CMLL GDR - 01/06/07 (#59)

Unmasked: Black Warrior

Match 1: Arkangel, Loco Max, Okumura vs Fabian el Gitano, Leono, Tony Rivera
Arena Mexico, 12/22/06

Repeat from last week. Why? At least this saves me time.

Match 2: Mascara Ano 2000, Terrible, Universo 2000 (c) vs Heavy Metal (c), La Mascara, Volador Jr.
Arena Coliseo, 01/01/07

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: Rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:26
Approx Rating: Okay. Could've been a clash.
Other Match Notes: It's cool that Volador's entrance music is Personal Jesus, but it's be cooler still if it was the Johnny Cash version. Heavy Metal does the pre-match interview and seems oddly calm. Now, conversely, it would definitely not be cooler if Terrible was using another version of his song. I don't think I've seen the Capos in months, and I haven't been too sad about it. Mascara Y2K explains the Capos are better than all the tecnicos and rudos.

1: Heavy and Terrible start, with Heavy wrestling in his shirt. He seems smaller again. Who's the bald ref? I'm not sure I know the other ref. Metal refuses to shake hands with Terrible at the end of their exchange. La Mascara and Universo work together, which should be something. La Mascara's not that much shorter then him, though a lot thinner. Chain wrestling for these two, ending when La Mascara armdrags Universo one too many times and Universo storms off. Volador and Mascara are the last pair. This is much more "small guy hit and running on the big guy", and it doesn't last long. Switch to Metal/Universo and Metal quickly getting a casita to take the fall.

Interview: Sangre Azteca gives his mask to the winner of the concept. I guess I would've had a hard time winning if Sangre was hanging it off in person. I guess we were supposed to spot all the hidden Sangre Azteca masks in the match? That's what they show us - hey, did Alexis have one? I was wondering why we got that shot at the time. I think I might have done okay at this game if I had any idea it was going on.  

2: Mascara and Metal start, though it gets slowed down when Metal has absolutely no idea what he wants to do for a sec. Once he figures it out, he's all good. Capos fail at double teams and Metal tricks Universo into believing his brother turned on him, which is good for a laugh. Mascara takes out his anger on - La Mascara. I hate when this happens. La Mascara stays even in the chest slap battle, somewhat at surprising, and then they get their signals kinda crossed on a charge, but get it together for La Mascara to get knocked around before coming back with an enziguri. Terrible in, but La Mascara rolls thru a sunset flip to kick him in the back of the head. Universo comes in and immediately goes to his knees for a handshake. La Mascara thinks it - thinks it - accepts it, Universo stands up and kicks him. Universo goes down too soon on a drop down and takes an elbow drop, La Mascara does the same thing, but moves before Universo can get in the elbow drop. An armdrag and a dropkick send Universo out, but Universo runs instead of getting dived on. Volador and Mascara 2000 in. Volador gets in his flip run, gets in his superkick, and that's the end of MY2K. Universo charges Volador, and Volador low bridges him out. Terrible charges, and Volador headscissors him out. He's run out of people to go out, so he just teases a dive. Back to Metal and Mascara 2000, who lures him into a sneak attack by Terrible. Double corner whip, corner clothesline, corner back elbow, and we're into the beatdown. Universo throws Metal around by his hair, which causes the other tecnicos to come in, which causes the other tecnicos to get beat up. Universo has a really lazy big boot, imagine that. Double boot for La Mascara. Whip, some super lazy back elbows, if that's even what they were supposed to be, a La Mascara ends up taking a double dropkick/face first powerbomb for the fall. Metal back in, and sent running for a bit, before he takes a fireman's carry into a gutbuster. Metal's dragged into position, and Terrible unveils a top rope somersault senton for the fall. Not seen him use that before.

Replays, and we stick around for the last break.

3: Beatdown still in progress. Hey, they got the nice ring girl signs back. Good for them. Terrible takes some corner charges and goes out, with no one coming in to replace him right away. Rudos entertain themselves by taunting some fans. Volador's turn to take corner charges. La Mascara? Any time now. Oh, he's trying to ask for the rudos to give him some room. That lasts a good second. He tries to brawl his way out, but that's not working for La Mascara. La Mascara sidesteps Universo's charge, drops Mascara 2000 with a dropkick, and the comeback's on. Terrible get tossed by his hair around the ring, which Terrible finds terribly illegal. Metal/Mascara and Volador/Universo brawl around the outside, but they bring it together back in the ring pretty quick. La Mascara holds Mascara 200 for Volador to get some free shots, and Metal too. Mascara 2000 slips free to the outside so the rudos can chat. Metal and and Mascara in, and Metal quickly clears out the rudos with a wheel kick. He's rushed out by Universo and Terrible. The smaller tecnicos rush them with clotheslines, but the rudos are unbudged. Again, and the rudos don't move and just slaps the tecnicos around. Volador and La Mascara tease charging for a third time, Universo and Terrible charge with clotheslines, tecnicos duck under and superkick the rudos. Rudos roll out, so its' double tope time! Universo makes sure to get some kicks in while he's there. Mascara 2000 and Metal back in, Metal with a bodyscissors roll for two, a sunset flip for two. Corner whip, reversed, Mascara charges in, Metal's move out of the way and forearming him in the back. Metal gets him in a stalling abdominal stretch as the other four make their way back in. Rudos are whipped into each other, but spin each other around. Volador and La Mascara go for rolls, but Universo and Terrible block them both - Universo with a sit, Terrible ends up with a Styles Clash - and the rudos pick up the win. 

And they're out very quick - no post match interview, no replays.

Total: 15:26 new lucha aired, 26:01 total.