Lucha Fighter: 2020-05-09

a kick

Recapped: 2020-05-09


Dinastía beat Laredo Boy
(5:30, bridging pin, ok, 00:16:11)

Psycho Clown beat Chessman
(9:11, code red, good, 00:30:54)

Pentagón Jr. beat LA Park
(7:31, foul, ok, 00:51:19)

Lady Shani beat La Hiedra
(6:10, submission, good, 01:10:52)

Pentagón Jr. beat Psycho Clown
(10:00, Factor Miedo, great, 01:29:20)

What happened:

Pentagon Jr., Lady Shani, and Dinastia won their tournaments. There were no awards or plaques given to the winners. Shani made a speech praising her opponents and encouraging the AAA fans. Pentagon also praised Psycho Clown while feeling he’d proven he was good in Mexico as he had been elsewhere.

None of the angles set up went anywhere here; they seemed to be there just to keep those issues warm until AAA could run again. There was no indication of when that would be beyond the previous mentioned of AAA saying they’d announce their plans at the end of the month.


Aerial Ace Psycho Clown

This was a good final, though not an especially strong one. The minis tournament was a disappointment through the final and LA Park/Pentagon was nothing special. The men’s final did feel like a final. This didn’t overall feel as big as the Lucha Capital fans but couldn’t really in the no fans situation.

Psycho Clown and Pentagon Jr. threw out their best moves for ten minutes, and filled the quiet space in between by yelling a lot. Some of them where things out than their catchphrase. It’s better than I’m making it sound, even if it was still missing the emotion of this match happening in front of a crowd. They built off of spots they had done earlier in the tournament, they had a few big near falls. It didn’t escape the environment as much as Laredo/Park and Vikingo/Park but it works as a final.

Hiedra got obliterated by a boot to the face and then really didn’t stand a chance the rest of the way. Shani came off as an impressive dominant winner, even as she paid respect to the other participants in her post match promo. Her holds and rolling cradle came off well done in this match and it felt like just a matter of time before she was going to win.

Chessman went out doing a top rope tornillo which is a heck of a way out. Chessman had sort of ran out of tricks in this tournament, just sort of repeating the same cookie sheet stuff for lesser effect, but it was still a good effort by both men. Psycho Clown was working very hard to reach through the video screen to get a reaction and I’m not sure it totally worked, but this was a good enough match.

no one more hyped than Pentagon

Having watched so many LA Park matches, I knew he was doomed as soon as he got the visual pin when the referee got taken out. That’s a killer every time. This was the default touring LA Park referee silliness match where Pentagon happened to be in the spot against him. The 0M taunting gave it a bit extra, but those touring matches would normally have a big crowd brawl missing here. You’ve seen this match before if you’ve seen Park and probably better.

What I enjoyed about Dinastia about was his ability to put together 30 second (give or take) fast agile sequences. Here, he was more just doing moves and the moves itself weren’t enough to make it. He and Laredo Boy exchange spots but it didn’t really mesh in anything during the time they had, or ever felt like Laredo Boy was going to win.