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Less than an hour away, we take a look at all the people waiting in line outside the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio to get in for Bad Blood - why is there always a huge line, anyway? Once again, Experience's Ivory and Todd are stuck on a stage outside the arena, having made the same day flight from New York to the PPV location for this pre-PPV (and 307th) Heat. Ivory's wearing quite a dress. Barely.

Bad Blood: HHH vs HBK in HitC - Ivory PROMISES me this all ends tonight. Would she lie?
Bad Blood: Chris Benoit (c) vs Kane for the World Title - Ivory skips ahead to talk about the tag match setting this up

Inside the arena, because obviously we need people inside and outside, your hosts are Al and Coach (4) - Coach is thrilled they get to talk, and Al compares his co-host to Todd's. This is Columbus, so Coach is wearing a Michigan shirt, of course. He's the anti-Cena! They must be kept on seperate brands or the world would implode!

Bad Blood: Eugene (w/William Regal) vs Coach - Coach says he wants to end Eugenemania. No, really.
The Eugene Story, So Far. JR is edited to sound really dumb, what a bonus. (2:59)
Coach is still laughing about Eugene getting beat up, but sadly not falling down as well. Al is still disgusted. I should note they've done an ominous framing of the cage in the background.

Heat: My Boy Maven vs Batista. Well, that's Al's name for him.

Subway New Tag Team Champs Of Two Weeks Ago

Bad Blood: Chris Benoit (c) vs Kane for the World Title
Bad Blood: Chris Benoit/Edge vs La Resistance (c) for the World Tag Team Titles - which will open the show
Al: "I don't think anyone in the history of wrestling has had to face odds like this!" Didn't Eddie have to defend the tags vs Matt & Shannon and then the US vs Charlie way back when last year on the same SmackDown! 

Lillian (cinco!) talks to La Resistance. We learn that Conway's first name is now pronounced row-BEAR now. He's also changed up his hair. They're going to sing their national anthem and they don't want any booing. Also, apparently to make me laugh, both Lillian and Chris Benoit are evil/greedy Americans. They're going to win because Benoit is going to be caught between the two title matches.

Moving on, Triple H. Al drops "the most powerful group in wrestling, the Clique" when I thought he was going to say DX. 
Triple H beats up HBK, a montage (:49)
Bad Blood: HHH vs HBK in HitC

Ivory to Todd, coming of the ad copy: "When the last time you had a date? Probably when you slipped a girl a [my mind wandering] fake business card saying you were a Diva Scout, huh?" "Don't hate the player, hate the game Ivory." Anyway, you shouldn't even bother at these point because thousands and thousands of hotter people than you have signed up, as these pictures attempt to prove. Also, it's too late - first casting call is in Chicago. Ivory's looking for someone with a great personality, which makes one. 

"Speaking of representing the WWE" - oh so barely. Rock at MTV Movie Awards (1:33)

Back inside so Coach can have some hard feelings towards a certain action hero. Al wants to know if Rock brought Eugene to the awards. Coach promise to Rock to tear his friend Eugene up "if you smell what the Coach is cooking." Someone's got a deathwish.

Bad Blood: Chris Jericho vs Tyson Tomko
Two Weeks Ago: Jericho breaks a table with his back (:16)
Lillian talks to Trish and Tyson, until Trish interrupts to say hi to Christian. In a heel move, Trish tells Tyson to talk. Plan is for Tyson to kill Jericho, and Trish to become the first ever five time Woman's Champ. 

Tonight: Batista vs Maven

Maxim Batista beats Shelton of Monday. 

Todd and Ivory think more in a "What's Shelton got left for tonight" while I think "If Batista did that Shelton, this isn't going to be a long match for Maven."
Bad Blood: Randy Orton (c) vs Shelton Benjamin for the IC Title
Bad Blood: Chris Benoit (c) vs Kane for the World Title

Chris Benoit's road to the title. Oh my, they found the clips Kane setting JR on fire! Lots of Kane doing Kane things. Lots of footage of the two without actually having footage of the two together, you know? That might have helped this feud a little bit. Oh, there we go weith the "can he crossface him?" stuff. (2:37)
Ew, Kane's all wet. Thanks for that.

