guess my weight


Very confused store people watched as a dumped a huge plastic bottle of years of spare change in their Coinstar machine Saturday morning.

Actually, it took me three tries to get this to work, because I tried to go late at night a week ago only to find the machines shut down. Since you’ve got to go to Customer Service to redeem your receipt (if you’re not smart enough just to take a gift card and save yourself the counting fee), they must shut the machines down when there’s no one on duty. By the third time, I smarted up and grabbed a cart to wheel my jar around.

the count

2 Dollars
328 Quarters
783 Dimes
310 Nickels
1828 Pennies

(and I think a couple of washers and some game token marked “no cash value”)

which weighs over 21.5 pounds. And a nice $196 of stuff to buy off Amazon. (Point and shoot camera and plantronics headset? Hmm…)

26 empty milk bottles


(click for a bigger picture)

I think I need to set up home delivery so they can take the bottles away. 3 laundry baskets of bottles was not fun. The cash was nice though.

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this is surely a bad idea


I’ve got 2, maybe 3 extra tickets to the Cubs game on Saturday. The people who were supposed to use them can’t go, it’s too late to resell them, and I’d rather sit next to empty seats than random strangers. But…I’m willing to consider people I casually know on the interwebs as a slight step above empty seat.

So, here’s the deal: does anyone in the area want to go to a Cubs game on Saturday?

– it’s a noon game
– they’re in the 400 section and not good
– it will be cold
– you’re on your own for transportation
– your life will NOT be better for actually meeting me. I mean, I’m not going to try to be antisocial, but it does come naturally
– I may SCORE the game and do other incredibly dorky things
– if you want to use the ticker to wander around the park or meet up with someone else, I’m totally okay with it
– I’m not looking to be paid back; these tickets are paid for already if someone uses them or not
– if I haven’t talked/exchanged written words with you in the past – if I don’t know you – this is not for you
– if you’re going to be forever crushed if I choose not to pick you, you should probably not ask
– I may wake up tomorrow with a clear mind and attempt to disavow all of this. I’m tired now, which is why the game recap isn’t coming until tomorrow

With that said, if you’re interested, e-mail me ( ASAP. It’s gotta be figured out quick if it’s going to work. The comments are only open for mocking this idea – requests posted there will be ignored.

20080310 playlist


This post won’t exactly have wide appeal, but it’s my site and I can that sort of things when I paid the bill. And you should’ve seen the bill I got yesterday.

These are my mp3 ratings for some selected recent songs. Everything *** over three stars gets into the regular rotation.


random stuff



* I didn’t mean to quit Heat. It just sorta happened. Without going much to into it, I’ve been out of town for 4 parts of the last 7 weeks. What I’ve figured out is I really hate traveling, and I hate the day before traveling when I’m thinking about it and packing, and I hate the days after traveling, when I’ve got no energy.

Somewhere along the line, I missed a Heat, figured I’d make it up later. And then I missed three more, and I just didn’t care that much. I stopped on May 11th, it took until June 18th for someone to point it out, so I guess I did okay.

They’re all on the web, so it’s not like I couldn’t just grab them and do one long recapping session…but I’d really just rather watch lucha at this point.

* When you say “yea, we’re going to have a party, and we’re going to do other things besides play bags” and all we do is PLAY BAGS, please know I hate you. I was promised board games, where was my board games

Outside playing catch with a 4 year old and A RAM, Friday sucked. Days that start at 5 and end at midnight and include no pancakes normally do.

* I haven’t written much about the Cougars this year, but I feel like I should at least point out the last game I went to was an actual good performance. Going to Monday night’s game was the smartest decision I made all week, for sure. (It seems like more than a week ago.) Anytime the home team wins 11-2, it’s a pretty good day.

My seats this year are generally good, once I figured out to bring a hat or sunglasses so I can see for the first three innings. The sun sets directly from the batter, from my viewpoint, but you deal with it. This year’s actual problem is the person I’m sitting next to all of the time. It’s an older women, who hasn’t said two words to me so far this season. I’m okay with that, not talking works for me. She always brings an umbrella, and a bag with water and a book, and checks out after 7 innings. All of this is fine, it’s just that when she was talking with another regular, I kinda overhead her talking about her husband having recently died. I don’t think it’s a big stretch to assume last year, he would’ve been sitting with his wife at the game, in the seat I’ve got now.

