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E-Mail: From Matt Bishop

I went to the Aug. 19 (21) edition of Smackdown! at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.  There was no opening pyro for either Velocity or Smackdown!, yet when I watched Velocity on Saturday night, there was indeed a pyro shot to open the show.  So obviously they have a stock pyro shot that they use for every edition.  And the kicker to all this is when they scanned the arena to start Velocity, the arena wasn't even the Joe.  It was an entirely different arena.

Iron Man Match hype. Josh: "Who walked out of North Carolina the new champion? Find out right here, on Velocity". I think you just told them.

da Big Show (500 pounds) vs Pat Cusick and Murray Happer (515 pounds, already in the ring) in a 1 on 2 Handicap match - So that's how I'm supposed to spell Cusick? Your announcers are Tazz and Josh - Tazz wonders which side is the handicapped side. Josh had an exciting conversation about this match with Big Show earlier. Tazz keeps thinking that Pat Sajak. Whoops, there's the chokeslam on Happer (Big Show uses his arm on the victim's back a lot more than usual), one of Cusick and we're out of there. (:50) The surprising thing was that this wasn't 3 on 1. Someone in the front section has a problem with Big Show and the people around him want Show to get him, but we pay no attention

Still To Come: Kurt vs Brock vs Time
Up Next: The Tag Team Title Match

SmackDown! Live
9/21 - Binghamton, NY
9/22 - Bethlehem, PA
9/23 - Philadelphia, PA [SD!]
9/27 - Winnipeg, MB
9/28 - Brandon, MB

GQ on the Rock. 
Behind The Scenes. It's Midnight Run and Indian Jones. (1:14)

Matt Hardy (Version One UHHHH, Cameron, NC, 227 pounds) vs Joey Matthews (205 pounds, already in the ring) - Matt Facts: Matt hates waiting in lines. Matt tailgates slow cars in the passing lane. That's not very safe, Matt! Josh notes the reaction from the hometown crowd for Matt. I wonder if Joey is jealous of Shannon, or at least wondering why it ended up being Shannon and not him. Joey's wearing those blue/black/silver tights - I guess you can't afford new gear if you're still an indy, because it seems like he's been wearing those forever. Josh says Matt's cool, which could mean something if it wasn't from Josh and his next words weren't about Sunny Delight. Tazz: "Joey Matthews has a little background with Matt Hardy, tell us about it Josh." "Joey Matthews and Matt Hardy both got started in a small wrestle promotion called OMEGA based right here in North Carolina." I think Josh has more, but the HARDY HARDY HARDY chant is so loud that Tazz and Josh have to stop to point it out. I think Joey's offended that they're not cheering him. Circle. Lockup, Joey with an armbar, twist, reversed, into a side headlock. Josh does have more: "Joey Matthews left OMEGA, wanted to venture on his own, Joey Matthews teamed up with a guy named Christian York, and York and Matthews have battled Matt and his brother Jeff (!) on numerous occasions." From that Matt headlock, he went for a hammerlock, Joey goes behind for his own, shove to the back and pose and self-chest celebration by Joey. Matt is - amused? Probably. Tazz: "So basically, Joey Matthews was - was a MFer, was a Mattitude Follower!" Lockup, Matt hammerlock, shove in the back, "I'M V ONE UHHHHHH." Tazz: "Teacher versus student here. Pupil versus...pupil-uh-pupil...yea, teacher versus student here!" Lockup, Matt walks Joey in the corner, Joey turns it around once there there. Break? Joey throws the right, Mat blocks, right, right, right, whip, hiptoss. Crowd goes "WHOA" big for it. Corner punches V one two three four five six seven eight nine dropping down and letting Joey stumble out - TEN. Cover one two NO. Matt with a corner whip, Joey kips up and out, Matt turns and kicks- 

Tazz: "Are you related to Joey Matthews? Because your name is Josh Mathews." 
Josh: "Yea, no relation. He has two T's in his last name, I have one." 
Tazz: "I have one T in mine too." 
Josh: "Two Z's, though."
Tazz: "That's right. I used to have one, but that's another story - full body slam!"

