Rey Misterio Jr. versus Myzteziz to headline TripleMania on August 9th

This news came as a surprise! We’ve been speculating about what AAA would do for TripleMania for months, noting that none of the ongoing feuds really felt big enough to headline the biggest show of the year. AAA’s instead put forward one match which needs no build.

Rey Mysterio and Myzteziz are two of the biggest stars in the history of lucha libre and never before had a singles match. WWE intended to build to a match between the two at WrestleMania multiple times, but it always fell apart due to timing or injuries. (There was a planned attention grabbing tie in to set a made up record of most people wearing masks at one time that drove the idea.)  AAA will finally be able to put the dream match together.

That match will draw well as a main event. Alberto/Cage, in a stip match, works fine as a semimain underneath that main event. AAA doesn’t really need a lot more.

Tickets are on sale here, and the show will be on iPPV for 19USD.