sanitary dilemma

So I’m cleaning on a bookbag I haven’t used for months. I was going to set up something electronic-wise at a friend’s place tomorrow, though now they’re sick and I probably won’t. But at the time, I needed something to hold the cords.

Apparently, I hadn’t used this bag in a while, because the contents included things like
– fantasy football draft kit magazines
– non-winning scratch of card from a Cubs game
a opened bag of peanut M&Ms

All the M&Ms were still in there – it was opened but they stayed in the M&M bag the way the bag was, and the bookbag itself was just sitting on a chair, buried underneath a few other things. It’s an opened bag of M&Ms sitting in a old bookbag for six months, but they’re totally fine to eat – right?

If I die by morning, this was a heck of a way to go.

(things have been THIS exciting lately.)