So I’ve been sitting elsewhere of late. Too creepy. For her too, surely.

But the games are generally fun, and I’ve subconsciously memorized the order of the crowd noise music they use, which will get me far. Too bad they’re off to a bad start in the second half. I’m going to have to drive to Beloit again to see Midwest League playoffs.

* I spent a lot of the week finishing off the latest game I got from GameFly without actually getting around to playing – they’re making a killing on me, I’m sure – “Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time” for the DS. The other similar games were a fun amusing waste of time, and so were these. The writing was good, as far as snarky video game writing goes. 20hr for RPG (which is probably slow) always seems short for a game of that genre, but I guess if it was any longer, I wouldn’t have finished.

I’m actually going to get a PS3 game next, so I have something to play on it. Hey, I have a PS3, did I ever mention that here? So tough to keep track…

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in case you’re wondering what that was about


The post a little ways down is 20th on google for “wwe.draft.preview”

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2007 WWE Draft Preview


[19:16] Albert: why do you hate cat pictures???
[19:16] thecubsfan: well, I hate cats
[19:16] Albert: but they’re adorable.
[19:17] thecubsfan: but posting cat pictures is a l33t thing to do and I was calling you out
[19:17] Albert: I was using all that stuff ironically
[19:17] Albert: although I’m sure you know
[19:17] thecubsfan: actually, I was pretty pleased orginally, because I knew I had to hurry to cut down Hobbes before you could beat me to it.
[19:17] Albert: haha
[19:18] Albert: I just think it’s funny to use conventions from other message boards because they look so out of place in anachronistic, plain text Delphi
[19:18] thecubsfan: they totally do and thank god for that
[19:18] Albert: and that place could use a little life
[19:18] Albert: it’s dying on the vine
[19:19] thecubsfan: well, yea, because it’s a wrestling discussion board where no one cares about wrestling any more. It’ll be a long summer before people can start talking to themselves about their favorite shows again.
[19:19] Albert: yeah
[19:19] Albert: the draft, though!
[19:20] thecubsfan: that’ll Shake Things Up
[19:20] thecubsfan: FUNAKI TO RAW
[19:20] thecubsfan: CHUCK PALUMBO TO SMACKDOWN
[19:20] Albert: we should do a special draft preview on
[19:21] Albert: and it can just be this chat
[19:21] thecubsfan: That IS the quality people expect from the site
[19:21] Albert: trueness

Steve Francis Hates Big Macs


04/10 CHI vs NYK recap (

(I’m so disappionted YAYSports hasn’t done a post about this, I had to steal the title they would’ve used.)

Since there’s no baseball to talk about today, I guess I have actual time to mention the Bulls game I went to last night. I had a master plan to meet up with one of the people I was going with and grab dinner before the game, but they canceled at the last second. I ate a little at the game, but I think I could’ve used a meal after. Something – fast foodish. IRONY.

The Bulls won 98-69, and it wasn’t even that close. The Knicks sucked in the first quarter (10 TO!, two offensive fouls and two traveling calls to start the game), sucked in the second quarter, sucked even more in the third quarter, and then inflated their stats in the 4th, with the Bulls b-team playing the whole quarter. (It was a sad day for Barrett and Victor to be inactive – they would’ve gotten tons of time!)

The Knicks tried to claim this was just a tough 4th game in 5 nights, which would is a reasonable excuse if you didn’t actually watch the game. They just played awful, played dumb, and played out for themselves. It didn’t make the players look good, and it made the coach looked worse. The only reason it was a 30 point game is the Bulls were off in the first half – it could’ve been 50 if guys were having better games.

