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John Cena: "Hi Rod, what's up, this is the champ. We had quite a run in the last time I saw you, man. Um, I just want to give my best wishes for you. I know you're going to hold the rope, but I just want you to know that every on our side is pulling for you to. We all wish you the best, we're all pulling for you man, and I know I'll see you soon. And when I do, you know me, there will be hell to pay. Take it easy."

show open. 

Back in the studio, and back with Todd hosting a Special Edition of Heat (#442). The 'Rod' Cena was referring to was Roddy Piper, and this is a show dedicated to him. They're going to look back at his career. Todd talks Piper's Pit - ah, it's the

Roddy Piper DVD (Available Now!): Jimmy Snuka on the Piper's Pit. Have a banana! (2:18)

Mickie James sends well wishes to Roddy Piper.

Roddy Piper DVD

Hacksaw Jim Duggan sends well wishes, talking very briefly about his battle with cancer.

Todd talks about Piper and Flair. In 1991, they faced off in MSG, and the match has only aired 1 time! Someone's been digging thru the archives. 

October 28, 1991, MSG: Roddy Piper vs Ric Flair (joined in progress) - Piper headlock, shot off, back with a shoulderblock. Piper goes over, under (a Flair leapfrog! not a good one but still), and Piper punches him down. Gorilla and Lord Alfred are your announces., Piper with punches in the corner, but Earl - or maybe Dave - protests and hooks an arm, allowing Flair to get a shot in. I think it is Dave. Heenan is watching from the outside. Piper wet down with that one punch, and Flair adds a knee drop. Chop. Headlock takedown, and Flair holds him down on the mat for one two no, shoulder up, one two no, shoulder up, one - Piper with a mat headscissors, Flair with the somersault into cover, one two no, one two no, Piper back bridges up, and spins it around into a backslide one two NO. Flair sneaks in an eye poke, and throws Piper up - but Piper's right back in. Flair tires tossing him again, but Piper fires back in. Pieper down out a third time, and this time he goes all the way to the floor. Fans are reaching thru the barricade to touch him. Flair comes out and points at them. Chop. Right. Flair back in to break the count. Piper crawling on the floor. Flair yelling at the ref, so I don't think he's going to get that count out. Piper back on the apron, but Flair stops him there and cranks him over the top rope. Headbutt by Flair. Piper with a right, but Flair pulls him in and puts in him in the corner. Piper fighting out of the corner with chest slaps and chops, battering Flair across the ring. Whip, wild backdrop, running kneelift by Piper. Flair clotheslines Pieper out, and he flops to the floor. Piper out after him - chop off the apron. Piper bringing Flair back in, but Flair begging off. Piper not giving in - right hands in the corner one two three four five - stopping, and then hurrying six seven eight nine ten. Heenan protesting, Hebner turns to argue with him. Piper trying for a bulldog headlock, and Flair shoves him off, directly into the ref. Piper checks on the ref, and Flair attacks him with a forearm. Flair goes for a slam, but Piper small packages - but no ref. That was long enough for the three, but no count. Piper checks on the ref again, annoyed about the lack of a count - here's a backup ref, and here's Flair attacking Piper around. Flair turns to assault the back up ref, Piper inside cradle one two NO. Hayes calls Flair "the REAL world champion", so this is right after he came in. Piper with punches, Flair turns it around with a kick. Chop, Piper fighting back with chest slaps. Backup ref - is that Gorilla's son? - is more concerned with the down ref than the match. Piper with a whip, Flair flips to the apron, and Piper clotheslines him there. Flair slips to floor. They're getting the Hebner ref out of the ring, and Piper's looking at that. Flair in with a chair - and he boinks Piper with it. The refs missed it. Piper down, Flair taking his time, looks like Hebner's recovered. One two NO. Whip, reversed, Hebner crawls just out of the way, and Piper gets on a sleeper. Back suplex by Flair to escape quick . Both men down, and they're getting counted out. Flair going up! Piper catches him quick, and Flair gets tossed. Piper's fired up, daring Flair to hit him and hitting Flair back harder. Whip by Flair, head down too (too) soon, Piper gives him a swinging neckbreaker. Piper going out, and getting a chair himself - Lord Alfred Hayes' chair! Hebner's not down with Piper using the chair, but Piper argues with him and punches Flair out of the ring. Swing is blocked by Hebner, and Flair punches him. Flair dives in thru the ropes to cover, putting his feet on the ropes, one two three! (53-847) Yea, there's the big gold belt, and now they don't even have to blur it out! Piper's angry, throwing Flair to the floor. Flair's head into the guardrail, and now they're back in. Piper grabs the chair, and very lightly boinks Hebner before running the chair into Piper. Another one - these are quite weak by . A shot t the back knocks Flair out of the ring, and he's happy to be there. 

Shelton Benjamin wishes Roddy Piper well.

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Piper DVD ad (2)

WWE Rewind (sponsored by Piper's DVD!): Piper wins the IC Title at the 1992 Royal Rumble. 

Todd likes saying "the Mountie" a little too much.

SNME 02/08/92: The Mountie vs Rowdy Roddy Piper for the InterContinental championship - the Mountie makes many "I want the belt" motions. Is Piper sorta doing the "legend returns for one last run" bit in 1992 here? Funny. Mountie gets the belt back to taunt Piper, Jimmy Hart tries attacking Piper, Piper turns to face him, and Mountie attacks Piper. Piper get thrown out - and lands on his feet, which defeats the point of attacking. Piper back in, and double clotheslining both Mountie and Hart. Mountie's cover one two no. Mountie goes out, Piper out after and smashes their hands together. Running clothesline for Mountie. Mountie thrown back in, Piper trying to get in after him, but Jimmy Hart grabs a leg and Mountie stomps him down. CLIP! Mountie wants the belt. Off the ropes, splash meets knees. Piper fired up. Rights and lefts. Bulldog - hey, what do you know, he's shoved into the ref. Hebner did a better job of making it work.  Piper turns a Mountie kick. Piledriver!  Jimmy Hart is going nuts - he's got water for Mountie. Heenan thinks it's to dump on the ref to wake up him up, but it turns to be for dumping on Piper to help the shock stick. Cue horrible shock stick fake sounds. Piper no sells being electrocuted - and punches Mounted down. Now he's got the stick. Hart in, Hart out. Of course the Shock Stick works on Mountie. One two three. (2:31 shown) Piper talks off his shirt, and his other shirt - to show off his Shock Proof shirt. Well, okay.

Charlie Haas sends Roddy Piper his well wishes.

Don't Try This At Home. Slow week for ads?

The Highlanders stay a bit in character wishing Roddy well.

Todd says Roddy says Piper's only wrestled wearing his kilt once - just the match on RAW recently.

RAW 09/11/06: Highlanders and Piper vs the Spirit Squad. Hey, remember when they were pushing the Highlanders. So long ago. We don't see the introduction, which may have been the best part.

Todd wraps up the show.

Torrie and her dogs wish Roddy Piper well.

Rob Simmons wishes Roddy Piper well.

That's it.