-yep, slam. "NOW WE GO HERE!" Because it's the Good Matt Hardy, he can go for the Downfall Raindrop (Josh: "Downfall Legdrop" - close!) without a high probability of a miss, but Joey stops the fun by rolling out of the way and to the apron. Matt pulls him up, and takes a jawbreaker over the top rope. Joey with a slow turn reverse neckbreaker one two NO. Right. Right. Choke on the middle rope! That's his move! Well, not really. Doing the double V1 sign IS his move, so Joey does that too. Off the ropes, running but Matt's up - big diving clothesline! Matt is waving goodbye. Whip - there's the Double Impact combo of the back elbow and legdrop. One two NO. Loading Joey up for Snake Eyes, but he hardly ever hits this, and Joey knows it - he escapes down the back and rebounds him into the corner. Joey jumps on Matt's back with a sleeper. Matt struggling around the ring, but gets stopped in the middle of it. Going down to one knee as the crowd rallies. Josh gets on Tazz's nerves with how he cuts him off. Matt standing - and reversing into the Ricochet. Both men down, Joey up first, but Matt is going to win this punch battle. Matt off the ropes, clothesline. Joey crawls to the middle rope to escape, so Matt calls V1 and runs - running sit on the second rope sit. Side Effect? NO, Josh back elbows out. Whip, reversed, Joey hangs onto the ropes, Matt charges into a back elbow. Joey waves his arm to call for something, running clothesline reversed into a Side Effect one two NO! Joey trying to escape into the corner, Matt follows and gets tripped up into the middle buckle. Joey going up - top rope clothesline! One two NO! Joey can't believe it was two and lets the ref know. Right, right, corner whip, Joey waves the arm and charges again, but Matt gets up the boot. Matt notices where Joey is and goes to the second rope - YAAAAAAAA Downfall Raindrop! Josh got it right! "V1 UHHH!" Set up, kick wham twist of fate one two three (6:34) Replays of the Twist Of Fate. V1 UHHH

Iron Man Match Tale Of Tape. Again they say "we'll find out who left SmackDown! the new champion", but only one person in that match could be the "new" champion.

I can't help but notice they didn't show anything about the tag team title match here. Though Tazz and Josh did talk about it.

Chuck Palumbo (280 pounds, w/FBI) vs Orlando Jordan (Miami, FL, 240 pounds) - Josh: "The show's almost over. Tazz wants to get out of here so he can go hang out with Pokerface." "Oh, that's my new boy, that's my G. G, right? Dawg." The show's only 22 minutes in. Are they airing things out of order? Strange - we NEVER get three matches in a row to open a show. No sleep till new contract. This time, Choida lets the FBI stay at ringside but warns them, according to Josh. Tazz to Josh: "How do you know?" Josh: "I can read lips." Tazz: "Really? Well, you're good at kissing ass, so I guess you should read lips too." Josh's shill of WMXX tickets goes on forever and a day. Lockup, Chuck with a knee, knee. Orlando ends up on the middle rope, so Chuck forearms him in the back many times. Chuck distracts so Johnny and Nunzio can get up on the apron to do bad things to Orlando, but Choida turns around too soon and spot 'em - they're out of here! They're as thrilled about this as you might believe. Eventually, we get back to the match, where Orlando is doing his jabs, shuffle, right hand. Backslide (not so good), one two Chuck falls out. Chuck to the corner, Orlando charges into a kick. Corner whip, reversed, Chuck kips up and out, Orlando goes into the corner chest first (why?), Urban Jungle Kick to the back of the head! Unfortunately for Chuck, Orlando flies out of the ring so he's not going to win this match. Chuck out to bring Orlando back in (no one's told him about countouts, I guess) but Tazz explains "Orlando's limp - something you [Josh] know all about." Chuck breaks the count and Tazz and Josh both point out how stupid that was. Now he can Orlando in, cover one two no. Tazz figures Chuck was dumb because he had no Nunzio to smarten him up. Chuck runs Orlando in the corner, shoulders to the midsection, pulling him out by the leg to nail him with a clothesline. One two no. I'd put this match ahead of the Matt match if Chuck just used a discus punch here. Chuck pushes Orlando in the corner, but wastes too must time piefacing Orlando and Orlando turns it around in the corner with punches. Chuck stops it with a knee, spinning side belly to belly suplex. One two NO. Chuck with a bearhug, yay. Slam? No, Samoan Drop one two no. Tazz called the move, but "I didn't know that Palumbo had a Samoan background! You don't have to be Samoan to do a Samoan Drop, though. I used to do Irish Whips, and I'm not Irish!" Josh thinks that's funny but I think that's Tazz fake laugh. Chuck hangs Orlando in the Tree of Woe and gets to kicking. Boot choke. Does it hurt more when Chuck raises and lowers the middle rope randomly? Josh: "Depending on where you are, it's not bad to be upside down on Saturday Night." This leads to Tazz speculating on what the Bashams are doing with Shaniqua. Orlando escapes the Tree, and fighting back when Chuck tries to pick them up. Chuck stops that with a right hand. But he does not spin before it. More shoulders in the corner. DISCUS PUNCH!!!!!! DISCUS CLOTHESLINE! I GIVE THIS **************** STARS! Chuck is warned out of the corner from doing more spinny moves, charges instead - running shoulder but Orlando moves and Chuck posts himself. Both men are dragging, but Orlando can punch. Tazz: "I use my right hand a lot." You had to be there. Orlando with a whip, reversed, fivearm (Josh: "shades of Tito Santana!"), dropkick, whip, backdrop - Tazz: "shades of Rick Martel! Not really, I just wanted to bring up another old timer" Josh: "It's a big Strike Force happening right here!" Orlando to the top rope - Tazz: "The Powers Of Pain Crossbody!", Palumbo rolls though one two NO! Chuck can't believe. It, right, misses, Orlando with a inside cradle one two no. Chuck with the belly to belly lock, but Orlando slips out into the Black Ice. One two three (5:36) Tazz figures that if FBI was out here, that might have not turned out that way.

