AAA Mini Line - 12/10/05 (#670)

Gosh, there's nothing on.

Here's the deal: Galavision aired the second two hours of TripleMania, then aired the two shows before it, and then waited six weeks and aired the first two hours of TripleMania. Since TripleMania was a three hour show, that means the middle hour aired twice, and everything got pretty scrambled. 

They go right from the preview of the two new matches to the opener in the ring, perhaps to cut off mention of matches we weren't going to see. There's still a lot of dead time before the match starts, so I dunno.

Match 1: Texano, Mini Abismo Negro, Polvo de Estrella, Tiffany vs Angel, Mascarita Sagrada, Sexy Francis
Plaza De Toros Nuevo Progreso De Guadalajara, 05/15/05 

Winner: Tecnicos (Mascarita satellite armbar Abismo)
Match Time: 10:38
Notes: Yes, it is freaky for your "new" TV to feature a man who's now in very bad medical shape, but that's the state of lucha TV in the US in 2005.

This is your usual AAA mixed match, going for the odd ball matchup and weird occurrences. Sexy Francis is replacing Pimp for reasons I do not know. He badly blows a walking the ropes headscissors/headlock on Texano and Polvo, but is otherwise fine early on. They avoid the normal matchups early on for the most part. Angel isn't much taller than Mini Abismo. Mascarita and Mini Abismo are the first ones to work a normal exchange, since they're good. Tiffany takes Mini Abismo's place when eh gets sent out, and gets the better of the mini. Lady Apache breaks up a pin attempt and gets Tiffany in a rocking horse, before Mini Abismo breaks that up and we go back tot he minis match. Mascarita pulls of a great top rope to the floor 'rana on Abismo. It's really tough to watch Texano wrestle without thinking about how much each bump might have hurt his back. Dive sequence includes a Lady Apache pescado, a Tiffany tope con giro, and an Angel Asia Moonsault. Back in the ring, Mascarita Sagrada tries an off the top rope 'rana, Mini Abismo catches and blocks it (if Mascarita was any taller, he'd have boinked his head on the mat) and powerbombs him. Mini Abismo climbs up - but crotches himself on his own. That's funny odd. Mascarita gets a satellite armbar for the win. (10:38)

After a break, the tecnicos celebration is interrupted by Konnan and the Ugly Americans. Konnan beats down Mascarita while the Ugly Americans take care of the other tecnicos. Cibernetico wanders out to watch from the ramp and eventually vanish. The rudos join the invaders in waving an American flag - Texano even kisses it - and then the Ugly Americans turn on them as well. Mini Abismo stands around a while, confused, because they've forget to attack him - Tiffany runs off for help, and returns with Pirata Morgan. Morgan hilariously crashes to the floor when the metal steps leading from the elevated stage to the ring floor collapse underneath them, but Pirata recovers to run off five men with one one chair. The rudos get a tiny bit of revenge, and Pirata talks trash to Konnan. Which is great, because he's rudo next match and they're not building a match up between any of these people. Texano's holding his back and having trouble standing upright at this point, but I think he might be just selling. 

Interview: Tinieblas Jr. is a great rudo, as he explains to us. He has no interest in fighting his father - he respects his father. So guess what match the interviewer is building up.

Match 2: Tinieblas Jr. (c), Pirata Morgan, Monsther (w/Chucky) vs Alebrije (w/Cuije), Tinieblas Sr. (c, w/Alushe), Hijo de Anibal
Plaza De Toros Nuevo Progreso De Guadalajara, 05/15/05 

Winner: a
Match Time: a
Notes: Entrances for this one. Tinieblas Jr. gets his own separate from his teammates. The tecnicos all enter separate, so I guess it was just Pirata and Monsther together. Alebrije and Cuije have the mascot belts with them. Crowd is loud for Tinieblas Sr. 

Immediate beatdown on Hijo de Anibal to start. Alebrije was next. Tinieblas Sr. comes in, but his son goes to the apron, not wanting to fight him, though he teases it. Pirata and Monsther alone aren't enough to beatdown the old man. Tinieblas tags out out Hijo de Anibal, and now Tinieblas Jr. comes in, and then Tinieblas Sr. comes back in, and we have a discussion but no fight. Anibal ends up beating Tinieblas into the crowd. Pirata and Alebrije next. This is much more enjoyable in fast forward, I'll tell you. Cuije interferes freely and helps his partner get a head. Anibal gets the better of Monsther and Chucky, which leaves us back with the Tinieblas again. Junior wants a handshake, and kinda suckers Tinieblas Sr. into getting attacked. All six fight, with Alebrije and Anibal landing topes on rudos. Chucky and Cuije get a moment to fight to the ring, and we're back with the Tinieblas family again. Dad grabs son by the shirt collar, and asks the crowd if he should hit him - he doesn't, just shoving him down. Son kisses dad on the boots, and the distraction allows Pirata Morgan to low blow uppercut Dad from behind. Pirata beats up ALushe while he's at it, holding him for Chucky to low blow. Cuije in turn low blows Chucky and after everything that's gone on, that's what the rudo ref decides to call. (DQ 9:31) What a finish. Break.

Post match, everyone walks away. Replays. 

Noti AAA
- a look at the stadium they had Triplemania In. 
- Poncho de Nigris received an AAA award (FOR WHAT?) and Chessman challenged him to a match. Poncho de Nigris wrestling? Let's not get crazy. Latin Lover stopped it 
- Pato Soria (Shocker's dad, an ex-wrestler), who's name is spelled wrong on the screen but correctly on the AAA award he's getting (couldn't think of a lot of different angles this month, huh?) got into a war of words with Cibernetico. I believe Cibernetico beat him down, but we don't see that - we do get a Shocker promo. Shocker too good for this show. 
- Pepe Casas celebrated his 72th birthday at TripleMania.
- Upcoming shows, which actually happened six months ago.

The other matches on the show:

previously aired on the 10/15/05 show.