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a limo arrives. Triple H is apparently traveling alone. "The champ is here, Sunday Night Heat will never be the same. [to driver] Grab those bags, will you. [to phone, as he walks away] Natch, what's up? I'm here. Listen, keep the girls hot and the champagne cold - this isn't gonna take long."

delayed open fireworks. Coach declares it a star studded night, for Triple H is here. And also...

Scott Steiner (Detroit, MI, 275 pounds, w/Stacy) vs Ruffy Silverstein (Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 206 pounds) - Stacy seems fine now. Crowd goes nutty for Steiner and doesn't at all react to a guy from Canada, so I think they've done some audio work. What kind of name is Ruffy anyway? Your hosts are Al and Coach. La Resistance here later. And also Triple H vs Maven - Al thinks it's an incredible oppurtunity for his kid no matter how it finishes. Coach thinks just maybe, Triple H is a little over confident. Crowd chants for Stacy. Al: "When can I get hired as a rope?" Circle. Lockup, Scott with a headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, stomp kick sorta thing. Maybe it's a kick to the chest, because he does it again. Crowd loving Stacy and pretty much unaware a match is going on. Slam, no Ruffy slips behind for an eye rake. Forearm. Knees. Crowd reacting with a "Stacy" chant. Chops. Whip, leapfrog is caught and slammed. Flexing. There's that walking stomp. Turnbuckle smash. Chop. Forearm. Chop. Forearm. Chop. KNEE! Way to mix it up. Corner whip, Ruffy kips up - okay, I think he was trying to do the corner headstand kip up, but he ended up falling to the floor. I don't think Scott even touched him; he just lost his balance on his way up and his momentum took him over. The camera could've hid a Steiner shove, though. Smash into the steps. Kick. "WE WANT STACY" Hanging Ruffy in the Tree of Woe. Forearm, forearm, forearm while Ruffy is hanging up there. Whip, clothesline. Bicep kiss elbow. I think you could hear the boos for Scott there. One two no. There's the pushups and definite boos. Turning belly to belly suplex. Kick, Novacaine one two three. (3:29) You know what the best part of a Scott Steiner match is? When it's over. Al: "Scott mercifully - MERCIFULLY - ends that match." Al must've been even more bored than I was.

Tonight: World Champion Triple H vs Maven (non-title). Al: "The biggest match of Maven's young career" - you think they forget about Maven vs Undisputed Champion Jericho or they hope you forgot?
Next: Christian vs Booker T for the IC Title, maybe

JVC IC Draw of Two Weeks Ago

Which leads to this week, duh. Booker T is your new IC champion. If you watched WCW, did you feel a bit slapped in the face when JR was going about "finally, he's reached the mountain top!" and "for the first time in his career, he's the Man!" and if the IC Title is the mountain top, what exactly does that make the World Title, the Mir Spacestation? (4:06)

Tonight: World Champion Triple H vs Maven (non-title)
Next: La Resistance
Al calls this "a Night of Champions"

WM Recall: Butterbean beats the crap out of Bart Gunn at Wrestlemania XV (1999)

Steven Richards is not scheduled to be here, but it is his show so he'll join the commentators. "All Stevie, All Night, Nothing But Heat!" Al: "And you're getting heat right now."