Iron Man Keys Of Victory

Josh and Tazz talk about the Iron Man match. Tazz says he'll never forget that match (and it hasn't even happened for him yet!)

The Iron Man rules

Iron Man clips - the chair shots early, then the last ten minutes of the match. (3:19)

Up Next: Billy Kidman vs Shannon Moore

Y2J Rey Win Of Last Thursday

thug life Billy Kidman (Allentown, PA, 215 pounds) vs Shannon Moore (185 pounds) - HEY! They updated Kidman's video! I barely noticed. Strange, Shannon's lost his hometown this week! What are the odds? Circle. Kidman claps. Fans clap. Tazz pronounces him "Sensei of Kidmanville." Lockup, Shannon with a waistlock, Kidman with a standing switch, Shannon backs him into the corner. Clean break? Shannon shoves Kidman in the corner - "It's all about me!" Kidman runs out after him, Shannon takes off for the other corner and hides in the ropes. Shannon takes his time leaving the security of the ropes. Circle, Shannon with a knee, side headlock, Kidman with a elbow, Shannon shot off, back with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes, under, leaping forearm by Kidman. Tazz: "Shades of Pokerface!" Whip, reversed, spinning headscissors - Tazz: "Shades of Tazz!" Kidman does the corner punches because he hasn't paid attention - no one's really as much into it, and Shannon shoves Kidman down. Kidman charges, Shannon hiptosses him into the corner! Stomping. Choke on the middle rope. Josh notes that Shannon is Leader of the Moore-ons. Tazz: "Similar to your name, Leader of the Jerks." Wow, that's a big tattoo. Off the ropes, running hipcheck one two no. Slam, kneeling surfboard chinlock. Tazz says that he has a very big dragon. Kidman standing up, elbow, elbow, elbow, right, corner whip, Shannon kips up and out, Kidman turns and takes a forearm. Shannon whips Kidman hard into the corner one two no. Suplex. One two no. Kneeling surfboard. Kidman standing up and turning it. Kick, right, off the ropes, Kidman slides under, Shannon catches him with a back elbow. Shannon off the ropes, Kidman nails him with a dropkick. Tazz: "Right in the face of Shannon Moore - no more tea bagging for Shannon Moore." Kidman using the ropes to pull him up - Shannon up, misses a clothesline, Kidman off the ropes, 'rana. Shannon charges into a backdrop. There's the fireman's carry into a knee neckbreaker one two NO. Whip, Shannon gets the ropes, Kidman charges, Shannon nails him a wheel kick. Tazz: "It's actually a jumping Leg Lariat." Josh has done one (because he lost Tough Enough.) Suplex, no Kidman slips behind, inside cradle one two no. Kidman with a stomp. Tazz and Josh arguing is distracting sometimes. Kidman with a corner, whip, charge but Shannon moves out of the way. Going up - HALO! One two NO! Shannon throws his tantrum - Tazz: "Shades of Michael Cole right there if he don't get his way!" Shannon taking a lot of time to follow up, lifting Billy up but Kidman reverses to the BK Bomb. Tazz: "It's Shooting Star Press time, Josh Mathews, if that is your real name" SSP hits one two three (5:29) Slo-Mo replay of the finish.

What will Brock and Vince do on SmackDown. Tazz: "Later days!"