As I said, it was the end of the bench for the Bulls in the 4th, versus some starters for the Knicks (and it was still about even.) Probably about half the crowd filed out by four minutes left, and the crowd that was left

* was waiting for the parking lot to clear out
* was enjoying booing the Knicks
* was wondering if the Bulls would get to 100, just because goofy inconsequential things like getting a free Big Mac are fun to cheer for. As any one with any perspective might realize (so I didn’t hear this on sports radio today), a victory by your spots win is pretty much the same kind of goofy inconsequential thing too, and a Big Mac is slightly more edible.

With 3:40 left, the Bulls were at 94, and we were debating if they’d get to 100. 6 points in that much time shouldn’t seem like much, but there weren’t really scoring threats on the court and Skiles isn’t one to run up the score.

At 0:39 left, the Bulls are at 98, and up by 32, the game’s pretty much over. Duhon had missed a 3, the Knicks got the rebound, and it was over. All the Knicks had to do, to follow the hidden rules/ethics of Not Running It Up, is hold onto the ball past 0:24, so the Bulls wouldn’t have to take a shot. Instead, Nate Robinson jacks up a three – obviously in attempt to better his stats (as he spent most of the 4th doing) – and the Bulls get the rebound with 0:26.

I guess they could’ve held the ball, taken a :24 second violation, and gave it back to the Knicks – but why? They only got the ball back in this situation because the Knicks didn’t care enough to wait three more seconds, and there’s no since in annoying the home fans over something minor.

Duhon was going to dribble it out and take that violation, or maybe just wait till the last second, but Skiles and the assistants told him to go ahead and shoot, and he took a three. He missed (he’s not good), and maybe Malik Allen shouldn’t have taken the rebound shot, but it was about from his sweet spot on the court, and he wanted to send the crowd home happy. It was understandable, but I’m not sure if it’s the way to go.

Anyway, Malik misses too, because no one in this lineup can hit a shot, and the Knicks are so against the idea of running up the score…that Nate Robinson ran down the court to get another basket. Thabo thanks you for letting him add 1 to his block total.

Francis coming on the court after the whistle to yell at Thomas surprised me – I was paying more attention to the Bulls bench (and getting my stuff to get out of there), but that was kinda of a dumb punk move, I think. Did Steve Francis think the rookies were calling the plays and making the decision to go for 100? Yell at Duhon or Malik or the Coach, yelling at the rookies was just lazy and dumb.

(OTOH, there’s a significant chance Tyrus was trash talking the entire game to the point where picking him out had some justification.)

Here is where I was going to quote Steve Francis, but it occurs to me now – it’s Steve Francis! I hope the cheap shoe thing takes the nation by storm, but I don’t know another good reason why anyone should listen to Steve Francis about how to act, seeing as he seems to have some issues in that department himself.

The other thing you need to know is there’s very obviously bad blood between the two franchises, probably much more between the off-the-court players (at least before this game), dating back to the Eddy Curry trade, and I’m sure that played a part into the feelings. But the Knicks are dorks, and are going home, and I hope they lose out every single game from here on out.

Do the Knicks go the lottery, or do the Bulls go since they’ll obviously swap picks? I’m kinda hoping the Knicks have to go, because I’d love to see the expression on their faces if/when they hit it big in the lottery.

(I’m reading this again now, and it’s about the worst rambling thing ever. Sorry!)

and 9 more teams


the FBI
Super Crazy/Jimmy Wang Yang
Snitsky/Steven Richards Kane and Undertaker KC Jones and Idol Stevens
Chris Benoit/a broom

sanitary dilemma


So I’m cleaning on a bookbag I haven’t used for months. I was going to set up something electronic-wise at a friend’s place tomorrow, though now they’re sick and I probably won’t. But at the time, I needed something to hold the cords.

Apparently, I hadn’t used this bag in a while, because the contents included things like
– fantasy football draft kit magazines
– non-winning scratch of card from a Cubs game
a opened bag of peanut M&Ms

All the M&Ms were still in there – it was opened but they stayed in the M&M bag the way the bag was, and the bookbag itself was just sitting on a chair, buried underneath a few other things. It’s an opened bag of M&Ms sitting in a old bookbag for six months, but they’re totally fine to eat – right?

If I die by morning, this was a heck of a way to go.

(things have been THIS exciting lately.)