WWE Tag Team Champions La Resistance (Paris, France, 507 pounds) vs Bobby Rude and Tyson Dux (420 pounds, already in the ring) in a non-title match - I just realized, I've never had to tell them apart in a match. This will be fun. I'm pretty sure this is Sylvan: "As World Tag Team Champions, and leaders of the greatest country in the world (France), we have something to explain to these people. You people here in Montreal are French Canadians. WHich means you are not really French!" Rene: [French] "For us, citizen of France, you're just like regular American." Coach thinks Steven booked the show, and gives him props. Coach is a MORON. Steven says he signed Bobby and Tyson (wow, he stole Bobby away from Velocity!) and gave them a title match; the other two point out to him that it's a non-title match. Steven declares it's now a title match. Coach points out that Steven Richards is neither Steve Austin nor Eric Bischoff and doesn't run things around here (then when did he say - maybe Coach was trying to be witty, I dunno). Steven says he doesn't run RAW, he runs Heat. You do not want that gig, Steven. Champs rush the locals to start. Rude eliminated from the rumble and "Textbook" Tyson gets a double whip and a double clothesline. Steven gets himself in trouble by saying La Resistance are "proud French-Canadian citizens." Sylvan works over Tyson, then gives him a corner whip so Rene can come in legally. Double whip back into the same corner. Rights, boot choke. Apparently, Commissioner Steven Richards decided to suspend Goldust indefinetely; with pay, because Steven is a merciful god and Goldust has a family to feed. Steven will review at a later date whether Goldust will be brought back to Heat. Oh no, Coach just called the other guy Rene and I'm confused. I think I'm done with this match. Coach warns Goldust will be after Steven, but Steven says that everyone is because he's in charge. Everyone wants a raise or a big match - Al likes that raise idea. Double hiptoss by the champions. Coach's future is under review by the Board of Directors. Steven agrees with Coach so I'm completely wrong and I should apologize. And probably fix everything,, if they haven't bothered to name the finisher, this match can't matter much, that's it. Coach calls a foot catch enziguri (but on the other Frenchman) "a roundhouse kick", so feel safe knowing that no one's actually calling this match right. See, I thought Sylvan had the darker hair, but that's apparently Rene. Rude gets a near fall on a DDT. Coach: "Where's Victoria tonight?" Steven: "... ... I dunno." There's the finisher with no name- well, I'll be - Steven: "the Bonsoir!" It's "Good Night" in French, you see. That'll get three (4:12) I guess I should go back and does this match I guess I'll just take the fine from Steven. Steven is out to congratulate the champions, who are surprised to see him there. Pat on the back for each. Kiss kiss for Sylvan and Rene! Steven celebrates as he leaves, but even La Resistance think he's a bit nuts.

Backstage, Terri interviews Maven - what is he thinking? "What am I thinking? What am I feeling?" "More specifically, are you nervous?" "Well, yea, I am nervous. But you know what Terri, when I first told people I wanted to get into professional wrestling, they told me I was a crazy. And then when I told them I wanted to get into Tough Enough, they all told me I was even more crazy. After I won and I told them I wanted to make professional wrestling my career, they told me I was insane. You know what, crazy insane or insane crazy, I dunno. All I know is I have a chance to go up against the best this business has to offer, the Game, Triple H the World Heavyweight Champion. And I'm going to out there and try to prove myself. That's what I'm going to do, prove myself."

Tonight: World Champion Triple H vs Maven (non-title)
Next: Is Kane going to quit?

RAW Live
Monday - Indianapolis, IN [RAW]
Saturday - Salt Lake City, UT
Next Sunday - San Jose, CA
Next Monday - Los Angeles, CA [RAW]

Snickers Stunner on Kane of a Month Ago

Kane and Austin on RAW (2:15)

Monday: Eric and Austin will be on RAW, and they won't be in a good mood. Sounds like they're teaming up to stop Kane
Monday: Gail Kim (c) vs Molly Holly in a Women's Title Match

Maven is getting ready in the locker room. Guess who's there to bug him: "Maven. Easy, kid, easy, calm down. I'm not here to fight you, we've got plenty of time to do that. I'm here, because I like you. I think you got it all, kid. You got talent, you got a hell of a body, you got a hell of a look, you got a hell of a future in this business. And that's what I'm here for, I'm here to help you out, I'm gonna give you a little piece of advice. See, I've seen all the stuff you've done, and hell, you've been successful as can be up to now. Don't tell anyone, but there's even a little bit of me that admires you, in some small way. But my advice for you tonight is - savor the moment. What I mean by that is you're going to have an opportunity tonight like no other. So you're going to walk to the ring, your heart pounding in your chest, sweating, butterflies in your stomach, and you're gonna get in that ring and you're gonna look across it and it's gonna dawn on you 'oh my god, I'm in the ring with the Game. I'm in the ring with the best that there is, Triple H! I've made it - I've made it all the way to the top'. And my advice to you is gonna be, take a mental snapshot of that, right in that moment when you realize you're in the ring with the best there is, the World's Champion, take a snap shot and remember it forever, because just as you're realizing it [snap] I'm gonna put your lights out. It's gonna be as simple as that. So, take that picture, kid. Keep it. And just remember, ain't no shame getting beat by the Game."

