MasLucha Torneo Supremo Quarterfinals

the roof makes this look more impressive

Recapped: 05/07/2020

Demonio Infernal beat Fresero Jr.
(5:34, ok, +LuchaTV)

Fresero & Demonio Infernal sure ended quickly, though the move they used to end it fit. This wasn’t far off the Fresero/Corsario match in the previous round as far as going hard-hitting, it just didn’t last as long; this match is a step behind that one for this one. Fresero doing the series of supelxes and not going for a pinfall right away is bad tournament wrestling. Demonio Infernal is the guy I’ve liked the best out of this group as a single, and he seems like a good adversary for the next round.


Arez beat Hip Hop Man
(8:09, good, +LuchaTV)

Hip Hop Man comes off as such a one-note foreign heel in his promos – “Argentina is better than Mexico!” – and it seems like it undercuts his wrestling. I guess it makes sense that the +LuchaTV regular would most see the +LuchaTV tournament as something worthy of a big effort, but he still felt like the guy trying to do the most here to make people take him more seriously going forward. The rest of his entire bit doesn’t seem to be meant to be taken seriously, it’s an odd fit. Anyway, Arez provided the usual amount of weird moves and interesting reversals, and Hip Hop Man doing the one fall kickout fire up spot straight out of PWG killed me. This was good fun.

Arez doing strange stuff

Ricky Marvin beat Súper Nova
(5:56, ok, +LuchaTV)

Ricky Marvin playing the underdog tecnico seems strange given his last decade of indie work. They set it up well – and most of this match seemed to exist to further his knee damage for future matches – but it felt like it ended too quickly before they could really exploit it for drama. Nova does seem to fit better as a rudo nowadays.

Aramis beat Hijo de Pirata Morgan
(6:09, good, +LuchaTV)

Aramis moves fast. Hijo del Pirata Morgan kept right up with him. This was a strong performance from a guy who used to be considered good when he was hanging around AAA but never seemed to find the missing character piece. That’s not as important in this setting; all he had to worry about was moving here and he moved well. There were a couple of rough moments that still added to the match. Pirata’s expression after the wheelbarrow back suplex spot seemed to indicate it didn’t happen exactly as planned but it still went well. Pirata also has a beautiful missed suplex. I was happy to see Aramis move on but I hope we get to see more of this Hijo del Pirata Morgan.

this doesn’t seem fun for anyone