WWF Tough Enough

Date # Details
Tough Enough Introduction
Season 1
06/21/01 101 4000 -> 230 -> 25 -> 13 -> 12 -> 13
06/28/01 102 The first training. Darryl's bad cold and attitude. Victoria has trouble falling.
07/05/01 103 Jason leaves. Nidia and Chris Ni. get together and break up.
07/12/01 104 Bobbie Jo and Victoria leave. FIRE! No one likes Darryl.
07/19/01 105 The first cut: Paulina, Darryl and Shadrick are the suspects
07/26/01 106 Fun for the whole family at a trans strip club! Shadrick, Josh or Chris Ni. get cut
08/02/01 107 Kurt Angle and a trip to the islands. Paulina is sad and has reason to be.
08/09/01 108 Only two girls left, and injuries take a toll on Nidia and Greg's bad back. 
08/16/01 109 Josh and Chris No. struggle with girlfriends. Greg struggles with his back.
08/23/01 110 Maven's mom is sick. Josh is homesick. Chris Ni. is sucky sick. Mick is feeling fine.
08/30/01 111 WWF Taping. Promos. Taylor's family and tolerance. Chris can go home again.
09/06/01 No Show - MTV Video Music Awards
09/13/01 No Show - Terrorist Attacks
09/20/01 112 Josh can't moonsault. Debra and Ivory debate the woman's place in the WWF.
09/27/01 113 Hi to Vince, goodbye to the trainers, and hello to their futures (or lack of them) 
Season 2 - Los Angeles
02/14/02 200 A Look Back
02/28/02 201 5000 -> 250 -> 25 -> 13 (for now) - Casting Special in Las Vegas
03/07/02 202 the first day of bumps, Jessie smiles/has sex with everyone, Aaron hurts
03/14/02 203 First cutS - Aaron (not dead), Robert (fat) and Linda (bad attitude) may go
03/21/02 204 Silly bets, bad backs, bizarre ADD people and chairs with names on them.
03/28/02 205 Gossip. Alicia and Jessie have injuries, and a fight. Danny is vanilla. Dudleyz! 
04/04/02 206 Matt's knee stops him. Jake's promos may soon stop him. Hawk is good! RAW.
04/11/02 207 Alicia's back can't keep up, and Jessie gives up. Pete, Jackie, Kenny, hot tub
04/18/02 208 Jackie, Pete, hot tub: Ruining your life, salvation through snail mail song lyrics
04/25/02 209 Anni is too quiet. Too much Pete and Jackie. Maven and Nidia return
05/02/02 210 South Africa, Part One. Hawk has no hair. Stacy and Torrie have bikinis.
05/09/02 No Show
05/16/02 211 King Kenny Of Africa. Nuts to Hawk, Hawk is nuts. Jackie is good.
05/23/02 212 Final Cuts - six becomes four. Jackie's ACL becomes toast. Clotheslines, suplexes 
05/30/02 213 And the winners are...
06/13/02 214 Season 1/2 Reunion Special
Season 3 - No More Mr. (and Mrs.) Nice Guy
10/17/02 301 On the job semi-finals - 13 remain.
10/24/02 302 Jill has teeth and Jonah problems. Scott has many issues. Happy Birthday Big.
10/31/02 303 The "what are they going to show of Lisa leaving" episode. It's a drag. 
11/07/02 304 Scott tears a ligament, drinks into a stupor and suffers a concussion. Is he cut?
11/14/02 305 Rebekah goes home. Jamie needs self-esteem. Rey, Tommy and a Cane.
11/21/02 306 Nick's minor arm injury, major brain cramp. Scott is crazy. DDP on my TV, argh.
11/28/02 307 Jonah is hurt, but ribs worse. Scott and Kelly are on the edge of a cut.  
12/05/02 308 To Iceland! Eventually. Kelly's back may be her end. not King Eric of Iceland.
12/12/02 309 Still in Iceland. Jonah is dumb. Jamie gets on nerves. An average day. BURP DIVA.
12/19/02 310 Operation Snow Storm. Jonah isn't very good. Falling, Improv and Chris Benoit.
12/26/02 No Show - MTV Holiday Programming
01/02/02 311 Trish and Bradshaw visit. Moonsaults. Is Jonah's self-doubt enough to go? 
01/09/02 312 The "Bob Holly beats the crap out of Matt" episode. God help him (and HBK)
01/16/02 313 Final Days - visits from Flair, Choida and Tazz. SmackDown! Kinda filler.
01/23/02 314 One person gets cut by an Internet Vote, two win contracts
Season 4 - Part of SmackDown! (also ONE MILLION DOLLARS)
10/21/04 315 From 50 to 8. From the NFL to Tough Enough (or not). From 30 to 40 to gone.

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