World Heavyweight Champion Triple H (Greenwich, CT, 272 pounds) vs Maven (Charlottesville, VA, 234 pounds) in a non-title match - Wow, Maven really does get second entrance. Maven keeps an eye on Triple H at all times, even when he's posing on the middle buckle. Triple H with mocking claps. Coach thinks that maybe, Triple H wasn't being totally honest up there. Triple H is wearing blue tonight. Lockup, Triple H spins around into a hammmerlock and runs Maven chest first in the corner. Break. Triple H is Smug. Lockup, no back heel trip by Maven, one two no - I think Triple H was going for the wristlock and not the cover. Up to their feet, only so Triple H can snap mare Maven back down. Triple H pats Maven on the cheek. Maven smiles - thru gritted teeth, I guess. Lockup, Triple H with a headlock, Maven with a elbows, Triple H shot off and back with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, under, into a Maven hiptoss. There's the dropkick. And another one - Triple H falls out of the ring and into the barricade. Maven to the second rope to pose. Triple H taking his time getting back up. Sliding back in, with Charles Robinson in Maven's path. Triple H uses Charles to distract Maven - kick, elbow smash, Maven thrown out. Ring step smash is blocked and Tripel H takes it - commercial break? Eh. (2:36)

Back on, back in the ring, reverse neckbreaker one twooooooooooo. Maven with right hands, whip, reversed, Triple H spinebuster. Stomp. Hey, they're finally on to Shawn and Montreal. Choke by Triple H as Coach and Al tote the party line: "the fans in Montreal have to get over it". Punch battle, Maven wins, whip, reversed, Maven ducks the clothesline but takes the jumping knee one twoooooooooo. Choke on the middle rope. Swat to the back of the head too. Suplex? Waiting for - oh, for a Maven small package one twoooooooo. Triple H up first and hits a clubbing clothesline. Here's that suplex. Walking kneedrop one two no. Maven punching his way up from his knees and a jawbreaker. Triple H retreats to the corner, and Maven walks into a back elbow. Triple H off the ropes, right into a spinning forearm. Maven woozy and drops to a knee. Both up, Maven with a right, right, whip, backdrop. Right, corner punches one two three four lifted off but blocks the inverted atomic drop. Ducks the clothesline and there's the wheel kick one two NO. Al has thrown impartiality out the window at this point. Maven is frustrated. Triple H begs off near the ropes and pulls Maven out of the ring by the tights. Tripel H going for his belt. Belt shot is stopped via punch. Triple H rolls in as Maven recovers on the floor. Triple H pushes Charles out of the way and grabs at Maven from inside the ring. Maven gets the belt - BELT SHOT TO TRIPLE H! Robinson didn't see it. Maven crawling in, covering one two NO!!! Whip, reversed, there's the Sleeper. Maven pushes him off, Maven Sleeper. Triple H can't get to the ropes, just out of reach and he's fading. Falling but closer. Wait, they're doing the three arm raise with a heel? That is odd. One twooooooooooooooooooo th-it goes down, but Triple H puts his foot on the ropes. That's the logical end but a different way to get there. Maven argues that, slowing his next move. Going to the apron, going up as Triple H stands up - and Triple shoves Charles into the ropes, crotching Maven. Triple H up, going after Maven in the corner. Right is blocked and Maven hits a right. On the second rope - there's the bulldog. One twooooooooooooooooo NO. Maven pounds the mat in frustration. Going out and up again. Top rope - no missile dropkick, cross body instead, Triple H rolls through one twoooooooooooooooo. Maven misses a clothesline, Triple H with a kick, Ped-no, Maven blocks his right arm from being hooked (that's new), right, right, right, whip, head down way too soon and that'll do it. Pedigree one two three. (10:06) Holy crap, a ten minute match on HEAT. Triple H gets his belt back, but he's having trouble standing.

RAW: Gail Kim (c) vs Molly Holly for the Women's Title