smackdown finishers

Wrestler Name Finisher Description Finisher Name
A-Train two arm chokeslam into seated powerbomb
over the shoulder backbreaker
scissors kick
Train Wreck
Big Show chokeslam  
Bill DeMott powerbomb
inverted swinging neckbreaker

No Joke
Billy Kidman shooting star press Shooting Star Press
Billy Gunn cobra clutch slam
leg DDT
the One and Only
Bradshaw blockbuster suplex
running clothesline
Last Call
Clothesline from Hell
Brock Lesnar spinning fireman's carry into a DDT F5
Charlie Haas bridged reverse figure four6 Haas of Pain
Chavo Guerrero Gory Special into Face First Powerbomb
Gory Bomb
(Guerrero) Lowrider
Chris Benoit crossface hold Crippler Crossface
Chuck Palumbo superkick Jungle Kick1
Dawn Marie 2  
Eddie Guerrero frog splash
elevated Texas Cloverleaf
slingshot somersault senton
Frog Splash
Lasso from El Paso
Edge spear
elevated DDT
reverse face slam
Funaki 2nd rope reverse sitting DDT3 Rising Sun
Hardcore Holly double leg spinebuster
vertical suplex into powerbomb
Alabama Slam
Best Dropkick in the Business
Jamie Noble double underhook powerbomb
double underhook swinging neckbreaker
reverse figure four
Tiger Bomb
Sling Blade
Trailer Hitch
John Cena (release) Death Valley Driver
running neck snap
Johnny Stamboli press slam into a shoulder powerslam ForgetAboutIt
Kanyon off the second rope guilltonie leg driver
lifting reverse urange
Lethal Legdrop
Kurt Angle reverse fireman's carry slam
Angle Slam
Matt Hardy front facelock into diamond cutter
second rope legdrop
reverse cobra clutch slam
back suplex into elbow driver
hipcheck into a neckbreaker
Twist of Fate
Downfall Raindrop
Side Effect
Reality Check
Nathan Jones standing spin kick  
Nidia 2  
Nunzio off the second rope leg DDT
springboard armbar takedown
Sicilan Slice
Orlando Jordan shuffling punch flurry
inverted jawbreaker
Johnson Shuffle
Rey Mysterio Jr. springboard legdrop
any 'rana off the top rope (springboard)
rope spinning dropkick
Dropping the Dime
West Coast Pop
Rhyno spear
Concrete Crunch
Rikishi second rope sit down splash Rump Shaker
Ron Simmons inverted powerslam
Roddy Piper sleeper sleeper
Sable powerbomb? Sable Bomb?
Sean O'Haire reverse Death Valley Driver the Widowmaker
Shannon Moore second rope somersault blockbuster
top rope corkscrew moonsault
Shelton Benjamin step over side kick Dragon Whip
Spanky climbing sleeper neckbreaker
swinging neckbreaker into facecrusher
Sliced Bread #2
Doctor Teeth
Tajiri kick to head of kneeling victim
mist of various colors
bodyscissors hold in ropes
Buzzsaw Kick
Torrie Wilson swinging neckbreaker
Undertaker powerbomb with extended drop
Tombstone piledriver
Dragon Sleeper
Last Ride
Taking Care of Business

Italics - Named non-finisher move
Underline - Unofficial name
Moves that haven't been used or hinted at in "a long time" aren't listed. McMahons are ignored.

1 - When he first debuted in WCW, on Saturday Night, Palumbo had a Tarzan gimmick and Jungle Kick was the finisher name. Though that gimmick was wiped from existence, they've never given the superkick a name. The old unrecognized one has stuck.

2 - When not having a consistent trademark, WWE female wrestlers typically use DDT variation as a finish.

3 - Although inconsistently applied in recaps, a move is technically considered "Tornado" move when the deliver runs up the ropes while delivering it. The "seated on the second rope DDT" move that Funaki (and others) use is often incorrectly called a Tornado DDT. To prevent confusion, "sitting" and "climbing" will be used to help clarify the move. This move has sometimes been the normal DDT version, and sometimes the reverse DDT version. Right now, I think it's the reverse DDT but not sure.

4 - Although the Flatliner in WCW was originally in the Russian Legsweep family, he modified it near the end of WCW.

5 - In lucha libre, "hilo" roughly means "somersault". In the WWE, they tend to use it singularly for Eddie's trademark apron dive into the ring as if it's a proper name (but it's not).

6 - There's probably a better way to describe that move, but it's not coming to me. It's one that needs to be seen to be appreciated.