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como estaz 2×8: ultimo evento

Our last podcast includes talk about Titan, ExpoMascaras and Arena Coliseo. Also, I attempt to evade questions and many thanks are said.

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Thank YOU for listening.


Como Estaz 2×7: Ultimo Guerrero vs Atlantis

Hey, there was an important mask match tonight. We are joined by Alfredo from LuchaMania Monterrey to recap the show for about an hour and a half.

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The video if the complete show can be found on DailyMotion.


como estaz 2×6: cuatra caida

Special bonus podcast in the series of special podcasts: Jose Manuel Guillen of Tercera Caida joins us for about forty minutes of talk about his show and lucha libre.

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We will be back early Saturday morning.


como estaz 2×5 : Halcon Magica

No shows today. We went on tours instead: around Mexico City, Tercera Caida and AAA’s office. And then we ate dinner with a Dragon Gate champion. A good day.


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Next podcast is after the anniversary show,  but there should be fresh content before that.


como estaz 2×4: face for reading

Two days of things to discuss mean we go over an hour and very late. We have great things to say about the ChilangaMask show and those who took us in on Monday.

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Don’t think there is time for a news update tomorrrow. More later.


como estaz 2×3: Jeque’s quesadillas

On Sunday, we went to Coliseo Coacalco and Arena Naucalpan, and caught two fun shows with two different audiences (and one Hip Hop Man.)

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Podcast is about 30 minutes – I went too fast, but Rob carried things by actually describing the matches. There’s no show to go to tomorrow, but there probably will be a podcast at some point.

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Como Estaz 2×2: Aereo’s bite

Saturday, we saw an all minis show and a kinda-of indies versus CMLL event. We talk about them for about 40 minutes, plus/minus unexplained breaks.

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There were a few more people around the microphone (/cell phone with a recording app); I did something to improve the volume but I’m not entirely sure it worked. Hopefully everything comes thru. is the Sky Stars channel.


Como Estaz 2×1: waiting for Hechicero

We’re back in Mexico, so the podcast makes an unlikely return.

Listen as we struggle with the combination of jet lag and a sometimes boring CMLL show!

Marvel at my inability to improve the sound quality!

Reply with your feedback below!

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(The como estaz tag should continue to work as a podcast feed for this show. Thanks for listening.)


Como Estaz 7: Adios

Day 7, our final full day in Mexico City and the first day we took advantage of the non-lucha parts of the city. I talk a bit too long about our trip to the Historic Center and the Anthropolgy while recreates his boredom for those trips. We didn’t let the rain stop us from our third Martes Popular show at Arena Mexico for the heavyweight title match between Shocker and Terrible, plus our third time seeing the Estetas in six days. And, in a podcast exclusive (!!!), listen as we find out if the 80th Anniversary DVDs sold in front of Arena Mexico actually are the right show.

Right click to download. It’s about 48 minutes long.

Thanks everyone for listening. That’s the end our trip and the podcast, but there will be some visual content as myself and Rob get home and have a chance to upload pictures and video. Thanks again to Black Terry Jr. and conjuarez, without whom this trip would not have been as successful or fun. Rob brought the enthuaism for all the shows so we needed him too. I was the mostly useless one, and lucky to be along for the ride.

Normal blog service will resume no later than Thursday and videos will go up no later than Tuesday.


Como Estaz 6: Hermano de Jack

On Day 6, we made our second visit to Arena Naucalpan, but out first to see the stars of AAA. Incredible things occured, including Rob talking highly about a luchador. After that, we talk about our late night dinner, which was generally the part of the program were I forgot what I had said or what I was about to say a few times. GOOD TIMES. Last show tommorow – both for us and for the podcast.

Right click to download. It’s about 57 minutes long. Please send in questions and let us what you think about the shows – here, on Twitter and Facebook.


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