Como Estaz 3×13: summer previews

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Rob and I discuss the TripleMania lineup, the possibilities for the Anniversary show, and some thoughts on the end of Lucha Underground 2. I try to determine if there’s anyone Rob would less like to see main event TripleMania than Pagano. We both try to come up with something, anything for the Anniversary show that’s not La Mascara and I speculate in circles for a while. It’s about 90 minutes.

Como Estaz 3×12: Killers Among Us

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Rob and I went to the AAW show last night in Merrionette Park, with Aerostar vs AR Fox and Drago vs Chris Hero. We talk about that entire show and our experience there, Mascara Dorada in the Cruiserweight Classic, AAA’s upcoming cards, Elite’s weird international tournament, CMLL’s weird international tournament and other things I scarcely remember now. It went about an hour.

We taped this in my car at around 3AM; my car turned itself off at one point which caused the phone to stop recording for a moment. You didn’t miss much. My phone records audio much better than it conserves battery, so that’s nice. I was occasionally distracted by all the suspicious looking activity in a parking lot way early, so it may not be the most coherent podcast we’ve done but I think it’s still fine. Thanks to everyone who said hi at the show, and thanks to Yelp for finding us decent 24 hour diner.

Como Estaz 3×11

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We talk about the Lucha World Cup, recent AAA in general, Pierroth/Mascara and the lack of anything else going on in CMLL, and some talk about lucha libre guys in the US.

We ended up going 109 minutes with no particular plan, so it’s even more all over the place then usual. I’m pretty sure we’re not negative at some point during the show. And the name Rob couldn’t remember is Ricardo Messa – that’ll be useful late in the podcast.

Como Estaz 3×10: daylight savings chat

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We’re back to talk about the upcoming major shows. RobViper and I break down Homenaje a Dos Leyendas & Rey de Reyes and where it leaves both companies going forward. We also talk about the Chairo shows, ChilangaMask Elite and other things going on.

The podcast goes about 100 minutes. I stumble around for the first few minutes – ironically as I talk about much better podcasts – but get better as we go along.

Como Estaz 3×9: third rail

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RobViper and I talk for two hours (?!?!) about AAA, Lucha Underground and various speculation on both. We talk about maybe vacant titles, maybe disappeared foreign stars, and other things which maybe would cause trouble if everyone else wasn’t paying attention to Daniel Bryan anyway. RobViper has a rant about CMLL, I complain (again) about people paying attention to stuff that doesn’t really matter in a stream of consciousness that never seems to end. Nothing is really solved. We talk about the Guerra de Titanes show and answer some questions too. Hopefully this podcast still matters by the time you listen to it.

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Como Estaz 3×8: upcoming attractions

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RobViper and I talk for about 90 minutes about the big shows. There’s less craziness going on this time, so we talk detail about the FantasticaMania shows, the Guerra de Titanes lineup, and the upcoming Lucha Underground season (with very slight spoilers.) We try to figure out if there’s going to be any title changes in Japan, what might be the best way forward for the AAA heavyweight title and I randomly figure out when Ultima Lucha 2 is airing for no apparent reason.

I’m less sick than I was, but still sick enough to be loudly drinking water on air. Only one moment where I seemed like I might die on air via coughing, so that’s good. No opening music, so you can get straight into the awkward opening. We’ll be back at some point.

Como Estaz 3×7: bad trade or worst trade?

La Sombra/2015-10-30

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RobViper and I unload our DM conversations into audio format for about 100 minutes. We talk about the departure of La Sombra, the Arena Mexico arrival of Cibernetico, the oddness of the Guerra de Titanes lineup and the pleasant surprise of the FantasticaMania roster. Digressions include an apology to a Mr. Ultimo Guerrero, CMLL’s problem keeping it’s top stars, multiyear deals from a group who can’t put lineups together week to week, the best ways to use John Cena on Guerra de Titanes, fretting about the long term future of Magno, our entries into the “when will Averno show up in Arena Mexico” betting pool, at least one story I’m not sure if I was supposed to tell, I brag about not telling stories that people are expecting me to tell, things I don’t currently subscribe to but probably will again, things I subscribe to that I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t be, and the AAA version of Tom Magee story.

I try not to spoil Lucha Underground and mostly don’t (it’s only about who wasn’t there and a wacky theory, you’re safe.) We both try to wrap up the show at least once and then just keep going on for longer. It’s more audible, so you should try to listen.

Como Estaz 3×6: fear of a red jacket

still from
still from

There’s so much going in Mexico that me and RobViper had to fly all the way back to the Reforma Holiday Inn Express to record a podcast. Topics include Alberto el Patron, what to do with the AAA Mega championship, Elite Lucha Libre, Caristico, and FantasticaMania. Topics almost do not include Lucha Underground since we both forgot to talk about it until about the end. It’s about 70 minutes of a sometimes meandering conversation for you to enjoy.

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Como Estaz 3×4: ChilangaMask, Lucha Libre Boom, IWRG

photo by Black Terry Jr.

We’re back one last time (probably) talking all the matches from Saturday’s Lucha Libre Boom, and Sunday at both ChilangaMask and IWRG. We’re headed to Arena Puebla tomorrow, but expecting to return very late and so probably no podcast before I leave on Tuesday afternoon. Show runs 83 minutes (and no open this time.)

I think I’m sick, but the way you’re supposed to get sick in Mexico City, so I apologize for my voice (even more than usual) all the way thru. Attempt to keep count of how many times I tried to leave quietly during the podcast if you’re bored.

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No news post tonight; I’ll try to do something in the morning.