SmackDown info

Wrestler Name Hometown Weight Finisher Description Finisher Name
Akio Japan 7 200 corkscrew 450 splash
Al Snow Lima, OH 246 northern lights bomb Snow Plow
Big Show Tampa, FL 470 chokeslam  
Billy Kidman Allentown, PA 215 shooting star press
short powerbomb
Shooting Star Press
BK Bomb
Booker T Houston, TX 256 scissors kick
top rope missile dropkick
top rope somersault legdrop

Book End  
Houston Hangover
Bubba Ray Dudley New York City1 310 full nelson atomic Bubba Bomb
Carlito "Caribbean" Cool the Caribbean 234 modified swinging neckbreaker  
Charlie Haas Edmond, OK 239 bridged reverse figure four6
German suplex
Haas of Pain
Chavo Guerrero El Paso, TX 214 kneeling shoulder backbreaker
Gory Special into Face First Powerbomb

Gory Bomb
D-Von Dudley New York City1 235 inverted implant DDT Saving Grace
Danny Basham Columbus, OH 250 double choke bomb Brian Damage
Dawn Marie Woodbridge, NJ 2  
Doug Basham Columbus, OH 245 leg lariat Last Impression
Eddie Guerrero El Paso, TX 229 frog splash
elevated Texas Cloverleaf
slingshot somersault senton
chained vertical suplexes
Frog Splash
Lasso from El Paso
Three Amigos
Funaki Japan 208 2nd rope reverse sitting DDT3 Rising Sun
Hardcore Holly Mobile, AL 234 hanging low blow kick
double leg spinebuster
vertical suplex into powerbomb
Alabama Crunch
Alabama Slam
Best Dropkick in the Business
Heidenreich New Orleans 275 swinging sideway slam  
Jesus Puerto Rico ???    
John "Bradshaw" Layfield New York City 287 blockbuster suplex
running clothesline
Last Call
Clothesline from Hell
John Cena West Newberry, CT 248 falling fistdrop
(release) Death Valley Driver
running neck snap
Five Knuckle Shuffle
Kenzo Suzuki Land of the Rising Sun 250 face claw STO  
Kurt Angle Pittsburgh, PA 235 reverse fireman's carry slam
Angle Slam
Luther Reigns Phoenix, AZ 295 spinning DDT  
Mark Jindrak Atlanta, GA 269 back suplex into rock bottom Mark of Excellence
Miss Jackie Cleveland, OH   2  
Nunzio Queens, NY 201 off the second rope leg DDT
springboard armbar takedown
Sicilian Slice
Orlando Jordan Miami, FL 240 shuffling punch flurry
swinging neckbreaker
Johnson Shuffle
Black Ice
Paul London Hartford, CT 195 top rope double stomp to back
chickenwing face first powerbomb
450 splash
Mushroom Stomp
Waffle Face
Rene Dupree Paris, France 265 michinoku driver   
Rey Mysterio Jr. San Diego, CA 185 springboard legdrop
any 'rana off the top rope (springboard)
rope spinning dropkick
Dropping the Dime
West Coast Pop
Rob Van Dam Battle Creek, MI 220 frog splash
rolling senton
Five Star Frog Splash
Rolling Thunder
Sable Jacksonville, FL powerbomb Sable Bomb
Scotty 2 Hotty Westbrook, MA 214 the worm Worm
Shannon Moore Raleigh, NC 208 second rope somersault blockbuster
top rope corkscrew moonsault
jumping swinging neckbreaker
Spike Dudley Dudleyville 150 running corner Diamond Cutter Dudley Dog
Torrie Wilson Boise, ID swinging neckbreaker
Undertaker Houston, TX
Death Valley
305 powerbomb with extended drop
Tombstone piledriver
Dragon Sleeper
Last Ride
Taking Care of Business

Italics - Named non-finisher move
Underline - Unofficial name
Moves that haven't been used or hinted at in "a long time" aren't listed. McMahons are ignored. This is a list of what they're using NOW, though I tend to leave random Velocity-level guy finishers on longer, on the guess that they just aren't using them because they're not winning.

Hometown and some finishers are taken from the (sometimes out of date and out of canon) bios, but weights are announced only.
Some hometowns haven't been mentioned in a while, but that's what they were last time they were mentioned
Info may be out of date - more so than the SmackDown ones - because I'm not keeping a close eye on the main show.
Women rarely have an announced wait. 

1 - Dudleyville moved to New York in 2004. Except for Spike. But it probably would if they announced him as having a hometown.

2 - When not having a consistent trademark, WWE female wrestlers typically use DDT variation as a finish.

3 - Although inconsistently applied in recaps, a move is technically considered "Tornado" move when the deliver runs up the ropes while delivering it. The "seated on the second rope DDT" move that Funaki (and others) use is often incorrectly called a Tornado DDT. To prevent confusion, "sitting" and "climbing" will be used to help clarify the move. This move has sometimes been the normal DDT version, and sometimes the reverse DDT version. Right now, I think it's the reverse DDT but not sure. And this far far too much about a move he pulls off once every two months.

5 - In lucha libre, "hilo" roughly means "somersault". In the WWE, they tend to use it singularly for Eddie's trademark apron dive into the ring as if it's a proper name (but it's not).

6 - There's probably a better way to describe that move, but it's not coming to me. It's one that needs to be seen to be appreciated.

7 - As part of a running Velocity joke, Akio is often referred to as a Korean Movie Star. The person who is Akio is Korean, but the character was originally supposed to be from Japan and is still announced from there. They could write that out of existence at any time.

Last Updated: 12/13/04