TV PG V cc entertainment - Judgment Day stills (1:13) open

your special guest ring announcer is Joy Giovanni. Your not special announcers Josh and Romero explain the best could think of for the Divas to do this week is ring announcing on Velocity.

the Basham Brothers (595 pounds) vs Funaki and Nunzio (355 pounds) - Joy is a screamer. Joy doesn't quite have the right voice for this. Joy is showing how hard ring announcing is. Joy really needs to stop. Romero: "I'm not an idiot!" Likely story. What, no backstage bit? Oh no, Danny punks out Funaki before the match starts. Nunzio tries to get revenge, fails miserably. Danny leaves, while Doug whips Nunzio and gives him a clothesline. Doug elects to take off his coat before covering, and it only gets him two. Clothesline, pose. Nunzio tries to fight his way up, but no. stomp. Knee for Funaki to knock him back to the floor. Short clothesline reverses to a crucifix (blocked), how about a sunset flip (sorta of broken). Doug tries an elbow drop, but Nunzio has no problem rolling away and crawling to his corner for a tag - oh, Funaki's still down on the floor. Announcers (and Nunzio) don't make a deal about it, so I guess it's not a story point. Nunzio pulls himself up, turns around, and walks into a flapjack. Tag to Danny. One two NO. Mounted punches. Josh: "Judgment Day, the single greatest PPV in SmackDown history..." Spinning back suplex. Pose, and about to smack Funaki to the floor for a third time, but Jimmy Korderas cuts him off. Meanwhile - Doug is crawling under the ring? Huh. While Danny goes back to stomping on Nunzio and arguing with Jimmy, Doug crawls out the other side of the ring and trips Funaki off the apron! Doug walks back to his corner as Danny laughs at Funaki. Korderas is mightily confused. Nunzio slips thru Danny's leg to his corner for the tag - oh, Funaki's not there again. Nunzio seems confused. Danny beats Nunzio up some more. Powerbomb? Nunzio punches his way out and on top for a pin one two no. Nunzio starts crawling towards his corner before wising up and going  towards Danny. Danny grabs him first, front facelock, tag to Doug for forearms to the back. Chinlock. Breaking it up with an elbow to the chest, but back to the chinlock. Funaki hurt but on the apron and rallying the crowd. Nunzio elbowing out, but stopped with a kick to the midsection. Doug turns and swings at Funaki (too high? supposed to be blocked), but ends up getting snapped over the top rope. Doug falls backwards, Nunzio slipping thru his legs, but Doug grabbing a leg and pulling him back to the Basham corner. Danny is on Nunzio before he can make the tag . Nunzio thrown hard into the corner. Kicks and punches. Corner whip, Danny's splash comes up empty, Nunzio ducks Doug's punch and shoves him off the apron. Nunzio rolls under Danny's clothesline, tag to Funaki! Funaki ducks a clothesline, right, right, right, whip, reversed, back with the spinning headscissors. Sliding dropkick keeps Doug on the floor. Heel kick for Danny, off the ropes bulldog one two Doug breaks it up. Doug reaches to grab Funaki, but Nunzio bulldogs him. Doug rolls out, Nunzio tries a pescado, and doesn't even come close to hitting him. Funaki heading up top, but slowly - and Doug shoves him off into the Danny's Brian Damaja. One two three. (4:51) Maybe they should've let Funaki in sooner if they could beat him that quick. Funaki may be out. Joy still isn't very good.

Tonight: Orlando Jordan vs Mark Jindrak [US]
Tonight: Booker T in action

Winners Choice Battle Royal (3:49)

Up Next: Booker T (w/Sharmell)
SmackDown! Live
05/29 - Grande Prairie, AB [SD! WM Revenge]
05/31 - Edmonton, AB [SD!]
06/04 - Peoria, IL [SD! Live - so revenge lasts till the end of May]
06/05 - Des Moines, IA [SD! Live]
06/07 - Kansas City, MO [SD!]

WWE Rewind presents the Longest Yard: Angle getting handcuffed to the ropes and beaten last Sunday.

your special ring announcer for THIS match is Michelle McCool. Crowd fails to react much. Did she get work done? I dunno.

Booker T (Houston, TX, 256 pounds, w/Sharmell) vs Quinson Valentino (235 pounds, already in the ring) - Sharmell looks bored. We're supposed to think 'distracted'

SD!: Sharmell vs Kurt Angle

Quinson? Michelle is better than Joy, but Chimel has nothing to worry about. Lockup. Into the corner, clean break. Hammerlock. Q with a back elbow, but Booker punches him. Chop, right, chop, whip, jumping side kick. Ax kick. Into the corner. Chop, right, chop, right - Nick is backing Booker up and warning him, which allows Q gets in a cheap shot. Romero is actually bringing up the 'if Kurt wants the title so bad, he's pretty much a moron' aspect. Q with a right, chop, right. Whip, no I guess it was supposed to be a short clothesline, Booker ducks, superkicks. Whip, 110th Street Slam. Looking at the hand. Time? Spinaroonie. Booker still waiting for Q to turn around. Kick to the midsection, off the ropes, scissors kick. One two three. (2:10) Romero: "He wins the victory!" Right. Five seconds prior, he was talking about how Sharmell had a chance against a World Champion and Olympic Gold Medallist because she knows how to kick people low, so that was actually the smarter statement. Josh sells the match hard.

