fix your robot!


So I’m checking my stats, just because I like to see what weird places link here (including the luchablog) and the numbers and such. Most days, I’m doing between 1 and 3 GBs of bandwidth. When I think about that, that seems a bit crazy, but it’s been that range for a while so I don’t think about it. (The CHIKARA show day was about 4.)

Then, there are days like last Tuesday, when the website serves 708.78 GBs. Followed by 300 the next day. This is actually not the first time this has happened, but the first time I’ve had time to look into it.

As best I can figure, it’s all someone from ( who downloaded over a thousand copies of each and every Joe versus the World episode. That sounds like a webscript gone horribly wrong (I encourage everyone to listen to every JvsTW site a thousand times, but you can do it with one copy), so I’ve blocked that IP. I’ve looke daround for info about this site to see if I can contact anyone, but of course there’s no info – maybe offering this post up to the massive google search index will get it noticed.

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