Ratings: I completely forget about this after one week and didn't watch SmackDown till Saturday anyway, but I'll just throw out RAW 3.2 and SmackDown 3.5.

Best Blog EVER: Undertaker's Deadjournal.

TV PG DV CC entertainment open LIVE Houston, TX, Compact Center, doors open moments ago blah blah blah.

Coach says this is a special Father's Day edition of Heat. Your hosts are Coach and Al and they say hi to their dads. And right on to the shilling: Triple H/Kevin Nash, HiTC with "my best friend Mick Foley" as the ref. Also, Goldberg vs Chris Jericho. Stone Cold vs Eric Bischoff in a Redneck Triathlon. PIE EATING. PIE EATING. PIIIIIIIE EATING. Do you get it yet? The other two events may or may not be revealed in the next 57 minutes. Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels - oh, there's Coach's video package segue voice

They sure love that Starrcade '93 footage. Did you see them show Sting vs Flair from the Last Nitro on Confidential last night? That was weird - especially since they edited down Flair's offense (3:00) Al and Coach talk and fail to tease a match as they go to break, boo.

"Headstrong" by Trapt is the official song of Bad Blood.

Let's look at the card, one more time

That one goes last because we have a video package for it. Well, not really a video package, just the clip. I disagree with Booker's opinion on Christian's dancing. (2:33)

Backstage, Lillian Garcia talks to Christian. It's a hometown shot for Booker T. Is he nervous? "Nervous, let me tell you something, Lillian, ever since I've become the IC champion - and the People's Champion - every home town is my home town baby! And tonight, Booker T, at Bad Blood, think he's going to walk away with the IC champion, he thinks this is the end? Well, it's not the end, it's just the beginning. Beginning of Christian as the greatest reigning IC champion of all time. And not only that, tonight, I plan on going Apollo 13 on his ass!" "Apollo 13?" "Yea, Apollo 13. 'cause you know, after I beat him, all Booker's gonna be able to say is "Houston, we have a problem."

RAW Live
Monday - Dallas, TX [TV]
Saturday - Hartford, CT
Next Sunday - Albany, NY
Next Monday - New York, NY [TV, MSG]
Next Friday - Poughkeepsie, NY

Hey look, a building. And these are advertisments.

Look! It's the CELL. It'll be used later. Not now.

Tomorrow night, they'll be in Dallas. Please come.

Insurrextion highlights. (:49) Coach makes a lot of Triple H being there (we see him for all of 2 seconds) - oh, because were segueing to Triple H on Jimmy Kimmel show. I guess they're still having a hard time with legit guests? Ah, because they have a 4 year older who knows the WWE. "I don't like you, Triple H." If he knew the WWE so well, he wouldn't have picked Kevin Nash to win. (1:26) Al says Triple H will not be facing the four year old, thus costing them MY buy.

If you're a military guy, you can watch this show for free. I don't know if you want to, but there you go.

JVC Rodney Mack wins eventually of Monday

Backstage, Bubba and D-Von are talking about missing Freddie Blassie and what Bubba read in his book. Bubba is off to get tape - black, white, it doesn't matter. Exciting D-Von walking! I wonder if he got around to changing his finisher name yet. Okay, why did he stop. Ah, cameraman gets to panning and we check out Theodore Long's group hanging out. (Jazz doesn't look dressed to wrestle and they haven't mentioned her match vs Ivory, so I guess it's off.) Teddy would like a word. "Hey, D-Von, what's up playa. [D-Von prepares for a punk out] I'm sorry, my bad, what's up brother. Hey, easy, easy, this isn't about our match tonight, we just want to holla for a minute, playa." Jazz: "D-Von, you safe when you're with blood, you feel me!" Chris [circling around D-Von]: "Jazz is exactly right! I mean, we may not share the same ethnic background...we may not share the same ethnic background...but...we may not share the same ethnic background...BUT you can trust me I'm one of you, do you realise that you're a victim of racial oppression even within your own family!" Chris tried to make up time when he finally remembered what he wanted to say by talking at lightspeed. Anyway, that last line causes D-Von to choke him into the wall - Mack thinks about making a move but Long probably told him not to. Chris puts his mask on and manages to get a few more words in: "Why is the white brother always telling you what to do you? Why is your white brother always ordering to get the tables?" D-Von is quiet, reflective, lets go of the choke, and lets Chris and the rest walk off. Theodore stays to get in the last word: "The door is always open, brother."

Dudley Boyz vs Nowinski/Mack later. Goldberg/Jericho video package now. (3:31)

Al says that Terri is standing by with info on the Redneck Triathlon, but we don't get to see that right now for whatever reason.

Tonight on Heat: Molly Holly vs Ivory. Maybe Jazz is hurt - she didn't particularly seem that way? PPV check for Molly, I guess

Castrol GTX Kane no show.

Hype for Kane/RVD vs La Résistance for the World Tags. And now to Steiner/Test from RAW. You can't say w[bleep] on Heat. (3:26) And on to Eric Bischoff vs Stone Cold.

Finally, we get to Terri, who is standing with Eric Bischoff and Steve Austin to spin the wheel. And the first contest will be...a burping contest. Pie Eating contest will be #2, and they'll go back to spinning if they need #3. Austin is okay with it.

Backstage, a limo has arrived. It's Evolution - Randy, Ric and Hunter. Coach says that's the entire Evolution, so I guess Batista officially doesn't exist anymore.

Ivory (Seattle, WA) vs Molly Holly (Maple Grove, MN) - Ivory got a hometown! Good for her. Your announcers are now the King and JR. To 2 weeks ago where Ivory beat Jazz. And a week ago, where she beat Jazz. So, of course, Ivory will be facing Molly. Hey, Molly moved. (Back home.) King says Molly looks hot and JR disagrees with him, what's that about. Ivory wants a shake. Molly accepts! And then she clotheslines her, ha. Sharp elbow drop, kick. Headlock, spun around into a leg choke on the middle rope. Choke over the top rope. Ivory's knocked back into the ring. Snap mare, neck snap one two no. Suplex looks a lot lower than usual, one two no. Face yank by Molly. Now to a - maybe a half nelson chin lock? Ivory rolling back with elbows. Right is ducked and Molly hits a back suplex one two no. Swinging neckbreaker one two NO. Hair beal by Molly. Molly with a corner whip, Mollypop (not called) but Ivory sees it coming and gives her the double boot to the back. Ivory with a clothesline, Molly ducks, kick, whip, reversed into a short clothesline. Clothesline. Kick for Molly, Ivory with a hanging suplex, floatover one two no. Ivory's going up? PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE EATING.  Cross body hits one two Molly rolls through one two Ivory rolls out. There's - well, it's a lot more X-Factor than Blow Out, King nearly trips over himself calling it the Poison Ivory one two three. (3:20) I guess they'll do Jazz/Ivory Monday? Maybe Lita's taking longer than expected and they'll let it drag out to till SummerSlam? That'd take some effort.

Triple H/Nash video package. (4:01)

Mick Foley is in the building. That's it.