Wow, look at the Todd's face after Ivory stepped on his line. Like he had his blankey taken away. Anyway, HBK beats up some Triple H (35:35-3645)
Bad Blood: Triple H (c) vs Shawn Michaels in a Hell in the Cell match

All those people sure got in quick. Inside, they're mugging the camera guy, how unfortunate
Bad Blood: Sold Me by Seether 
Bad Blood: Chris Benoit/Edge vs La Resistance (c) for the World Tag Team Titles in the opener
Bad Blood: Chris Benoit (c) vs Kane for the World Title
Bad Blood: Randy Orton (c) vs Shelton Benjamin for the IC Title
Bad Blood: Victoria (c) vs Gail Kim vs Lita vs Trish Stratus for the Women's Title
Bad Blood: Eugene vs Coach - Coach's undefeated streak on PPV vs Eugene's undefeated everywhere streak
Bad Blood: Chris Jericho vs Tyson Tomko (w/Trish Stratus)
Bad Blood: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels in a Hell in a Cell match - Al brings up Triple H's 3-0 record in these matches, while Coach names Jericho, Foley and Nash as previous losers. 

Triple H in Hell in the Cell (1:23)

Entering the building: Lita and Matt Hardy. Announcers wonder if having Matt back with her might help out Lita here.
Bad Blood: Victoria (c) vs Gail Kim vs Lita vs Trish Stratus for the Women's Title - they've barely said a word about Victoria and haven't about Gail, in case you're wondering why this is a four way.
That's it for Coach, because he's got to get ready. Al almost makes it clear that he's not on Coach's side this time, but still Coach still doesn't get it.

Next: Maven vs Batista

Batista (310 pounds) vs Maven (Charlottesville, VA, 230 pounds) - your announcers are JR and King's Wearing A Suit Jacket And A Shirt? What the - JR compliments it, but I guess no one's going to explain it. Batista doesn't move after the bell, just signaling Maven to come to him. Maven is determined, locks up, and gets run into the corner quickly. Clean break. Your ref is Chris K. King says this match is Evolution's tone setter for the evening. Lockup, Maven manages to side step and push Batista in the corner, but Batista stops short and swats away a dropkick from Maven. Elbow drop, Maven rolls out of the way. Maven pounds Batista in the back, but Batista shoves him way. Maven's clothesline is blocked with a choke, and he's thrown into the corner. Batista charges in and takes an elbow.  Maven with a right hand, whip is blocked, Batista whips him the other way, charge in, Maven gets a boot up, Batista catches it, "not today!", Maven's pulled out of the corner and dropped with a big spinebuster. "COME ON!" Grinding an elbow into the back of Maven's head. Maven tries punching his way up, but Batista stops him with a forearm to the back. Suplex. One two no. JR more or less promises lots of blood in HitC. Half crab by Batista! Not an especially great one but appreciate the thought. Maven tries to roll out and kick Batista way, and Batista kinda lets him have it. Maven gets up with right hands, off the ropes, clothesline but Batista doesn't go down, despite Maven yelling "GO DOWN!" Dropkick, and Batista goes - into the ropes, but not down. Batista knee will stop Maven for a bit. Corner whip, Maven stops short, drops an expletive, and then kips up so Batista can push him off to the apron. Maven with a shoulder to the midsection, forearm to the head, forearm to the head, forearm to the head, which buys him enough time to climb the ropes. Missile dropkick one two NO. Maven with a bulldog headlock, but he's pushed off into the corner. Batista corner charges right into double boots, but Maven's attempt at a second rope bulldog ends up getting him punched square in the face. Batista is pretty proud of himself. Sit down powerbomb. That'll do it. One two three. (3:44) JR: "The BatistaBomb, if you will." Wow, he's been using it without a name for this long and that's the best they could come up with? Whatever. After some posing, we finally get the replay of the punch to the face. "HELL YEA!"

JR and King have a mutual admiration bit before we look at HitC and the match we're having in it.

HBK vs Shawn Michaels. Dig the monk chants. (3:18) and we're out.