Tonight: Orlando Jordan vs Mark Jindrak [US] - the way the "United States Championship" graphic appears is neat.

"this past Monday on RAW" - anyway, the ECW stuff. (3:16)

Slam of the Week, presented by Stanley: Matt Morgan beats up Carltio, and drops him thru the table with an F5, last Thursday.

your special ring announcer for this match is Miss Jackie.

thug life Billy Kidman (Allentown, PA, 215 pounds, w/jacket) vs Shannon Moore (Raleigh, NC, 192 pounds) - Jackie doesn't yelling until she gets to the name, which is probably the best idea. Your ref is Charles Robinson. Josh: "No has ever done what Matt Morgan has done to the Big Show over the last week" - which is why we're using the F5 to do it. Circle. Lockup, Kidman with a waistlock, Shannon reverses, Kidman uses the ropes to break. Shannon's eye makeup looks scarier than usual. Kidman with a kick, right, right, turnbuckle smash. Corner whip, Shannon with the WOW crossbody, one two no. Reverse neckbreaker, Kidman shoves Shannon away, Kidman dropkick looks good and connects better. Mock Shannon's pose, and beating Shannon down in the corner. Choke on the middle rope. One two no. Snap mare. Chinlock. Shannon rallies up, and gets beat down by a forearm. Kidman tries the springboard bulldog but gets shoved off and into the corner. Kidman comes back with a punch, but gets blocked, Shannon right, right, right, off the ropes, clothesline. Clothesline. Whip, backdrop. Off the ropes, wheel kick. Whip, Shannon charges and clotheslines Kidman out of the ring. Shannon off the ropes - tope con giro nearly completely goes over the top of Kidman, knocking Kidman down only with his back on his way over. Moore throws Kidman back in, and heads up. HALO - misses! Kidman moved out of the way. BK BOMB! Kidman will have it his way - in the corner. Going up. Shooting Star Press hits! One two three. (3:33) Connects without killing someone, even. First time he's hit that in a while.

Up Next: Orlando Jordan vs Mark Jindrak [US]

I don't know much, but this (:24) highlight package about the Sandman would seem to indicate he's showing up. This part is exactly how they should've done the WCW stuff.

your special ring announcer for this match is Torrie Wilson.

Orlando Jordan (Miami, FL, 275 pounds) vs Mark Jindrak (Atlanta, GA, 263 pounds) for the United States Championship - Josh: "I just got a sudden craving for pie." Romero: "I'm almost speechless." "I wish you were." Jindrak's music has the fakest crowd reaction dubbed into it. Look, two people clapping. Good to get both "awful awful matches" in under a week. Circle. Lockup, OJ backs Jindrak back into the corner. OJ with the back elbow cheap shot. Right. Kick. Boot choke. I just realized Jindrak is suddenly a face again. Scoop, slam. Pose. Whip, hiptoss blocked, Jindrak with a hiptoss of his own. Armdrag, dropkick and OJ is out. Jindrak out, OJ in, Jindrak in, OJ tries a kick, Jindrak catches it, spins him, gives an inverted atomic drop and rolls him up for one two. Headlock takedown. Back up, shot off, Jindrak back with a shoulderblock one no. OJ begs off, and pulls the tights to throw Jindrak out. OJ with a shoulder to Jindrak's midsection as he gets up to the apron, sending him aback to the floor. Running knee to Jindrak's face, looks painful. Jindrak thrown back in. OJ back up. Stomp. Stomp. Brian is your ref in this title match. Stomps in the corner.  OJ pulled off and warned about stomping while using the ropes. Corner whip, Jindrak rebounds out and OJ clotheslines him down. OJ spells JO again. One two NO. Jab Jab Jab shuffle right cross is ducked, inside cradle one two  NO. OJ up first and knocking Jindrak down with a back elbow. Swinging neckbreaker, and OJ wasting time following up with another. Stomps. "I'M THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION! NOT YOU!" One two no. OJ not happy with the count. Off the ropes, boot to the neck. Chinlock. Josh talks about OJ's unnamed finisher, pointing out OJ's head/neck offense sets it up. Jindrak elbowing out, but stopped with a knee. Elbow to the head. Corner whip, OJ charges in, clothesline misses, HAND OF STONE. Jindrak wipes himself out throwing it and collapses into the corner. Oh man, that punch is so strong OJ is up first! OJ tries to run Jindrak back first into the corner, but gets thrown chest first in the corner. HAND OF STONE #2! And OJ is getting up first AGAIN. All the boxing experience means he really knows how to tag a punch I guess. Jindrak blocks the turnbuckle smash and lands one of his own, but again Jindrak is so out of it OJ again gets in the next move. They repeat the sequence in another corner, this time Jindrak getting in multiple turnbuckle smashes - one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven? twelve? OJ staggers away and gets run over by a Jindrak left armed clothesline. And another. Whip, backdrop. High dropkick to the face one two NO. Jindrak calling for the Reflection (I assume) as we watch Jindrak kick OJ right in the face. Kick, double underhook (huh?) and I guess it was supposed to be a something but it looked like OJ just blocked it. Jindrak leaves him standing there, goes off the ropes, and right into the Flatliner. That'll do. One two three. (6:15) OJ gets his belt and gets out of here, very slowly.

That's it.