previews

Myself, Rob and special guest Black Terry Jr. preview the weekend shows: CMLL’s Rey del Aire, the Crash on Saturday in Tijuana, and Chairo 5 in Naucalpan on Sunday. The podcast goes 40 minutes.

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We had the idea to tape this on the roof, which people occasionally walking by. Hope it sounds OK.

como estaz 4×3: Mephisto versus Titan

On a quick, 40 minute edition of a podcast, Rob and I talked about Sunday’s IWRG show (or what we could remember of it) and Tuesday’s fun Arena Mexico show. I managed to make to the end of the show without falling asleep, which was a slight achievement.

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We’ll be back Thursday night or Friday morning.