como estaz 5×11: azteca

One of the two of us actually went to Mexico and went to shows, so we did a podcast about it. Rob talked about his recent trip to Mexico City, Tijuana, and Monterrey for lucha libre. That was the planned topic before a whole bunch happened, so there’s also talk about the CMLL Universal tournament, AAA on Azteca and recent ongoing there, people who’ve signed with US promotions and people who US promotions would really like to sign if not for a contract with a zombie TV show. No one paid me so there is no list of who should be signed next.

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The podcast went over 2 hours this time. We’ll be back in a month.

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  1. Long Rant….

    Awesome audio guys.

    I’m guessing Azteca has incentives to build up AAA in Mexico. Azteca owns the venues in Monterrey and CDMX and Super Boletos and probably wants to maximize profit potential in those areas.

    One thing about Azteca, they’ll probably format the show so that it’s compatible for the US, unilke Televisa which wasn’t a good international partner since at least 10 years ago. It’s sad because as Televisa grew with newer networks like UDN, their relationship with CMLL, and later AAA, fell apart at a time when wrestling content should be thriving there.

    I’m also guessing that the LA Forum and Prudential Center will be working on big shows with ROH/NJPW or AEW/AAA by the end of the year.

    This is why I think ROH signed Bandido and Rush and will work on getting other talents. ROH needs guys they can market as stars in big cities like LA. It’s the same reason AEW benefits from working with AAA.

    MSG not only owns the LA Forum, they book Prudential Center in Newark and they are unhappy about Barclay’s in Brooklyn getting the five-day stay Wrestlemania weekend.

    It’s also interesting to see WWE increase their presence at United Center in Chicago in 2018. Not sure if it’s a tactic to keep potential competitors out, or they feel suburban Rosemont fans are not the same fans who go to United Center. I’m guessing it’s a tactic to lock up a venue they really haven’t had much use for over the years.

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