como estaz 5×10: temas

Has it really been three months since we did a podcast? Did we really only do five podcasts this year? Those questions won’t be answered on this show. We talk about the biggest stories and themes of 2018 and how they might affect 2019. It’s a year in the review that isn’t exactly going thru all the shows.

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This got broken up over 3 parts but we still hit the 100-minute range. I was also very prone to long rambling monologues on this one, I hope you survive them.

como estaz 5×9: bandit

Rob and I can’t seem to find time to do a podcast when we’re actually in the same place, so the episode count remains reset and we instead use Hangouts to talk about the CMLL Aniversario show and PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles. One of these things was excellent. One was just above average. I bet you know which one is which but I’m going to keep up the mystery for the purpose of filling out this intro.

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This is the longest podcast we’ve done in some time but I think the pace and the information was pretty good. Last rambling than usual! Thanks for listening.

como estaz 5×8: summer vacations

I couldn’t be troubled to go to Mexico this weekend, but Rob did so that’s good enough to have a podcast to talk about it. We talk about the four shows he saw, along with trying to figure out the bigger picture of what seems to be working in Mexican indie wrestling now. There’s talk about the non-lineups for AAA & CMLL’s big show, the Crash’s latest show, and plans for future podcasts.

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My audio was getting lost at one point; I merged two parts back together, see if you can figure the obvious merge spot. At least the sound balanced well this time. We’ll be back in a few weeks.

como estaz 5×7: park chat

If Park can manage to get back in CMLL, I can bother to record a podcast. Rob and I talk about LA Park’s arrival in to Arena Mexico and how the anniversary show build should work, as well as Zeuxis’ exit from the promotion and the problems with the CMLL women’s division. We talk about this past Friday’s AAA taping in Tehuacan, and the multiple visions heading into Verano de Escandalo. Finally, there’s talk about Saturday’s The Crash lineup and where we see the promotion right now.

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We’ll be back at some point? Probably.


como estaz 5×6: likely or unlikely

We’re back for the first time in a few months, covering FantasticaMania, Guerra de Titanes, The Crash 01/20 show, and main eventers who may or may not be showing up. Plus, a game of “likely or unlikely” about 2018 events. This turned out to be one of our longer podcasts (over two hours!), with a fire alarm stoppage in the middle.

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The audio’s not totally terrible. My nose is, and I hope you don’t gt my cold. Thanks for checking this out, and please don’t forget to vote in the tapatia awards.

como estaz 5×3: querétaro autobus

Rob and I traveled from Monterrey to Mexico City to Querétaro back to Mexico City to record this podcast for you. Or maybe just to play some Mario Kart, I’m not sure. We give you the only review of 11/07 the Crash in Arena Querétaro show you’re likely to get, and talk about other things we’ve seen and not seen. No Canadians were sent home in the making of this podcast.

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como estaz 5×2: we didn’t make it to Nuevo Laredo

Promoter/excellent uber driver/person with no need to sleep @thefredork of LuchaMania Monterrey joins us to talk about how a RIOT show comes together, and then just kind of meandered into a conversation all over the place. We definitely didn’t have any real plan going into this one and I think that comes thru strongly. Also, I moved the microphone around twice, which should sound great. Not as many people were buried as during the TJ podcast but we still entertained ourselves and isn’t that’s all that really matters. (Sorry in advance.)

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como estaz 5×1: Low Rider does not know llaves

Sometime early Sunday morning night, Rob turned to me and said “that’s the title to the podcast.” A day later, I have no idea what he told me. That’s a recap of this podcast, where Rob remembers many moves from Riot (which was good!) and The Crash/Revolucha Monterrey show (which was also good) and I say “that was also good.” We go over both shows we’ve seen before and talk about random stuff by the end of the podcast. It’s again about 1h40m.

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